The Chosen One

Chapter 32: Husbands Reunited...

J: Now can you kiss me?

E: I thought you’d never ask.

He sat down on Jacob’s bed, leaned down and kissed him on the lips for a long time.

E: I missed you.

J: I missed your kisses amongst other things.

E: Typical Jacob, he just woke up but he’s mind is already in the gutter.

J: I guess some things never change plus I’ve been thinking of it since I found out that I was pregnant.

E: I know.

J: Sorry.

E: It’s okay.

J: Can you tell me why?

E: I don’t know. No reason I guess.

J: You’re the amazing and sexy Edward Cullen and I know that you never do anything without a reason. Tell me the truth and please don’t lie to me.

E: Jake, I hated him.

J: What? (He gasped)

E: …

J: Edward, tell me why.

Edward looked away from Jacob and towards the window and started talking.

E: I hated him because I felt like it was his fault that I lost you. He took you from me and I couldn’t cope. I didn’t know how to go on. Every time I saw him in someone’s mind I felt like crying but I couldn’t because I saw you in him. He looks a lot like you and just the thought of having him near me, having to take care of him killed me inside.

J: …

E: I know I’m horrible, Jake.

J: I never said you were horrible.

E: But you thought it.

J: No I thought that what you said was horrible.

E: Same thing, Jacob.

J: No it’s not. You should hold him when he wakes up. I promise you it’s the best feeling in the world.

E: I know the feeling. I’ve held you in my arms haven’t i?

J: I mean for the baby.

E: I’ve been around for a long time Jake.

J: You have other children?!

E: No love, you are the first person I’ve loved and our son is my first child.

J: So how do you know the feeling?

E: I held him this morning.

J: What?

E: Yes, I did.

J: Really? Why? Not that it’s wrong.

E: Jake, calm down. It’s not good for you.

J: Okay now tell me.

E: First off, sorry.

J: Why?

E: This morning I got to the point that I couldn’t handle it anymore. I ran. I ran to the meadow we went to once and I sort of broke down. The family has been trying to convince me to finally bury you but I didn’t want to listen to them. So at the meadow this morning I decided that it was selfish of me to keep you lying here so when I got home I asked for our son and our parents were a bit wary because they thought that I’d hurt him but after explaining my motives to them they gave him to me. The first time I held my son in my arms was for him to say goodbye to his papa. I didn’t want to bury you before he got a chance to see you. Holding him in my arms was my second favourite feeling. It was… it was amazing…

When he finally looked up he saw that he was tearing up.

E: Love please don’t cry.

J: Sorry Ed. Sorry that you had to go through all of that because of me.

E: I would never blame you for it. It wasn’t your fault.

J: But you still suffered.

E: I have suffered a lot in my life.

J: I know that and that is why I wanted to avoid you ever getting hurt.

E: You’re the one lying in the bed hooked up to three different machines but you’re busy worrying about how I feel.

J: You’re my Husband I’m supposed to worry about how you feel.

E: But you have been hurt. You’re not well so I am supposed to be worrying about you.

J: But I’m strong.

E: Well I’m stronger and you are hurt.

J: I’m starting to heal.

E: But for now you are still a patient and you will stay in this bed until you have fully healed.

J: Not fair.

E: I don’t have a say in it.

J: Really? Do you think that I believe you?

E: It’s Carlisle’s decision.

J: Let’s pretend that I believe you, is there any way that I could be moved to our bedroom?

E: With all the machines?

J: Absolutely.

E: I could talk to Carlisle for you.

J: Thank you. Now can you go see if our son is awake, I really want to see him again.

E: He is still asleep, Jake.

J: Bummer. Oh, what did you call him?

Edward started smirking.

J: Please don’t tell me it’s something stupid like Bob or some ancient name you heard ten million years ago.

E: Firstly I wasn’t alive ten million years ago.

J: It’s not as if you’re alive now.

E: Shut up Mutt.

J: Back to name calling I see.

E: Mr Black.

J: Eh, that’s Mr Cullen Black for you.

E: Okay, Mr Cullen Black our apparently doesn’t have a name.

J: What? (He laughed, thinking that it was joke)

E: top laughing because it isn’t a joke.

J: What, really.

E: Yes.

J: Now what have they been calling him then?

E: Baby jake.

J: Baby Jake? (He asked sounding shocked)

E: Why do you sound so shocked?

J: They couldn’t come up with something smarter?

E: I wasn’t forever. They named him that until you and I chose a better name for him.

J: Oh, okay.

E: So what were you thinking?

J: Come lie in this bed with me…

E: In terms of names, Jake. What were you thinking?

J: Come lie with me so that we think together.

E: We can think while I sit here on this chair.

J: Edward, I am your Husband. I have been unconscious for six days I think and I just want my dang Husband to come lie down next to me and he is busy telling me a load of nonsense.

E: Okay, I’m coming. Sheesh you come back and you immediately start whining again, scoot over.

J: One would think that after this week that you’d be doing anything that I wanted without complaining.

E: Who said I’m complaining?

J: Shut up.

E: Okay, so can you tell me what you were thinking?

J: Okay, so I was thinking that we use…

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