The Chosen One

Chapter 33: What's In A Name???

J: Okay, so I was thinking that we use something… (He cut himself off)

E: Something what?

J: It’s okay, you won’t like it.

E: How will I not like it if you don’t tell me?

J: Uhm. It’s just that my father and I both have the same middle name. It’s a tradition that my father started and I just always thought that I’d continue with it.

E: Jake… (He was cut off)

J: It was a way to honour him for all that he did. It’s okay we don’t have to do it.

E: Breathe, now let me talk. We have a son, why can’t he use your family name?

J: I thought… maybe you wouldn’t want it.

E: Jacob, it’s a wonderful name and it would be an honour if our son had it. Hopefully he’ll live up to it one day.

J: Yes hopefully, so you’re okay with it?

E: Yes.

J: Thank you.

E: Anytime. (He said kissing Jacob) So what about a first name?

J: Well I was thinking about using your name?

E: Edward Jr? (He asked clearly amused)

J: No, Anthony. I did some research and Rosalie told me.

E: Research?

J: Yes, I went downstairs to the kitchen with my bulging belly and asked Esme’ and Rosalie.

E: That’s a lot of research, didn’t you get tired?

J: I did so Esme’ and Rosalie made me food for me- only coz I was pregnant of course.

E: Of course. (He joked)

J: Hey it’s true.

E: Yeah, I’m sure of that.

J: You are a mean Husband.

E: Nope. I’m a loving Husband.

J: Dream on.

E: My life is but a dream, Jake.

J: I married a freak.

E: You married a vampire.

J: I still can’t believe I did that.

Edward just nuzzled his nose against Jacob’s, their foreheads pressed together.

A: Cute.

Jacob just blushed.

A: We have a surprise for you.

J: What?

Se: A sweet little baby.

J: (Gasp) Bring him here. (He smiled)

E: I’ll get up.

J: No stay.

E: Okay.

Se: Here he is.

J: Thank you.

S: He’s beautiful.

J: Thank you.

B: So have you guys thought of a name yet?

Em: Because we can’t continue calling him Baby Jake.


C: It’s true.

J: We decided on a name.

B: What is it?

E: Anthony Ephraim Cullen Black.

Billy gasped.

J: Dad is that okay?

B: Absolutely. I didn’t think you’d consider it.

J: It’s tradition Ephraim started.

E: And Jacob wanted to continue it in his honour.

B: Thank you son.

J: It’s the lease I can do.

Es: It’s a beautiful name.

E: Thank you.

P: Okay we get where the name Ephraim comes from but where does Anthony come from?

J: It’s Edward’s name.

The wolves looked confused.

E: It was my name before I was changed.

Se: Then where does Edward come from?

E: I was Anthony Edward Mason.

Q: Mason huh? Jacob Mason. (He laughed)

J: Yeaah. Sounds weird like that but it would sound amazing if it was Jacob Mason Black.

R: Yeah, that sounds amazing.

P: Say it sounds cool, Rosalie. What’s up with vamps and not wanting to use slang?

E: We are from a time where nobody used slang.

Em: Speak for yourself because I use slang.

Emb: You’re the only one.

R: We use slang too.

P: Not as much and well as the rest of us.

J: Okay guys we just named our son and you’re arguing about slang.

P: Sorry.

R: Forgive us.

J: The person getting married to him one day is very lucky.

Seth started choking even though he wasn’t eating or drinking anything.

E: Seth, are you okay? (He asked with the famous Edward Cullen smirk on his face)

J: Hey, it’s not funny, he’s choking.

C: Should we leave?

Se: Nah, stay.

Es: Okay we will, don’t worry honey. (She said walking over to Seth)

Se: Jake, Paul said that I should do this while you’re still recovering and also while the rest of the family is present.

J: Do what?

Se: Jake, I… I imprinted.

J: Congrats! But I still don’t get why you NEEDED to do it now.

Se: Jacob, I imprinted on Anthony.

J: What?

Se: Jake, I promise it didn’t happen on purpose.

J: You imprinted on my son. (He said laughing through the burning tears forming in his eyes not really believing anything)

Edward got up from his place next to Jacob.

E: Jacob you need to calm down.

J: Really Seth, couldn’t you have imprinted on someone else?

Se: Jake, I didn’t mean to.

J: But you did.

S: Jacob you have to remember that you imprinted on a vampire.

P: Our greatest enemy.

Q: But we still accepted you.

Jar: And your imprint.

E: Guys let him think.

J: Anthony, you just haaaaad to allow him to imprint on you. You were just born yet you’ve already started causing trouble.

P: He’s been causing trouble ever since the day he was born.

E: Paul, leave my son alone.

P: Yes daddy.

B: Son, are you going to say anything?

J: Seth you imprinted on my baby. I know how it feels to imprint. I even know how it feels to not be wanted by your mate

E: I’m sorry.

J: It’s okay and I also know that the love that a wolf has for their imprint. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I cannot actually do anything about you but I’m warning you, stay away from my son.

The werewolves and vampires started laughing.

Se: But you just said… (He was cut off)

E: That’s not what he means, Seth. (He said with a smirk)

Se: Wh… Gross, Jake!


J: What, I have to look after my son’s best interest.

Se: You wolves are all the same.

E: But some are more special than others.

R: No one cares.

C: Let me check a few things then they can help you move around A BIT.

~~~After Examination~~~

C: Sorry to bring this up but your blood trail helped us a lot, so how did you know that it wasn’t Edward?

J: It’s okay and he kept calling me babe.

Se: So?

J: My Husband calls me love.

P: Corny.


Es: So Jake, why didn’t you scream for help or run?

J: I was scared for my baby’s life and I couldn’t phase, I didn’t have any powers plus I knew Edward and all of you would find me.

S: The faith of a wolf.

B: One of our best assets.

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