The Chosen One

Chapter 34: Hard Choices...

~~~2 Days Later~~~

Jacob’s POV

Jacob has gotten relatively stronger in the last two days but he is still severely injured in his abdomen. This morning he started healing but very slowly. So now all of them were in the living room except for Carlisle who had to go to the hospital for an emergency surgery and Esme’ took Billy to his doctor’s appointment much to Jacob’s dismay. They were all in the living room. Jacob was sitting on the couch facing the glass wall his legs on Edward’s thighs with Anthony playing in between them. The rest of the family was sprawled all over the living room. Seth was lying on the floor with his head on a pillow. Rosalie, Alice, Embry and Jared were in the kitchen cooking lunch. Emmet, Quil and Paul were watching a football match that Jacob was watching while playing with Anthony. Jasper, Sam and Edward were sitting and talking about what was happening around Forks.

J: You guys are so boring. (He exclaimed) I hope my son inherits my genes.

E: Your son? Jake, tell me why is it that when Anthony does something good and it has something to do with you it’s your son but when he does something bad he’s my son.

J: It’s just how it is.

P: It’s true all women are like that with their children. He’s just acting the way he’s supposed to.


J: Paul I’m still healing but remember I’m coming for you.


Anthony started laughing along with the guys.

Guys: Aww.

E: He has an adorable laugh, which I have to admit he gets from Jacob.

J: I agree… (He stopped himself)

E: Spit it out. What do you want to say he gets from me?

J: Your hair. (He exclaimed)

E: What’s wrong with my hair?

J: It’s just so pointy and stuff.

E: And stuff?

J: Yeah, your hair is hazardous, it could poke someone’s eye out or something.

E: Firstly, my hair isn’t Hazardous and secondly how is it my fault if Our son has hair like mine?

J: I don’t know. It just is.

E: Really, how did you come to that conclusion?

The rest of the guys sat and starred at the married couple, amused by their antics.

Anthony started making grabby motions to Seth who just came back from the kitchen.

E: Stop being selfish and give him to Seth.

J: He just wants to go to him coz he has food.

E: Jacob.

J: Fine.


J: Where’s my food!? (He shouted turning to the kitchen)

R: Come get it yourself mutt!

J: Will you go get it for me, please. (He asked turning back to Edward)

E: No.

J: Please.

E: Fine. (He sighed) Lift your legs.

J: Just pick them up.

E: I am not going to go take your food for you if you do not lift your own legs.

J: Fine. (He said lifting up his legs from Edward’s thighs)

Edward’s POV

Alice stopped me as I left the kitchen with Jacob’s food.

A: Ed, can we talk quickly?

E: Not too long, that wolf does not like waiting for his food.

A: Haha I know.

E: So what did you want to talk to me about?

A: I just wanted to tell you that the decision you and Jake make is the right one but you have to calm Jake down first.

E: How do you know?

A: I saw it. (She smiled)

E: Stay out of our future.

A: Stay out of my head.

E: Touché’

A: I’m happy for you, Ed. You always look so happy now.

E: Thank you, I really am happy.

A: Now go give your Husband his food. (She said as she kissed Edward’s cheek and skipped off)

E: That girl. (He sighed and walked back to the living room)

~~~Living Room~~~

J: What took you so long?

E: I was just talking to Alice.

J: Oh.

E: Jacob, can we talk after you’re done eating?

P: Ooooohhhhh.

E: Paul, why would I be leaving him after he gave me a son?

P: You said “Can we talk”

E: That is only bad when a woman says it.

P: My point exactly.

E: Shut up.

J: Paul, please stop bullying my Husband.

P: Jake, please tell your Husband to be more… uhm, more like us.

Edward just glared at him.

J: Sam can I ask you a serious question?

S: Sure Jake, anything. (He said looking anxious)

J: Why hasn’t Paul imprinted yet?

S: (Sam smiled and answered rather seriously) Well Jake I think fate knows what Paul is and doesn’t wnt anyone to suffer that much.

Everyone laughed as if they had just heard the funniest thing ever.

P: Yeah. Yeah.

J: Nice one, Sam.

S: Thank you.

J: Seth is he eating?

Se: Yeah, he finished half my plate. (He smiled)

J: Guys tell me if I’m mistaken or not but isn’t he supposed to be drinking milk?

S: Edward, you haven’t told him yet?

E: It totally slipped my mind. I’ll tell you when you’re done eating.

J: Okay.

The wolves continued eating and Anthony was next to Paul with Alice and Rosalie playing on them. When Paul finished eating he took he’s plate to the kitchen and came back and started playing with him too.

E: When am I ever going to get the chance to interact with my son?

A: Not now.

P: You can “interact” with him when we’re done.

E: Then someone else takes him.

A: You’ll just have to deal with it plus you get him all night long.

E: it’s not the same.

P: You’ll have to get used to it, brother.

R: Yes, especially when he grows up and starts going to high school and the girls start throwing themselves at him and he won’t be able to resist.

Seth turned around and growled at her making her realise what she had just said.

R: Sorry Seth, I really didn’t think that through before I said it.

Se: (He took a deep breath) Sorry for growling at you. (He smiled shyly)

R: It’s okay.

S: Paul, you’re going to go clean up the kitchen okay.

P: Why do I have to do it?

Em: Come on I’ll help you.

P: Okay.

J: Take my plate please?

Paul just pulled a face and walked to the kitchen but Emmett stopped and took his plate.

J: Thank Em.

Em: Okay.

Jacob lifted his legs from Edward this time without an argument and went over to Rosalie to take Anthony. He kissed him and Edward just pinched his cheek.

J: Sam, please make sure he’s safe for us.

R: Don’t you trust us?

J: I’ve known Sam since I was born so I trust him a little more than you, sorry.

R: Whatever.


Edward took Jacob’s hands as they made it up the stair towards their room.

J: Why did you have to take the room on the third floor?

E: Because I wanted too.

J: You’re way too old to answer me like a teenager.

E: How would you know how a teenager answers?

J: Have you forgotten that I’m a teenager. Actually you could get arrested right?

E: Why?

J: Because you have dated, gotten pregnant and married a minor.

E: I’m seventeen, just like you, love.

J: What, in ant years?

They continued their “loving” banter until they got to their room.


J: So why doesn’t Anthony drink milk?

E: Everyone went to the Reservation because the Elders wanted to talk to them and they also wanted to see Anthony. The Elders told them that Anthony will be aging a lot faster than normal, said that by the time that he’s one he will look five.

J: What?

E: It’s because he is the son of a vampire and a werewolf.

J: Is there… is there anything we can do to slow it down or something?

E: Uh yes. The two of us have to go hunting. We have to kill an animal and take it to the Elders for them to do some sort of Quileute blessing on it then we have to feed Anthony it’s blood.

J: But he doesn’t drink blood.

E: I know that but this was the only thing he consumed when you were pregnant with him.

J: I know that but isn’t there another way?

E: I’m afraid not.

J: Is it something we have to do now or does it have a set time?

E: We can do it at any time that we feel is right. It’s like a vampire being bitten, once he drinks the blood he is stuck with that one.

J: So he won’t age for the rest of his life?

E: No, then he’ll be like me.

J: So will he become a vampire if he drinks the blood?

E: I don’t know, love. I guess that we will have to go to the Elders.

J: Let’s go.

E: Only when you’re completely healthy.

J: But Edward.

E: No but’s Jacob. I cannot afford to lose you again besides we still need to talk.

J: Okay.

E: This really has you worried doesn’t it?

J: Yes.

E: Now talk to me.

J: It’s just… (He cut himself off)

E: Come sit here with me. (He said holding open his arms for Jacob. [Edward was leaning against the headboard of the bed] Jacob cam to Edward and sat on the bed, leaning his back against Edward’s chest. Edward put his arms around Jacob)

E: Now talk to me please.

J: I feel like I’m betraying Sam if I made Paul, Anthony’s godfather. You know after my mother passed away Sam was always there and when my father’s diabetes progressed and he became paralyzed Sam helped us a lot. He sort of helped raise me and now I have this opportunity to pay him back and I’m giving it to someone else.

E: Jake you know that there’s no rush in deciding right now right?

J: I know but I want to. I want him to get baptised and now he’s getting older faster than I expected.

E: That’s true.

J: It’s just that I really want him to be baptised. I want Anthony to be baptised because I was baptised so was my father and the guys too. I don’t know if you did but this is really important to me.

E: It’s important to me too Jake. I was also baptised when I was little.

J: So do you see that it’s important for us to choose.

E: Why don’t I go get Sam so that you talk to him?

J: Okay.

Edward got up from behind Jacob and went downstairs to go call Sam for Jacob.

~~~Living Room~~~

When Edward got to the living room Sam and Paul were lying on the carpet with Anthony crawling next to them.

E: Sam?

S: Yes Edward.

E: Can you please come with me. Jake needs to talk to you about something private?

S: Sure, Paul?

P: I’ll take care of him you know.

S: Yes, I know Paul.

P: Okay now go talk to mommy and daddy.

S: Okay.

S: So what does he want to talk to me about?

E: Sam, it’s better if he tells you himself.

S: That serious?

E: Yes.

S: Okay.

Jacob’s POV

S: Hi Jake, I heard that you wanted to talk to me?

J: Yes. Come in please.

E: I could leave if you need to talk in private.

J: No stay please.

E: Okay.

S: So to what do I owe this honour?

J: I want to say thank you first.

S: Why?

J: For everything. Sam… (He stopped when he couldn’t breather properly)

S: Jake what’s wrong? You know that you can tell me anything. (He said walking over and sitting next to him but Jacob didn’t say anything)

E: Sam, Jake and I have been talking and we wanted to make Rosalie and Paul, Anthony’s godparents.

J: But Sam, it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate everything that you have done for me because I’ll always be grateful.

S: Jake, calm down. It’s not good for your health.

J: I just don’t want you to be angry. I don’t want you to hate me.

S: I’m not angry and I don’t hate you. I won’t say that I don’t feel bad that you’re not choosing me but in the end it’s your choice, Jake.

J: Sorry.

S: It’s fine. I know you guys have our reasons for choosing them and I respect that. I can still be his super overprotective uncle right?

E: We wouldn’t want anything less.

J: Thank you.

S: It’s a pleasure boy’s.

J: Sam, Edward isn’t a boy.

S: Jake, do you think I’d be twenty if I wasn’t a wolf.

J: but you wouldn’t be a hundred and something.

S: So are you going to leave him because he’s older?

J: Nope. I love him too much.

E: I love you too.

S: Then it’s settled. Did you talk to Billy about this?

J: Yes, we told him last night.

E: He told us that you would understand but Jake has been in a bid since we decided last night. He couldn’t sleep so we went to the nursery and sat with Anthony until he fell asleep then we came back here but he still couldn’t sleep but when Anthony started crying he mysteriously fell asleep.

J: Buuut I really fell asleep when you bought him in here.

E: That’s because you like it and you also sleep better when he’s here in our bed.

J: You are the best Husband in the whole wide world.

E: Thank you.

S: You guys make an adorable couple.

J: That means a lot, thanks Sam.

E: Thank you.

S: No problem.

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