The Chosen One

Chapter 35: Assemble Te Godparents

Edward’s POV

After Sam left our room we decided that it was time to talk to Paul and Rosalie. Carlisle, Esme’ and Billy already agreed to our decision Esme’ even told us that she is very proud of us and gave us both hugs and kisses on the cheek.

J: Earth to Edward. (He said bringing Edward out of his thoughts)

E: Yes?

J: What is going on in that ancient head of yours?

E: Nothing.

J: I know it’s something so tell me.

E: Arggg. I was just thinking about what our parents said yesterday when we told them about the baptism.

J: Do you want to change your mind? We could talk about it.

E: No, I was just thinking. I don’t want to change anything.

J: I want to change one thing right now.

E: What is that?

J: I have no idea why you’re standing at the door, can you come lay with me! (He exclaimed)

Edward smiled and walked over to Jacob on the bed and put his head on Jacob’s thighs.

J: I don’t want you to lay on me…

E: I know you want to put your legs on me.

J: Now let me.

E: If you were pregnant, I’d let you.

J: So I have to get pregnant again for you to be nice to me?

E: I didn’t mean it like that besides you had your legs on me all morning. It’s time for you to take care of me.

J: Okay. (He said and suddenly went quiet)

E: Jake, I’m not cutting my hair.

J: How about this? Will you cut your hair if I give you another child?

E: Jacob! You know I want more children.

J: So will you?

E: Jake do you really hate my hair that much? (He asked turning around to face him) (Jacob took his hands out of Edward’s hair and putting it on either side of his cheeks)

J: Ed, I don’t hate your hair it’s just… I want to see a different style on you.

E: Love, if it means that much to you then I’ll cut it but then it will have to stay that way forever.

J: Why?

E: I’m a vampire, nothing works. Love, I’m surprised we could even get pregnant.

J: Oh, I didn’t know. Ed, don’t cut your hair if you don’t want to. I thought that it would grow back.

E: I really don’t want to cut it.

J: Then don’t. (He said giving Edward a kiss) I love you no matter how your hair looks. (He said kissing him again) (Jacob continued giving Edward small little pecks all over his face)

E: So what do you want?

J: Why would you think that I want something?

E: Because I know you. (He whispered)

J: I don’t want to go downstairs.

E: I’m not going to go get you Paul and Rosalie.

J: Please?

E: I should hire you a maid. I have enough money.

J: Are you going to get me a girl or a guy?

E: Fine, I’ll go get them.

J: You know that I only have eyes for you, right?

E: mmmmm. (He mumbled getting up from Jacob and going out their room in search of Paul and Rosalie)

~~~Living Room~~~

Edward’s POV

When Edward got to the living room this time Rosalie was with Anthony is looked like he was just busy waking up.

E: Where are Paul and Seth? (He whispered, not wanting to startle Anthony)

R: Outside with Sam and the other guys.

E: With Sam? What are they doing? (He asked getting a little worried that Sam might have spilled the beans before he and Jacob could)

R: They were training a couple of minutes ago but now it just looks like they’re doing nothing. Why?

E: Hi Anthony. (He smiled picking him up and holding him) How have you been today, Love? Did you enjoy your time with Auntie Rosalie?

Anthony made funny baby noises.

E: Uh, do you know what they’re busy talking about?

R: No. What’s with all the questions?

E: No nothing, I just wanted to know. (He said standing up with Anthony in his arms) Papa will be happy to see you. Are you coming? (He asked Rosalie)

R: Have you forgotten that you still haven’t told me anything.

E: Sorry, my mind is a bit occupied at the moment. Jake and I would like to speak to you.

R: Okay?

E: Jake is up in our room.

R: Wait, you want me to go to your room while it is you who wants to talk to me?

E: He doesn’t want to leave the room, please just do it Rose.

R: What’s so important that it cannot wait?

E: We’ll tell you when we get to Jake.

R: Okay fine, let’s go. Are you taking Anthony with?

E: He is my son isn’t he?

R: Well if you’re going to take him then you first need to go change him.

E: I’ve never changed his diaper before.

R: Well, then you better start learning now, buddy. I’ll be waiting for you up in your room with Jacob.

E: You know that you are a special breed of mean right?

R: it’s my pride and glory.

E: Okay.

R: Good luck. (She said running up the stairs)


E: Now this can’t be too difficult, now can it?

Edward took off Anthony’s dirty diaper and he was just lying and laughing on the changing table in the nursery.

E: Okay, I’m a vampire. This shouldn’t be too hard.

After taking off the diaper Edward had a tough time trying to clean him off and then Anthony peed all over Edward’s shirt and a bit on his face when someone knocked on the door. (Edward growled)

P: Need a little help daddy?

E: Please.

P: So what’s wrong?

E: I thought it would be easy changing a diaper. I’ve done and gone through far more complicated things and I can’t even change my own son’s diaper!

P: Ed, calm down.

E: Jacob is perfect at this and I get urinated on by my first try!

P: Jake has training. He and Seth took care of the children on the Rez they were also taught how to do it.

E: Where are the rest of the guys?

P: They went running but Sam said that I needed to stay for something.

E: Jacob and I want to talk to you, he is in the room.

P: Okay. Go get cleaned up, I’ll finish up here with Anthony and take him to your room.

E: I can take care of my own son!

P: Dude, chill! You know even you have to learn a few things, no one is perfect.

E: You know what, Paul just do it. Clean him up and take him to Jacob. It’s not as if I can do anything.

P: Edward I didn’t mean it that way.

E: If you get to our room tell Jacob I’ll be there shortly. (He said as he just walked out)

P: Okay, I think I pissed off your daddy. Don’t use that word you didn’t hear it from me. Okay.

Paul finished changing Anthony and took him to Edward and Jacob’s bedroom.


R: Hello, Jacob.

J: Hi, Rose. Where is Edward?

R: He’s changing Anthony. (He laughed)

J: Why are you laughing?

R: He’s never changed a baby before.

J: Really? He’s a 112 and he’s never changed a baby before?

R: No he hasn’t.

J: Do you think I should go help him?

R: No, let him figure it out on his own.

J: You better be right.

R: I always am.

Just then the door opened and in walked Paul with Anthony in his arms. Paul put Anthony on his papa’s bed and he crawled over to Jacob and climbed and sat on him.

J: Hello baby, where’s your daddy, huh? Paul where is Edward?

P: He had a little accident in the bathroom and he’s busy cleaning himself up.

J: An accident?

P: Yes an accident to do with bodily fluids being distributed.

R: What happened? (She smiled)

P: Anthony happened.

J: What did he do?

P: He urinated on Edward’s face and shirt while he was trying to change him.

J: Aww, my poor Husband.

P: You know that he can’t change a diaper.

J: Yeah, Rose just told me?

P: You should do something about it he almost bit my head off when I told him that even he isn’t perfect and that he should learn how change his son’s diaper.

J: Paul, you know better than to provoke him when he’s angry.

P: I didn’t provoke him. I just simply told him.

J: Okay, I’ll talk to him.

P: I don’t mean to be rude but why are you here? (He said refereeing to Rosalie)

R: I should be asking you the same question because Edward and Jacob wanted to talk to me.

P: Too me too.

R: Jake, what’s going on here?

J: I’m waiting for Edward before I say anything.

Just then the door opened and Edward came into full view of Edward and they all just started laughing

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