The Chosen One

Chapter 36: Godparents

Edward’s POV

I just finished getting myself clean. I decided to take a quick shower because I didn’t like the way I smelt at all. I was so frustrated with myself. Not only because I couldn’t change a diaper but because of the fact that I got frustrated with my own son. After I was done I went back up to mine and Jacob’s room because we still needed to talk to Paul and Rosalie.

~~~Inside Bedroom~~~

E: You know it’s not polite to laugh at other people’s misfortune.

P: Not when it has to do with you.

E: You’re mean. Jake do you really think we made the right choice with him?

P: It was part your decision and you had your reason for choosing him.

E: But can we just choose someone else?

J: You could. I’m not going through that whole process again.

R: Have you forgotten that we are also in the room? (She asked suddenly feeling left out)

P: Yeah, it’s like you’ve forgotten that we even exist.

E: That would be a lovely.

P: You’d miss me too much.

E: Jacob can’t I just make him disappear I promise no one will ever know what happened to him.

R: I’ll even help you.

P: You can’t kill me you would be giving the guys a reason to finally kill you.

E: No, I don’t think so. I think they will be too busy cheering about the fact that they don’t have to deal with you anymore to care about what I did.

P: I’m gonna go now if you guys are done messing with me. Why did you even call me up here?

E: Oh, Jake and I would like to ask you both something.

J: But you can say no if you want to, we won’t hold it against you.

R: Can you tell us what it is before you decide we’re going to say no.

E: Okay. Jacob and I have put a lot of thought into this. There were a lot of things that we had to consider before we choose the two most suitable people.

J: We would like for the two of you to be Anthony’s godparents but only if you want to.

R: Us? (She gasped) Why?

E: Well we’ve seen how both of you interact with Anthony and there is no doubt in our mind that you two are the best choice for this.

R: Thank you. I’d be honoured to be Anthony’s godmother. (She said as she got up and bends down to give Jacob a hug and Edward stood up and gave her a hug too)

P: What? (He said as he finally recovered from the initial shock of what he was being asked)

J: We want you to be Anthony’s godfather.

P: I heard that but why me? Why not Sam or even Seth?

J: Wouldn’t it be weird if Anthony’s future boyfriend and maybe even Husband was also his godfather huh?

E: And we wanted you, for some reason or another. I think I might have been drunk when I suggested him besides we spoke to Sam and he was okay with it as long as you guys know that he’ll always be watching over your shoulders like a hawk.

R: Like the two of you will too?

E: Yes.

P: See I always knew you loved me deep down.

E: Yes. Deep deep down.


Anthony crawled further into Jacob chest and closed his eyes.

R: Aww, my godson wants to sleep.

E: No he doesn’t.

R: How do you know... (She was cut off)

J: Please don’t ask that question. I am so tired of hearing his smug answer. He probably read Anthony’s mind or something.

R: So what does he want if he doesn’t want to sleep then?

E: I can see very vivid images of Jared and Embry?

J: What?

R: Seth is his mate right?

P: Yeah. (He smiled)

E: Jake it’s nothing like that, he just likes playing with them.

P: Just like Jake use to.

R: Oh do tell.

J: Paul shut up.

R: No don’t I want to know.

P: Well Jake use to... Nah, I’m just kidding they were just friends.

E: Paul. (He warned)

P: Cullen.

E: Really, are we back to that again?

P: Only for as long as you keep threatening me.

E: I only want you to stop bothering my Husband.

P: Oh but Jake enjoys it.

J: No I don’t.

P: Shhh Jake.


Anthony started laughing along with them and they all just smiled.

E: Seth is one lucky guy.

P: Yeah he has more luck than I do.

E: What so you also want to imprint on a baby?

P: No that’s not what I mean.

J: Nah, I think Seth has always been the lucky one in the pack.

P: Yeah, I agree. Now he’s got his hands on the most beautiful baby.

E: He’s not going to have any hands if he puts ever puts his hands on my baby.

J: Ed, you know Seth wouldn’t ever do anything against our wishes right?

R: Yes even I agree with that.

E: I know. I’m just saying, one of us has to be the scary parent.

P: And you think it should be you? (He laughed clearly amused and Rosalie joined in and soft snickering could be heard from Jacob)

E: My own Husband.

P: Yeah, your Husband doesn’t think you’re scary enough.


E: Paul, what are you still doing in my bedroom because I don’t want you in here?

P: I’m here visiting my godson and my brother.

R: Wait, Edward if Paul is Jacob’s brother then isn’t he your brother-in-law now that the two of you are married?

E: No! Absolutely not!

J: Yes, that’s true.

E: No.

P: Just admit that you’re happy that I’m your brother-in-law.

E: Thank you but I’m very happy with my real brothers.

P: There is nothing real about you or your brother’s mister.

E: I already regret my decision.

P: I love you too Edward.

R: So where did the other mutts go?

P: I don’t know. They went running and Sam told me that I needed to stay. I wondered why he didn’t want me to go with but now I get it.

R: Oh.

P: Oh and where is Alice I haven’t seen her since we ate earlier?

R: She left a while before the wolves ran.

J: Where to?

R: I don’t know but I got this feeling that she didn’t want me to go with her.

J: So you wanted to go with her?

R: No not today it’s just that she normally asks me to go with her if she’s going alone even though I say no.

E: She left because she wanted us to be alone and so did Sam.

R: How did Alice know about this but I didn’t?

E: She can see into the future dear sister.

R: Continue talking like that and your dear sister will do something to your Husband.

J: Why me. I didn’t do anything to you.

R: But Edward is virtually indestructible.

J: So you’d hurt me? I’ve always been so good to you. (He faked cried)

R: No, Edward would probably see it before I did it then he’d most probably kill me.

E: Yeah, most probably.

R: Shut up.

Anthony crawled off of Jacob and crawled over to the edge of the bed so Edward could take him.

E: Hey big boy. I hope you’re not mad at me for abandoning you earlier.

R: If he was he wouldn’t go near you. Believe me I know.

J: What happened?

R: Let’s just say that it isn’t a good idea to try and take him away from his grandparents, all three of them.


E: But I still feel bad about just walking out on him like that.

J: It’s not like you up and left, so stop banging yourself up, Ed.

P: Plus he was in good hands.

E: Thank you for that Paul.

P: Sure thing, brother-in-law.

E: Now he got me a new name.


As they finished laughing they heard the front door opening.

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