The Chosen One

Chapter 37: Telling The Family

R: So when are you guys telling the rest of the family?

J: We wanted to do it now.

P: Okay, let’s go.

E: Jake, do you want me to go call everyone to come to come up to our room or will you go down this time?

J: Leave me alone. (He whined pulling a face)

E: I’m just watching out for you, love. I wouldn’t want you to strain yourself. (He joked)

J: You guys see what I have to deal with on a daily basis?


R: You’re lucky you haven’t been saddled up with him for the last century.


J: Yeah, I guess I should be happy for that. Let’s go.

They all walked downstairs with Anthony in Jacob’s arms. When they got downstairs they saw that the whole family had arrived. Rosalie and Paul went over to sit in the living room with the rest of the family. Edward and Jacob stood in front of them all.

E: Some of you already know what we want to say but for those of you who don’t. Uh, we just asked Rosalie and Paul Anthony’s godparents and they accepted. (He smiled)

Q: Congrats dude. (He said getting up and hugging Paul)

P: Thanks.

The congratulations continued for a while until Edward shushed them all, politely.

J: There is something else we need to ask you guys and I don’t think any of you except for maybe one or two. (He said looking at Alice.)

A: Why are you looking at me?

J: So you’re telling me that you have no idea what we want to say now?

A: I know that I just don’t want you looking at me.

J: I will never understand how your mind works.


E: So anyways we would really appreciate your help because Jacob and I want Anthony to be baptised like we all were.

J: But we also want to do it soon because Anthony isn’t getting any younger now is he?


E: We want to do it as soon as possibly by the way. So it might require a lot of planning.

A: Now this is more my area.

Es: Yes, we all know that Alice.

A: Thank you Esme’.

Es: It’s a pleasure dear.

A: So now I have a confession to make. (She said standing up and going over to stand where Jacob and Edward were standing. They went over and sat down on one of the couches next to Seth)

A: Thank you. So since today is Friday I was thinking that we could have the baptism ceremony on Sunday. We have most of the things ready but we still need a few more things.

J: We?

A: Yes, Quil, Embry and Jared have been helping me.

J: What? And you guys didn’t tell me?

Q: You have no idea how scary Alice can be when she wants something.

J: Trust me I know. So I get how you could keep it from me but how did you keep it from Edward?

A: My brother’s focus hasn’t been on any of us lately, well ever since his beloved husband came back to us.

Emb: Plus we had to try really hard not to think about it.

Es: Wow, my daughter is a real hound dog when it comes to getting what she wanted.

A: Yes she is.

C: So what have you guys have done so far?

Jar: She measured us all and sent in the sizes for all our suits.

P: Wait is that why you measured us?

A: Yes.

P: But I thought... Oh, now it makes sense.

Se: Yeah, it makes sense to me to now.

Emb: We have already ordered the decorations and they will be delivered tomorrow.

Q: And the food, as always will be done by Emily, Mrs Clearwater and Esme’.

Es: Oh I didn’t know that.

A: But I did. So will you do it?

Es: Yes I will.

A: Oh and I wanted to get something for Anthony to wear too but the guys said that you guys might have something for him to wear to the ceremony. (She said looking at Jacob and Billy)

J: I think we do, dad do we still have the one I wore?

B: Yes. I kept it safe in case you needed it one day.

J: Can we get it for Anthony?

B: Yes. I know where I put it we could go to the Reservation tomorrow and go fetch it.

J: Thanks, you don’t mind do you?

E: No, not at all. I would love it if our son was baptised in the same thing you were. (He smiled)

J: Okay then it’s settled.

E: Okay so what else is needed?

A: I was also going to ask Billy if he could recommend a priest for the ceremony.

B: Yes. Well there is a man at the reservation. He’s an old friend of mine and he’s also en Elder and i don’t think he’ll have an issue with performing the baptism.

E: I would love to meet him please?

B: You can when we go to the Reservation tomorrow. You are coming with aren’t you?

E: I am.

B: Okay then we can arrange a meeting with him and discus all the small details.

E: Okay.

J: So now I have no say in my son’s baptism?

A: We could leave everything to you if you want.

J: No. I wasn’t complaining in any way. I was just talking.

Se: Well Jake, you talk too much.

J: Is that the right way to be talking to your future father-in-law huh?

Se: I’ll start treating you with proper respect once I start dating Anthony but I don’t owe you anything before that.

E: He does have a point there, love.

J: What kind of Husband are you. Sheesh! (He exclaimed)

Edward had an amused expression present on his face and the rest of the family were just smiling apart for Paul, Emmett and Seth who were all laughing like nuts.

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