The Chosen One

Chapter 38: Family Dinner...

***That Night***

The wolves all went back to the Reservation for training, Billy was also there for a tribal meeting, Carlisle got called into the hospital because there was a big car crash in Forks, Rosalie and Emmett were out on a date and Jasper had the unfortunate task of going shopping with Alice although he didn’t really mind it.

Jacob and Edward were both in the kitchen. Edward was busy making something for Jacob and Anthony to eat and Jacob was sat on the counter.

E: Tell me again why you’re sitting on our kitchen counter.

J: I’m here for moral support.

E: Then why can’t you sit on one of the chairs by the table?

J: I want to be close to you. Is that a crime?

E: No I guess not.

J: So what are you making?

E: Beef.

J: Yes?

E: Beef and wait and see.

J: No fair.

E: Never said that I was playing fair, dear.

J: Are you making that for Anthony too?

E: No Jacob. I’m making a chicken soup for him.

J: Why don’t I get soup?

E: Because I’m making you seared steak with mash potatoes.

J: Really?

E: Yes. (He smiled)

J: You’re a very awesome Husband.

E: You’re pretty good yourself.

J: So I was thinking...

E: That’s never a good idea.

J: Oh shut up, I’m serious. I was thinking that if we have to choose an age to give Anthony the blood that we could do it when he turns sixteen.

E: Sixteen?

J: Yes.

E: Is there a specific reason?

J: Yes. You know since he’s going to be with Seth and Seth is turning sixteen next week, I thought that it would be cool if they were the same age.

E: I see.

J: So are you okay with it?

E: Yes but let’s talk to the Elders first.

J: When can we do that?

E: We can do it tomorrow when we go to the Reservation.

J: You’re going with?

E: Yes and I think the whole family’s going.

J: Really?

E: Yes. Emmett wants to go check out the cliff where you guys jump. Alice and Jasper want to learn more about the Quileute traditions for the baptism. Rosalie and Esme want to go through all your baby things... (He was cut off)

J: Why?

E: I don’t know, you have to ask them that and Carlisle needs to be present for the tribe meeting that we all also have to go too.

J: (He pushed out his tongue) I don’t like tribe meetings.

E: You don’t like anything that has to do with work.

J: That’s not true. I rebuilt my bike mostly with the occasional help of Seth. I searched for all the parts by myself. So don’t say I hate work because I don’t. Tribal meetings are just boring.

E: Tomorrow’s meeting will be about our son and I know you rebuilt your bike on your own.

J: Fine then I’ll go plus the bike still works.

E: I know but it’s also old.

J: I like it.

E: But I don’t understand why you won’t let me buy you a new one. I really want to do it for you.

J: I know you do but I can’t accept it.

E: Why, I’m your Husband. I’m supposed to be able to buy you things. I want to feel like I’m taking care of my Husband.

J: I know that and you do take care of me. You sat by my bedside until I woke up. I just can’t accept you buying me something so expensive even if you have more money than you know what to do with.

E: Then what am I supposed to do with it if I cannot spend it on my family.

J: Save it. Anthony’s gonna need a lot when he grows up.

E: He has a whole family of people who would buy him anything at the drop of a finger. So you’re my responsibility.

J: How about you give a little, just a small amount of your money to something else.

E: Like what?

J: Uh, would you consider giving it to the Reservation. The last time I was there, there were a few or rather a lot of things that need fixing and replacing but they just don’t have the funds, especially at the Rez School.

E: You know what. I could talk to Carlisle and then we do something.

J: You would?

E: Why do you always have to doubt me? I would love to preserve the place that you grew up in so Anthony and all our other children can see it.

J: Thank you.

E: Anytime.

J: So how far is the food?

E: About fifteen minutes away.

J: So we have some time to do this then. (He said pulling Edward towards him and kissing him)

E: mmmmm. I like the way you think. (He said and they continued kissing)

They stopped when Anthony started crying and Jacob groaned.

J: We just can’t catch a break can we?

E: (He laughed and then smiled) I guess not. Go fetch him while I finish up your food.

J: Okay, fine.

E: But wait. Give me a kiss first.

Jacob kissed Edward then jumped off the counter and went up to the nursery.


J: Hi Anthony. I see that you’re ready to get up now but couldn’t you wait a few more minutes huh? Your daddy and I were having a moment.

Anthony just made baby noises.

J: Yeah, continue making your little baby noises that no one understand.

E: I understand and Jake, bring Anthony down and stop making him feel guilty! (He shouted from the kitchen)

J: Stop eavesdropping! (He shouted and Anthony started crying) You see what you did!

E: I didn’t do anything you’re the one shouting around him!

J: Whatever!

J: Shh baby. Stop crying. I have you now, you’re okay. Don’t cry. (He said picking Anthony up and bouncing him around in his arms until he stopped crying) Okay that’s good. Now let’s go have dinner with your daddy, okay? That’s my boy. (He smiled)

He took Anthony and his blanket and walked down to the kitchen.


E: So he’s your son again?

J: Yeah.

E: Just asking because just now you were thinking that my son just interrupted our make out session.

J: But he did.

E: Not the point, Jake.

J: Are you angry? (He teased)

E: No I’m not. Not sit down I’ll bring your food over.

J: Thank you.

Edward just scoffed and walked to the counter where he put Jacob and Anthony’s plates.

E: Here you go. (He says putting Jacob’s food in front of him then he took Anthony and put him in his highchair)

J: Who bought him that?

E: Billy did. He bought it the day after Anthony was born.

J: Aww. I have to thank my father.

E: So do you like your food? (He asked as he started feeding Anthony)

J: I like everything you make plus this is really good.

E: Thank you.

~~~After A Little While~~~

J: I love this. Just the three of us, alone, having dinner.

E: Me too.

J: And the two of us haven’t had any alone time since I woke up.

Edward just smiled.

J: Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with our son and the family but I want to be alone with my Husband for a little while.

E: Then we should fix that soon.

J: Yes we should.

E: I love you.

J: I love you too.


J: Well this was a great meal and I spent it with two of my favourite people in this world. I’ll even wash the dishes.

E: And I’ll keep Anthony company while you do that.

J: Don’t be smug because you understand what he says or thinks.

E: I don’t hear any water running.

Jacob just made mumbling sounds while starting the water for the dishes.

E: I thought so.

After Jacob was done with the dishes he went over and sat down next to Anthony at the table.

J: I love this kid but his diapers stink~ (He exclaimed)

E: Just go clean him.

J: Na ah. We’re going to clean him.

E: Jake... (He was cut off)

J: Come on, I’ll help you. It’s your son too and you’re suppose to know how to change is diaper.

E: I don’t want to.

J: Come on. Then we can even give him a bath before putting a clean diaper on him.

E: Okay. Let’s go.

J: But you’re going to pick him up. He kind of stinks too much for me to handle.

Edward just shook his head as he picked Anthony up.

J: But I still love you. (He said to Anthony and then took Edward’s hand as they walked upstairs towards the nursery)

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