The Chosen One

Chapter 39: Diaper Troubles...

J: Put him on the table over there. I’ll get the cleaning things.

E: Okay.

Edward put Anthony on the changing table and then slowly removed his shorts.

J: You know that you can open the diaper right?

E: I’m waiting for you.

J: Just do it okay.

E: I will, once you’re here. (He whispered the last part)

J: My Husband goes mute when he has to clean his son’s diaper. I could write a story.

E: Then you’d also have to write where the baby came from. Are you willing to do that huh?

J: You my dear are just so...

E: Just so what?

J: Nothing. Okay, open his diaper now.

Edward opened the diaper and looked at Jacob.

J: Really?

E: What do we do next?

J: Next YOU should lift him up by the legs gently... (He was cut off)

E: Of course I’ll lift him gently you don’t have to tell me that.

J: So as I was saying, lift him gently then wipe his bottom with the front part of the diaper.

E: Okay, I’ve got this. Lift him with one hand and wipe him with the other.

J: Yes, okay then you take the diaper off of him completely and I’ll roll him up.

E: Okay and... Here you go. (He said pushing the dirty diaper to Jacob’s side)

J: One would think a man eating vampire wouldn’t be squeamish about a dirty diaper.

E: I don’t know what you feed him but it stinks and I don’t eat people.

J: You feed him most of the time.

E: Doesn’t matter, so what do we do next.

J: Again then YOU take one of his wet wipes and clean his bottom further.

E: Okay done. (He smiled)

J: You’re done with this first part, you still have to put on his clean diaper but we’ll do that after his bath.

E: Okay.

J: But before that, can you please go through his diaper away?

E: Do you throw these away in the house?

J: No there’s a heap outside in a bucket. They throw it away each night.

E: Why aren’t you doing this?

J: I have to take Anthony.

E: You are so the mother in this.

J: I’ll wait for you in the bathroom.

E: Okay.

Jacob gave him a look with a sly smile and Edward smirked and kissed him.

E: I’ll be back now.

***Bath Time***

When Edward came into the bathroom he saw Jacob sitting on the toilet with Anthony in his arms and the bath water running.

E: I see you can do things without me.

J: Well I was thinking about leaving it and letting you fill up the bath but then I felt bad about sending you around so much so I decided to do it.

E: My, aren’t you a thoughtful Husband?

J: I am.

E: Should I close the taps now?

J: Yeah, the water’s enough.

E: Okay.

Edward closed the taps.

E: Well I know everyone always feels to make sure the water’s temperature is right for him but I cannot do that unfortunately so hand him over.

J: Why can’t you?

E: Does the word vampire ring a bell?

J: Vampires!

Edward smiled and took Anthony while Jacob checked the water temperature.

J: It’s fine. You can put him in.

E: Here you go big boy.

J: So do we leave him in there to play around a bit or should we clean him up now?

E: Let him play a bit.

J: Fine with me.

E: Now come sit down here with me then we watch him from here.

J: I’m afraid that he’ll fall.

E: He might not even get hurt and if he does then he’ll heal quickly.

J: But what if he’s normal, with no vampire or werewolf powers?

E: Then I’ll catch him. I won’t allow him to get hurt. I Promise.

J: Okay. (He said joining Edward on the floor next to the bath tub)

J: You know I love our son but I miss the days that it was just you and I.

E: Me too. You know the last time that we were alone together was when we first got together and went to that cabin in Canada.

J: Yeah and then I had to go ruin it by becoming pregnant.

E: You didn’t ruin it, love. Plus I had a hand in that too.

J: Yeah I guess.

E: Don’t worry. We’ll have time for ourselves soon again.

J: As much as I want that to happen, I don’t want him to grow up.

E: But he’ll have to soon.

J: Yeah, sooner than I would have liked.

E: I know the feeling. I would have liked to savour his baby years too.

J: But for now we have this to focus on. Come on, let’s clean him.

E: Okay. (He said kneeling down in front of the tub and rolling up his sleeves)

J: You know rolling up your sleeves won’t keep your shirt dry right?

E: It’s worth a shot.

He said and they both turned to face Anthony who was trying to blow and push away his wet hair that was stuck to the front of his face. They both laughed at how cute he looked.

E: Hello, anybody home? (He asked shifting Anthony’s hair away from his face and Anthony just started laughing)

J: Hi cutie, it’s time for your bath now.

E: Do you think we should have his hair cut?

J: No cutie (He teased) My hair was longer than that until I turned sixteen and shifted for the first time because you people invaded our town.

E: So you’d rather, we’d never have come back to Forks?

J: Not in a million years. Now let’s get you cleaned up.

They took their time washing Anthony and also playing with him.

J: Look, we’re done and you don’t have that much water on you.

E: I guess that I was successful then do... (He was cut off when Anthony started splashing in the water making water fly everywhere and wetting the front of Edward’s shirt)

J: Hahahahaha

E: I guess we spoke too soon.

J: Ya think. (He continued laughing as he took Anthony out of the water and gave him to Edward who was holding a towel open for him)

E: Let’s go get you dressed sweetheart.

They walked back to the nursery and Edward put him back on the changing table and dried him off.

J: You can go change your shirt if you want to.

E: No I’m fine. I’ll do it when we’re done here.

J: Okay.

They applied lotion to his body and baby powder to his bottom.

J: Now let’s allow your daddy to put you diaper back on.

E: Okay so how do I do this?

J: This part is easy. Just put the diaper down and put him on top of it and then closed it around him.

E: Okay. (He put Anthony on the diaper after taking a while at figuring out which way the clasp of the diaper should be facing. The first time he closed it the clasp were on the bottom and he had to do it over. He tried it twice after that and gave up) Jake, you just do it. (He sighed)

J: No, we’re going to do this together.

Jacob first removed the diaper Edward was using because it wouldn’t stick properly anymore. Then he put his hands on Edward’s and then fixed the diaper correctly below Anthony and then put the front part up and then closed the clasps.

J: See, done.

E: How was that so easy?

J: Like Paul said. I’ve had practise.

E: But it seemed so difficult when I did it first but it looked so easy when we did it together.

J: The power of working together.

E: We should have gone to those classes where they teach new parents how to do these things.

J: We could have but sadly little Anthony wasn’t planned.

E: Yes. (He said walking over to Anthony’s fully stocked closet)

J: I swear this kid has more close than I do.

E: This isn’t all from Alice.

J: I know. Paul, Seth, Sam, my dad and the other guys have all been buying him things and they won’t stop when I tell them to.

E: I know they say his growing fast and he needs new things frequently.

J: Excuses. They love spoiling him but I know our son won’t turn into a spoiled brat.

E: Not if we have something to do with it.

J: Exactly.

They put him in a cute purple onesies.

***Jakeward Bedroom***

They came into their bedroom and Jacob sat on the bed with Anthony while Edward took off his shirt and started searching for another one to wear.

J: Your daddy has a very nice body you know. I know I never thought under all those designer shirts and jeans was such an amazing body. I am lucky. (He said talking to Anthony)

E: What? (He asked turning around and smiling)

J: That was a private conversation between my son and I. Stop eavesdropping...

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