The Chosen One

Chapter 4: Families Getting Closer???

Edward’s POV

Jacob has been getting better lately. My family and I got immunity to come on to the reservation but we weren’t allowed to do any “funny business” like Paul said. I was surprised at how close my family had gotten with the Quileute’s. Rosalie and Jake(I love that name) anyways Rosalie and Jake were inseparable, they’d always be off somewhere either fixing a car or buying car spares. Esme. Esme just liked having someone to cook for. Those wolves were always hungry, so Esme spent her days cooking or shopping for ingredients. Alice was just happy that she had more people to shop for. The wolves told her that they didn’t need new clothing but she didn’t care. Carlisle was happy that he found himself a new friend. They’d spend their time together sharing old stories and personal experiences and I was happy for them. Emmett was just happy that he had more people to fight. The guys in their wolf forms were almost as strong if not stronger than us. Jasper would always side with the werewolves if they were fighting Emmett. Emmett’s biggest opponent has to be Paul; they were always out staging each other. We were all currently in our backyard having a barbeque, Alice’s idea, even though we don’t eat.

E: Uhm… Everyone we have a little announcement.

J: Yeah. Edward and I decided that we need to get to know each other better.

E: So we’ve decided that we’re going to Canada for a few days.

B: (Smiling broadly) Uhm? And for how long


E: We’ll only be gone a week sir.

B: Son, call me sir one more time and I’ll run you over with my chair.



Jacob’s POV

Oh my gosh. There’s snow everywhere. A cute little snow covered cabin down this beautiful walk way. Ed this place is amazing!

E: Only the best for my love. Are you sure you’re not cold?

J: Ed I have body temp of 108’, do you think I can get cold?

E: Guess not. Lets go in.

~~~A few hours later~~~

Edward and I were cuddled up, me in his arms in front of the fire place.

J: This is nice.

E: Yeah. Ask me.

J: Ask you what?

E: Ask me what’s on your mind.

J: If you already know why are you asking?

E: I don’t know, you’re hiding it from me.

J: There’s two things. 1: How old are you? (He exclaimed)

E: (With his famous smirk) I am 112 young Jacob.

J: (Shocked) WHAT!!! You’re OLD.

E: Is that going to be a problem for us?

J: (Stilled shocked) I’m dating an old dude! Damn.

E: (Laughing) Number 2?

J: old. Okay 2 is why did you agree.

E: Agree to what?

J: Did you just do it so I wouldn’t die?

E: Jake look at me. Good. Jake I’m doing this because I’ve fallen in love with you, not coz I was afraid you’d die.

J: Really?

E: Yes, now come here and kiss me.

J: Ewwww, no you’re old.

E: Okay I’ll just go look for another hot guy and kiss him.

J: Fine you win now kiss me!

~~~Meanwhile Back In Forks~~~

Se: I have a special delivery for a Mr Uley.

S: Seth, do you have to make a joke out of everything?

Se: Yes. Here’s your letter.

S: Who from?

Se: No name.

S: Okay give it here.

~~~After A Minute~~~

S: (Sounding distressed) Seth who gave this to you.

Se: A woman by the border gave it to me and said to give it to you. Why?

S: I’m calling a family meeting.

Se: Only us or everyone else?

S: Seth “family” means EVERYONE.


S: I’m not going to beat around the bush. Jacob is in trouble and WE need to make sure that he’s safe.

B: My son? How do you know he is in trouble?


B: Oh my!

C: Sam did you see the woman?

S: No, Seth was actually the one who gave me this letter.

C: Seth did you notice anything?

Se: Like?

C: Did she have a distinctive smell, something off about here?

Se: She was pale, long golden hair. She looked scared.

S: Do you know whom he’s describing?

C: Yes, she works in the castle the Volturi lives in.

S: We need to get Jacob over here, to be able to protect him.

A: Edward can… (She got that lost expression in her eyes. She was having a vision) I can see Jacob. I cannot normally see him. Why now?

C: What did you see?

A: I saw a room. It’s big. I see chains and medical equipment. Carlisle there’s blood everywhere. (She said as she drew the room she saw)

C: We need to get Edward and Jacob back here so that we can ALL protect Jacob. Remember he’s the main priority now.

V: What Carlisle said is true. Set your rivalry for dominance aside and protect my son.

S: Yes we will Billy. Lets call Cullen.


Edward’s POV

Last night was amazing. Both Jacob and I have never been with a guy before but it felt so right. Jacob and I connected on another level last night. When Jacob woke up this morning his skin was lighter than usual and he wasn’t hungry like he was every single day and when I asked him to go hunting with me, he couldn’t phase. That’s when I started getting nervous, so I called the only person who could surely tell me what’s wrong, his father.

~~~Phone Call~~~

E: Billy is this you?

B: Oh my gosh Edward. You had us all worried. What happened, whee’s Jacob?

E: Jacobs here. He’s fine… …”Well sort off”. Why are you asking?

B: What do you mean sort off, what happened to my son?

E: That’s why I’m calling. I need to know something.

B: First tell me if Jacobs okay.

E: Like I said I don’t know… (He was ALMOST cut off) No, no interruptions. My mate L My mate’s changing.

B: How?

E: He was way lighter than he used to be, he’s not hungry this morning like he always is and the thing that has me the most worried is that he can’t phase. He tried twice already but he couldn’t. He decided to go for a nap, he wore himself out.

B: Edward this may be a little a personal, but were you and Jacob together.

J: Yes, I haven’t left his sight since we arrived here.

B: No, I mean on an intimate level?

E: Uhm… Yes we were? (HE said it more like a question)

B: And when was this? (He said with a slight smile in his voice)

E: Uhm… Last night. (Again like question)

B: (Smiling happily) Oh my. Oh my. I can’t believe this.

E: WHAT! What can’t you believe? Tell me, is it something bad.

B: I can’t believe what has happened. I just told you, oh and I don’t know if it’s bad or not. YET.

E: We’re on our way back. We need to find out what’s wrong with him. I won’t and cannot lose him. No!

C: Edward you won’t lose him. Billy doesn’t seem worried so we won’t be worried. Just hurry back. We’re all waiting at our house.

(They decided to leave out the letter for now)

E: Okay We’re on our way.

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