The Chosen One

Chapter 41: Family At The Rez

After that Edward and Jacob were lying on their bed with Anthony in between them.

E: We have the perfect family.

J: And we have the perfect support system. I don’t think we’d be able to get through half of the things we have if they weren’t there for us.

E: Yeah. I feel like we should get them something.

J: We could go to Forks after we have the meeting with the Elders.

E: You, Anthony and I?

J: Yes, just the three of us.

E: Okay.

Just then Billy and Esme’ arrived.

J: Let’s go see grandma and grandpa, okay?

They took Anthony and went downstairs.

J: Look there they are. (He said pointing to Billy and Esme’ who were in the kitchen) He put Anthony down and he started crawling towards them.)

Es: Hello, big boy. We missed you today. (She smiled and kissed him and then she gave him to Billy)

B: How was your day huh? Did you enjoy your time alone with your fathers today? (He asked but Anthony just wanted to sit on his grandfather)

Es: Jacob, I’m making tea for Billy, would you like some?

J: Yes please.

B: So what did you guys do today?

E: We had dinner after everyone left then we gave Anthony a bath and now we were just lying in our room.

Es: Sounds like a pretty eventful night.

J: That’s what our lives have turned into. Eating dinner and staying with our child at home.

B: That’s what ever parent needs to sacrifice when they have children.

K+J: Yeah, I figured that a while ago.


Es: Here you go. (She said handing Billy and Jacob each their tea)

B: Thank you Esme’.

J: Thank you.

E: Jacob and I were considering going out to Forks tomorrow after the meeting and taking Anthony with us.

B: He’s your son. You do deserve to have some time alone with him.

J: Thank you dad.

B: I didn’t do anything.

J: No thank you for being here for me, for us through everything I really appreciate it, you too Esme’. I don’t think we could have gone through everything without everyone’s support.

Es: That’s what families there for, son.

B: Yes and as parents if we can’t help our children what are we supposed to do huh?

E: But we would still like to say thank you.

B: Then it is our pleasure. This young man looks like he’s on the brink of sleep maybe you should take him to bed.

E: Jake, will you?

J: Sure, I think I could do with some sleep right about now. (He said putting his empty cup on the table and going over to Billy hugging him and then taking Anthony. He went to give Edward a kiss on his cheek before hugging Esme’ and going back upstairs)


Es: Did you want to talk to us about something?

E: Yes. Jake and I were talking and Anthony is growing up faster than usual and he has all those clothes that he doesn’t wear anymore and we were thinking that we could take the things that he doesn’t use anymore and take them to one of the children’s homes in Forks.

B: That’s a good idea.

Es: Yes. Anthony has many things that he doesn’t use anymore and they have no use just lying around there.

B: And I’m pretty sure that if you and Jake have more children that this family won’t hesitate in buying more things for that baby.

E: So it won’t be a problem?

C: What won’t be a problem? (He asked as he came into the house)

Es: Hi dear.

C: Hi. (He went over and gave Esme a kiss)

B: Things hectic at work?

C: Everything quieted down after the accident rush passed but I had a few patients to check up on so I had to stay but now I’m off for the next three days. I made sure to get Sunday off. (He smiled looking at Edward)

E: Thank you. Jacob and I were thinking about taking Anthony to Forks tomorrow and then we also thought about taken all his unused clothes to one of the children’s homes in Forks.

C: That’s a good idea. Good job boys.

E: Thank you, Carlisle.

C: No problem.

E: Billy, are the guys coming home or are they staying at the Reservation tonight?

B: They’ll be home in a little while.

E: Oh okay. I was just asking.

They continued their casual conversation until the heard cars pull up at the garage and people laughing. After a while all the wolves and Emmett and Jasper came in each carrying shopping bags.

Es: I didn’t know you all went shopping. (She laughed)

Em: We met up with Alice and Jasper at the mall and Rosalie decided that she just had to buy herself new things.

P: And now we have to carry their bags.

R: We didn’t only buy things for ourselves. We aren’t that self-centred.

C: So what you mean is that you bought things for Anthony too?

R: Yes but we also bought things for everyone.

A: Yes. We thought everyone deserved a little something.

E: Oh really?

A: Yes.

E: Okay.

R: So guys put everything down there in the kitchen and we’ll give you yours.

Alice went over to the bags and started handing them out.

A: Okay, this one is for Esme’, this is for Carlisle, Billy. (She says giving them their bags)

B: Thank you, dear but you didn’t have to.

A: We know but we wanted too.

R: So everyone better say accept it.

Es: Okay.

A: Okay, these are for Edward, Jacob and Anthony. (She says pushing four bags towards Edward)

E: I’m guessing two of these are for Anthony?

R: Yes. I had to shop extra for my godchild. (She smiled)

E: Well thank you. I’m sure Jacob and Anthony will really appreciate it. I’ll give it to them in the morning.

A: These ones are for Seth, Paul and Sam.

They all took theirs and said thank you. Seth gave them both hugs.

A: Thank you Seth. Okay these ones are for my special helpers Embry, Quil and Jared.

They all took their bags and also said thank you.

A: And these ones are for our poor Husbands who had to carry around all our things today.

R: We love you both. (She said as she gave Jasper and Emmett their bags)

Em: We love you too.

A: And the rest is ours.

E: Funny how the two of you get more than everyone else’s put together.

A: What can we say? We’re girls.


B: Well guys I hate to break this up but I think I’m going to head to bed now.

C: I’ll accompany you.

B & C: Goodnight guys.

Everyone: Goodnight.

Es: I’m off too. (She said following Billy and Carlisle into the elevator)

E: I’m going to my room too.

P: Before you go I’d like to know something.

E: And what would that be?

P: What do you guys do when we’re all asleep? (He asked referring to the vampires)

R: Well what we do is none of your business.

Ja: Same here. (He smiled shyly)

E: Well my Husband sleeps through the night so I just read or write.

Se: Or he sits and stares and Jacob.

E: He’s my Husband.

P: Yeah, that explains your weirdness.

E: It does now I’m going to bed. Goodnight.


E: “Edward, wait!” (He heard Seth call) Yes Seth?

Se: Take this. Anthony wakes up some nights and wants to drink. (He said handing him two bottles)

E: What’s in here?

Se: Well one has milk in and the other one has a red liquid in.

E: Blood? (He asked clearly surprised)

Se: Yes, Carlisle said we should try it one night when Anthony didn’t want his milk.

E: So he does drink blood?

Se: Yes, blood and milk. Sometimes he drinks both empty during the night.

E: I didn’t know this.

Se: I always forget to tell you.

E: Well thank you for telling me. Good night Seth.

Se: Goodnight, Edward.

After Edward went to his room the rest of the wolves also went to sleep and Edward’s siblings all set up to watch a movie on TV.

***Jakeward Bedroom***

Edward sat their bags next to the closet and then went over to the bed to see Anthony cuddled up on Jacob’s side both of them fast asleep. He pulled the blanket over them and went over to the table and started reading on of his books. Four hours later he when he was halfway through the book he heard Anthony’s almost silent whimpering and went over to the bed and picked him up. He carried him over to the desk and sat down with him. Anthony was on the brink of crying so Edward gave him the bottle filled with milk and he started drinking it. A while after he pushed it out so Edward thought he was done and wanted to burp him when he read Anthony’s mind and saw what he really didn’t want to accept. Anthony wanted the other bottle, so Edward as much as he hated it gave him the bottle. After about ten minutes the bottle was empty and Edward was totally surprised. Anthony fell asleep immediately after Edward burped him so Edward put him back down in front of Jacob and went downstairs in search of Carlisle to give him more of the blood for Anthony. After he received the blood he went back up to their room and put the bottle on the bedside table and slipped in behind Jacob on the bed. Jacob moved back towards Edward almost by instinct and Edward put his arms around him. Anthony woke up one more time that night and Edward gave him the blood bottle first which he finished and after went back to sleep again...

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