The Chosen One

Chapter 42: Meeting...


Elder#1: I’m happy that everyone could make it today.

C: Thank you for having us.

Elder#2: Okay. Let’s get to the point.

Elder#1: We heard that there was something that you wanted to ask us.

J: Yes we do. We wanted to ask about Anthony’s aging process.

Elder#1: What about it?

E: Can we choose the age that we want him to stop aging?

Elder#1: Yes, the age is completely up to you. You can do it at anytime.

E: Okay. We were also wondering if drinking blood right now means that he is a vampire.

Elder#2: Does the baby only drink blood or anything else?

J: He drinks milk too but not a lot, mostly only at night.

Elder#1: Does he eat food?

J: Yes.

Elder#2: Your son might be a hybrid.

J: A hybrid?

Elder#1: Yes. Since Edward is a vampire and you a wolf, we’re suspecting that he might be a mixture of both of you and that’s why he drinks blood and also eats human food.

Se: Sorry to interrupt but will he also go hunting with the vampires?

Elder#1: When he’s older, then I am pretty sure he will want to.

J: Really?

Elder#1: He will need to indulge his vampire side but you all have to train him to be like his vampire family doesn’t matter how young he is, he is not allowed to bite any humans and as you all know (He said looking at all the Quileute’s) you would have to act on it.

S: Forgive me if I sound rude but there is no way that any of us would do anything to harm little Anthony, even if he did bite someone.

Elder#1: Sam, it is your duty as pack leader to make the tuff decisions.

S: Exactly, it’s my decision and I would never allow any of them to do anything to him.

E: We will train our son to me like my family and I. We do not want to dishonour the trust you have entrusted in us.

Elder#2: We appreciate that but it doesn’t mean that we won’t be keeping an eye on you.

J: We will make sure he does things the right way and my father lives with us if we ever need guidance we’ll just ask him.

B: I will do my very best to make sure the needs of the tribe, the reservation and our religion is well taken care of.

Elder#2: We trust that you will Billy.

B: Thank you.

Elder#1: Okay, is there anything else any of you might want to ask?

J: Yeah. Will Edward and I be able to have another baby?

Elder#2: Yes you will.

C: I would like to know if Edward and Jacob were to have another baby would they have to go through the same things they did when Jacob was pregnant with Anthony or not.

E: What Carlisle is asking is if we’ll have to feed that baby blood too?

Elder#1: You would have to feed it blood mostly because of the fact that you are a vampire after all that is what your family eats. We believe that since the two of you are married that there is a very small chance that the baby could be cursed.

J: There’s a chance? I can’t go through another cursed pregnancy. (He protested) Anthony was enough, imagine what he went through? I wouldn’t let another baby go through that.

E: Calm down.

J: I am calm.

E: Just...

Elder#1: We understand what you are saying and that curse is only applicable when the two species are not married and since the two of you are now there is little to no chance that the other child will also be cursed.

E: Thank you.

Elder#2: Is there anything else anyone would like to say?

C: We would but it’s more of a private matter.

Elder#1: Okay. We are done the rest of you can go.

Es: Thank you for having us.

Elder#1: The pleasure is ours.

Es: Billy, may we still go through the things we asked for?

B: Yes, I’m sure Jacob can go show you where everything is, Jacob?

J: Okay, dad. Are you coming? (He asks Edward)

E: You go ahead I’ll catch up with you in a little bit.

J: Okay.

Jacob’s POV

J: Do you guys know why Edward wanted to stay and talk to the Elders with?

Es: No, sorry honey. I don’t even know why Carlisle wants to talk to them.

J: Okay. Are you guys coming too?

P: No, we’re going to go show Emmett the cliff and then we’re all gonna jump, you can come join us if you want to.

J: I have a kid to worry about.

P: Rosalie will gladly take care of if, won’t you?

R: Surely. You can go with them Jake I’ll make sure Anthony is safe.

Se: Jake, there really isn’t anything or anyone here who would want to hurt him.

J: I thought you’d be against is.

Se: I wanted to but then I realised that we all have to live our lives and I haven’t gone cliff jumping in a while and it’s usually very fun.

J: Okay. Let me go show these guys where the things are and then I’ll meet you at the cliff.

S: Okay.

They all said their goodbye’s to Anthony and walked off and they started walking towards Billy’s house.

J: Rose, I know Alice might want to go through my things but why do you?

Ja: Actually Alice and I want to go through your father’s books to know more about the traditions and to get more information on how the ceremony will happen tomorrow.

J: Oh.

R: And I’m here to help Esme’.

J: Okay. (He smiled)

When they got to the Black house again Jacob showed Esme’ and Rosalie where the boxes were and gave Anthony to them after kissing and promising him that he’d be back soon and then he showed Alice and Jasper where his father kept the books and after all that he left to go joined the rest of the guys by the cliff.

Edward’s POV

E: Jacob and I discussed a few things and I would like to know what you all think. (He said looking at Billy, Carlisle and the two Elders)

Elder#1: In connection to what?

E: The Reservation. Jacob thought that it would be a good idea if we helped the Reservation out financially. He said that there were a few things that needed fixing around here and I should use my money for that.

C: What brought this on?

E: I wanted to buy him a new motorcycle because I don’t think his old one is all that safe.

B: The one that he rebuilt and fix by himself a few years back?

E: Yes.

B: He won’t want to sell it.

E: I don’t want him to sell it I just want to buy him another one so that he doesn’t hurt himself.

B: He won’t, even I tried. I offered to buy him a new one but he declined.

C: So that’s what brought this on?

E: Yes. Jacob thought that we or actually I could give money or even our physical help to help renovate the school here and to fix up the place. Make it comfortable for everyone living here.

Elder#2: That is a really generous offer kid.

E: I would really like to help.

C: We would all love to help.

Elder#1: Are you all sure, because there are quite a few things to do around here.

C: I am absolutely sure and I don’t think anyone in our family would object to helping out.

Elder#1: Thank you.

C: We are all one big family now and that’s what family does for each other.

E: We could even do it tomorrow after the baptism.

B: I think that’s a good idea and speaking of the baptism I was wonder if the tribe reverent could do it?

Elder#1: I will tell him but I am sure he won’t oppose. When is it?

B: Tomorrow morning.

E: I’m pretty sure you’ll receive an invitation later today from Alice.

Elder#1: Okay.

E: Thank you for everything.

Elder#2: Thank you all also for everything.

C: It’s our pleasure.

E: Sorry to leave you all so soon but Jacob and I have plans.

B: It’s okay us old men have our own stories to keep us talking until everyone else is done and we can leave.

E: See you all at home later. Enjoy your day further.

C: And you should enjoy the afternoon with your family.

E: I will thank you. (He smiled)

Edward walks off to the cliff where Jacob and the others are.

~~~Cliff Jumping~~~

Edward got to the cliff and saw the guys jumping off and having fun.

E: It looks like I’m missing out on a lot of fun hey?

Se: Yes you are. You could join us if you want to even Emmett is doing and enjoying it.

E: I would if I could but I’m only here to fetch my Husband we have plans.

Se: I’ll go call him for you. He’s at the bottom with Emmett and Sam.

E: Thank you Seth.

Se: Anything for my future father-in-law.

E: Oh I see what this is, trying to make good in my books already huh?

Se: I have to start early.

E: Hahahahaha. Go get my Husband for me please.

Se: Okay. (He said jumping off the cliff)


Se: Jake, your Husband is waiting for you on top.

J: Is he here already?

Se: Yeah he just arrived.

J: Okay then that’s my cue. We’re going into Forks for some family time.

P: Bye bye Jakey.

J: Bye Paul. Bye everyone.


E: Ready to go?

J: So you want me to go shirtless and in WET shorts?

E: You look good to me.

J: And I’ll look for every girl and guy might I add in Forks.

E: Okay fine, we can go home to fetch you some clothes.

J: I can get myself something to wear at my dad’s house.

E: Okay let’s go.

Edward and Jacob walked back to the Black house. When they get there Jacob go changes while Edward waits as Rosalie and Esme are busy dressing Anthony up for their little outing.

R: Here is your handsome little baby

E: Thank you.

Es: It’s our pleasure Edward.

Just then Jacob came out in jeans and a t-shirt.

E: Ready to go?

J: Yes. Bye guys.

Es: Enjoy.

J: Thank you we will...

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