The Chosen One

Chapter 43: Family Bonding...


Edward and Jacob had already packed the clothes and extra things that they were going to donate to the children’s home that morning before they had left for the Reservation.


J: Okay I packed his milk, two bottles and his blood. I can’t even believe I just said that. I also brought an extra set of clothes and diapers and wipes.

E: Seems like you have everything under order.

J: Well my dad told me what exactly I needed.

E: Billy is a true asset.

J: And you’re only realising that now?

E: I’ve always known besides you wouldn’t be this perfect if he wasn’t in your life.

J: Yeah, I know that.

E: But you will always be my special Husband no matter what or who happens.

J: I feel so flattered. So where to are we going first?

E: At first I wanted us to go to the children’s home and then go around town with Anthony but now I actually thought about first going to the toy store to buy a few more toys.

J: Honey, Anthony doesn’t need more toys.

E: No not for him. I know we already have toys for the children’s home but I wanted us to buy a few more for the children.

J: You have a good heart and that’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with you.

E: But yours is bigger and that’s why I fell in love with you.

J: It’s bigger and it still beats.

E: I was waiting for you to make a dig at my species.

J: I still love you so it’s no big deal and regarding the toy store, since I know that there’s no way I can talk you out of it, I don’t really mind. After all it is your money. Now keep your eyes on the road we have a baby on board. (He said looking to the backseat where Anthony was strapped into his baby seat.

E: We’re here. (He announces as he stops the car in front of the toy store)

J: Okay. We can leave his bag in here can’t we?

E: Yes we can and if he needs anything then I’ll come get it myself.

J: Okay.

E: Can I hold him?

J: Sure. (Jacob said smiling)

After Edward takes Anthony out of his car seat and is holding him in his arms Jacobs locks the car making sure to take both his and Edward phones in case anyone needed to reach them.

The couple walk into the store and go to the trolley bay.

E: Do you mind taking Anthony while I push the trolley?

J: No not at all, give him here.

E: Thanks. (He said giving Anthony to Jacob and taking the trolley)

They walk in to the first isle of the store where all the stuffed animals are kept.

E: What will you take?

J: Are you implying that I think like a child?

E: No it’s just my taste as you always seem to remind me isn’t up to date with this century.

J: Me and my big mouth. We’ll search together and take whatever we like, those kids will be happy with whatever we give them.

E: My Husband really is smart. Who would’ve guessed? (He said kissing Jacob on the kiss)

J: Aww. Now let’s get packing. (He says taking a few stuffed animals with the one hand not holding Anthony and puts them into the trolley)

E: Jake, you point to what we should get and I’ll get you, I don’t want you dropping Anthony.

J: I won’t drop him. He isn’t as heavy as he looks plus you’re my safety net. I know that you’ll catch him before he’s even out of my hands properly.

E: Please be careful, then.

J: I will.

They walked into the next isle where they had a million girly toys. Edward was listening to what Jacob was telling him and putting in all the toys he pointed at but he was starring at the woman who was also in the stuffed animals isle just now. He started squeezing the handle bar of the trolley very hard.

J: Hey Edward, what’s wrong? (He asked when he noticed)

Edward took a noticeable deep breath even though he doesn’t need it.

E: Nothing. There is nothing wrong.

J: I know when you’re lying to me and I don’t like it so just tell me.

E: Jacob, it isn’t anything important.

J: It is important if you’re squeezing that thing so hard.

E: That woman over there. (He said looking up at the woman who was busy turning into another isle)

J: Yeah what about her?

E: She first saw us in the other isle and now again.

J: She’s not following us Ed.

E: I know. She thinks that we’re ruing Anthony’s life by being together. She’s been thinking that what we’re doing is wrong and that we’re going to burn in hell. I personally just want to go up to her and give her a piece of my mind. (He exclaimed with anger in his word)

J: I want you to calm down, you’re not going to go all vampire on me right now and how are you going to tell her you know what she’s thinking huh? Are you going to tell her that you just read her mind huh?

E: I didn’t think that far.

J: There are going to be so many people out there who’ll hate us because we’re gay and we have to get over it. It’s going to be so hard sometimes but I feel that as long as we have each other that nothing will be too hard. (He said with tears in his eyes)

E: I guess that you’re right.

J: You guess! Huh? You guess? (He exclaimed tears all forgotten by now)

E: Okay I know you’re right.

J: You better.

Anthony started laughing at his fathers banter.

J: See even Anthony knows that I’m always right, don’t you? Yes you do.

Edward and Jacob continued down the isle packing things into their cart. The next isle they went to was a boys section and Jacob got all giddy until they were stopped by someone.

J: What do you want? (He asked the woman trying to hide his disgust for her)

Woman: Do you guys know what you’re doing to this poor boy. Do you know how messed up he will be growing up with two gays. You have ruined this boy’s life by being what you are. (She spat with clear distaste)

J: By being in love? By being married? Huh? (He spat right back at her)

E: Excuse me miss but you don’t have any right to be questioning or even accusing us of anything. It has nothing to do with you. So just stay out of our lives before my HUSBAND and I do something really irresponsible.

Woman: So not only are you ruining this poor baby’s life but you’re also violent. That just proves that children need their mothers to take care of them otherwise they turn out like you.

J: You know what you’re no better than us. We would never go up to anybody and question their methods while they’re doing nothing wrong and in reference to what you said shut the hell up about our mothers because you have no idea what we’ve gone through. So I highly suggest that you shut your... (He had tears in his eyes and Edward cut him off)

E: Jacob, that’s enough. Let’s go. She doesn’t deserve our time.

J: Edward...

E: She’s not worth it and look Anthony is getting antsy.

Jacob glared at the woman and walked off behind Edward as they went to the cashier to pay the things they bought. After they paid for all the things they bought they went out to the car. Edward put the things they bought into the Volvo’s trunk. When Edward got into the driver’s seat Jacob was just sitting there starring at the dashboard.

E: Jake, don’t mind here. Please forget about her. We have each other and that’s all that matters.

J: She brought up my mother.

E: She’s and idiot. Let’s forget that ever happened and go give the children at the children’s home their goodies.

J: You’re too good for me. (He smiled)

Edward kissed him and then drove off with his one hand still holding on to Jacob’s.

~~~Children’s Home~~~

E: Let’s go talk to the people first and then come and take the things.

J: Okay.

Once again Edward took Anthony out of the car while Jacob locked up and then they walked inside the children’s home. They stopped when they spotted a woman at one of the desk.

E: Excuse me Miss.

Woman: Call me Cathleen.

E: My name is Edward and this is my Husband Jacob and our son Anthony.

C: You have a beautiful family.

E: Thank you.

C: So how may I help you?

E: We called this morning about a few donations we wanted to make.

C: Oh yes I remember. We are all really thankful that you chose our home for your donations.

J: We’re glad.

C: So when did you want to make the donation?

J: We have all the things with us out front in our car.

C: Okay, I can get a few people to help you bring them in.

E: No it’s okay. We’d like to do it but I would like you to take Anthony for us while we’re busy.

C: Sure thing. I’ll go show him the play area.

J: So where should we put the things?

C: Our house mother Amanda just arrived and she’ll meet you out here.

J: Okay thank you.

They gave Anthony to Cathleen and went outside towards the Volvo. They grabbed a few things and brought them inside and immediately saw Anthony at the play area with Cathleen and other babies. Amanda had arrived but was standing with her back so Edward and Jacob didn’t see her face.

E: Excuse me but are you Amanda.

J: We have most of the things here.

All three of them were shocked beyond repair. It was the woman from the toy store.

A: What are you doing here?

E: That’s none of your business.

A: Well you are standing in my children’s home, so I would like to know what you want here because there is absolutely no why on this heavenly planet that I will give one of my children to people like you.

E: People like us?

A: Yes, you... (She was cut off)

J: We called this morning about wanting to make a donation and that is why we’re here. We will bring in the things we brought and then we’ll leave. (He said and then put down the bags they had and left the children’s home before Edward even moved away from his stare down with the woman)

They continued carrying in the bags the bought not saying a single word to the woman who stood there glaring at him. When they were done taking out all the things they bought and some of Anthony’s old things they saw Cathleen talking to Amanda.

C: You guys sure did get a lot of things.

J: That happens when your family doesn’t want to stop buying your son new things and when you have such a giving Husband like I do. (He smiled, totally ignoring Amanda)

C: Amanda has something to say to you but wait a minute. (Just then many children came running through the back door and stood next to Cathleen.

E: And what would that be? (He asked with a smirk planted on his face)

A: We would just like to thank both of you on your generous donation because we really appreciate it. Without people’s donations our children would not have most of the things they have today and we would just like to thank you for that. (She said trying to hide her ager and disgust from everyone but Edward who could hear what he was thinking)

J: The pleasure is all ours Amanda. (He smiled sneakily)

E: Okay we should get going now.

C: Oh okay, here’s your son. He’s a real angel.

J: Thank you.

“THANK YOU FOR THE GIFTS” shouted all the children.

E: Pleasure. (He says holding the door open for Jacob and Anthony)

J: That was awkward.

E: You should have heard all the things she was thinking. (He snickered)

J: No I think I’d rather not.

E: Good idea.

~~~Inside Volvo~~~

J: Now I’m hungry.

E: Let’s go to the diner.

J: Okay.

He drove them towards the diner. They got out and went in and sat down at a table. When the waiter arrived they ordered. Jacob order a burger with fries and Edward did the same and they both ordered sodas.

J: Why did you order?

E: I ordered for you besides I have to look like I’m eating something.

J: Okay but don’t eat it. I don’t want to see you throwing it all up again.

E: I won’t.

J: I think Anthony’s hungry too can you go get his things?

E: Sure. (He smirked and got up)

The waiter came by and put their orders on the table.

Waiter: You have a really beautiful family.

J: Thank you.

Waiter: No sweat. Call me if you need anything else.

E: Why are you smiling so much?

J: That waiter just told me that I have a beautiful family.

E: You do. Now give Anthony here and I’ll feed him while you eat.

J: Okay.

Edward first fed Anthony the milk which he only drank half of but then started sniffling tears again so he gave him the blood. Everyone walking by believed that he was feeding him milk and so he was happy that Anthony’s milk and blood bottles looked the same. Jacob finished his burger and soda in record time and then took Edward’s plate too and finished it. When they were done Edward paid and they left. The left the car outside of the diner and walked all around Forks until Anthony started falling asleep. Then they drove back to the Cullen house where the rest of the family had already arrived...

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