The Chosen One

Chapter 44: Husband Bonding...

The family was scattered around the house but Edward, Jacob, Seth, Paul and Anthony were in the living room.

J: So what else is there to do today?

E: I wanted to take you somewhere special.

J: With the baby?

P: Nope, his godfather Paul and boyfriend Seth are hanging with little Anthony.

J: I will kill you Paul.

P: It’ll be true one day so why not just get use to it?

J: Because my son is still very young.

Se: Jake, forget about Paul. I won’t even think of it.

E: Okay so do you want to?

J: Yeah, why not? (He smiled)

E: Splendid!

J: Is it somewhere I have to dress up for or are my jeans and t-shirt fine?

E: They’re perfect.

J: Okay then.

P: Okay guys but just don’t go make more, it’s still too early and for the moment we don’t need more. (He said gesturing to the baby)

Jacob just blushed.

P: You see how easy it is to get your Husband to blush. (He laughed)

E: I think we should go before Jacob does something to Paul.

P: You know Jake has been threatening me since we were little kids.

J: Okay I agree, let’s go but let me give my son one last kiss. (He said picking Anthony up and kissing him. Edward did the same and then they were off)


J: So where are we going?

E: If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?

J: I guess so. Can you give me a hint?

E: If I do then you’ll know so I’m not giving you a hint.

J: Fine. So tell me, how is your life going?

E: Well my Husband came back to life and I think that was the best day of my life.

J: You know normal people would say that the best day of their lives is the day that their child is born.

E: Well that day is my least favourite day of all time.

J: Why?

E: Isn’t it obvious? My Husband died that day I wasn’t really in the mood of celebrating at all.

J: Oh sorry for bringing it up.

E: It’s okay. So tell me what was the last thing you remember before you went out?

J: I remember you carrying and talking to me and then it all goes black. So I’m actually lucky because the last thing I saw was my Husband gorgeous face.

E: Such a romantic. (He said taking Jacob’s hand in is as he’s driving)

J: So how far are we?

E: We’re here. (He says stopping the car)

J: What’s here? (He asked looking out the window)

~~~Secret Place~~~

E: We’re going to do what we did when you were pregnant.

J: We’re walking up again?

E: Yes.

J: Why can’t you take me to a normal place, a place that doesn’t involve me climbing up a hill?

E: Because you are too special to take to a normal place.

J: Okay now you’re just sucking up to me.

E: No it’s true and it’s not that far. No one in my family knows about this spot, you are the first person that I’m bringing up here.

J: Really?

E: Yes and I also brought a few things to make you comfortable.

J: Like?

E: Well I brought this blanket and Esme packed a picnic basket for you.

J: You shouldn’t have.

E: But I wanted to.

J: Where are they so I can take them out?

E: They’re in the back.

Jacob went to the back of the car and took out the blanket and the basket while Edward locked up the car.

E: Let me carry the basket.

J: Okay, if you insist. (He joked as he gave Edward the basket)

Edward took Jacob’s free and they started walking up the hill. When they got to the top Jacob gasped. The hill over looked the ocean and more trees and mountains further off.

J: Wow.

E: So how do you like it? (He smiled)

J: It’s amazing. It feels so open here, so free.

E: That’s one of the reasons I like coming up here.

J: But you stopped coming didn’t you?

E: You were going through a tuff time and I wasn’t about to leave you at come just so I could have a little free time and I certainly wouldn’t risk bringing you up here while you were pregnant.

J: Now let’s set these up.

E: You’re hungry? (He asked clearly amused)

J: Hey I’m a wolf don’t blame it on me.

E: Hahahahaha

They set the blanket up, lied down and Jacob opened the basket.

J: Let’s see. We have sandwiches and wine?

E: She thinks we have something to celebrate.

J: So that’s why this is in here too?

E: What?

J: This bottle that is marked especially for a Mr Cullen.

E: Really, what’s in it?

J: Do you really have to ask?

E: Give it here.

J: No wait don’t drink it.

E: Why?

J: We have to make a toast. (He says taking out the two wine glasses from the basket and giving Edward one)

E: This is the first time in my entire life time that I’m going to be drinking blood from a wine glass)

J: Shut up. (He said filling his glass just like Edward did)

E: Do you want to go first?

J: Yes, I pledge a toast for the best Husband in the world. I love you.

E: I love you too Jake and I pledge a toast for the best year of my life.

J: That’s a really long time, are you sure?

E: Absolutely, you have made my year amazing not only did I get an amazing partner but I also got an extra family that I love like my own and I also got a beautiful baby out of it.

J: Hear. Hear! (He cheered)

E: Eat your food, I’ll finish this and lie down.

J: Is my Husband tired?

E: You talk a lot.

J: Hahahahaha.

Edward finished his blood and lied down on the blanket while Jacob sat next to him eating his food. They talked while Jacob ate and when he was down he turned around and lied on Edward and kissed him. The kissed for a little while more and then Jacob got off of Edward and lied down next to him putting his head on Edward’s shoulder while he put his arm around Jacob. They stayed in that same position until it got really dark out.

E: I think it’s time we hit the road don’t you think?

J: I don’t wanna. Which time did we get here?

E: We got here around five and now its quarter to twelve.

J: That late already? (He asked sitting us straight)

E: It’s true what they say, time fly’s when you’re having fun.

J: I agree. Do you think Paul and Seth will be mad that we’re not back yet?

E: I doubt it they are probably asleep already with Anthony.

J: Okay.

They walked back down the hill and got into the car. Edward took Jacob’s hand again but he pulled away.

E: What’s wrong?

J: It’s dark. Keep both your hands on the wheel.

E: Jake we won’t crash.

J: You’re not getting my hand until we get home.

E: Okay.

~~~Cullen House~~~

They arrived at the house at twelve o’clock on the dot, they would have gotten here a few minute earlier but Jacob told Edward to drive with in the speed limit just because it was so dark out already.

When they get to the door Esme opens it with Carlisle standing next to her.

Es: This isn’t the time for two parents of a baby to come home.

E: We told Paul and Seth that we might be back a little late.

C: We would just like to know in advance if we should already start making arrangements for another baby. (He asked with a smile)

J: What? (He asked utterly confused) Oh my! Carlisle! (He exclaimed when he finally understood what Carlisle was hinting at)

C: I just want to know what we should be ready for.

Es: We have no idea what the two of you were doing out on your own for so long.

Jacob’s face turned pink with embarrassment which is usually difficult to see with his dark completion but not this time.

R: I’m sure if Eddie wasn’t a vampire his face would be fifty shades of pink right now. (She teased coming to the door)

Carlisle and Esme were laughing again.

E: Shut up! (He said to Rosalie) Where are you going anyway?

R: I’m going out with my Husband.

E: Okay. If you are all done teasing us I think MY Husband and I are going to bed now.

R: Don’t do anything we wouldn’t big brother.


E: That’s it, let’s go.

Es: Have a good night boys

The go to Paul’s room to fetch Anthony only to see him asleep in between Paul and Seth.

J: Should we leave him here?

E: He looks comfortable beside Paul and Seth won’t mind. We’ll get him in the morning.

J: Okay, let’s go get ready for bed.

They went into their night clothes meaning Jacob was only in his boxers and Edward wore track suit pants and one of Jacob’s shirts. They cuddled together until Jacob fell asleep.

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