The Chosen One

Chapter 45: Day of Baptism

~~~Next Morning~~~

Jacob’s POV

The next morning he was woken up by Alice. She was standing at the door and screaming his name.

J: I’m up, okay.

A: It’s your son’s baptism, you better be.

J: Okay, okay. I’m coming. Give me a few minutes to wake up properly.

A: Jacob, I swear if I have to come into this room again to wake you up it won’t be gentle.

J: Yes. I’ll be down in a minute.

A: Okay.

J: Sheesh. (He says as Alice leaves the room. Jacob lies back down on his pillow but jumps up immediately, afraid of what Alice might come do to him)

He goes to the bathroom brushes his teeth, takes a quick shower and goes back to his and Edward’s bedroom to go wear his slacks.

After that he starts walking towards the stairs where he meets up with Seth.

J: Morning buddy.

Se: Morning. (He groans)

J: Just woke up huh?

Se: Alice came screaming in Paul’s room.

J: She also did the same to me just now. So where’s Paul?

Se: Still asleep.

J: Really, he’s always up early.

Se: We sorta had a late night with Anthony last night.

J: Sorry, we didn’t know it was that late when we realized the time we came home immediately but you guys were already asleep so we just left you.

Se: Jake, it’s fine. You know none of us would have a problem with babysitting Anthony plus you and Edward needed the time.

J: Thanks, I’m really glad it was you who imprinted on him and not some low life somewhere.

Se: Haha. Thanks Jake.

J: Now, do you want to help me wake Paul up?

Se: Sure, what should we do?

J: Let’s go jump on his bed.

Se: Okay.

With that they walked to Paul’s room and saw him lying deep under his blankets.

J: 1, 2, 3. (He said and then they both jumped onto Paul’s bed)

J: Wake up, deary! (He shouted as Paul groaned and put his head under his pillow. Seth pulled his pillow off and they started messing with his hair.

Se: Get up, Paul.

P: I’m up. Just leave me alone now!

J: Not until you sit up, brother!

P: I can’t sit up with you two idiots sitting on me, can I!?

J: I actually feel offended, don’t you Seth?

Se: Yes, yes I do. (He said and then he and Jacob started bouncing on Paul’s bed)

P: Okay, okay. Sorry. Now can you please get off of me?

J: That we can do.

P: Thank you. (He said through clenched teeth)

Se: Be nice or we’ll go call Alice.

J: Yeah, you don’t want that.

P: Whatever. (He grumbled as he got out of bed)

J: Okay, I’ll see you downstairs.

Se: Okay.


Jacob went downstairs and saw his whole family from Mrs Clearwater to Emily to the wolves and vampires also.

J: Wow, is it really that late?

E: It’s eight a.m. already.

J: I really must have been tired last night.

E: You were out within the first ten minutes.

J: Yeah, shut up. No need to rub it in.

B: Well morning to you too, son.

J: Morning, dad. (He grinned)

B: Eat your breakfast boy.

J: What’s for breakfast?

S: Whatever you can make.

J: Can’t I just have that? (He said pointing to the tray of food on the kitchen counter)

Es: That’s for later. (She said walking into the kitchen)

Just then Paul and Seth walked into the kitchen.

A: I thought I’d have to go wake you again. (She said sternly)

Se: We thought we’d save you the trouble.

Q: You were just afraid of what she would do to you.

P: That doesn’t matter now.

Es: Boys, you have to make your own breakfast for today.

Se: Okay.

J: Seth, will you make something for me and Paul too?

P: Please.

J: Yes, please.

Se: Fine. (He grumbled walking over to the pantry.

~~~One hour later~~~

A: Okay everyone, the ceremony starts in half an hour. Everyone’s clothes are in their rooms. Please go and change and please make yourselves look properly presentable. (She said looking at Paul, Jake and Quil)

P: Hey we clean up nice.

J: When we have to.

A: Well you have to, so go get dressed everyone.

Edward and Jacob’s room

E: Come here little man, let’s get you dressed.

J: I want to see what we have to wear.

E: It’s there on the bed.

J: Look Anthony, here’s your little white dry cleaned suit.

E: Let’s get him out of these clothes first.

J: You can do that I’ll put the suit on him, no arguing.

E: I wasn’t going to but remember Jake, the day is for Anthony.

Jacob just made a face.

E: Look, your papa’s angry now. It’s just because not all the attention is on him for once.

J: Hey, even when the attention was supposed to be all mine people still talked about him. ALOT!

E: I seem to remember that your sole focus was on him too.

J: Nope, that day my sole focus was on my soon to be Husband, whom I regret marrying everyday.

E: Are you sure about that, huh, because I seem to remember you saying that you can’t stop saying thank you for our ancestor who brought us together.

J: Are you done because I wanna finish getting our son dressed.

E: I’m done speaking my dear Husband.

After they dressed Anthony, they put him on the bed and started getting undressed to wear their suits.

E: You should start exercising soon.

J: Are you saying I’m getting fat, huh?

E: I’m merely suggesting that you start training.

J: Just because your vampire as... (He was cut off)

E: Language dear. (He smirked)

J: Just because your vampire bottom can’t lose or gain any weight doesn’t mean you can criticize mine.

E: I’m your Husband, so I’m legally allowed to besides don’t you want to stay sexy for your Husband to keep him interested.

J: First, I can’t believe you just said sexy (He smiled) and second I need to have a ‘sexy’ body to keep you interested my lovely Husband and we both know that.

By then they were both already done getting dressed.

Em: For two dudes, the two of you sure talk a lot of nonsense. (He said walking into the room)

E: That was a conversation between my Husband and I.

Em: I still didn’t need to hear it.

E: What do you want here Emmett?

Em: Alice said you have five minutes to get down stairs.

J: Five?

Em: Not a second longer and she’s counting.

E: We’ll be down in a moment.

With that Emmett left the room and Edward quickly fixed his hair and then he tied up Anthony’s hair with his hair band.

J: We’re not cutting his hair.

E: Why?

J: Because I like it.

E: You cut your hair.

J: When I first changed into a wolf, so we’re not cutting his hair unless he shifts or he TELLS ME HIMSELF that he wants it cut.

E: Well... (He was cut off)

J: I want HIM to tell me himself get that Mr.

E: Yes, now let’s go. They’re waiting for us.

J: Come on little man.


When they got downstairs they saw all their family. The wolves and Edwards brothers were all wearing beige suits while all the women we’re wearing cream dresses. Billy and Carlisle were both wearing the same suits as Edward and Jacob.

J: My son... (He was cut off by Edward clearing his throat) Our son is the most handsome person here today.

B: I agree.

P: We don’t. (He said gesturing to himself and Emmett)

Em: Yeah.

R: Oh, shut up both of you.

A: It’s nine thirty everyone...

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