The Chosen One

Chapter 47: Wolf Training...

That afternoon after everything was cleaned up and everyone went home, even the pack but just for a little while and Anthony was asleep. Edward and Jacob were in the music room where Edward was playing piano and Rosalie and Emmett were in their room, while Alice and Jasper were out hunting and Billy was keeping Esme’ company outside in here mini garden after Carlisle was called to the hospital.

~~~Edward and Jacob~~~

E: The pack is here.

J: And?

E: What do you mean and?

J: They’re always here, it isn’t a big deal.

E: Let’s go.

J: Why, I was listening to you playing. (He whined)

E: Stop your whining and follow me.


S: Good, you’re here.

J: I’m always here.

P: Whatever, are you ready?

J: Ready for what?

S: You didn’t tell him? (He asks looking at Edward)

E: No, I didn’t think that I had to.

J: Hello, has everyone forgotten about me?

S: We’re going training, Jake.

J: So why broadcast it?

Jar: Because you’re going with us dear friend.

J: Me?

Emb: Yes, you’ve been lying around this house playing mommy for too long and you need to start training.

J: Hey, and what about Anthony?

P: What about him!

J: He’s my son.

E: Mine too and I’ll take care of him when he wakes up and Esme, Billy, Rosalie and Billy are also here.

J: But?

Se: Even I’m going with so shut up and let’s go.

J: I don’t really have a choice do I?

P: Nope.

J: Okay, fine. (He kissed Edward and Paul and Quil made faces and gagging sounds like they always do when Edward and Jacob kiss) Oh shut up, you’re just jealous that you don’t have anyone to kiss.

P: I can get someone to kiss within a minute.

J: Really, I don’t see any girls following you around.

P: Neither do I. (It was then that Edward snickered, reading Paul’s mind)

J: What?

E: Nothing you won’t find out soon enough, now go.

J: Bye.

Edward watched as the wolves made their way into the forest in human form before going back into the house.

***Wolf Training***

The guys had just arrived at the spot where they usually train.

P: Guys, I have an announcement before we phase.

S: You know it won’t make a difference whether you tell us now or whether we hear it when we phase.

P: I don’t want it that way and that’s why I want to tell you now, so will you guys please listen.

S: Okay.

P: Okay. I’ve imprinted. (He said bluntly)

Se: Wow Paul, way to make it romantic.

S: On who, might I ask.

P: Uhm.

J: Come on, spit it out!

P: Can you all just shut it for a bit.

J: I told everyone when I imprinted and it really can’t be as bad as me imprinting on a vampire, so just say it so we can continue with the training.

Q: Is it a Cullen?

Emb: It’s not Emmett is it?

Se: Dude, Rose is going to kill you.

He said as the others started laughing.

Jar: No, he imprinted on me! (He shouted getting everyone’s attention)

P: You didn’t have to do that, I would have told them.

Jar: I guess I felt like helping out my imprint, okay.

P: Okay. (He smiled)

J: Aww, look at Paul all in love.

S: I never thought I’d see the day that the great Paul was subdued by love.

Q: I know, I always thought he’d been the one that would grow alone with a million cats.

Se: Yes I agree.

P: Hey, I’m not some chick.

Emb: But you do throw some pretty bad temper tantrums like one.

J: Okay guys, Paul was really nice to me while I was pregnant buuuut he’s always going to be Paul.

Jar: But he’s my imprint so I’ll just have to learn to love him. EVENTUALLY. (He smirked)

P: Yeah, eventually.

J: Maybe I should start messing with him like he did with Seth, don’t you think?

Q: I actually agree.

P: No surprise.

Se: So do I, he did make me cry.

Jar: And the fact that you’re admitting that so freely is amazing Seth.

Emb: Leave my bud alone. At least he’s man enough to admit it.

S: Boys! No more fighting.

P: Sam, I thought we were here to fight.

S: No, we’re here to train. So get your lazy bottoms up, phase and let’s begin.

J: Okay, but we’re definitely talking about your imprint later.

P: Whatever, at least it isn’t as bad as imprinting on a vampire.

J: Hey, because of that vampire I now have an amazing baby boy...

P: And Seth has a boyfriend.

Se: Paul, can you please stop saying that, Anthony is still too young. (He blushed)

Jar: He blushes! (He exclaimed comically)


S: Okay boys, that’s enough now.

The guys all got undressed and phased and then they started their training. The guys all followed Sam’s orders to the T and after roughly four hours they were done and had all phased and were walking home. They continued their endless banter about any and everything all their way home.

When they got home the rest of the family were all assembled in the kitchen watching Edward and Esme’ cook. Paul and Jared decided that since everyone was already there that they’d just tell everyone together because the Cullen’s were like family to them.

Everyone took the news very well. Esme was happy that more of her family were finding their soul mates. Emmett warned Paul not to neglect him now that he found someone and Paul told him that he’d never do that. The rest of the family just congratulated them.

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