The Chosen One

Chapter 48: Family Fix Up...

~~~That Night~~~

Jared, Paul, Emmett and Rosalie were getting ready to go out on a double date, Alice and Jasper were going out hunting, Sam was also getting ready to leave and meet up with Emily and Quil, Embry and Jacob were getting ready for a gaming marathon. Edward wanted to start composing again, Seth was happy to have baby Anthony to himself once again, Billy was heading to the Reservation to meet up with his friends and also stay the night and even Esme and Carlisle were also going out to a Gallery opening in Port Angeles they offered to take Billy along but he said that he already had plans but first everyone had gathered in the living room after Carlisle called for a family meeting.

C: Okay everyone, I know most of you already have plans so I won’t make this long. I would like it very much if you would all accompany Edward, Jacob, Billy and I to the Reservation tomorrow morning.

R: Why?

C: We have offered our help to the people there.

E: We want to go help them fix up the place a little.

J: It’s for the Rez, it’s in really bad shape and we just want to go help out.

C: But as strong as we are we need all your help so we’re asking you to join us in the morning.

Se: What about Anthony?

B: Sue and I will look after him while you’re all working.

Se: Okay, then I’m in.

S: I think I speak for the pack when I say we’re in. (The guys all nodded)

Es: I’ll do it with pleasure.

Ja: As will Alice and I.

Em: Count me and Rose in.

C: Okay, now that that’s settled. You can all go and enjoy your evening.

J: You know I still find it weird that Rosalie will go on a double date with Paul and Jared but never offered to go on one with us.

Em: I think she likes Paul and Jared more than you Jake.

R: Correction, YOU like Paul more than Jake.

Em: But I still like you lots little brother-in-law.

J: But you love Paul.

E: Rose, Jared I think you need to watch out.

Q: Yeah, don’t leave those two alone.

Em: Guys let’s go and leave the children to play.


After that everyone else also left. Sam dropped Billy of at Harry and Sue Clearwater’s house where the rest of the (old) guys were meeting to play a small game of poker. Seth was up in Anthony’s room playing with him. Anthony received a couple new toys from Alice and was excited to have someone to play with. Quil, Embry and Jacob brought out snacks and drinks for the kitchen so they wouldn’t have to go to the kitchen while playing to get refreshments and started playing like old times. Edward went up to the music room and started on his music.

~~~Next day~~~

Everyone was up and ready to get to work early this Monday morning, Carlisle even took an off day from the hospital and even left his pager at home. The guys all went out to Forks to go buy all the necessary tools while, Billy, Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Rosalie and Anthony all already left for the Reservation already. The guys bought all the needed tools along with a few other items and set off to La Push. When they arrived they all started working immediately. They started up at the school by painting and fixing the building. An hour later and they were all still busy with the school. After finishing up the school they moved on to the other smaller buildings around the Reservation. Three hours in and the wolves got hungry and were all called over to the Clearwater’s house for lunch. She apologized for not having anything for the vampires but they smiled and told her that it wasn’t necessary because they were all still fed. Edward, Rosalie, Alice and Esme’ busied themselves with Anthony while Emmett and Japer sat and watched television with the guys and Billy sat at the table talking to Sam, Billy, Harry, Sue and Emily.

When they finished cleaning up and offered to help with clean up Emily and Sue shooed them away saying that they were already doing enough for the Reservation, so they busied themselves with more construction.

Edward thought back to the year that was slowly coming to an end: He dreaded the start of the year because it meant him being alone for twelve more months because frankly he was tired of searching for the perfect person for him. Everyday another sad and lonely twenty four hours to live through and then it ALL changed for him on that one day in the clearing. That day he met the love of his love, the happiness he’d been searching for a little over a century. That day he found the one person who gave him a reason to continue living and after that he’s life took a knock for the worst but he always suspected that it was all too good to be true. The months that followed were filled with more love than he had ever had in all the years he has been dead and then his whole world was taken from him when his Husband dies. That day that Jacob woke up Edward had already decided that he would kill himself not wanting to live with the loss of his life and now he’s happy he hesitated because he has his new family, father-in-law, son and Husband and he couldn’t be happier...

Jacob also thought back to the year that was slowly coming to an end: Growing into he’s teen years he swore he wouldn’t fall in love because he didn’t want to go through what his father went through when their mother passed away. He wanted to focus on being a wolf and being the perfect son, even though his father said that he was already doing enough he always felt that he owed it to his father to be there for him. The only thing he refused to do that his father asked of him was to find someone to love, because he thought that he would NEVER fall in love with ANYBODY that was before he looked up into Edward’s eyes. After his imprint he thought everybody would hate him and that he’s pack and father would banish him and he was surprised when they didn’t, he was even more surprised when he found out Edward came back for him. After that his life was bliss, he finally found the love of his life and forgot about everything he ever believed in about love but he was a little sad for his father behalf but was happy when his father told him that he was happy. Jacob was even happier when he found out about his pregnancy although it should have been weird for him. The day he was busy dying all he thought about was his unborn son and Husband but mostly Husband. He felt terrible about leaving Edward having known what his vampire had gone through with his parents and all and he was absolutely thrilled when he woke up. Ever since then, he has been one of the happiest men on earth. He had NOTHING at all to complain about because he had an amazingly supportive large family, he had his father whom he still loved with all his soul, he had his sweet baby boy, who wouldn’t be a baby for long and then he had his Husband. The perfect man, his whole life, the love of his life...

Edward smiled when he heard all that.

J: I love you. (He thought to Edward)

E: I love you too. (He answered looking at him)

R: You two are so weird.


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