The Chosen One

Chapter 5: What Could Be Wrong???

Jacob’s POV

When I woke up from my little slumber I saw Edward rushing in and out of the room, bringing in our things from the other rooms in the house and packing them in our suitcases.

J: What’s going on, why are you packing?

E: Good you’re awake, we need to leave.

J: Leave, where and why are we leaving? (He asked getting defensive)

E: No need to get defensive. We’re going back to Forks. Everyone’s already waiting for us.

J: Edward! (He whined) I told you it’s no biggy, you didn’t have to bother them with something that might be a problem.

E: Hey, they called. I just talked first before they spoke then switched off the phone.

J: What did they want?

E: Uhm… I didn’t actually give them a chance to speak.

J: Edward! (He whined again)

E: Would you quit whining and come and help me pack.

J: I would but my back’s hurting.

E: Are you okay, do you need help?

J: Ed I’m fine… … Really.

E: Okay, I’m almost done anyways. Are you hungry?

J: Nah, what haven’t you pack yet so that I can help you?

E: Well lets see, there’s still toiletries and YOUR shoes.

J: Why do you say it like that?

E: Coz it’s only your shoes that are lying around everywhere.

J: wawawa (He stuck his tongue out)

E: Real mature. (He said with a smirk)

Billy and Sam’s POV

S: Do you think that he…

B: Sshh. Yes, yes I do. But we need to be sure first. Will you quickly take me to my house, I think I have a book about it.

S: Sure lets go.

B: Sam and I are quickly going to my house, we’ll be back soon.

Seth: Should we come too, Sam?

S: No stay. Enjoy yourselves.

~~~Black House~~~

(They were going through Billy’s tribal books.)

S: I didn’t know that it was possible and so fast.

B: I guess since my son is the “Chosen One” its possible.

S: But so fast. Its never happens so fast.

B: He is the chose one so I guess it is possible.

S: Yes.

B: Ah here it is. Its says here that it is in the chosen one’s destiny to be able to… (He was interrupted)

S: Sorry Billy but Seth just texted : Jake and Edward are almost in Forks. We need to go.

B: Okay I have all the information I need, we can leave now.

~~~Cullen House~~~

Edward and Jacob arrived before Billy and Sam did.

B: Son! I’m so happy to see you. I missed you so much.

J: Dad! I missed you too. (Jacob crouched down and hugged is father)

E: Really it’s only been a week.

Es: Edward shut up and come give me a hug.

C: So Jacob, Edward told me that you’re not feeling like yourself.

J: It’s really no big deal. It’ll be better by tomorrow.

B: No it won’t son. (Billy said as he and Sam entered the Cullen House)

J: What do you mean?

S: Jacob I think you should sit down before your father continues.

J: Why! No! I’m standing right here where I am. So tell me.

B: When I heard what Edward said my mind immediately went to what Ephraim once told me when I was a young boy. So I went home to go make sure, before I could tell you. Sam thought the same thing I did.

S: Jacob we think that since you are the “Chosen One” it is highly possible.

J: WHAT! What is possible? (He shouted)

B: Son I think that you might be pregnant.

BAMB!!! (There was a loud sound and Jacob was on the floor. Edward being the closest rushed over to him)

E: Jake, Jake, Jacob. Are you okay? Jacob.

J: Ed I’m… I’m fine. Just fell a bit dizzy.

Es: Here’s some water.

J: Thanks. Now dad can you please explain.

B: Okay, in Ephraim’s books it also stated that there was a tale that the “Chosen One” got pregnant. He and his partner were absolutely exhilarated. Everyone (Vampires and werewolves) was happy for them but there was an evil force that was not happy.

S: They were not happy, said that the baby would be the end of them so they kidnapped the first “Chosen One” when the wolves were asleep and the vampires were out hunting. His mate and their families went searching for them.

B: When they found him it was too late. They’d already killed the baby and they left him out to bleed. They tried everything to save him, even with his rapid healing they couldn’t save him. His mate couldn’t…

J: Stop. Please just stop! I can’t believe this.

E: Don’t worry. We’ll make sure that that NEVER happens to you.

J: How Ed, how?

E: We’re smarter, more educated and stronger than them. We will protect you Jake.

J: Promise me. Promise me that you’ll make sure nothing happens to me and this baby.

E: Jake I promise. I promise to take care of you and OUR baby.

C: Yes Jacob, we will all be there to protect you. Now on a happier note lets go see that little bundle of joy growing inside of you.

They all saw the sonar image of Jacob and Edward’s baby. It was still too young to see the body parts but you could see it, there and since t was a half vampire, half werewolf baby it was growing faster than normal fetus

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