The Chosen One

Chapter 6: We Will Keep You Safe!!!

Edward’s POV

~~~A Few Days Later~~~

Everybody was happy with the baby news. Billy and Jacob were happy that their blood line would continue. The wolves were happy that they would all be uncles very soon and my family was just happy that there would be a baby in the house very soon.

But there was something in their faces, something that they weren’t telling us and I think it has something to do with the reason they called us earlier.

E: Jake we need to talk.

Em: Ooohh that sounds serious. (He said- laughing)

E: Yea, yeah. Shut up please.

J: Am I in trouble. (he asked with fake innocence)

E: Noooooo just wanna talk.

J: Okay


E: Do you think that they’ve been hiding something from us?

J: Yeah, dad’s been acting kinda weird.

E: Do you think that we should ask them?

J: Heck Yeah!!!

E: Manners? I need to teach you manners.

J: You NEED to. (He said with amusement in his voice)

E: Yes mutt. I would just have said “yes” and not “Heck Yeah”

J: Are we going to stand here and argue about the way I speak or can we go talk to OUR family. (Our Family he thought

Edward heard what Jacob thought and started smiling…

Edward was keeping their minds closed; only making Edward angrier than he already was.

Then He Heard…

E: WHAT!!! (The whole family (vamps and wolves) turned to look at Edward.

J: Ed what’s wrong?

E: Why didn’t you tell us? ME!

J: Tell you what?

P: Okay who spilled?

Se: I’m sorry it just slipped, but they have the right to know. Don’t they?

J: Okay guys. What do we need to know?

J: Oh and Ed, calm down would you please?

S: Okay. We received a letter from someone whom Carlisle believes works for the Volturi. The letter says that they know you found your mate…

J: How do “They” know that? No one except for us knows about me and Edward.

S: … It also says that their watching and they’ve been watching you for a while and they also said that “He will not live to stop us”, but I/we don’t think that they are talking about you.

E: And why is that?

C: Because if they were talking about Jacob they would have taken him a long time ago.

J: So who are they talking about?

B: Son, we think that they are talking about your little unborn baby.

J: What! My baby is not even born yet and its life is already in danger.

E: They won’t get to you. No if we’re all here to keep you safe.

J: How! They couldn’t keep the first Chosen One safe, how will you keep us safe!?

P: They didn’t have US back then plus they didn’t know that the Chosen One was in danger. But We Do!

B: Yes Paul is right. We know about the threat and we can protect you.

J: Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it.

Em: Okay, on to happier news… (He was cut off by a scream)

J: Ahhhh! (Jacob screamed in agony, clutching his stomach)

E: JAKE! Carlisle his stomach. The baby is hurting him!

C: Get him to the office; I’ve already put in all the necessary equipment.

~~~Medical Room~~~

C: Okay I need everyone to leave so that I can examine Jacob.

B: I’m staying too.

C: Okay then, but the rest of you have to leave.

Es: Okay WE will ALL wait outside.

C: Thank you. Now Edward put Jacob on the examiner table there. Billy if you would please switch on those machines over there.

B: Will do.

(Carlisle hooked Jacob up to the machines Billy switched on: heart monitor for him AND the baby.

E: So, what’s wrong with him Carlisle?!

C: Wait!

E: Carlisle… DAD!

C: I said wait!!!

B: Edward son, come sit here with me. Lets wait until Carlisle is finished seeing to Jacob.

E: Ok. (He went to go sit on the step next to Billy’s chair taking Bully’s hand in his own)(He was getting frustrated that Carlisle was blocking his thought by reciting the alphabet in French)

C: I don’t know what a wolf natural temperature is, so I’ll need to test him against the other wolves, but that isn’t what I’m most worried about. The baby is growing faster than normal babies. When we did the first check-up three days ago it was still super tiny and now three days later it’s almost the size of three week old fetus.

E: The baby is growing fast (Is all he could say)

B: So is that what caused his pain earlier?

C: I strongly believe so.

E: So how do we help him? (He said finally getting over his shock)

C: That I still don’t know, but I will find out for sure. For now, let’s go out and tell everyone.

They went out of the room and told everyone about the baby, its growth rate and all. The wolves all agreed to let Carlisle test them later, though they didn’t have much of a choice because Sam ordered them to. We told them about the pain Jacob was having and that we thought that the baby was responsible.

Them Paul though something…

E: Yes, Paul. We could do that. I think it might work.

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