The Chosen One

Chapter 7: What's Hurting Me???


J: What might work? (He asked frantically)

P: Stay out of my head leech (He thought)

B: Son, what might work?

E: Oh yes, yes Paul just had an idea…

P: No it was a snide comment.

E: Whatever. Anyways he thought that since the baby is half vampire, that the reason it is hurting Jake is because it wants blood.

All of the wolves including Billy made disgusted faces.

P: Actually what I thought was that it just needed something to sink its teeth into.

J: WHAT!!!

C: Yes that could work. I have extra blood sacks in the back room, I’ll go get it.

J: You want me to do what!? Mmhmm( He whimpered in pain holding his stomach)

E: Jake if that thing is a monster like me it will need blood and if it doesn’t it could start feeding off of you and I will not allow that.

J: Your kind makes everything so complicated.

E: Will you?

J: Yes okay, but I’m only doing this so that my father’s only son does not die.

E: Yeah, your mouth says one thing and your brain says another. Carlisle’s on his way. Guys I think that you should leave. (He said to his mother and siblings)

A: Okay, we’ll leave. Tell us if it works.

Carlisle walked in.

C: Edward I think that you should leave too.

E: What no!!!

C: Edward you haven’t hunted longer than anyone else, making you the most dangerous around blood.

E: I will control myself Carlisle.

J: Carlisle I trust him.

Carlisle filled a foamed cup with one of the blood sacks he brought out of the cold storage.

Jacob looked at it weirdly then took the glass from Carlisle’s hand and sucked from the straw attached to it. He made a face.

Then someone growled.

Edward tried to control the gradually growing burning sensation creeping up his throat. He growled again.

The wolves all took protective stances around Jacob immediately blocking him from Edward’s view.

Carlisle flashed over to stand between the two parties blocking them from attacking each other.

C: Everyone stop. By doing this you are only hurting Jacob. Edward I want you gone NOW. Go join the others. We are ALL going hunting this weekend. No matter what you say, understand that?

E: Yes. I’m sorry Jake (He said sadly)

C: Billy, Sam, everyone I’m really sorry for Edward’s behavior but he hasn’t fed since he found out about the imprint.

B: Sam I may not be in charge of you but this affects my son so stand down. PLEASE.

Sam took a deep breath then told the others to stand down.

C: On the plus side I think the blood is working, look Jacob is not cringing in pain anymore.

J: Yeah he definitely likes the blood.

E: Sam I promise I’m okay. Jake I’m sorry for growling at you.

J: It’s okay. Ed he likes the blood, he’s not hurting me anymore.

E: He? Who told you it’s a boy?

J: Let’s just say father’s intuition.

P: Don’t you mean “Mother’s intuition” You are carrying it.

E: Mommy Jake that sounds perfect.

J: Uhimm. Between him and I who looks more like a lady?

Everyone thought Edward but Emmet said:

Em: Jake, you are the pregnant one after all.

J: Emmett!! (He exclaimed in shock)

Em: What I’m just pointing out the obvious.

S: Okay we have to leave now. I want us to do a perimeter search.

C: Did you smell something?

S: No but I just want to make sure. Embry and Paul will be patrolling tonight.

C: Okay.

When they were leaving Billy looked a little uncertain about something, but didn’t say anything. Jasper was felling quite uneasy because of the intense emotions he was feeling from Billy but he did not say anything.

Edward’s POV

The last few weeks have gone by with a breeze. Jacob’s stomach had grown a reasonable amount already. He looked almost about four months along but that did not slow him down at all. The bigger Jacob got the closer he and Rosalie had become. Rosalie was so protective of Jacob that is wasn’t funny anymore. Jacob would be going to the reservation soon, firstly because he missed his family even though his pack mates visited almost every day but he said it wasn’t the same as being there plus the elders also wanted to see and bless Jacob (Quileute tradition) and secondly we hadn’t fed in at least a whole month not that we minded but Carlisle said that we needed to go soon because we needed our strength because of the people threatening my baby. I was of some piece of mind because he’d have the protection of his pack Rosalie was by far the hardest to convince to come hunting with us. It took a talk with Jacob to convince her to go with us. She finally agreed, we’d be gone by the weekend meaning that Jacob and I only had two days together.

E: Would you like to go out with me tonight?

J: Where too?

E: A special place.

J: People will think I’m a freak when they see me, a PREGNANT MAN!!! For a smart old boy you sure do come up with pretty bad ideas. I can’t go out looking… (He was cut off)

E: You never shut up do you?

J: jejeje (He said pulling a face)

E: Really!? You look four months pregnant yet you’re still act like a little “boy”. Hopefully my baby doesn’t turn out like his “mommy”. (He said smirking)

J: MOMMY!!! I might be carrying this baby but I am more of a man than you are. (He said moving his head to prove a point)

E: Then stop acting like one and go get dressed.

J: I’m still not going out.

E: If you don’t go get dressed I will pull you up to that room and change you myself.

J: Ed. (He whined sadly) I don’t want people looking at me weirdly.

E: Oh Jake. Don’t worry. No one will see us. Promise.

J: Okay I’ll be back.

Five minutes later Edward heard his name being yelled from his and Jacob’s room.

E: Jake. (He shouted flying up the stairs, scared that something might have happened to him) The sight he saw broke his unbeating heart.

Jacob was crying.

J: Ed nothing fits anymore.

E: Love, don’t worry we’ll find something for you to wear.

Just then Alice and Rosalie walked into the room.

R: Jake, Alice had a vision.

A: So we just had to go out and get you your new clothes.

J: It won’t fit, so why bother? (He said sadly)

E: Yes they will, they were made especially for you.

J: You guys really did that for me?

A: Jake you’re family.

R” We’d do anything for you.

J: Thank you.


J: So where are we going?

E: Somewhere special.

J: That’s all I’m gonna get from you, isn’t it?

E: Yes, here we are.

They got out of the car.

E: It’s just a little up that hill, it’s not that far. The car can only go up to here.

J: It’s okay. (He said holding his stomach for extra balance)

E: Jake, I can carry you up. There’s no problem.


E: Jake, I’m sorry. Really I just wanted to help.

J: I’m not angry with you. I’m angry with myself co I can’t even walk up a hill without help anymore.

E: It’s okay, I understand, you’re pregnant.

J: Still sorry. Edward… (He couldn’t say)

E: Of course I’ll carry you.

J: How did you… oh-mind reading. (He said in a mocking voice)

E: I don’t understand how you always forget.

J: I’m pregnant HONEY. (He said sarcastically)

E: mmmmmm Come here.

He kissed Jacob then picked him up bridal style and led him up the hill.

J: Oh my Gosh… It’s beautiful!! (He exclaimed)

There was a picnic blanket, picnic baskets, pillows and candle set-up in the middle of the clearing.

E: Thank you.

J: You know you shouldn’t leave fire unattended, it could burn down the forest.

E: Don’t worry Emmett and Paul put it one just now before we got here.

J: Are they gonna stay?

E: The have to. Dad, Sam and Carlisle said it was the only way I was allowed to take you out.

J: h I guess. (Then something clicked) Ed!! You just called my father: Dad.

E: Sorry it just slipped.

J: No, no I don’t mind. It’s really sweet. So when did this happen?

E: We’ve just been spending all this time together.

J: I’m happy.

E: I know.

J: When will you stop reading my mind?


They sat on the blanket. Edward had bought Jacobs favorite foods. He started feeding the sandwiches Esme’ made for him. He also had chocolates and fruits even though Jacob even though Jacob swore never to eat them at all.

E: Jake you know the fruit is good for you and the baby right.

J: I’ve lived pretty well and I didn’t grow up eating fruits.

E: No wonder you’re so messed up but my child will be normal.

J: Normal. There’s nothing NORMA:L about this child: firstly the person carrying it is a man and it’s fathers are a wolf(shifter) and a vampire.

E: Yeah, real normal huh?

J: I don’t want you to leave.

E: I don’t want to leave either but I have too. I almost bit you the other day.

J: But you didn’t.

E: Only because everyone stopped me.

J: But I know you, you wouldn’t us at all.

E: How can you be so sure? I’m a monster.

J: So am I. And I love you even though you’re a monster, so stop using that line.

E: You’re special.

J: Yeah I know. I know I’m the “Chosen One”, I’ve imprinted on a guy/vampire, oo oo oo and I’m PREGNANT. (He said with fake arrogance)

E: Quite the arrogant one huh?

J: It’s the only way.

E: I love you.

J: I love you too,

They laid on the blanket gazing up at the starts until Jacob eventually fell asleep.

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