The Chosen One

Chapter 8: Why Can't He Cross???

Super Early Hours of The Day…

Friday finally came and there were a lot of scowling faces around. Jacob and Edward were in their room, refusing to leave until it was time for them all to go. The elders were getting quite anxious. They said that there was something important they needed to see then they needed to tell everyone something. Billy knew something that he wasn’t telling anyone. Last night Jacob decided that he was not going to the Reservation no matter what anyone said. Everyone including Rosalie and Edward tried persuading him to go but he did not budge, finally Sam did something he didn’t want to and ordered Jacob in his Alpha voice that he’d be going to the Reservation with them the next day. Jacob had no other choice but to agree. Alice has been really secretive lately. She was going around ordering flowers, decorations and other festive things. No one knew what she was up to not even Jasper and Edward. Edward deciding to pay no mind to it just thinking that it was another “Alice party.” The family was busy making final plans. They even had an intense and elaborate schedule for patrolling and protecting Jacob, something could happen even though he was at the Rez.

Edward’s POV

Jacob and I decided that we’d be up in our room until everyone was ready to leave. They wanted us to stay and listen to their planning but we refused. They were only talking about the schedule for watching Jacob. I personally didn’t want to be there if I couldn’t be the one taking care of him. It still infuriated me that I was getting weaker and HUNGRIER by the day. It got to the point the point that every time one of the wolves blushed and the blood rushed to their faces that I wanted to jump them and suck their blood dry. Jasper and I by far had it the worst. Plus he also knew how everyone was feeling, so their hunger/thirst plus his own thirst was unbearable. He was practically jumping off the walls last night when Carlisle and Alice told us that we’d be leaving today for our family weekend hunt.

So Jacob and I were laying in bed him asleep when Carlisle called/thought to me to come down with Jacob.

E: Jake, wake up.

J: mmmmmm

E: We’re leaving you need to get up.

J: I’m up.

E: Okay you want me to help you get ready.

J: Yes please. What about you?

E: I’m going hunting, not going to dress up for that.

J: Oh.

E: Are you going to get up?

J: Are you going to help me up?

E: Oh sorry. (He smirked)

Edward stood up and helped Jacob up. He then helped him get dressed. First his pants then his shirt then he helped him sit down on the bed then he put his socks and shoes on.

E: Well well well, look who finally decided to join us.

P: Sure took you long enough.

J: I was asleep.

P: Yeah sure you were. Em what ya think?

E: Emmett, don’t say it. (He warned)

C: Okay so everyone knows what to do right?

J: I don’t.

S: Jacob all you have to do is to come with us to the Rez and enjoy yourself.

J: Okay. (He said rather sadly)

E: Can I drive him?

C: Okay but we’re leaving in half an hour.

E: Yes. Jacob let’s go.

Ja: Your things are already at the Reservation.

J: Thank you. Bye everyone.

Rosalie, Alice and Esme’ hugged Jacob. Emmett rubbed his stomach and Jacob just stared at him. Jasper and Carlisle gave him a pat on the back.

~~~Care Ride~~~

E: So this is it yeah?

J: Yeah.

E: Don’t be sad I’ll hopefully be back by Tuesday.

J: Yeah, but that’s not for another five days.

E: I’ll be thinking of you.

J: NO!

E: No? (He said trying not to read Jacob’s mouth)

J: Don’t think of me while you’re sucking some poor animal dry!

E: (Smirking) Oh my Jacob.

They were at the border, Edward intending to continue driving when Sam emerged panting in his wolf form.

E: Why can’t I pass. You are the one who gave me the permission to come on to your land.

S: (Wait let me go phase, I’ll be back now)

E: Yes we’ll wait.

J: What was that about?

E: Sam doesn’t want me to pass the border.

J: What, why? (He said starting panicking)

E: Jake, relax I’m sure there’s a plausible explanation for that.

Sam emerged from the tree in a cut off jean and no t-shirt.

J: Why don’t you want Edward to come… ahhh

E: Jake breath. In and out, in and out.

S: What’s wrong?

E: He’s stressing. (He said looking at Jacob) even though it is not necessary.

J: Why may he not come onto the land?

S: It’s not me. The elders are still not comfortable with “vampires” on the land. They said that there is something that still needs to happen before the elders can full accept them onto the land and into their lives.

E: What still needs to happen?

S: I don’t know, they wouldn’t tell me.

E: Jake do you know?

J: Really? You’re asking me. I haven’t been on the Rez for a month now.

E: Oh yes.

S: I’ll take him from here. Don’t worry we’ll take care of him.

E: Okay, can you give us a minute?

S: Sure.

E: Jake, listen. You have to be cam for me. Promise me you’ll relax and take care of our baby. Please don’t stress.

J: Okay. I love you and I’ll miss you.

E: I’ll also miss you and I love you too.

They shared a short- full of live kiss. MWAH. Jacob got out of the car with Sam’s help of course and said bye to Edward with a kiss on his cheeks.

J: So can you tell me why Edward can’t pass.

S: No.

J: Why?

S: Because I don’t know. The elders asked when you would be arriving and I told them that you were on your way with Edward. They told me to come and make sure that Edward does not cross. I told them about the treaty then they said they know about it and that it shouldn’t have happened so soon and that I should not disobey them.

J: I think they don’t like Edward.

S: Why would you say so?

J: Because Jasper and Emmett were here earlier and the elders didn’t have a problem with them.

S: I guess we’ll find out soon.

J: Are we walking all the way to the Reservation, coz if we are, you’re carrying me.

S: You know that I don’t mind carrying you?

J: (Smiling) so you didn’t bring your car?

S: I was in wolf form didn’t think of it.

J: Don’t really mind, Carlisle said I should get in a little easy exercise when I can.

S: I’ll walk with you every day. Don’t worry I asked Paul to bring the car, he’s on his way.

J: But can we walk till he gets here?

S: Sure.

Sam and Jacob both felt like someone was watching them but neither could here or smell anything.

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