The Chosen One

Chapter 9: New Discoveries

Edwards POV

We were already at the Canadian mountains when daylight came. We started off with big animals such as Bears and lions. Everyone paired up and went their separate way agreeing to meet up at a mutual point, well all of them except for Edward. He went alone. Later in the day when the all felt like they had their feed for the day they all met up at their cabin in the woods.

EM: That was fun. (He said with a sigh)

E: Are you talking about the feeding or about what you and Rose were doing? (He asked with an amused expression)

R: How do you know what we were doing? Were you spying on us? Doesn’t mean because Jacob isn’t here you can spy on other people.

E: (Amused expression) Are you done, coz if you are tell Emmett to stop thinking about it.

R: EMMETT! (She whined and Rosalie NEVER whines.)

Em: What? (He said with fake innocence)

R: Alright I want to know why that Pixie over there is so cheerful today.

Em: Edward?

E: Don’t ask me. She’s trying her best not to think about it.

R: We need to find out, this morning she was looking at far away destinations.

E: Let’s ask her, she’s on her way.

Carlisle, Esme’, Alice and Jasper arrived.

A: Rosalie, stay out of my closet.

Everyone except for Edward, Alice and Rosalie had confused faces.

A: Remember I can see into the future. I know what you want to do.

R: Then you better tell us what you’re up too.

A: I will, not just now.

R: Tick A: Rosalie, stay out of my closet.

Everyone except for Edward, Alice and Rosalie had confused faces.

A: Remember I can see into the future. I know what you want to do.

R: Then you better tell us what you’re up too.

A: I will, not just now.

R: Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

C: Rosalie stop patronizing Alice.

Es: So I was thinking about getting something for Jacob.

Em: Like what?

Es: Pregnancy can take its toll on a person. So I was thinking that we could do something for him something to make him more comfortable.

E: Yes we should. Jacob’s back has started aching now and I think it will be getting worse the bigger he gets.

A: I should really stop thinking. Well Paul and Sam came to me last week with an idea.

Ja: They thought that Jacob would be more comfortable if we built/buy him a bigger bathtub. One with massaging and soothing systems.

E: Why didn’t they tell me?

Ja: They wanted it to be a surprise for Jacob.

E: And since we’re always together they couldn’t actually tell me, without alerting Jacob.

A: Yes.

E: Carlisle, Esme’ can we do it?

Es: Yes, sure dear. Jacobs family now and we need to make sure he is cared for.

E: So when can we start?

R: They’ve already started.

Em: Yeah, they are setting it up as we speak.

E: Carlisle do you think it’s safe to have people at our house when we’re not there?

C: Don’t worry Seth, Embry and Jared are keeping an eye on them.

E: Oh. You guys really had everything planned out didn’t you?

Es: Every small detail.

Edward smiling but he’s smile quickly fell when he heard what Rosalie thought, instantly making him sad.

R: (I wonder how Jake is doing)

E: Me too but Billy said that it would be better if I didn’t call.

R: Sorry.

E: It’s okay. I’ll survive.

E: So I just wanted to know how everyone feels about all of… this.

C: What do you mean?

E: Since the beginning of all of this we haven’t actually had time to really talk. So I just wanted to know how you all feel about Jacob, the baby, his family the whole lot.

Es: I simply adore all of them. I love having new souls in the house. It’s a fresh breath of air that I love.

C: Yes. They have become like family. I don’t think I can imagine our lives without them anymore.

A: It’s amazing and I’m even starting to see splotches of them.

R: (“Really amazing”) they know a lot about cars so that’s good.

E: Really Rose?

R: Whaaaat?

Em: I really like them, especially Paul.

Ja: They are a challenging bunch but I’m adapting. I don’t even want their blood that much anymore.

Es: Oh really?

Ja: Yes.

Es: Edward, and you?

E: J J

A: If he could blush, he’s face would be blood red right now.

E: Whatever. (He said throwing her pillow at her, which she obviously already saw and moved away)

E: Anyways. I love having them there. They just fit in as if we were all meant to be one big happy family.

Em: We were meant to be a family, Edward.

E: Shut up Emmett.

Em: What it’s true?!

C: I’m glad to see that everyone is happy.

E: Yes, yes we are.


S: So everyone is at Billy’s house already.

J: Everyone?

S: Yeah, all the elders are all anxious to see you.

J: Why?

S: They want to talk about everything that has happened so far.

J: So you mean they want to talk about me and Edward.

S: Amongst other things.

J: Like?

S: I don’t know. They also wanna talk about the baby.

J: My baby?

S: Yeah. They said that they have to do something about it.

J: They are not going to take my baby and I won’t allow them to doing anything to harm it, Edward won’t allow them too.

S: Jake calm down. Edward won’t like that you’re stressing. They won’t hurt your baby, I won’t allow them too.

J: They’ll banish you if you stand against them.

S: They can’t band me even if they want to, I’m the Alpha.

J: Thank you Sam.

S: Anything for you, plus I promised your vampire that I’d take care of you.

J: You promised Edward?

S: It was the only way he agreed to go with.

J: J

~~~Black Residence Part #1~~~

S: We’re here!

Elder #1: Over here. We need to see you Jacob.

J: Why!?

Elder #2: Whoa. You’re bigger than we expected.

J: What did you expect, I’m four months pregnant?

Elder #1: It might be too late.


B: It’s not too late.

S: Can someone tell us what you are talking about!!!!!!

Elder #1: Sam! (He reprimanded)

J: No, I would also like to know.

Elder #2: This child is going to be cursed. We have to kill it.

Sam was now standing in front of Jacob.

S: You will NOT do anything to this baby. No one in our family, vampires included will allow you to harm this baby.

B: There is no reason to do this. We could still try the ceremony.

Elder #2: What if it doesn’t work?

B: Leave the what if’s for now.

All Jacob was thinking was (my baby could be cursed they want to kill my baby. I wish Edward were here, he’d know what to do)

S: Billy I don’t mean to be disrespectful but may we know what you’re talking about?

B: Oh sorry Sam, is Jacob okay?

S: What do you mean? (He asked turning around) Jacob?

J: Huh? (He said coming back to reality)

Elder #1: Sam, Jacob we would appreciate it if you would wait outside. We have a few things to discuss before we can positively tell you what is going on.

J: But…

B: Son, please, I will make sure they put your best interest first.

J: And my baby?

B: I’ll try my best son.

S: Jake let’s go.


Jacob started hyperventilating heavily.

S: Jake you need to calm down. Think of the baby. Think of Edward. Come on Jake “In and out” “In and out” that’s right just keep doing that till you calm down.

J: Sam whenever I can’t calm down Edward takes me walking, can we do that please?

S: Yes we can. Paul and Seth are on parole.

(They started walking)

J: I didn’t know we paroled during the day.

S: We don’t they are your protection detail for today.

J: Oh.

S: Hey, what’s wrong?

J: I don’t want to be an inconvenience for anyone.

S: Yeah, you’re a big inconvenience (He said sarcastically) you’re our brother we will always take care of you. Wolves care for their pack mates- Force of nature.

J: Oh my goodness. I forgot, I need to call Edward. I need to tell him what happened.

S: What will calling Edward, while you know nothing for sure going to help? Plus Carlisle said it would be better for both of you if you didn’t contact each other.

J: Fine. L

J: I wonder what he’s doing right now.

S: Really? Really Jake?

J: What?

S: I never thought I’d see the day that Jacob Black would be swooning over a GUY.

J: Yeah sooo what?

S: Nothing. Let’s go. They are waiting for us.

J: Hey this is the fastest I can go, carrying a heavy load over here.

S: Hahahaah. We should get warning lights and signs saying “HEAVY LOAD UP AHEAD”

J: If I could run, you would be so dead right now.

S: You right.

~~~Black Residence Part #2~~~

Elder #2: Okay we’ve come to a conclusion.

J: Which is?

Elder #1: Watch your tone boy.

J: Yes sir.

B: Son, in the books it says that if a werewolf is to give birth to a baby of another breed of species, the werewolf and it’s mate should be wed with a special Quileute ceremony before a baby is conceived.

J: But we didn’t know this or that I could get pregnant when we did what we did to create this. (He said pointing to his tummy)

Elder #1: We know that now. So the ceremony is to prevent the baby coming out cursed.

J: WHAT!?! My baby is going to come out cursed?

Elder #2: Not necessarily. We could still do the ceremony.

S: So how will we know if the ceremony works or not.

Elder #1: That’s just it. We won’t know whether or not it worked until the baby is born.

J: And if it is cursed?

Elder #2: It will be a threat to us all. We will have to kill your baby. Sorry.

J: What!?

Elder #1: It’s the only way.

J: No, it’s my baby and I will love it NO MATTER WHAT!!

Elder #2: If it threatens our kind, no love is strong enough to stop what we have to do.

J: Dad, are you going to let them do this.

Elder #1: Your father doesn’t have a say, majority rules.

J: I can’t believe this.

Elder #2: Then you better hope that the ceremony works.

J: (Starting to tear up) I need Edward. I need him now.

S: Jake. Jakey. Please. Your Ed’s on his way. He’ll be here by tomorrow.

J: No.

B: Jake do you want to lie down for a while.

J: Yes I would.

S: Okay let’s go.

~~~A while later~~~

Se: Sam, can we talk outside, quickly.

S: What’s up?

P: We’ve smelt something yesterday so we followed it all the way to the Canadian border but then we lost it.

Se: We’ve picked up the smell today again.

S: Okay. It’s 23:00 o’clock. Jake’s asleep. So uhm Jared and Seth if you’re okay with it?

Jar & Se: Yes we are.

S: Okay so Jared and Seth you will watch Jacob. Seth you’re in charge, make sure he is safe and cared for.

Se: Yes sir.

S: Okay for the rest of you, we are going vampire hunting. Go get ready and meet me at the front line.

Jar: Man I’m going in. the game is on.

S: The game might be on but you need to keep your eyes and noses on guard.

Jar: Yes Sam.


S: Now Seth, Jacob is very fragile at the moment but don’t allow him to call Edward.

Se: Why not?

S: Carlisle said that he needed Edward focused on feeding now. Because with everything that’s happened so far he hasn’t had time for that and everything that is going to happen, he won’t have much time either.

Se: Okay when are they coming?

S: They’ll be here early tomorrow morning. Hopefully we’ll be back before then.

Se: Okay.

S: Bye.

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