The League of Extraordinary Games

Chapter 15

"The little sister who drank a Gene Tonic has somehow managed to escape the facility. I was hoping to further investigate the effects of Plasmids and Tonics on her…but I suppose there are more pressing concerns at the moment. A strangely sentient Alpha Series – The first successful bonded one, Delta – has been resurrected somehow, and has been moving through the city taking the remaining Little Sisters. Sofia tells me he's trying get to Eleanor, the People's Daughter. I imagine that gatherer was collected by Delta."
-Dr. Edward Grimes

Arcadia was the oxygen provider for the underwater city of Rapture. Huge, hardy trees and beautiful flora carpeted the place, making it resemble a cross between a jungle, a forest, and a garden. It had the appearance of paradise, and that was used for profit in the glory days of Rapture. But paradise did not escape the war, and it had taken the cleaning crew months to remove the blood and corpses from the tranquil place.

The metal bathysphere surfaced in the Arcadia station carrying a rather curious cargo. The airlock door opened, and out stepped a wolf carrying a little girl on his back, accompanied by two machine guns with helicopter propellers. Masha was small enough to ride on Link's back, although she was hardly weightless. Link plodded on as the flying security bots warbled around them. Masha had brought them along as a precaution…Link wondered what she was thinking would happen. Masha had a purse of sorts around her, holding several more 'surprises'.

"The market is that way, Mr. Woof. C'mon, hup-hup!"

Link begrudgingly hup-hupped. Walking through the rich jungle, Link was reminded of the woods outside his home…how long had it been since he had seen it last? And now here he was, in a jungle at the bottom of the ocean, transformed into a wolf and carrying a bizarre little girl on his back. Who would've thought?

The wolf shook his head as Masha's voice directed him through Arcadia to Farmer's Market. The little girl looked around smiling, a blue butterfly dancing past her once or twice. Link briefly took in a titanic tree that seemed to remind him of something. Masha grabbed a daisy as the wolf walked by a flowerpot, humming a tuneless ditty about the upside-down house. Birds chirped a cheerful tune as Link reminisced about Faron woods and Ordon village.

"Over there, Mr. Woof!"

Link walked over to where Masha had motioned. A sign reading 'Farmer's Market' was perched over a bulkhead. Masha had some difficulty turning the metal wheel, and Link had some difficulty staying upright with Masha standing on his back. But the door eventually opened into the Market.

Arcadia was beautiful, but the market…wasn't. Once it had been a cheery place to shop for food, beverages and tools for good prices. Now, it was torn apart, shops burnt to ashes and homey stalls reduced to splinters. Obscene messages were scrawled on the walls, directed at Ryan, Lamb or a man named 'Atlas'. Link guessed from the smell of blood and the red stains that this place was overlooked or avoided by the cleaning crew.

If Masha saw any of the carnage, she didn't show it. "C'mon Mr. Woof, don't make me carry you!" she reminded the wolf in her cheery tone.

Link plodded into the ruined market. Masha kept humming her distorted melody, seemingly oblivious to her surroundings. Link was trudging past a wrecked apple store filled with rotten fruits when something grabbed Masha's attention.

"There it is!" she sang, pushing down Link's head to lean forward and point at what she was after. Link growled as Masha's hand pressed into his forehead, opening his eyes to see what the girl was so excited about.

One of the shops was an ammunition store, claiming to be cheaper than Ammo Bandito. A door that consisted of a little wood and a lot of bullet holes swung limply on its hinges. The windows were all but gone, broken pieces framing empty space.

Link and Masha approached the place, and the little girl hopped off the wolf's back. Scuttling into the shop, Masha told Link to stay, she'd be back in a jiffy. The security robots hovered over the waiting wolf as a clattering in the store explained what Masha was up to.

Masha popped back out, smiling broader than ever. "I got it, Mr. Woof! Now let's head back to that door and…" Masha sniffed. "Wait…"

Now what? Link groaned just as Masha made a peculiar announcement.

"I smell an angel!"

And then she took off.

"I thought it was a waste of personnel having two Hunters guard Sofia Lamb. Then, on a routine 'tour', these…humans come shrieking out of the shadows, all going after the woman. They barely resembled anything remotely human…They attacked from all corners, every hiding place, even the ceiling! The Hunters were staggered for a moment – Hunters! I do not think we even contained all of them. Lamb called these mutants 'splicers' and told me they were addicted to a body-and-mind altering substance called 'ADAM'. Even more disturbing, she suggested there may be more of them hiding in the city. We should reconsider our policy on weapon use in this base."
-Rtas Vadum

Link ran in the direction of Masha's scent for the second time that day. He had been too puzzled by the girls' announcement for a crucial second, and now she was far ahead of him. She ran a great deal faster than Link would have guessed.

The wolf ran around a corner and found Masha. It was a café area, with a tree and several upturned tables. She turned around to see him, smiling. "See? An angel!"

Link looked at where Masha was pointing, and his eyes went wide. A deformed corpse had been laid on the ground. It was a man…or had been a man at some point. A disgusting tumor was erupting out of his stomach, with similar lumps all over his face, arms, legs and hands. What was left of a suit hung on the malformed man. It looked nothing like anything Link would call an 'angel'.

Masha scratched her head a little. "Funny, what's it doing out here…something's weird…" Link noticed a something in her yellow eyes, an inbred compulsion, something that the girl didn't welcome or reject.

The flying bots warbled nearby. Masha walked up to the corpse, much to Link's confusion. Reaching her elongated fingers into the purse around her shoulder, she took out a metal orb and placed it on the ground. It came alive and stood up, a tiny camera gun whirring around.

Then she took out something else…it was a needle. Or rather, something with a needle point. It was a cleverly cobbled mass of a hose nozzle, a syringe, a hair dryer, and a baby bottle. Masha clicked something on it, and it began to whir.

Then without a word, she jabbed the needle into the corpse.

Link was taken aback. What did this girl just…then she noticed a red fluid going into the baby bottle. Blood? One of the posters in Masha's room flashed in front of his eyes. 'Good girls gather'. Was this gathering?! What was this girl…?


Link was snapped out of his thought by a crazed voice behind him. He couldn't believe his eyes. It was a female version of that corpse, wearing a tattered black dress that may have once been elegant. Now, it almost looked rotten. She ran towards them from the shadows as best she could on her deformed legs. She glanced at Link with two insane eyes.

"I don't have time to walk you right now!" she snapped as she ran past the wolf towards the girl. Masha shrieked as the monstrosity approached.

The two security bots opened fire and the 'woman' was peppered with bullets. She screamed in surprise and swung a golf club uselessly at the flying things. She went down murmuring something about sunshine.

Masha gasped in relief. She was holding the needle in place as it drew blood from the dead man.

Suddenly, more voices came from everywhere.

"I told you she was real, I TOLD YOU!"
"Don't worry Coswell, you died to give us ADAM!"
"Where's the big bad tin daddy?"
"No daddy! She's all ours!"

Masha looked around in terror. "I just gotta finish this Mr. Woof, keep them away from me!"

Link blinked in bewilderment, but the appearance of another deformed man snapped him out of his stupor. This creature in a bloodied doctor's uniform was wielding a lead pipe, brandishing it menacingly. "Filthy cur!" he swung at Link, barely missing him. Link instinctively leapt onto the monstrosity, fangs clamping on his throat. The mutant screamed once before Link silenced him and leapt off.

"What the –"
"Who let that thing on the set? I don't work with dogs!"
"Somebody shoot that thing!"
"I got him I got him!"

The machine gun bullets didn't get Link. The woman had a tumor covering her eye, and it did not help her accuracy in the least. The bullets imbedded themselves on the wall and not in the wolf. The security robots were much more accurate.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAack." And so ended the miserable life of another mutated denizen of Rapture.

Another mutant wielding a shotgun was able to down one of the security bots, and fled shooting at the other one. Unfortunately for him, he ran right into wolf Link, who was in full feral mode in the heat of the battle.

"Gah! Bad dog! Bad dog get off me off me off me YAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!"

A shriek from Masha made Link whirl around. Another man, even more deformed than the others, had leapt from the ceiling and landed right in front of Masha. The baby bottle was almost full.

"You're gonna cuuure meeeeeeeeeeeee!" The monster raised a lethal meathook at the frightened girl with his bony arms. The mini turret Masha had placed nearby peppered him with bullets, but the tiny gun could only do so much. The rest was up to Link, who leapt snarling onto the mutant threatening Masha. Another monster died with a shriek.

Link gasped for breath in the momentary peace that followed. Then a girl wearing a tattered dress suddenly appeared in a flash of red.

"I hate dogs! They always steal the show!" Flames appeared in the mutant's hands and Link was set ablaze before he could blink. The wolf yelped in pain and the girl laughed sadistically.

Thankfully, a nearby koi pond enabled Link to extinguish the flames before they did much damage. The mutated girl turned her attention to Masha, but the remaining security bot attacked her. Link hopped out of the shallow pool to see the abomination set the bot ablaze before vanishing in another flash.

An audible footfall on dead leaves told Link what the mutant had done. Closing his eyes, the wolf focused on a scent and sure enough, it was as if the mutant was in plain view.

Link closed in on the invisible girl, who shrieked in terror on realizing she was being tracked. "You're not supposed to see me! I'm all invisible, the plasmid ad said so, I endorsed it! No!" The mutant reappeared, a fatal mistake. The burning bot and the frenzied wolf finished her off. The security robot sputtered its last and fell to the ground.

Link turned to Masha. The girl had removed her needle from the corpse and was now DRINKING the red stuff from the baby bottle. The sight made Link, who had certainly seen a lot, wince.

Masha stopped drinking and smiled her smile. "I'm all done!"


Link whirled around. A huge, muscled mutant had blasted out of a shop. He was as powerful as a rhino, and bellowed ape-like at the wolf. Link snarled and got ready to attack when Masha appeared beside him, restraining him by the ear.

"Just a sec, Mr. Woof." Masha reached into her purse and pulled out a pulsating green orb. The mutant strongman charged at the two. Link was ready to attack, but Masha stopped him again.

The girl drew back her arm and threw the green orb at the huge man. It splattered on him, and something changed. The mutant's eyes went green, and he skidded to a halt just in front of Link and Masha.

"Woah…excuse me ma'am." He mumbled to Masha. Masha leaned into the puzzled wolf's ear. "Hypnotize." She whispered.

More voices betrayed the presence of more mutants. Masha appealed to the mesmerized muscleman. "Could you deal with them while we go? Please?"

"Sure ting, ma'am." The huge man, the green goop splattered all over him, turned and roared at the other mutants who were coming out. Masha hopped back onto Link's back.

"Let's get out of here, Mr. Woof."

Link needed no second bidding. The noises of violence behind them, they bolted out of Farmer's Market, and didn't stop until they were in the bathysphere riding to Ryan Amusements.

Wolf Link gasped to catch his breath. Masha sat down on the bathysphere's seat, finishing off the baby bottle. Link gave her a very weird look. Masha shrugged.

"Sorry 'bout all that, Mr. Woof. All good girls have to gather…we just gotta." The girl's eyes became faraway. "Thanks so much. My daddy used to do that all the time, before he died…" Masha sniffed. "That really brought back memories."

Masha gulped once, and looked like she was about to cry. Then she took a deep breath and composed herself. "Well, let's get you through that door, huh?"

Link nodded. In all the madness he had nearly forgotten why he was staying with Masha.

"I saw my daddy today…not the Mr. Bubbles they keep pairing me with, but my DADDY daddy. He was with another girl, but I KNOW it was him! I think he recognized me too. I tried to trade daddies but…well, I gave him a pretty butterfly so I know it's him next time."
-Masha Lutz

It was a long walk from the bathysphere station to that door, but Link and Masha arrived there without any trouble. Masha gave Link her crooked smile again before crawling through the tiny door.

Link was waiting for less than a minute before the large doors slid open, Masha standing with a triumphant expression on her face. Masha scratched the wolf's ears cheerfully.

"Here you go, Mr. Woof. Thanks again. See ya!" And with that, the last Little Sister scuttled back to her place in Ryan Amusements. Link watched her retreating into the shadows for a minute. What a weird girl.

The wolf picked up the scent of the rabbit doll again, and resumed his chase through the corridors of Rapture. Nothing happened on the way. He passed posters of Rapture's entertainment, featuring a man named Sander Cohen.

Then, he found the doll. It had spun out and was lying on its side in the middle of a large hall. The wheel was still whirring uselessly in the air. The wolf approached cautiously.


Without warning a wall exploded into fragments of metal and plaster, chunks hailing onto the floor. Link bolted back from the debris and whirled around to see what happened.

Framed by what was left of the wall was a huge man wearing a ragtag, bulky diving suit. The armor looked cobbled together, multiple belts holding metal plates in place. What looked like a modified wooden barrel was mounted on his shoulder, a gloved hand clutching the hinge attached. The head was covered with a metal helmet with six portholes, two in the front and four on the sides. A green light emanated from the eyeholes. The huge man let out a whale-like groan.

Link braced himself. This was going to be rough.

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