The League of Extraordinary Games

Chapter 16

"Left behind- again! Rtas degrades me to city patrol for failing to capture that burglar and ruining several of the firearms, so I am not permitted to join the campaign against this 'Alex Mercer'. Humiliating. Furthermore, the Sofia Lamb woman – the 'ruler' of Rapture, even though any self-respecting elite could snap her in two – radios me and informs me that that infernal sword-wielding little human has vanished from the radar! As if she assumes I would lift a finger for that…huhhh. Well, at the very least I will investigate this 'Farmer's Market' area on my patrol. Luigi, that cringing insect we have for a plumber, insists that he heard ghosts fighting a war in there!"
-Aven 'Nterru

Time seemed to stand still for everyone aboard the Master Chief. Pyramid Head's spear had been thrust right through Slippy's chest within the blink of an eye. It was a frozen shot for the wide-eyed McCloud, an image he would not forget.

But before anyone could react, a malicious smile on the impaled toad's face told McCloud and everyone else things weren't what they appeared.

"You don't fool easily, do you?" A dark, monstrous voice that was certainly not the mechanic's remarked coldly. McCloud's mouth went dry as the realization of what became of his friend hit him.

'Slippy' whirled around and one of his arms morphed into a metallic tentacle that thrust itself at Pyramid Head. Judging by the blunt end of the weapon, the intent was likely to shove the huge man away. But the impaler didn't even shift on the impact. It wasn't clear whether the lack of effect was because of Zeus' fatigue, or Pyramid Head's pure strength. Whatever the case, the abomination was angered, and the tentacle morphed into a blade.

Zeus' mistake in that moment was focusing on Pyramid Head. Behind him, a furious fox with tears in his eyes was raising his weapon to the facsimile head of his killed friend.

"Bastard." was all he mouthed before opening fire on Zeus. The creature hadn't completely transformed into his true form, and the energy blast cut through the soft head of the toad therianth he had changed into. As a result, the shapeshifter stopped moving.

The other soldiers quickly got over their shock and began opening fire on the metamorph again. The monster was forced back towards the open airlock. Zeus couldn't make the metal shields in time, and soon the creature fell through the hole yet again, with Pyramid Head's shield still embedded in its chest. The man in the helmet grabbed the chain with his free hand to prevent it ripping from his hand.

McCloud, his emotions taken over, leaned out into space and fired again and again. Zeus was dangling over the ocean attached to Pyramid Head's chain. Red eyed McCloud peppered the creature with blasts until his gun ran out of energy.

The monster, which still had most of Slippy's form, slipped off the spear and fell into the ocean with a splash. Enraged McCloud was not satisfied. Whipping his backup rifle out, the sea was peppered with McCloud's bullets. Meanwhile, Pyramid Head had lifted his spear back up into the ship.

Lara approached the hysterical therianth, who was still firing at the ocean where Zeus had fallen in. "McCloud…"

The fox had run out of ammunition for the rifle, and without taking his eyes off the water, grabbed Lara's pistol from her belt and shot more at the spot.


Lara's gun had only six shots, and McCloud was soon shooting nothing at the ocean. Click, click, click, click. He was too numb to notice when Lara took her gun back gently.

"Come on now, let's get you away from here." The stymied fox did not argue. Lara took him by the shoulder and led him away. Everyone present gave Pyramid Head an extraordinary look. Gordon appeared to scrape a bit of the gunk covering the spear and put it in a test tube. The huge man said nothing.

Arbiter looked at the spot where Zeus had fallen, praying that it was finished.

"I'm hearing that an old daddy has shown up, and he's killing all the Mr. Bubbleses! I think…I think my daddy daddy was one of them. I don't care what Eleanor says, I DON'T want to see him!"
-Masha Lutz

The first thing the man in the diving suit did was throw a small orb at the floor near Link. The metal thing sprang to life, and Link recognized it as one of the mini-turrets Masha had used to defend herself. Sure enough, it whirred aloud before pointing the tiny barrel at Link.

Link moved just as the small stand began firing. Miniscule bullets peppered the floor behind the running wolf. Link circled around as fast as he could, narrowly evading the mini-turret's fire. The tiny thing ran out of ammunition quickly, and the wolf leapt onto the big man.

He quickly regretted it. The Big Daddy's armor was too tough for him to pierce with his teeth. There was no way he could defeat the bulky diver like this. As if to drive that point home, the wolf was swatted aside by the man's free hand. Link was propelled across the room and smashed into a wall hard. The wolf crumpled onto the floor with a pained whimper.

Link managed to make himself look up. The green 'eyes' of the Big Daddy were staring straight at him. The huge man let out another whale cry, and then charged straight at Link, each and every footfall causing the floor to shake.

Link was able to pick himself up and get out of the way just in time. The man in the ragtag diving suit crashed into the wall. Numerous cracks appeared as the wall struggled to stay in one piece.

It was then Link noticed something. On the back of the Big Daddy was a huge smear of green gunk. The same gunk Masha had used to control that huge mutant! If he could wash off that stuff, maybe…

Link had to stop his train of thought when the diver recovered and whirled around. Link bolted, searching for an escape. He found one…a weathered wooden staircase led to a second floor balcony. The transformed man ran up the staircase with all speed. He didn't think the heavy assailant could follow.

It couldn't. The Big Daddy took a few steps up before the wood gave, and fell through with a heavy crash. Link tried earnestly to catch his breath. He stayed alert, instinct doubting he was really safe.

Instinct was correct again. Lining up the wolf in his sights, the huge diver pulled the hinge under the barrel on his shoulder. With a fiery sound, a rocket flew out of the barrel heading straight towards Link.

The wolf had only a second to leap away before the rocket detonated on the balcony railing, creating a colossal hole and a lot of wood chips. The shockwave of the explosion shook Link up as he ran.

A walkway under some pipes was in the fleeing wolf's path. Link took that route when another heat-seeking rocket destroyed a different way. The Big Daddy was in the center of the room below, firing away at his target. The wolf was halfway on the walkway when another rocket was fired.

To Link's surprise, the rocket curved upwards and blasted a hole in the pipe above him. The explosive tore a hole in the pipes, and a cascade of scalding water poured out like a geyser.

Link realized the heat-seeking rocket had targeted the hot-water pipe. Seeing the waterfall the pipe was making, the wolf concocted a plan. Praying silently to the goddesses, Link leapt down off the walkway.

The Big Daddy saw him. Green eyes stared at the wolf from the other side of the boiling waterfall. Link snarled defensively, taunting the bulky opponent to come and get him.

He did. The man in the diving armor suddenly barreled through the waterfall like a rhino. Link made a move to leap aside, but the Big Daddy was faster than he looked, and grabbed the wolf by the tail. Link found himself flung aside once again, right through the blazing cascade of water.

Rolling on the floor painfully, Link weakly brought himself to his feet once he stopped. Barely able to keep himself upright, he looked up to see the opponent, standing under the waterfall with no show of pain. Link was exhausted, and collapsed onto the floor, awaiting his fate. He couldn't dodge another attack. The huge warrior readied his cannon…

Just as the last of the green residue was washed off.

The portholes went a yellow color and the Big Daddy hesitated. The lights seemed to 'blink', and the armored palooka shook his head slowly to clear it.

Link opened his eyes to find the Big Daddy had suddenly lost all interest in him. The huge man simply lumbered towards a metal flower and began to bang his fist on it, causing a loud noise to echo through the corridor. He hit it again and again, and a voice that sounded like a sad whale emanated from the diving armor.

The wolf didn't see any more. Having been shot at, set ablaze, thrown into a wall, nearly blown up and blasted through boiling water, Link closed his eyes involuntarily. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was a wide, toothy smile piercing the darkness, and that deep, mocking voice congratulating him.

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