The League of Extraordinary Games

Chapter 24

"Molgera, protector of the seal. Created by the king of darkness himself. Long ago it slew the sage of an ancient temple, preventing the prayers of the sage from reaching the goddesses. This enabled the king to take control of the temple, until the hero slew the beast. Or so the legend goes. After all this time and retellings, it is difficult to say what is truth and what is fiction. What most people regard as 'true', however, is that Molgera is dead or nonexistent, as none have seen a creature like it for centuries. But beings composed of magic never really 'die', do they?"
-The Happy Mask Salesman

Staring into the gaping maw of Molgera, all Casey could say was "Shit."

Link moved quickly. Another shot from the plasma pistol forced the monstrous worm to back off. Molgera shrieked into the air, furious at the tenacity of what should've been an easy meal. The creature then retreated back into the pit it had sprung out of. Soon it vanished beneath the ground.

Casey slowly detached herself from Link, never taking her eyes off the pit. Although very relieved, Casey couldn't help but feel underwhelmed. Was that it?

It wasn't.


Roaring to the heavens, the creature rose up from the pit. It kept rising higher and higher, straight up, revealing just how long it was…Casey got the impression it was roughly as high as a Las Venturas skyscraper. It kept going and going until it's tail, which resembled a shark's, left the pit. But it didn't fall down. In fact, the creature rose until it appeared to be swimming through the air.

"Frig." Casey cursed. "It friggin' flies."

Molgera circled Hyrule Castle Town like a serpentine vulture, frightening almost all citizens into their homes. The arrows of the castle guards proved useless, and they quickly retreated themselves. Only Casey and Link were outside, and the creature quickly picked them out. It glared down at them with baleful eyes, eager to destroy them.

Link knew it could see them. Instinctively, Link aimed the plasma pistol…

"Link, NO! If that thing falls, it'll take god knows how many houses when it lands!" Casey stopped him. "Let's get it into the field. I got an idea."

She glanced at a dark cloud hovering over the field, and at her Pokemon Jimi. Casey couldn't help but smirk. She had an idea, all right.

"OK, that. Was. Awesome. Post-concert party was pretty lame, and then the rain hit. We're all boozing and complaining about the lack of better booze when one of the groupies asks about Jimi's thunder. So with AC/DC blaring on the boombox, I tell Jimi to fry some wrecked car at the junkyard across the street. And did he ever. That old wreck was practically charcoal after one hit! Oh hell yeah! Pikachu, the weakest, most overrated media whore of the Pokemon? Just try telling that to Jimi."
-Casey Lynch

Link thanked the Goddesses that the monster followed them out of the city and didn't search for them by destroying more structures. Out on the open fields, they could shoot down the flying worm without it crushing any innocents. Unfortunately, before he could fire the pistol, the worm abruptly descended on the two of them. Letting out a shriek, the creature opened it's mouth wide to devour it's prey.

Link, Casey and Jimi had to run fast to avoid being swallowed as the behemoth took out a chunk of the earth, and were shaken by the impact tremor. Casey stumbled to her knees and looked up again. Dammit! That worm needed to be under the cloud in order for this to work!

Molgera flew up into the air again, ready to circle around and try to kill the two. Link raised the plasma pistol and fired another plasma burst at the monstrosity. A flash on the creatures' hide told him the attack had hit, but the colossal beast didn't shift or even roar in pain. Apparently the creature's skin was thick enough to withstand attacks without significant damage.

"Shit, it's coming down again!" Casey stated the obvious as she started running toward the lone cloud hanging in the sky. Link was starting to wonder about her 'idea'. However, he started running as well, distancing himself from where the creature was sailing down to.


Molgera got another mouthful of dirt.

Link tried to fire into the creature's mouth, realizing that it was the beast's weak point. Unfortunately, the earth the monster kicked up prevented him from getting a clear shot into Molgera's mouth, and once the monster rose there was nothing for Link to aim at. The marksman cursed silently.

Molgera flew into the air, circling the two like a hawk tracking mice. Soon it positioned itself under the cloud…

"Jimi, NOW!!!!" Casey suddenly yelled out.

Jimi nodded, smiling darkly. Then it's expression became one of intense concentration, closing it eyes and clapping it's paws together. To Link's eyes, it seemed the Pikachu was praying to some deity to send heavenly retribution onto the abomination in the sky.

In a way, Jimi was.

A lightning bolt shot out from Jimi into the dark cloud above Molgera. The worm didn't seem to think much of the lightning, assuming it to be another failed attack as it had missed completely. Something resembling a smile on the monster's face appeared as it targeted the tiny creatures once more. Twisting it's body to face the annoying little pests, Molgera began to descend onto it's prey…


A colossal lightning bolt struck the monster in the air, causing it to roar in absolute agony. The electricity managed to penetrate Molgera's tough shell and the worm twisted in pain hundreds of feet above the ground. Jimi's Thunder attack hit the creature hard enough to send it plummeting to the ground.

Molgera landed in the field with a resounding crash, shaking the entire field. Once the dust had cleared and the earth had stopped shaking, Link got up to his feet and looked at the fallen worm. It had landed on it's side and had it's mouth wide open. Perfect.

Link didn't waste any time. He considered the plasma pistol again for a second, but then had a better idea. Taking out the crossbow Masha had given him, Link aimed one of the red arrows directly down the behemoth's throat.

Casey glanced at the crossbow. Well, he's got the sense to upgrade, she couldn't help but think.

Molgera began to stir again, the electrical shock wearing off.

Link fired the arrow. With a speed much faster than his normal arrows, the arrow flew down deep into Molgera's throat. The worm shifted, trying to recover…and promptly had an explosion in it's mouth. Flames started cascading from it's jaws like a dragon's, but judging from it's roars of anguish it was not accustomed to breathing fire.


Casey, Link and Jimi had to clamp their hands over their ears to keep themselves from going deaf.

Molgera took to the skies, desperately trying to escape the pain. But it's armor was useless against the fire consuming it from inside. It's bellowing shrieks echoed throughout the valley at it writhed in agony high above the ground. Casey, Link and Jimi watched it thrash about in pain for some time before…

It suddenly froze in midair.

Link and Casey braced themselves for another impact when the creature landed. But it didn't happen. Instead, the monster's body transformed into sand.

Casey blinked. "Huh?"

The sand-creature dissolved, millions of grains of sand falling to the field. Soon a huge mound of sand lay on Hyrule field, with no indication whatsoever of once being the monstrous Molgera. In the ensuing quiet, Link sheathed his crossbow while Casey and Jimi scratched their heads.

"What kind of monster dissolves in sand when you hit it with electricity and fire? Makes no sense."



"Doesn't matter."


Casey and Link's commlinks crackled to life. "ZzZzzt…Casey? Link?" Lara's voice spoke. "We lost audio contact for a few minutes, are you alright?"

"Yes." Was all Link said. Casey gave him an odd look, and then stared at the pile of sand that had threatened their lives a few minutes ago.

"Do you have the map?"

"Yes." How Link was able to keep it on his person during all this was beyond Casey.

"Excellent. We'll pick you up at the rendezvous."

"Right." Link nodded to Casey. "Let's go."

Casey was incredibly bewildered now. How could this guy face death, kill a colossal monster, see it turn into sand with no explanation, and then walk away as calmly as if it had been another day at the market for him?

She was liking Link more and more.

"Link is undeniably a savant, able to understand how to use a weapon or tool he has found within minutes of acquiring it. I've spoken with soldiers who lost their hands trying to fire a Covenant Plasma Weapon, and he was able to use it effectively almost immediately. Fascinating. His responses to interpersonal interactions and apparent reluctance to speak more than he needs to seems to suggest some form of high-functioning autism…although I've had little experience with that condition and it would be presumptuous for me to diagnose it. Furthermore, he seems to be adjusting incredibly well for someone who left the familiarity of home to work alongside strangers in an unusual environment. In conclusion, this addition to the league merits some looking into. Perhaps I will speak with him more when he returns from this assignment."
-Sofia Lamb

It took some time getting the translation for the map from Link, but soon the League was on it's way to the Tomb of the Ancient Hero. Link seemed oddly tense, much to Casey's confusement. What was he so excited about?

Arbiter glanced at the two young operatives. He really couldn't complain about their first assignment. It seemed they weren't telling him something, but they had got what was requested of them and managed to keep themselves in one piece. But honestly, what did they do that some other soldier could not? He saw no need to have them stay active in this current assignment.

"Sir?" McCloud's voice jarred him from his thoughts. "We have visual on the tomb."

Link must've heard McCloud, as he whirled around to see the tomb through the window. Arbiter noted his eagerness curiously before turning to have a look at the tomb himself.

The building was miles away from Hyrule Castle town, and judging by the vegetation and rocks, hadn't seen a visitor in centuries. Arbiter guessed that seismic activity at some point in the past had rendered the area inaccessible to anyone on foot. The building itself was hard to describe. Like the temple from the Anubis Stone assignment, the entire thing had been overgrown. It was clear that there was a building under there, a large building that would've been very marvellous. Now, it was hard to tell.

Maybe it would become clearer once he got closer.

The ship touched down a small distance from the tomb. A door opened and then closed, apparently doing nothing. In reality a cloaked elite had stepped out to investigate the immediate area, in case of any ambushes. Arbiter scanned the area carefully, and after detecting no heat traces of any living threat, crept up closer to the tomb itself. Couldn't be too careful.

No heat signals or any evidence that anything other than a few animals had visited this place. Arbiter couldn't help but wonder if the League's presence was really necessary. This tomb could've been investigated by Lara's colleagues at the museums – why bring this army here? Arbiter wondered about Snake's remark that they were just government errand boys.

No sign of any danger. Arbiter was about to give the signal to open the phantom's doors and allow the soldiers access when he noticed something interesting on the tomb wall. It was partially obscured by a vine, so the Sangheili easily pushed it aside.

Chiseled into the wall in meticulous detail was a portrait of a swordsman. The outfit was simple, a tunic and a cap, with boots and gloves for the sake of practicality. The man carried a sword and shield, holding the sword high above his head like a sacred icon.

It was a dead ringer for the young operative from Ordon, and the sword was identical to the blade that had cut his hand long ago.

Arbiter glanced back at the ship. Perhaps it was a good thing Link was on this assignment.

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