The League of Extraordinary Games

Chapter 46

"It is true that Giygas is a monumentally powerful being, capable of destroying the world and allowing me to pursue my own vision of humanity. But Giygas is a formless, deranged, and unpredictable force of nature. His initial rampage can be equated to the confused tantrum of a psychopathic child. By himself, he's more of a hindrance than any help. Without any purpose or direction, he'll simply reduce the world to a broken shell of itself. But…if Giygas' energy is merged with my mind, I can control the beast and bend it to my will. It's unstoppable destructive capabilities combined with my purpose and intellect…at the risk of sounding clichéd, I will be invincible."
-Albert Wesker.

Wesker's first shot was deflected by Arbiter's shield, and ricocheted into a wall. Arbiter retaliated and fired another round from his plasma rifle. Wesker dodged that blast as well, smirking. Not wanting to give up his strategic position, the man in the leather coat kept shooting down at his targets.

Arbiter's group split up, forcing him to focus on multiple assailants. Arbiter, McCloud, and Snake continued shooting at him, counting on him not being able to dodge every single bullet. Meanwhile, Gordon slipped away to find out more about the Devil's Machine. If there was a way to shut it down or destroy it, he would find out. Snake followed him, in case something came up that required communication with the other operatives.

Wesker wouldn't move down from the walkway, feeling that he could easily pick off the operatives from above. However, this quickly proved to be less easy than he thought. Albert was many things, but he wasn't an expert marksman. Every shot seemed to miss, or barely do any damage at all. Meanwhile, he was taking one too many bullets himself. No matter how fast he moved, he couldn't detect every attack quickly enough to dodge them all. However, the attacks that did hit only clipped him, and his genetic modifications made him recover fast.

Link's group suddenly arrived at the other end of the room, Rumbler coming in first. Masha was on his shoulder, smiling broadly and pointing out the bad guy on the walkway.

While he trying to get a bead on McCloud, an explosion suddenly tore apart the metal under him. Rumbler's missile destroyed the walkway, ripping open a huge hole in Wesker's vantage point. Of course, he could've easily jumped to a more secure area of the walkway. But he realized that he had a better chance on the ground. So he let himself fall and land on his feet.

But before Arbiter could shoot him again, Wesker's fist was in his face.

In the blink of the eye Wesker was right next to Arbiter, throwing punches at super speed. The Sangheili wasn't used to close combat, and he was caught off guard by the sudden barrage. He tried to back away, but the leatherclad man didn't let him escape. Every time Arbiter raised his weapon, Wesker knocked it away. Trying to draw his sword was equally fruitless. All he could do was try to block the attacks, and it didn't go very well.

The other operatives were at a loss. Wesker was too close to their commander and moving too fast for them to get a solid bead without risking Arbiter's life. But they couldn't simply stand there and watch their commander get pummelled.

McCloud joined the fight, trying to get behind Wesker. Unfortunately, the second he tried to grab Wesker, the man whirled around and punched the fox Therianth in the stomach. Arbiter tried to take the opportunity to hit Wesker, but Albert was too fast and blocked his blow. The man's hand twisted Arbiter's fist away, painfully deflecting the attack and forcing Arbiter to the side. McCloud tried to shoot Wesker at point-blank range, but Wesker managed to dodge the bullet and let it hit the wall.

The man in the leather coat laughed, easily dodging any attacks from the two assailants. He could easily handle these two assailants. This was a pleasant, if short, diversion before Giygas returned and he could merge with it.

Gordon and Snake screeched to a halt in front of what used to be a computer panel. It used to be the place where Wesker handled the technical aspect of reviving Giygas, maintaining the Devil's Machine and using the programs that could do what mysticism couldn't. It was connected to almost everything in the power plant, including the gas lines and security systems. Wesker could manage virtually everything from here.

But now…it was reduced to a broken moniter, several exposed wires, and a wrecked keyboard. The control panel was reduced to melted slag, the buttons were all ripped out, and everything else was ablaze. The screens were all broken, and any power supply had been cut off. This hadn't been destroyed by the sudden blackout, or even some sort of power overload. No, Wesker had thouroughly destroyed this a few minutes ago.

Gordon silently cursed, while Snake was more vocal. There was nothing either of them could do. The only thing that was still functional was a terminal that had nothing to do with the Devil's Machine, it was some sort of security measure for the building itself. Gordon could've used the terminal to repair the Devil's Machine controls, but that would take too long.

And the countdown clock, whatever it was counting down to, only had a minute left…

Wesker checked his watch as he punched McCloud in the face. Hm. Not much longer. Time to wrap this up -

His train of thought was interrupted by a boot to the face.

Lara took advantage of Wesker's momentary distraction, as well as the fact that Wesker thought he was only going up against two adversaries. She leapt into the fray, making a solid hit on Wesker's jaw.

Wesker, who didn't like being caught off guard, whirled around and dealt a blow to Lara's side. The attack on her wound caused Lara to gasp in pain, and Wesker tried to kick her in the face.

But with three opponents, Wesker couldn't keep an eye on everybody. He managed to stop Arbiter from drawing his sword, but he couldn't prevent McCloud from hitting his face and forcing him to leave off his attack on Lara. When Wesker retaliated, Lara managed to recover and fire a pistol shot into Wesker's chest. Although he managed to shrug off the bullet, it managed to slow him down enough for several marksmen to get a bead on him.

Realizing his advantage wasn't so great anymore, Wesker leapt out of the fray and tried to run off. But now that there was no danger of wounding the commander, he found himself dodging gunfire and missiles. Although it was fairly easy for him to outrun the bullets, the Rumbler's RPGs destroyed the footing under him.

Then something he didn't hear sank into his leg. It wasn't a bullet…it was long, thin and wooden. Wesker snarled in pain, but the pain quickly subsided to be replaced with…cold?

Wesker looked down, and he couldn't believe his eyes. An arrow had been imbedded in his leg, and all around the area, ice was forming. Fusing his foot to the ground. "WHAT?!" he roared. He couldn't believe that he was being stopped by an ice arrow.

However, he couldn't express in rage in time before he was riddled with bullets. Every single operative aimed and shot at Albert Wesker. He wasn't able to dodge them all, not with his leg frozen in place. He tried to break the ice, but several blasts going into arms nearly dismembered him. The bullets had almost reduced him to a bloody pulp when Snake's voice came back on the commlink.

"Arbiter, we got a problem."

"What now?" The commander demanded.

"Wesker wrecked the control panel. We can't shut down the machine!"


Wesker half chuckled, half gurgled. "Too late…I knew you'd show up here…"

"I think…yeah, I think Gordon's got an idea. He's…um…he's opening up the gas lines. We can't stop the machine, but maybe we can destroy it. Shoot it with the ship's weapons, it'll blow up the whole plant. But the explosion has to be in a minute…We gotta leave NOW!"

Arbiter didn't waste a second. If the gas lines were open, one gunshot or spark could blow them to kingdom come. "HOLD YOUR FIRE! ALL OPERATIVES RETREAT!"

"And Wesker?" Lara demanded, gasping for breath.

Arbiter turned to where Wesker had been a second ago. Somehow, the man had broken out of the ice and had vanished. They didn't have time to search for him, and even with his speed, he wouldn't go far with the wounds he'd gotten.

"It does not matter. Everyone retreat to the ship, IMMEDIATELY!" Nobody second guessed this order.

"Nnnnngh…what am I doing here? Why would they bring back the King of Evil and then have him stand by while they make their plans? Why? To prove to that preening Wesker that it is possible to cheat death years after the fact? Is that all?! They laugh at me, calling me 'outdated, antiquated, a token member'! Nobody disrespects me! NOBODY! Just wait, you miserable little insects. I WILL come out on top in the end!"

Wesker watched the League run out of the room, with Gordon and Snake close behind. He couldn't help but laugh. They'd come all this way just to flee on realizing there was nothing they could do. He managed to force his leg out of the ice, but with all the wounds inflicted on him, he could only get himself to a slightly safer location and hope that no-one saw him.

He had to wait a few minutes for his body to heal, until he was back up to full speed. But he didn't have that time. Giygas was coming…he could see the Devil's Machine pulse with anticipation, he could feel the earth rumble as it awaiting his judgement, he could smelt the…gas?

So that was their last-ditch plan. Blow up the facility. Like that would make a difference. Still, he had to hurry.

His legs still not fully healed, Wesker began shambling towards the machine. Once Giygas emerged from the device, he would envelop whoever was before him, and they would become one. The modifications Wesker and Robotnik had made to the Devil's Machine would ensure that the monster would do just as Wesker needed him to do.

He couldn't help but laugh…

Arbiter radioed Aven onboard the Master Chief "Aven! Do you have out location?"

"Yes sir."

"Get the ship as close to our position as you can, but DO NOT FIRE until my command!"

"Yes, sir!"

Casey's voice came over the commlink. "I'm looking at the map, boss. There's an…exit to the right of the facility. Take your next…left, and keep running straight! We'll pick you up there!"

Wesker came closer and closer to the Devil's Machine. Already it was starting to rumble with the incoming birth of Giygas. He could see it, swirling in the window. The embodiement of chaos and destruction. Power incarnate.

He had big plans. The worthless horde of humanity, replaced with something genetically perfect. And even if Giygas didn't give him enough power to do that, he could see the evolution of the new world himself. The scientific discoveries he could make and foresee…it would be unprecedented. A new world, all due to him.

He knew that the other members had intended to take his place. But Robotnik had fled. Lucien, Dimentio and Larxene were dead. And he'd already sent that other member on a snipe hunt in Hyrule for some sort of –


Aven banged the hull against several buildings in his hurry, but he soon had the Master Chief right outside the exit Casey had pointed out. Just as he arrived, he saw the Rumbler smash through the doorway and into the open.

Not wasting any time, Aven lowered the entrance ramp. The operatives came running onboard, each of them gasping for breath. Arbiter, then Snake, then Gordon, Link, Lara, Rumbler, McCloud and the remaining SWATbots Gordon had reprogrammed were onboard in a second.

Arbiter ran up to the ship's control room. Aven got out of his seat quickly, allowing his commander to take control again.

"Time to finish this." Arbiter remarked.

Wesker collapsed to the ground, a heavy blow dealt to the back of his neck. He forced himself to look up to see his attacker.

A huge, dark man with short red hair, a beard, and an outfit that resembled an ancient knight's armour. A thick boot held Wesker down, preventing him from getting back up.

Wesker gasped. "Ganondorf?!"

The huge dark man snarled. "How stupid do you think I am, Wesker?!" he then forced his boot down, breaking the man's spine. Satisfied, the dark king of Hyrule stepped towards the ruby porthole of the Devil's Machine.

The Master Chief rose into the air, gaining some distance from the power plant. As soon as Arbiter decided that they were far away enough, he turned the ship's cannons towards the enemie's base…

Wesker couldn't get up to stop him. "Wait-!"

Ganondorf smirked. "No one forgets me." He laughed before plunging his fist into the Devil's Machine…


With one shot, the entire power plant exploded. In a gigantic ball of flame that almost resembled a nucleur blast, the building that housed all of Wesker's plans was completely and utterly destroyed. The flames were as bright as a second sun, and for a brief second, night was noon.

The explosion faded, and the rubble started to burn. There was a dead calm, a strange quiet as the base smoldered into oblivion. There was nothing left.

Everyone looked at the explosion from inside the Master Chief, wondering if it was really over. Many hoped it was.

Arbiter came back down to where the crew was waiting. He was a little short of breath. "Is…everyone alright?"

Every one of the operatives nodded. Link collapsed into his seat, very much exhausted. Casey sat down beside him, smiling comfortingly. Lara, Snake and McCloud sat back and closed their eyes for the first time in a while. Gordon was the only one who didn't seem tired, sitting in his seat and thinking pensively. Of course, Pyramid Head was completely impassive either way.

"Good." Arbiter sighed, more than a little tired himself. "I'll contact Sofia and Eleanor, tell them that…"

"Um…Mister Sir?" Masha was staring out a porthole with wide eyes. The tremulous terror in her normally chipper voice woke everyone up.

Arbiter blinked. "What?"

She pointed out the window. "Um…the fire's…on fire."

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