The League of Extraordinary Games

Chapter 48

Even in the throes of unconsciousness, Link heard the song. The sound of the Ocarina, his ancestor's instrument. The song of prayer, which he'd heard in the tomb of the ancient hero. It was the most beautiful piece he'd heard in his life. He followed it back into the waking world.

As soon as Casey had ended the song, Link had roused himself back up. Without hesitation, the girl went to his side and helped him get back to his feet. "You alright?" she asked nervously.

Link smiled. "Yeah…thanks…Was that you playing?"

Casey nodded. "Yeah. I…figured…I dunno. I just…I didn't know what to do, so I…yeah." She quickly handed the instrument back to Link.

Link chuckled slightly as he replaced the Ocarina in his pocket. "It's alright. You were beautiful." He admitted.

Casey blinked, blushing slightly. "…Really? I…"


Before they could continue, the door was smashed in. The metal slab smashed into the wall across from Link and Casey. The two teenagers jumped in shock as Rumbler and Masha strolled in. Masha waved at them cheerfully, that crooked smile still on her face.

"Hey guys! Mister Sir wants to see you!"

Ganondorf was enraged. Almost all of his newfound power was gone. All he had were these two flaming whips, and they were proving to be less than effective against the two purple flies that were buzzing around. Why couldn't he hit these accursed things?! He could feel their attacks now…as insignificant as insect stings, but still very annoying. And there was still that fallen ship to deal with…

Still, he could take comfort in the fact that none of their attacks would kill him. Annoy him, sure, but he could not be slain by such puny attacks. The king of darkness would never be felled by mere mortals. Even the ship's huge cannon couldn't do much other than knock him back a few feet.

Just as he was thinking that, the cannon fired and hit him right in the forehead. While it didn't kill him, he grossly underestimated the power of the Master Chief'smain weapon. The plasma burned his new face, the heat nearly blinding him. His eyes were seared by the attack, and his neck was nearly snapped by the force of the cannon.

Between the two phantoms biting at him and the turrets peppering him with bullets, Ganon had to recover quickly. Enraged, he counterattacked with his chaotic whip. Wanting to eliminate the threat that caused him the most pain, he forced his weapon down on the ship in the distance.

From his position, Aven could see the flaming whip coming down onto the cannon. Cursing under his breath, the Sangheili tried firing one more shot before the whip connected. Unfortunately, the machine couldn't charge in time and the weapon struck the main cannon dead centre. Aven didn't understand how fire could result in a kinetic force, but the entire ship shook with the impact. The flames melted through the cannon's shields like they were butter, and the entire weapon was destroyed within seconds.

Aven cursed to himself before radioing Arbiter. "We just lost the main cannon!"

"Damn." Arbiter muttered. He was standing in the control centre, looking at the huge monster from a window. This thing was absorbing fire at an alarming rate…the turrets and weapons of the Banshees didn't have infinite ammunition, and without the main cannon, they couldn't do any significant amount of damage. Somehow, Arbiter knew that killing this thing with bug bites wouldn't work. But what else was there?

The only other option Arbiter could think of was a massive air strike, from one of the Coalition's orbiting satellites, or even just calling in reinforcements. He tried that, but the radio was dead. The commlinks were still active, but Giygas had somehow scrambled any signal outside the immediate area. He couldn't contact the Coalition or anything that wasn't within a 10-mile radius.

A retreat? They only had a handful of functioning vehicles. Only one ghost, and the two Banshees Lara and Snake had taken. Everything else had been destroyed with the monster's last attack. They didn't have enough transportation for half of the operatives, much less the soldiers that Gordon was controlling. From the sound of it, the escape pods had been damaged as well.

So now what? He was thinking just as Link and Casey came up with Masha and the Rumbler. "Are you alright? I thought you would have fled by now?"

Casey shook her head. "No dice, boss. The door was blasted before we could eject."

Link nodded, but then his attention was diverted to the beast outside. His eyes widened. It can't be…then again…

"Ganondorf." Link half-gasped, half-sighed. He really shouldn't have been surprised.

Arbiter blinked. "What? I don't understand…"

"A strong sorcerer. Demon King of Evil. But I slew him…"

Wheels turned in Casey's mind. "Even money says he's the guy the Anubis Stone brought back."

Arbiter mused for a moment. "Dimentio said something about merging with Giygas. Maybe this Ganondorf merged with Giygas. It would explain why he's taken this particular form. But how does that help us?"

Gordon and Aven suddenly walked into the conversation. "None of the turrets are doing anything, and my last shot just annoyed it!" Aven snarled. "Without the main gun, I don't see how we can topple that creature."

Casey turned to Link. "How did you slay that guy the last time?"

"What guy?" Aven demanded.

"I'll explain later."

"With this." Link motioned to his sword. The Master Sword.

"Hmm." Arbiter mumbled.

Aven's face contorted. "You are not seriously thinking…"

"Got any better ideas?" Casey interrupted.

Aven almost yelled, but quickly changed his mind. "The shot that made the most damage was at the head. I'm guessing that if he was struck there with enough force, he'd die…but even if your little sword can kill him, how will you get up there? We don't have any more Banshees operable."

Gordon presented his gravity gun. He didn't need to say anything.

Aven groaned. "This is a crazy idea."


"True…but the only other option is a tactical retreat, and we don't have the resources for that." Arbiter muttered. His eye glanced back to Ganondorf outside. It was an insane plan, and not one he would accept on any other day. But between what he'd seen of Link's sword, the already bizarre nature of the fight, their desperate situation and the threat this Ganondorf clearly posed, it was their only chance.

Lara was running out of ammunition. Every shot she took seemed to be absorbed by the monster's skin. Even when she shot the creature's eyes, they didn't do much beside anger it further. The last attack from the Master Chief's cannon had damaged his eyes, but the beast could still see the Banshee's clearly enough to attack. It was difficult to keep dodging his whips.

Worse, she was running out of fuel. If this thing crashed, at this altitude, she was done for. And she knew Snake was in a similar position.

While Ganondorf was preoccupied with the two Covenant airships, a lone ghost was jettisoned out of the Master Chief. Onboard was Link and Gordon, and they immediately sped towards the beast.

Casey was watching them, silently praying that this would work. What if something went wrong? What if this thing saw them? What if Link…missed? What then?

Jimi tapped his mistress on the shoulder. Once he had Casey's attention, he pointed to a dark thing that was directly above Ganondorf. Something they could use. Casey felt a smile go across her face.

Lara had to land. Any longer in the air, and she'd be in for a bloody crash landing. But she'd try to get one good hit in for good measure. Doing a looping manoeuvre, she brought the ship low enough to the ground so that she could eject without killing herself. She then quickly set the autopilot on the ship and ejected.

She rolled on the ground and looked up to see the beast stagger after the ship smashed into his chest and exploded. While Ganondorf was forced back, he was still standing.

Ganondorf smirked. That final attack hurt, but one of the pests was down. As for the pilot…there was really no point in focusing on her. What could she do? She could barely do anything with that tiny little ship, what harm could she possess now? He could step on her and be done with it. No, right now he should deal with that other purple bug that was buzzing around…

Link had figured out the Ghost's controls almost immediately, and he quickly sped towards the monster. Behind him, Gordon Freeman was setting his Gravity gun to it's highest setting. Link was nervous that Ganon would see them coming up to them, but the wreckage provided enough cover for the approach, and Aven's last good shot had damaged his eyesight quite a bit.

The only other question was how he would get to this giant's head. Gordon had shown his Gravity Gun, which he knew could propel a mass at a high velocity. If he glanced behind, he could almost see Gordon mentally doing the needed calculations from the look in his eyes. Hell, he could almost hear the gears in his head whirring.

But would it work? What if-?

Gordon tapped Link on the shoulder. When Link turned around, the silent scientist pointed ahead to a specific place in front of the two of them. A sheet of metal, likely one of the power plant's walls, was lying nearby Ganondorf. It was slanted at a steep angle towards the beast. Link could drive the Ghost off the ramp and ram Ganon in the chest.

But he could tell Gordon had another plan in mind. A plan that needed him to go there. After thinking for a second, Link nodded and sped towards the ramp.

Ganondorf flung his whip at the other Banshee hovering around him. The attack managed to clip the wing of the Covenant airship and force Snake to abandon ship. The operative had a rough landing, but he survived long enough to escape the blast radius of the exploding Banshee.

Ganon laughed. All three of the threats against him were gone. There was nothing that could stop him. The world was his! Lightning flashed as he triumphantly turned his eyes to the sky…

Just as Jimi's Thunder attack came crashing down upon him.

The spasming body of Ganon made Gordon Freeman smile. This made things a lot simpler. The beast was twitching with electricity, but was staying relatively still. And they were just coming up to the ramp…

Link accelerated the Ghost to a breakneck speed. Just a few more seconds, and they would be there. He could see the ramp coming up to him now. He just hoped Gordon was ready.

Gordon was ready. He positioned his Gravity Gun perfectly just as the Ghost sailed off the ramp.

There was a split second after the Ghost sailed off the edge of the ramp that nothing happened, and Link thought this plan had failed.

But suddenly, Link felt weightless. And then he was being propelled upwards at an incredible speed. Gordon had fired the gun already. He could see the electrified body of Ganon soar past him as he went straight up.

Link had to steady himself just as he started slowing down. He was almost at the head when he drew his sword. When he realized he was directly over Ganon, to the point where he could look the huge demon king in the eye, he readied himself for a landing.

The youth from Hyrule wondered if Ganon was truly shocked to see him, or if he wasn't surprised at all. This had happened many times before.

Link hit Ganon right in his forehead, using his sword to steady himself. He ground to a halt, and managed to get a decent foothold within a second. He had to hurry, as the paralyzing effect of the Thunder wouldn't last very long. Ganon would recover and try to throw him off.

He had to kill him now.

Luckily, he was right on the beast's forehead. There was a red crystal that was pulsing with energy right next to him. Link could tell that this was the source of Ganon's power…or at least, a weak point on his forehead. As Link glanced at it, he nearly saw the same face that he saw on the ruby of the Devil's Machine. He would strike there.

Without a second's hesitation, Link plunged the master sword into the gemstone.

Casey wasn't sure what she was looking at. The first thing she saw was the beast just…stopping. It wasn't twitching due to Jimi's attack, it just wasn't moving. It just froze for a fraction of a second. And then it started glowing, with a light resembling an atom bomb going off. The rocker had to clamp her eyes shut.

She couldn't cover her ears, and she could hear Ganondorf roar in pain and rage. It sounded like Giygas was screaming as well as Ganon. Was it coming from the earpiece or the creature itself? The earth shook with the force of an explosion, causing everything to rattle. Everybody had to grab something to keep from toppling over. What did Link do?!

Everything roared for a short eternity, and then everything settled.

As Casey opened her eyes again, the giant beast was gone. Just…gone. She could see a huge cloud of dust settle where Ganondorf had been a second ago. What just happened?

Suddenly, her commlink came alive. "Boss, what is it?" she asked.

"Whatever Link did, it fixed the problem with the communications. I can order an extraction from the Coalition. They'll be here in a few minutes, maintain position."

Casey nodded. They were finally getting out of there. But something still bothered her.

Was Link okay?

Gordon had a rough landing on the ghost, but he managed to get the ship back upright just in time to be knocked over by Ganon's dying explosion. The scientist had his glasses knocked off, reducing the world to a blurry white…something. He got himself back onto his feet and replaced his glasses only to have Lara run into him, nearly knocking him aside.

"What the hell happened? What happened?" A surprisingly frazzled Lara demanded, forgetting that Gordon could answer her. Not that Gordon would have an answer.

Instead, he just pointed to where Ganondorf had been a few seconds ago. There was nothing there but a crater. A burnt circle where the monster had been standing. The dusty remains of the fusion of Giygas and Ganondorf fell from the sky like dust.

Something else caught Lara's eye, however.

Link had fallen from a great height once Ganondorf was destroyed, and it looked like every bone in his body was broken. He gasped for breath, shaking with pain. Lara immediately ran up to him and activated her commlink.

"We need a medic over here, NOW!"

Not far from where Link had landed, something else was lying on the ground. The last tiny figment of Giygas' energy. With tiny eyes, it looked up at the giant standing before it.

In the confusion, Arbiter hadn't noticed Pyramid Head was gone. Whether he had slipped out when the ship had taken off or if he'd gotten out when the ship crashed, was unclear. Whatever the case, the executioner of Silent Hill was here.

Without hesitation, the helmeted man crushed the last piece of Giygas' energy under his foot like an insect.

It was over.

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