The Bargain

Chapter 3

Eira and Gwaine walked to a nearby tavern, standing in a lively corner as the sun started to set. Eira had drawn a strange looking moustache on Gwaine, and they both looked almost unrecognizable.

They went into the tavern and looked around for someone they recognized. Men and women were everywhere, talking by a table, and some were standing on tables. Gwaine started walking towards the bar counter, preparing some strange accent that might make him less familiar. He ordered two drinks for them. The bartender had obviously noticed that he was a foreigner and taken advantage of it because he had poured the drinks into glasses instead of tankards. This meant that they were considered 'finer', and therefore more expensive. Gwaine was just about to point out that he wanted them in metallic tankards instead, but this would make the man suspicious so he defeatedly gave him the money and walked back to Eira.

They had their drinks and looked around. There was one man sitting in the corner that looked utterly depressed. He kept drawing Gwaine's attention, and Gwaine thought he knew him from somewhere.

Gwaine dropped his drink and the glass broke into one thousand pieces, mirroring what he very much felt inside. The whole tavern became silent and looked at him, some with angry and some with curious glares.

The man was Merlin.

''Merlin!'' he shouted without thinking, completely caught up in his memories of Camelot. Merlin looked up, looked down again, but then looked back up. Gwaine ran forward, grabbed Merlin, and ran out of the tavern before his friend could say anything. ''No need to worry folks,'' Eira smiled nervously, put down her drink and ran outside after them. They hugged, while Merlin stood there, breathless. ''Gwaine? That can't be you, you're dead. Percie told us. Haha, I think I'm dreaming,'' Merlin slurred.

''Percie? He's drunk.'' Eira said. ''We need to get him home, come on Gwaine, we can celebrate tomorrow,'' she said quickly.

Gwaine and Eira helped Merlin back to the little house and put him down on Eira's bed.

''He can stay here until tomorrow, when he'll hopefully be better. But where will I sleep?'' Gwaine asked.

''On the floor. With me,'' Eira replied like it was the most obvious thing ever.

''In that case, I don't mind,'' Gwaine said and smiled. He yanked some blankets and a pillow off the bed which Merlin, sound asleep and snoring, was on and put them on the floor. He took his boots off and put them at the end of the blankets like a footrest. He took off his jacket and Eira took off her cloak and used them to make their bed on the floor more comfortable. Eira blew out the candle, put another blanket on Merlin, and lay down next to Gwaine. He couldn't believe how close they were to each other. It was so quiet. He felt insecure, so after hesitating, he waited until she was asleep before putting his arm around her lightly. An hour or so later, he woke up after a restless sleep. The only feeling in his core was unease. He removed his arm from around Eira.

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