The Bargain

Chapter 4

Gwaine opened his eyes, slowly letting the morning light in. ''Where am I again?'' he quietly asked himself, and then remembered that he was in Eira's friend’s house. Last night's memories came to him, and he looked up at the bed in which Merlin still slept. He had dark circles almost engraved on his face, his raven black hair messy as if he had been anxiously pulling at it for many nights in a row.

Gwaine felt closer to Eira now that she had helped him with Merlin, and for some reason he felt like it wasn't a big mistake trusting her. If she wanted him dead, there were a lot of things that she could have done already.

He turned around and saw Eira looking at him.

''Have you fallen in love with me yet?'' he asked.

''No,'' she answered and blushed.

''Really? Must have been hard.''

She laughed and Gwaine put his arm around her, but instead of wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him, she removed his arm.

''Not happening,'' she said, smirking.

'' But- but - but...'' Gwaine spluttered.

She swaggered out the room, leaving a bewildered Gwaine still on the floor.

Gwaine looked up at Merlin again to see if he had woken up.

''Gwaine? Is that you? What happened?'' Merlin asked, his voice still completely exhausted, like the rest of him.

''We found you at the tavern last night. You were drunk. And depressed,'' Gwaine replied.

''Wait wait wait, who's we?'' Merlin asked.

''Eira and I,'' Gwaine answered softly.

''What? Wait how are you even alive? How is she even alive? How am I even alive?'' Merlin said, and it was obvious that he was very confused.

''Eira? Can I tell him why we're alive?''

''Of course you can, sweetie! Tell him how a magical creature that once healed you gave some of her powers to my mother when she was pregnant with me, and how I brought myself back after I was executed and how I brought you back with the help of my powers and your strength. I'm sure he'd understand,'' Eira said and smiled sarcastically as she walked back into the room.

''Eira, you don't have to speak to him like he's an idiot,'' Gwaine said irritably.

''Gwaine, I left some food in the other room for you, I think you should go have it now and I'll tend to Merlin.'' Eira ordered.

Gwaine walked stubbornly into the other room without a word.

Eira approached Merlin and put a cold water-soaked cloth on his forehead.

''Eira, I do understand. There's something I need to tell you, something that Gwaine doesn't know.'' Merlin said slowly.

''Tell me then,'' Eira said cautiously.

''I have magic,'' Merlin said and looked Eira in the eyes. Gwaine obviously trusted her enough to sleep next to her, so Merlin decided to. Morgana was dead anyways. He ignored the sting of pain in his chest.

'' kept it a secret from everyone these past years?'' she asked and backed away a bit, shocked to have one of her own kind so close to her.

''I lived in a kingdom where magic was forbidden with Uther Pendragon. Of course I kept it a secret, only the physician knew. What about you? I saw how upset Gwaine was when you betrayed him and were executed. He really cared about you,'' said Merlin.

''I cared about him. Well as I said before, I have powers to heal others from fatal wounds and to summon myself if governing powers allow it. I brought Gwaine back after I healed myself. I didn't betray him, well, at least I wasn't conscious. Morgana saw how close I was to Gwaine, and used a Fomorroh to control me.'' Eira explained, the tone in her voice slightly indicating that she thought that he was accusing her.

''I've been controlled through a Fomorroh by Morgana too, I know how terrible it is. Morgana tried to make me kill Arthur. Fortunately, Guinevere and the physician Gaius noticed my strange behaviour and stopped me.''

''Well I didn't have anyone to see any changes in my behaviour. What happened to Morgana?''Eira asked him.

''I killed her,'' Merlin said sadly. He stared at nothing for a while, not saying anything.

''You loved her,'' Eira realized.

''I don't want to talk about it. Re-open old wounds.''
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