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Wave The Swallow: More Than You Think

By Kingstriker19

Drama / Other

Signs Of Abuse

To most people...she was a high-spirited, outgoing and clever her father...nothing but a waste of time. But to everyone...she was Wave the Swallow. A technical genius who had a love for inventing and dreaming of a positive future. Her closest friends admired her for her high intellect and inventions, but her abusive father thought otherwise. One of her first inventions was made when she was 10-years old. She had created her own lamp to use in her room when reading at night. Her father was jealous of Wave's smart brain knowing she got it from her mother. Her mother barely had any control over what her husband did to Wave.

"HEY! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?" He stormed into her room that night.

"I-I-I made it." Wave explained nervously.

Her dad then walked over to the lamp, grabbed it and snapped it in half right in front of her. She teared up seeing her creation lying broken on the floor.

"Why would you do that?" Wave began to cry.

Then her father punched her straight in the face making her left eye swell up and a large bump on her beak formed. She scrambled onto her bed and covered her head.

"NEXT TIME I SEE YOU INVENTING STUFF IN HERE, YOU WON'T HAVE A ROOM!" The father snarled before leaving.

Wave continued to cry until her mother came in worried.

"Mother, why do you let him do that?" Wave whimpered.

Honestly, her mother was scared. She worried about stuff he would do when drunk...even she's been hit several times but he would always apologize to her, but not Wave.

"Sweetie, I'm starting to think you're not safe around here." She rubbed Wave's head.

"But mom, what about you?" Wave asked.

"Don't worry about me...I don't want anything happening to you." She said.

Wave hugged her mom tightly not wanting to let go. She hated going out in public with several bruises, bandages or black-eyes...and her friends were starting to get very concerned. She made a heavy sigh before going over to the window and looking up at the clear blue sky, she saw a shooting star going by and knew she had to make a wish.

"Oh shooting star, give the chance to live free of abuse, the chance to live the way I want to, the know what I'm truly capable of."

Wave finished and opened her eyes to look back at the sky, a tear escaping her swollen eye. The next day after breakfast, she walked outside with a bandage wrapped around her beak and her swollen eye still visible. Thankfully the bandages were mostly covered by her bandanna. She was going to meet her friends at the park. Several people she passed noticed her injuries and looked worried and confused.

"Ugh, I wish they could've just picked me up." Wave sighed as she put her sunglasses over her eyes.

At the park, her friends Rouge, Amy and Cream were waiting and chatting. When Wave arrived they had horrified looks on their faces.


"Father." Was all Wave said as she sat down next to them.

"THAT BASTARD! Something needs to be done about him." Rouge snarled.

"What did you do?" Cream asked rubbing Wave's back.

"I created a little lamp to use for when I read at night, then he came in, smashed it and...and...p-p-punched me." Wave began to cry again.

"Aw Wave. It's gonna be okay." Cream hugged her.

Rage rose especially in Rouge, something had to be done. Just then, everyone's favorite blue hedgehog comes racing into view and stops right in front of the girls.

"Hey girls, what's-WAVE HOLY SHIT!" Sonic gasped.

"Hey Sonic, don't worry it's okay." Wave assured.

"No it's not okay...I'M GONNA-"

Before Sonic could take off, Rouge blocked him.

"Hold on there big blue, we're all mad about it. If we were to do anything, we'd obviously need a good plan. But Wave is a very strong girl, she can hold her own...she's more than you think, then we all think." Rouge assured.

"Okay fine. So anyways, there's a new guy coming to town." Sonic announced.

"Really? Who is he?" Cream asked.

"I don't know, but I heard he's pretty smart and fast. Looks like I got new competition." Sonic smirked.

"Do you at least know if he's a hedgehog or not?" Amy asked.

"Actually I heard he's supposed to be a cat like Blaze and Big." Sonic said.

"Wow...when is he coming in?" Wave asked.

"Hmm, hopefully soon. Then I can show him around town. He'd love to be escorted by someone like me." Sonic gave a thumbs up and flicked his nose causing the others to roll their eyes.

"Hey, speaking of Blaze, I heard she was trying out for the local fight club downtown." Rouge said.

"Really? Well, I guess it would help to build up her strength. Hey, that's something you should do Wave!" Amy suggested.

Wave gasped...her? Fighting? Basically for other peoples' amusement? GETTING HURT?

"Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea. I'm an inventor, not a fighter." Wave shook her head.

"Come on Wave, it will help toughen you up. You're gonna need to survive out here, especially when you get older." Rouge suggested.

"I mean...I could check it out. When does it start?"

"This weekend, if you want I can sign you up early." Rouge said.

"Can I least have some time to think about it?" Wave asked.

"Sure honey."

Sonic leaned down to Wave's eye level...she could feel herself already blushing.

"No matter what happens Wave, me and the rest of your friends will have your back. Remember that." Sonic vowed.

"I will." Wave nodded.

"Well I got to go, I'll check on you later Wave." Sonic said and dashed away.

Wave, for the first time that morning...smiled.

Later...on the other side of town. The new guy, 11 year old Burn the cat, was racing around on foot checking out his surroundings. He looked rather unusual from most people. He was mainly dark red with some streaks of yellow. He was about as tall as most of the others, he wore white gloves with spiked bracelets behind them, and red and yellow shoes. There were thick dark blue circles around his yellow eyes and between his pointed ears were two large bits of hair standing up and curved like horns. His tail was red with a sharp yellow tip, but what made him usual was that his teeth were blue and made of metal. He spoke with a light southern accent as well.

Burn was a polite, outgoing, brave and friendly guy once you got to know him, even if he scared people back in his old city. Many were thrown off by his teeth but he didn't care...just happy to be alive. He was actually a distant cousin of Blaze whom he didn't always get along with but he shared her power of pyrokinesis.

"Hmm, I wonder what I can do first around here." Burn wondered.

As he raced down the street, he saw what looked like two figures blocking the way. Of course with his speed almost matching Sonic's...he could barely stop in time.

"WHOOAAAA!" Burn yelled finally stopping just a few inches from a green hawk.

There in front of him were the local bullies Jet and Storm staring him down. They didn't look too happy.

"What are you two fellers doing in the middle of the road I almost ran into you guys!" Burn said.

Jet and Storm said nothing and just looked him.

"Uh hello, the road is for everyone, not just you two!" Burn explained as if they were Storm.

"We heard you the first time pal." Storm sneered.

"Yeah we didn't know you owned the road." Jet said.

"He-he...owned." Storm chuckled.

"You're new here I guess huh?" Jet asked.

"Yeah, and look I don't want any trouble. I just want to get to know my surroundings." Burn said.

"Hey Jet, why don't I give this kid a warm welcome?" Storm cracked his knuckles.

"Nah, the kid has guts for even confronting us like this. We'll let him slide...this time." Jet glared back at Burn. "Just know this, you give us trouble, we'll pummel ya, you don't cause us trouble, we'll leave you alone."

"Noted." Burn nodded.

Burn left off to find new adventures. Back with Wave, she was over at Tails' house where they were working on their new invention...Extreme Gear. Tails was always very worried about Wave whenever she was at home, he once offered her to live with him but she declined saying she can handle herself...or so she thought.

"Hey Wave, how's it going?" Tails greeted her as he allowed her inside.

"Hey shrimp, I've been better." Wave sighed.

Tails didn't see Wave's common smirk on her beak like usual...instead a large bump and a black eye right above it on the left. Tails was used to Wave calling him shrimp or shorty just to mess with him.

"Doesn't he hurt you everyday?" Tails asked as he got out his tools.

"No, not everyday. Usually only when he's drunk or angry. He'll find something to blame on me." Wave sighed.

"Why won't your mom do anything?"

"She scared of him. I think he's hurt her a few times as well."

"Oh...Wave I'm so sorry."

"Ah don't worry about it. I'll be fine!"

But Tails still worried. He was Wave's friend and sometimes thought he knew what was best for her when it came to a dangerous situation. Unfortunately today, with a black eye, Wave found it hard to continue building and Tails noticed when she fell back throwing her wrench into the air nearly hitting Tails with it.

"Whoa Wave, mabye today is not a good day to work on these." Tails sighed.

"I got it under control." Wave scoffed getting back up.

Tails watched her closely while they continued to work on the gear. They were only half-way done with it when Tails remembered something.

"Hey Wave, Rouge told me about how she was thinking of signing you up for that fight club downtown. You up for it?" Tails asked.

"I'm not sure, I don't like fighting. Besides, I wouldn't last long anyways." Wave shook her head.

"It shouldn't be so brutal, after all it's for kids and you're only 10."

"True...but I don't know. I mean I'm not trying to be anywhere near Blaze."

Tails could hear the disgust in her voice when she said that name. For the past few years, Blaze had been angry with Wave for having a little crush on Sonic who was already in a relationship with Blaze. Wave hung out with Sonic a lot when they were younger as if they were dating. At one point Wave and Blaze nearly came to blows but Sonic broke them apart establishing to Blaze that he and Wave were just very good friends and nothing more, which Wave agreed. But the girls never liked each other and considered each other rivals.

Later Wave and Tails decided to go to the library to have some nice quiet reading time. As Wave walked down an aisle searching for a good book, she noticed one she was hoping would be there, wasn't there.

"Aw man, guess I'm too late." Wave sighed.

"Um excuse me ma'am, were you looking for this?" Came a voice with a southern accent.

Wave turned to see the newcomer Burn holding out a book with a large smile. Despite just seeing him, she blushed faintly. She had never seen anyone like him before...and there weren't many cats around here either.

"Um yes, thank you. I thought it was already checked out." She smiled.

"Nah, I don't really checkout books. Oh where are my manners, my name is Burn." Held out a hand.

"I like that name, I'm Wave." She shook his hand.

"Nice to meet ya. Are you alright? You look like you've been in a fight."

"Oh it's nothing." Wave shook her head.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Did you want to come to my table with Tails?"


Tails saw them come over and immediately recognized Burn as the newcomer.

"Hi I'm tails!"

"Howdy partner, I'm Burn."

Burn and Wave eventually got to know each other more and more as they talked. By nighttime, the three went their separate ways. The boys offered to take her home but she declined not knowing she was going to regret it. Usually she carried a large wrench to defend herself but today she forgot it. It wasn't only her father who constantly abused her...she had an outside abuser as well. As she walked down a sidewalk passed a few buildings, she listened fearfully as the sounds of rustling could be heard in a dark alley nearbye. She thought about crossing the street to the other side, but then she heard a voice.


Wave tensed up knowing exactly who that voice belonged to. She barely said his name as it struck fear into her heart...the memories, the torture, the pain. She gulped and slowly turned towards the opening of the alley. There standing there was a blue hawk with red boots, gloves, a bandoiler and a red headband. He stood there with his claws on his hips and an evil grin.

"Predator Hawk?" Wave gasped.

"Miss me?" He said coming out of the shadows.

"But...b-but you're supposed to be in jail."

"Bail is a wonderful thing isn't it?" Predator Hawk chuckled.

Predator Hawk was a criminal who constantly picked on Wave and have at some points beaten her. He was older than her but only a few inches taller. Hawk was angry at her for turning him down in the past and vowed revenge, and his revenge has been brutal. He had a fierce rivalry with Jet only because every time they would fight it would end with either a stalemate or Storm would break them up. Hawk had gone to jail for fighting, stealing and vandalizing for a month but was back.

"Well...what do you want? I'm just trying to get home." Wave looked away.

Predator evily chuckles and walks closer examining her injuries.

"Hmm, someone's been a bad girl." He purred gently rubbing her face.

"I didn't do anything to deserve this. Why do you care?" Wave said batting his hand away.

"Relax my darling, you should be glad it wasn't me this time."

Wave didn't feel like being there any longer and attempted to run, but Hawk grabbed her head and pressed a hand against her mouth silencing her. She began to madly struggle from him swinging her fists wildly. When Hawk dug his sharp claws into her head, she wiggled her mouth loose and bit his hand.

"OW! YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Hawk yelled tossing her into the dark alley.

She hit the ground hard, her sunglasses flew off and smashed onto the ground. She tried to get up, only for Hawk to grab her long hair, yank her up and smash her against the wall. Then he starting to back her towards a corner since the other end was a dead-end.

"You thought I'd be gone forever? Oh I have a lot in store for you brat. And a good pummeling should be the first!" Hawk growled cracking his knuckles.

Wave gulped as she backed into the corner. Predator Hawk got in her face and watched with joy as tears streamed down her face.

"Aw, is the little swallow crying?" He teased.

"Predator Hawk please don't do this." Wave begged.

"Begging won't excuse you from this bitch, and I won't go easy on you just because you're crying." Hawk snarled.

Then for the first time, he lunged and actually kissed her, but it was only a distraction so she couldn't defend herself from what came next. Hawk breaks the kiss and quickly punches Wave hard in the stomach, spit shooting out of her mouth.

"Now hold still so I can blacken the other eye!" Hawk aimed at fist at her right eye.

But before he could swing, he is suddenly suckerpunched by someone else. That someone turned out to be Jet who brought along Storm...Burn had also arrived.



The two hawks lunged at each other and started a fistfight. Storm and Burn rushed over and helped Wave up.

"You alright Wave?" Storm asked.

"NO! I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!" Wave cried.

"Burn take Wave home, me and Jet got this!" Storm said.

"You got it partner, come on little darling." Burn escorted her out, but not before picking up her broken sunglasses.

On the way home, Burn comforted her.

"I'm sorry this happened to you ma'am. I'm just glad we got there before he tried anything...uncomfortable." Burn mark said.

"Thank you so much for saving me. I just hope Jet and Storm are alright." Wave said.

"Have they tangled with him before?"

"Heh, so many's almost tradition."

"Look ma'am, with me being around town, if there's anything I can do to help you out. I will do it."

"Thank you, oh look there's my house." Wave pointed out.

Burn was surprised and looked at the house next to it.

"Well I'll be...we live right next to each other."

"Really? This is great."

Wave also noticed her dad's car was gone...she felt a lot better. Her mother came to the door and she was shocked to see the brand new injuries.

"WAVE! MY BABY WHAT HAPPENED?" Her mom gasped.

"Predator Hawk is back...but my friends took care of him...I hope."

"As long as you're okay. Your father is at work so worries tonight. Who's your friend?"

"This is my new friend Burn the cat." Wave said.

"Hello Burn." She held out a hand.

"Howdy ma'am it's a pleasure." Burn shook her hand. "Just glad I was able to get your daughter back home."

"Thank you so much, how can we repay you?"

"No need to repay me, I was happy to do my job."

"Hey mom, can me and Burn talk alone real quick?" Wave asked.

"Sure sweetie."

When she left, the two looked at each other and began to blush.

"It was nice meeting you today." Wave said.

"Same here partner, I...was glad to get to know someone as sweet and kind as you." Burn chuckled, his blushing barely visible since he was already red.

Wave moved in closer, and so did Burn. They kept moving closer and closer until they embraced each other in a deep passionate kiss, tongues wrestling for dominance. They eventually broke apart gasping for air and just stared at each other. Well that escalated quickly...on the first night!

"That was my first kiss ever." Burn said.

"Did you like it?" Wave asked.

"Yes I did." Burn smiled.

"Well, after the day I had. You'd have to wait for more tomorrow." Wave winked.

"I can wait, anyways, I'll see you tomorrow. And Wave I...I..."

Wave placed a gloved finger on his mouth and smirked.

"You don't have to say it, I already know."

Burn smiled and nodded. After trading numbers, Wave walked into the house and smiled at him before closing the door. Burn walked over to his house smiling.

"You did it achieved one of your main goals." He thought.

After getting her new injuries patched up, Wave jumped onto her bed just before getting a call from Jet.

"Jet? Jet! Are you and Storm okay?" Wave asked.

"Yeah, me and Storm knocked his ass out. for your father..."

"Jet please not now! He's not even at home right now, he's at work."

"He-he...anyways, we'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight Wave."


Jet hung up and Wave relaxed on her bed thinking about everything that happened today. She was weak, she needed to be stronger...and soon...she was going to make sure that happened...

To be continued...

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