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Wolverine is on another adventure with a new partner, but things go from bad to worse as they realize who's really behind it all. He will have to face his deepest fears if he's going to survive this.

Adventure / Action
Agatha Wolfie
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Chapter 1

In Westchester, few things are as they seem, such as Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. A school to the public but to those who live there and know it well, it is much more. It’s a home and a sanctuary from a world that hates and fears them. But most of all it is where they learn to live life with their so called “gifts.” It is where they learn to be X-Men.

Charles Xavier cared for his students and admired how much they, and the school, had grown. It had all started with his first five students, and X-Men, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Ice-Man, Angel, and Beast. But now he had mutants of every kind in his great school; from telepaths to shape-shifters, and his X-Men of the most variance; all with different pasts leading to a common future. He was proud of them and their accomplishments. He knew they were capable of amazing things and that they were more than prepared to take care of themselves and the others on the team.

Even so, there was a batch of future X-Men he kept an eye out for. The six mutants had grown quite fond of each other and of one of the best, yet worst, role-models in the school; The Wolverine. They spent a lot of time, or too much according to Scott Summers, with the older mutant. The newest member of the small group, Agatha, had come to look to him as a fatherly role model. She had even become his intern for the fact that their powers were so similar in fashion. With her hyper senses and an almost uncontrollable rage to accompany her shape-shifting powers, she was the perfect student to go under his wing. She was known as Wolfie for that fact.

Her powers consisted of her being able to morph into any animal of her choosing and at times of urgency she could turn into a werewolf. She was a lot like Wolverine, and she saw him much like her big brother, always able to depend on him.

But at this moment Charles was quite frustrated with her and her group of friends. They were the wildest of the bunch and the strangest group of friends Xavier had ever seen: a werewolf, a half Atlantian Prince, a former Morlock, a southern Kentucky boy, a girl who could walk through walls, and a firecracker.

Just as he sighed, preparing himself for the rowdy bunch, they walked through the doors into his office as the clock struck ten past noon, chatting loudly and getting comfortable for the upcoming speech he was sure to give them. Agatha sat on the sofa, between Kitty and Jubilee, while Marrow stood between them and Sam and Kenny, who sat in chairs on her other side.

“You wanted to talk to us Prof.?” asked Agatha as innocently as she could muster.

“Yes. You six were in the danger-room, correct?” he asked.

“Yeah. You told us we could get some practice,” answered Jubilee.

“Indeed I did. But I did not, however, say that you could set it to level five, real danger,” he said beginning to show hints of his frustration.

“Come on. Wolverine goes on level nine all the time on his own and we do level five with him tons of times. I'm sure we could handle a little on our own,” complained Marrow.

“Logan is a professional and a much stronger mutant. You all are barely trained enough to go on missions and are unprepared for the dangers.”

Agatha opened her mouth to argue when a deep voice answered from behind her, “Give ‘em a break Chuck. They're fine and they’ve run that course a million times with me. They were ready.”

“Wolvie!” said Agatha as she stood to hug him.

“Hey kid.”

“Logan you are about twenty minutes late. I called for you to be here at exactly noon. So I would appreciate it if we got down to business.” Logan seemed to roll his eyes at him for being so “stingy” as Agatha would put it.

Then Charles turned to face the students. “We will finish this discussion later. Now I need to have an important conversation with Wolverine.”

“Fine…” complained Jubilee and Agatha, as they did not want to come back any time soon.

They all left the room and clicked the door shut, but stopped right behind it.

“A meeting with Wolvie, yeah right. The professor’s probably giving him another one of those secret missions,” said Jubilee.

“So let’s find out what they're talking about,” Agatha said looking at Kitty coyly. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her body shrunk slightly and grey fur began to grow over her skin and her clothes became fur as well. Her vision became colorless and she dropped to all fours. In a split second she had turned into a wolf. Then she pressed her ear to the door as Kitty turned intangible and fazed hers through the door.

“I have a new mission for you Logan,” said the Professor.

“Bingo,” muttered Agatha.

“I need you to go back to Canada. There are several mutants whom I believe are working for Magneto. I need you to investigate to find out what they are doing.”

“Do we know who they are?”

“I'm afraid I can't say.”

“Just tell me where these creeps are and I'll deal with them.”

“I don’t know their exact coordinates now but I've been able to locate their base of operations.”

“Well then spit it out!”

“They are using the abandoned Weapon X facility.” Agatha could almost feel the snarl that emitted from Logan’s chest. “I know I'm asking a lot but they might be trying to reestablish the Weapon X program.”

“Why would Magneto want Weapon X back in commission?” Logan asked angrily.

“As I said before I’m not entirely sure what is going on there and it might not be Magneto behind all this. They’ve been difficult to track, which is why I suspected Erik was involved.”

Logan scowled, crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes. “I'll go. But I'm going alone.”

“No you're not!” They turned to see Agatha and Kitty in the doorway. The rest of the young mutants were behind them staring wide-eyed at Agatha, who had already turned human again.

“Wolfie, please, this mission is quite dangerous,” said Xavier trying to get the young mutant to understand, knowing she would be difficult to reason with.

“Exactly why he shouldn't go alone. I can take care of myself.”

“I refuse to put you in that kind of danger. You are to stay here.”


“My decision is final!” he cut off.

“You're not being fair Professor! If we can't go with Wolvie then can't you send someone else?”

“Shut it kid!” growled Logan from in front of her. He hadn’t turned around, but was still facing the Professor with arms crossed and a frown planted on his face.

Agatha pouted knowing she couldn’t win and walked out of the room. The rest of the gang followed her to the rec-room.

“Who does he think he is treating me like a kid?” complained Agatha as they entered the room.

“Well he is the head master,” said Kitty.

“And you kinda are a kid,” added Kenny.

“Thanks you guys. Real supportive,” she said sarcastically.

“They were just trying to help,” said Sam.

“Well it’s not helping. We can’t just let Logan go alone to that place! It could be a trap! Or worse, they might try to turn him into a weapon again!”

“Doesn’t that fall under a trap?” asked Kenny.

“I guess it could. But its way worse than any regular trap!” she said exaggerating to make her point clear.

Marrow rolled her eyes at Agatha. “So what are you gonna do Aggs. It’s not like you can just sneak out with the old man.”

A smile spread across Wolfie’s face as a plan hatched in her mind. “Marrow you're a genius!” she said hugging Marrow tightly, who quickly pushed her off.

“Wait a sec! You aren’t seriously considering sneaking out are you? There’s four super telepaths in the mansion, not to mention Cerebro!” Jubilee complained, spoiling Agatha’s joy.

“That's right. Damn telepaths, always making things so difficult…” Agatha paused to think for a few moments. Then another idea occurred to her, and she smiled. “Okay I'm gonna figure out what time Wolvie's leaving. Then you guys need to distract them while I sneak out. Kitty you know a lot about ninja samurai stuff like Psylocke. So I'll leave her to you. Marrow maybe you can have another bone hiding session with the Prof.”


“Jubes, can you handle Emma?”

“NO!” yelled Kennidon and Cannonball in unison.

“Look you guys, I know you wanna hang around Ms. Slutty Frost but she’ll brush you off before you can even say ‘Howdy!’ Jubilee on the other hand can keep her busy and annoyed for a while.”

“It's what I'm good at,” Jubilee said smirking.

“And besides, you’ll have Jean. Just because she has self respect doesn’t mean all hope is lost,” she said smiling slyly.

“Fine,” said Kenny gloomily.

“Okay so when I give you the time, get ready. This has to go perfectly for it to work.”

“Wait a minute. How come you’re the only one that gets to go?” complained Kenny.

“…Well…Uh…. Because I was the one who stood up to the Professor…. and it was my idea. Plus do you really want to go all the way to Weapon X with Wolverine all by yourself. It’s obvious that only one of us can go.”

Kenny gulped and quickly shook his head.

“Fine so I get to go this time and you can sneak out on the next mission.”

Her teammates nodded and they went to prepare.


Agatha walked into the garage. She could already smell the acrid stench of the buffer Wolverine always used on his motorcycle, and the thick smoke of his cigar. She walked between the many cars and vehicles that resided there, until she saw him kneeling down next to his bike, polishing its side.

“Hiya Wolvie,” she said standing by him.

“Hey kid,” he said, not looking away from his bike. She stood over him watching quietly. “So what are you doin’ down here?” he finally said, when he felt her stare bore into his back.

“Nothing!” she quickly sputtered, not wanting to anger him. “I just thought you might be here is all.”

He stopped polishing his bike and looked at her. “Why’s that?”

She smirked at him. “You always come down here when something’s bugging you. I guess you could call it a place to think. Everyone’s got one.”

Logan raised an eyebrow, but turned his attention back towards his bike.

“I guess you could call it that,” he said. “It does help cool me down,” he admitted.

She smiled and rubbed the back of her neck, looking around, trying to continue the conversation somehow, and spring her plan.

“So is this Weapon X place so bad you have to come in here, and… cool down?” she asked, hoping the use of his own words would make him more comfortable to talk.

“I knew you’d ask something like that.”

Agatha froze, a little worried. “Huh! What? Why…?”

He chuckled and smirked, glancing back at her. “It don't take no Hank McCoy ta figure out what’s buggin’ ya darlin’. The old sniffer doesn’t miss a thing,” he said patting his nose.

“Huh… I guess I’m pretty easy to read. But you aren’t… I have no idea why that place freaks you out so much. I mean my senses aren’t as good as yours but I can still smell fear whenever the subject comes up,” she said.

His hand stopped and he sighed. “It’s not the place that scares me; it's what happened there.”

“Logan, I don't know exactly what went on over there, but I do know that you aren’t their weapon anymore. You’ve changed, become your own person.”

“But the weapon is still there.”

“And you’ve got it under control. But you know… if you're still worried maybe someone should go with you.”

He smirked letting out what seemed like a small chuckle. “And who would qualify to watch my back in a place like that?”

“Well, me for starters,” she muttered knowing he would still hear her.

“Look I don’t want you to go off gettin’ hurt on my account, but if yer stubborn and clever enough to sneak out I'm leaving tonight at eight. If I run into ya before I leave maybe I'll think about it,” he said standing up. He whipped the grease and buffer off of his hands and left the garage. Agatha stood there smiling until she knew he was gone.

“Yes! Score one for team Wolfie!” she squealed and then ran back to the halls of the institute looking for her friends.

Just as she had expected they were sitting in the rec-room watching Bones on the big plasma screen TV. They had managed to take control of the remote and sofa. Other students sat or stood around them.

“Hey guys! I've got some great news!” They didn’t answer her. With all the chatter in the room and the volume on the TV turned to max it was impossible for them to hear her.

So Agatha turned into a lioness and let out a blood-curling roar. Everyone in the room jumped and looked at her, faces of fear and shock.

“Agatha! You scared the living daylight out of us! Why didn’t you just call?” asked Jubilee, fear still noticeable in her voice.

Still in lion form Agatha answered, “I did but none of you guys were listening. This seemed like the best way to get your attention. Now come on I've got news.” She then padded out of the room and into the hallway.

Her friends followed, tossing the remote on the couch. They could hear the noisy gossip that started up again as they left the room.

“So what did Wolverine say?” asked Sam.

Agatha morphed human and said, “He's totally cool with me going!”

“He said that you could go! That's so awesome!” said Jubilee.

“Well he didn’t exactly say I could go. He more like implied it.”

Marrow’s usual scowl quickly turned into a smug grin. “What do you mean ‘implied’?” she asked.

“Well he said that he was leaving at eight and that if he ran into me then that he would think about it.”

“Which in Logan-ese means yes!” said Jubilee, full of enthusiasm.

“Okay so the plan’s set to go then. You guys have to be in place ten minutes before eight and I'll give a signal when I'm out. You can keep them busy for a while right?” she asked.

“Yep,” answered Kitty.

“No problem,” said Jubilee.

“Sure,” said Kenny.

“Of course,” said Sam.

“Whatever,” said Marrow.

“Great and don’t forget to keep me and the whole sneak-out thing out of your minds,” Agatha reminded.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. We got it okay,” muttered out Marrow, already getting irritated and bored.

“Well it’s only six-thirty. What are we supposed to do till eight?” asked Jubilee, suddenly bored as well.

“Well I don’t know about you guys but I'm going to see if I can take the couch back,” said Marrow. Jubilee, Sam, and Kenny followed her into the room.

“So what are you going to do? I'm sure you're anxious to go with Logan,” asked Kitty.

“Yeah, I was actually hoping you could help me out a bit.”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Well you know how the danger room is set so that minors can’t get into certain programs right.”

“Yeah... Agatha I don’t think I like where you're going with this.”

“Well I can’t use the Weapon X training session. I need you to hack me in there.”

“Don’t you think there might be a reason you can’t use that session.”

“I guess. But that's beside the point. I'm going to go with Wolvie tonight and I'm not gonna know squat if I don't at least go through the training session. I need to know anything that place could throw at me.”

“Fine but you’d better hope the Professor doesn’t find out.”

“Great!” Then they walked through the halls to the danger room, going as quickly as they could, making sure to avoid any teachers or older students.

They soon arrived and Agatha stepped into the danger room, while Kitty went into the control room. Agatha could hear the clicking of keys and soon enough the danger room spoke, “Code Accepted. Training Session: Weapon X.”

“What level do you want it?” asked Kitty over the mike.

“Well I haven’t done it before but I want to be prepared for the real deal so let’s go with level five.”

“Okay.” There was more clicking and then the background of the room changed into snowy Canadian fields. The abandoned base sat off in the distance. A shiver ran down Agatha's back.

“Agatha I've got an alarm set for fifteen minutes till eight. So you’ve got just about an hour in here.”

“Kay. Thanks Cat.”

Then she turned into an arctic fox and ran towards the base. She quickly made it to the doors and looked up amazed. They were large steel coated blast doors. The snow cuddled up on the roof and slid down the massive stainless steel doors gently. I probably can’t budge those even as an elephant. They’ve got to be impenetrable. But it looks like it’s the only way in so I have to try something, she thought.She turned into an African elephant and rammed into the heavy doors, which surprisingly easily moved with a squeaky whine.

“Well that was easy,” she said looking at the big doors after turning human again. She walked into the dark base, observing her surroundings and being very careful not to make any noises. She noted that there were a few dim lights that lit the large metal coated halls of the base, everything looked grim and dull.

Suddenly she smelled gunpowder, and not long after gunshots came rushing towards her. Looking up she saw the two men shooting at her. She smirked, turning into a rat and ran up the walls towards them. Looking at them she said, “Didn’t think I would make it easy for you did ya?”

Then she crawled under his pants and up his leg. She crept up to his chest, making sure her claws dug into his skin. Then she went up to his neck.

“Sweet six-pack you got there,” she whispered in his ear, her whiskers ticking his skin. He swept a punch towards her but she dodged it and ran up to his gun.

“Damn it! I'm going to kill you!” he roared. But she turned into an eagle and flew up to the ceiling, the gun in her clutches. The other man then began to shoot at her again. She dodged and avoided the bullets until one pierced her between her feathers. Then she swooped down and dropped the gun on his head. He fell unconscious and she morphed into a Bengal tiger; pouncing on the first man roaring viciously.

Once she dragged both of the unconscious soldiers away into a dark corner she turned human again and looked at her arm. The bullet had only grazed her but she was still slightly bleeding and it stung. Damn. Always trust Kitty to make the simulation real danger for ya. She sighed, ripped off a piece of her baggy t-shirt sleeve and wrapped it around her minor injury. Then she turned into a wolf and was surprised to see that the makeshift bandage around her arm had not turned into fur like the rest of her clothes, but it had adapted to her size. Then she continued to walk through the base. The lack of guards made her worry and she became even more cautious. Then she heard the speakers,

“All personnel are to report to the main testing lab.”

“Hm... I wonder where that is. Bet Logan would know. Well I’d better hurry. My time is probably half up already.” She turned into a mouse and ran off looking for the main lab. She came across two heavily bolted doors. “This has got to be it. But I can’t just go open the door like a big elephant. I've got to do this right. Maybe I can slightly open it and then fly on through as a bug or something,” she said to herself.

She turned into an elephant and put her trunk to the door. She pushed a little and the door moved slightly. Light spilled into the hallway and she turned into a gnat and buzzed into the room.

There were scientists and soldiers positioned all around the room. There were also many computers that she knew would awestruck her good friend Hank. But of all the strange and fascinating things in the room her eyes were drawn to the three people who stood behind the dark glass wall. Agatha could make one out to be a woman and one of the two men beside her was bald. He seemed to be conducting everything by the way he stood. Agatha was so distracted she didn’t notice the soldier she was going to run into. She bumped into his helmet and he instantly looked at her.

“Um sir. There's a bug in the room.”

Oh great. Their helmets just had to be sensitive to small vibrations didn’t they? She angrily thought.

“A bug? At these temperatures no insect should be able to survive. Capture it so that I may examine its anatomy at a later time,” said the bald man. At his word a glass jar went around her and the lid closed.

What the hell? It’s like they walk around with jars in their pockets. Well it doesn’t matter, because this bug is not getting experimented on. Then she morphed into and lioness, shattering the jar. She heard the soldiers calling orders as they came at her. She swiped her paws letting her claws dig into their soft skin.

“Do not kill it!” said the other man behind the glass.

“I am not and it pal! A she if you haven’t noticed!” she growled.

“Fascinating, sedate it!” said the bald man. The soldiers put away their weapons and pulled out tranquilizer guns. Wolfie tried to avoid them but with all the guards in the room the task was almost impossible. Two darts went into her shoulder and another two into her back. A small whimper escaped her lips as she sunk to the floor and turned human. Two soldiers walked beside her and grabbed her arms, pulling her up to her feet.

“So it’s a mutant. I do believe it would be a good time to test Weapon X’s abilities.”

Though her senses were dulled and her mind on the fritz, when she heard Weapon X her blood chilled and fear ran through her body.

“Sir, do you think that's wise? She’s very much sedated. Hardly strong enough to fight a guard,” said the other man.

“Now Cornelius, Weapon X would eliminate this monstrosity sedated or not. All I need is for the mutant to be dead but I would prefer to test Weapon X as many times as possible. Now Miss Hines please activate Weapon X.” The woman moved over to a computer and began clicking a few keys.

Wolfie heard a vacuum sound and slowly tried focusing on the tank in the middle. The water was being drained and the table that had been lying at the bottom rose to the top. Agatha’s hazy eyes saw a man lying on the table. Her blurred vision began to clear and she could see his wet jet black hair lying in thick locks around his head. His eyes snapped open and he jumped off of the table and onto the floor. Agatha almost cried out in fear and desperation when she saw his face. Wolverine stood in front of her, his claws and fangs bared.

“Logan?” she muttered as her thoughts clicked and she remembered that Weapon X and Wolverine were both namesakes for the same man. She began looking into his eyes, searching for recognition but found nothingness. They weren’t Logan's blue eyes filled with grief and compassion. They weren’t Wolverine’s blood shot eyes filled with anger and hatred. They were the cold black eyes that belonged to a weapon. No emotion or expression, just dark black nothingness. This was not the man she knew would save her, nor the animal who would act on instinct knowing she was a friend. No, this was the weapon in its purest form. Now she knew why Logan feared this place.

The soldiers let go of her arms, just as the bald man said, “Now Weapon X. Kill the girl.” She was barely able to stand on her own.

A growl emitted from deep in Weapon X’s throat and he walked towards her. She stumbled back until she was pinned against the wall, knowing fighting would be pointless in her weakened state. She wanted to stop him and make him come back to his senses. She wanted him to just turn around and save her with an arrogant comment. But she knew he wouldn’t. He was gone and she felt alone. He poised his claws to attack and she looked into his deep black eyes one last time.

“Seven forty-five! Seven forty-five! Seven forty-five!”

The danger room computers alarm sounded and the program froze. Agatha listened to the loud alarm wondering if the entire school had also heard it. The base disappeared into the walls of the danger room. The last things to fade way were the cold black eyes that stared into her soul.

“Come on Agatha! You have to go find Logan,” called Kitty from the control room. Agatha ran out and met with Kitty in the hall.

“Hey are you alright? That thing back there, it really scared you didn’t it?” said Kitty handing Agatha some fresh bandages to wrap her cut arm.

“Yeah, it’s just those eyes. They really fazed me. But I'm okay now,” Agatha said removing the slightly bloody rag from her arm and replacing it with the bandages.

“Yeah they were really buggy. Heck I bet you were so focused on that you didn’t notice he was naked,” said Kitty calmly.

Agatha’s face flushed red and her eyes widened. “What!? He was naked! How come you didn’t tell me?!”

“Well I don’t know. It didn’t occur to me!”

“Thanks Kitty you were a big help!”

“Sorry. Gosh. Next time pay more attention!”

“Don't blame this on me! It was your fault!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Either way you should go find him. I'm going to go find Betsy.” Agatha nodded and they both went their separate ways.

It didn’t take Kitty long to find Psylocke. She was in the indoor pool swimming a couple of laps. When she saw Kitty coming she got out and began to dry her hair with a towel.

“Hey Psylocke!”

“Hello Kitty.”

“I was wondering if you could show me that new katana of yours. Maybe we could go a couple of rounds. Please,” she said, extending the please.

“Alright. Let me just change first. I'll be right back.”

“No!” Psylocke looked at her with a raised brow. “I mean we could just look at the katana and talk about it. We don’t need to necessarily train. So you don’t have to change.”

“Are you alright?”

“Never better!” said Kitty as she led Psylocke out of the pool.


Marrow walked into Charles Xavier’s office. He looked up at her and smiled.

“Hello Sarah. What can I do for you?”

‘Well me and the gang…”

“The gang and I,” he automatically corrected.

“Right. The gang and I wanted to see a movie tonight but I don’t want to use the Image-Inducer. So I was wondering if we could try to hide my bones again.”

“Of course. Sit right there.” She did. “Now focus on the horns. Imagine them shrinking; sinking into your skull. Focus through the pain.”

She closed her eyes and listened to his voice. The bones began to shrink slowly. She bit her lip against the pain. Suddenly she gasped and her eyes opened. The horns grew back to full length as she groaned.

“Sorry. I lost focus.”

“It’s quite alright. Let’s start once more.”

“Right.” She closed her eyes and focused.


Kenny and Sam walked through the hallways looking for Jean Grey.

“Man she's not anywhere. Wolfie is going to kill us if we don’t find her,” said Kenny gloomily.

“Don’t be so lousy. We haven’t even checked her room yet,” said Sam. Kenny rolled his eyes.

“Jean is almost never in her room…, unless she's sleeping.”

“Well it’s seven fifty. Maybe she went to bed early.” Kenny shot him an unbelieving glare. “Well it couldn’t hurt ta look Kenney! Gawd!”

“Fine, fine.” They walked over to her room.

Sam knocked on the door and said, “Hello? Miss Grey, are you in there?”

They heard shuffling sound and then footsteps. The door opened and Jean stood in front of them, trying to comb her messy hair.

“Ah told you so,” muttered Sam in his thick southern accent.

“How can I help you boys?” she asked.

“Well… uh… Kenney had somethin’ to tell ya. Right Kenney?”

“Yeah! Sure…,” Kenny muttered.

“Well can you guys make it quick? Jean and I are going out,” said Cyclops, who stood in the room straightening his tie.

“Scott! If they need help then our dinner can wait,” she said. He nodded and Jean looked back at the two mutants. “So what can I do for you?”

“Um did you say dinner? Like going to the garage dinner?” asked Kenny worried.

“Well we would need to go to the garage to get Scott’s car if that's what you mean,” she answered confused, and beginning to get suspicious.

Kenny shot Sam a worried look, as he was unable to keep the couple in the room. Sam ran into the room and to the small library. He quickly found a calculus book and started flipping through it.

“So um Cyclops ah was wonderin’ if you could show me and Kenney that equation that explained that last strategy that you showed us in class yesterday,” he blurted out, knowing that Scott could not resist.

“Oh. Well actually it’s a lot simpler than you would think,” Scott answered as he sat by Sam.

“Didn’t you two come here to talk to me?” Jean asked Kenny.

“Uh yeah! Well I did anyway. Sam just wanted to know about that formula thing.”

“Oh, well what did you need?”

Kenny thought hard trying to come up with something. Darn it! What am I supposed to say? What does Jean like to talk about? I need something! Anything!

“Well, um, you see there's this girl in class I kinda like but I don’t really know what to do.”

Jean’s face perked up. “Oh honey. Come in and sit down. Now who's this special girl?”

Bingo! He thought, as Jean sat him down on her bed.


Jubilee walked up to Emma Frost’s room. She took several deep breaths and went to open the door. But before she could touch the handle to open the door Emma Frost came out and said “If you're going to come here to bother me, don’t even try.”

“Ugh! Miss Frost, how could you even think that?”

“Because I know you and your annoying group of friends are up to something. You never come to bother me otherwise.”

“Oh relax Frost. I just wanted to know some stuff about the Inner Circle. I heard Pierce was close by and I wanted to do some research so I could tell Wolvie. I'm sure he would love to be prepared.”

“Very well,” Emma said unbelieving, but willing to do anything to get Jubilee out of her hair as soon as possible. “You can come in, but don’t touch anything!”

Jubilee walked in and sat on one of the many cushioned chairs in the room. She looked around as she asked her question. “So, um, what was it like working with Pierce.”

“Shouldn't you be writing these things down?” asked Emma blandly.

“Uh no! I have a very good memory. Now just answer the question!”

“Very well then. Working with Pierce was probably the most regrettable thing in my life. He was self-centered, even more so than I, and he was obsessed with upgrading his cybernetics. The man was insane.”

“Tell me something I don’t know Frost.”


Agatha ran to the garage. She had managed to change her t-shirt into a larger baggier one so that the sleeves would cover the bandages around her arm. She checked her watch. It said seven fifty-five. Okay, I've got five minutes to find Wolvie and get out of here. She began walking towards his motorcycle when she realized he would probably be using his Jeep. She stopped, sniffing around to try to find his scent. Happy to find it still in the garage she followed it back to his Jeep. He was standing behind it in his typical blue and yellow costume, mask off, putting a sac into the back with a cigar in his mouth.

“Hey Logan. Funny running into you here, huh?” she said slyly.

He snorted and said, “Don’t play games with me girl. I see you managed to keep Chuck from noticing yer here.”

“It really wasn’t that big of a deal,” she said, blushing a bit and rubbing the back of her head with a hand. “I just got the gang to distract him and every other major telepath in the school so I could sneak out here.”

He quirked a brow and looked at her. “You even got Frost distracted?”

“You bet. Jubilee is taking care of her.”

Logan chucked. “Poor Frost,” he muttered.

“Yup. I’m pretty good at hatching schemes,” she said smiling widely at him.

“Well if you were clever enough to trick every telepath in the school and have the guts to face me to sneak out then I guess I'm going to have a mighty hard time getting you to leave.”


“Crippes…” Logan sighed in defeat.

“So that means I can come?”

“Yeah, hop on in.” She did as he said while he stepped into the driver’s seat. “Alright kid. We’re outta here.” The car rumbled to life and they left the Xavier Estate.
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bugworld44: It's a great story. The grammar needs a little work though.

vmathias: Great story line and awesome characters. I sometimes find it hard to follow because of misplaced language. I’m loving the story though.

Jenna: The detail and sensitivity both main characters are written in is EVERYTHING. Their connection to eachother is all encompassing and I like that they never feel the need to explain it to anyone. They know and they support eachother and it’s all that matters. Can’t wait to read what the rest of the...

Tela: I love the story so far. Keep up the great work because I really want to know how Eli reacts and who he chooses. I hope Eli gets what is coming to him. I hope you update soon

salome: So many words to say but one word for it all..Intriguing

Willize: Good book although very short. Thanks Author

diyap3224: I liked the way the male lead is dominant

More Recommendations

Moses Mimes: It was the plot's ending that counted for me. As a person (most of all, a gentleman), who's still struggling to find a placement, this book is a good read. Keep going!

17mysery: I read this a while ago and just had to come back to write a review. The story pulls you in. Loved it.

sjdoss2017: Great story line. I was drawn to read more and more. However, the use of incorrect words from time was distracting. I found myself interjecting the correct word to make the dialog work. I do not like that there is not a link or title listed in order to allow the reader to continue to the next boo...

belu: me gusta mucho la manera en la que relatas todo, haces que uno se meta muchísimo en la historia, encontré en fic de casualidad pero posta que tranquilamente estaría siendo uno de mis favs hasta el momento!!! 🥹🫶🏼

scarbrough71: 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Kristin: What the heavens to Betsy???Why??????I loved it but hated the ending ugh. Poor Monkey 😪😪😪

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