The End

Setting Out

Finally on a ship, the first order of business for the group was to get away from the island and any Marines that may try to stop them, although it would be nearly impossible to stop the small group at this point, since the majority of Marine forces had gone up the mountain on the other side of the island in pursuit of their primary target. In choosing to dock at that spot, they must've figured that anyone trying to escape would have to go past them due to the noticeable lack of ships of any kind- there were barely even any fishing boats, but those were quickly and easily sunk.

As a first step towards achieving that goal, Ray went to man the ship's steering wheel. Meanwhile, Bo stood looking over the harbor and commanded Leon to take care of the sails so they could ship out. When he heard no response or movement, Bo repeated his command. When there was still no sign of Leon acknowledging the command or doing anything, Bo turned around only to see that Leon was no longer on the deck. Without even bothering to try and figure out where or what Leon might be up to, Bo turned around and set to work on the sails with a low grumble.

After all of the preparations had been made, Ray called down to inform the others that they were moving out prompting Bo to let out a high-pitched whistle towards the island. Just as the ship started to move, cannon shots rang out shocking everyone on board. Bo immediately shot to attention and looked around for the source. He knew it was close, but because he hadn't been paying attention he couldn't pinpoint where. Just as he spotted something extremely telling of where the shots came from another round of shots were heard sparking a wave of slight fear and hysteria, but almost immediately the ships to each side of the ship the group was on sunk, leaving the large battleship as the only one on the dock and calming the nerves of the uneasy kids and adults. Bo could only smirk and bow his head as the ship moved out and he thought about what Leon had just done. Though sometime (okay, most of the time) Leon was brash and reckless in pursuit of a fight, he did have moments where he thought ahead such as now- sinking the ships so that no Marines would be able to follow or come after them was admittedly a great idea.

"So the marines have come for me. They even sent a Vice Admiral, huh?" Ming spoke in a tired, but interested voice as he stared down some marines.

"In the name of Justice, surrender now or die!" rang Vice Admiral Tokage's voice.

Further talk was temporarily interrupted as the sound of cannons going off could be heard in the distance. After a brief pause it was heard again.

Ming smiled before speaking up in a more serious voice than before and declared, "Those cannons mark a new stage in this Great Age of Piracy. My students have escaped and they'll make a bigger impact on the state of this world than I ever could." The smile returned to his face as he undid the ties around his beard and pulled out a sword. He threw the sheath to the floor behind him exposing the pristine, glistening blade for all to see before speaking again, "They say as one door closes, another opens. I guess my door is finally closing." As he finished the final sentence, all light in the area began to disappear- candles and fires alike died down and went out- and the blade of his sword began to shine a bright, golden light illuminating Ming's eyes which now shown with the glimmer of a man in his prime. It was his first true battle in such a long time and he couldn't wait, even if it would be his last.

Vice Admiral Tokage then spoke again in a calm voice, "So this is your famous blade 'The Shining'? Anyways, I guess you've made up your mind."

"Goodbye Master" muttered Bo in a low voice just as Leon came barging back onto the deck.

"How you like them fireworks?" boasted Leon

Any answer he may have received was cut off by gunshots coming from the coast. Even now a few marines were futilely trying to stop them. Knowing that guns couldn't stop a battleship, nobody bothered to even pay it any mind. Bo ignored it all, the gunshots and Leon, and walked by merely waving his hand for Leon to follow. Leon begrudgingly complied. He didn't like being ordered around, especially by someone younger than him, but even though he wouldn't admit it, he knew Bo could beat him in a fight and he at least respected that fact. His mood did brighten up and his grin returned when Bo spoke in a low voice meant to be just between the two, "We need to clear this ship."

Bo and Leon walked in silence for a while, not even bothering to open any doors, until Bo motioned for Leon to stop. He then turned and opened a door to his left. Leon readied his sword as the door opened in front of them. Once it was fully open, however, Leon could see that there was no one inside as they walked in. Before he could say anything though, Bo pointed to the wall and began to walk back out of the room. Leon gave a knowing nod before Bo left and smiled as Bo quietly closed the door behind him.

Bo couldn't help but smirk as he heard the sound of a wall come crashing down and the doomed screams of scared men as they were attacked by a wild animal, before they were forcefully silenced. Although, he was actually normally a very analytical individual who didn't agree with senseless killing, the day's events weighed heavily on Bo's mind and as a result he enjoyed the momentary screams of the Marines responsible. It would probably be some time before he returned to his usual attitude.

Leon had just crashed through the wall Bo pointed him towards. He knew there were victims on the other side because Bo was never wrong about where people or animals were when he focused. Having surprised the marines by jumping through the wall, Leon surveyed the soon to be dead marines. There were five of them, but the worst part was that three of them had guns: they'd never stand a chance against Leon in close quarters with guns.

Before the marines could respond and turn towards him, Leon dashed out at the nearest one with a wide swing that took off the unaware man's arm and gave him a deep gash in his torso, leaving him to bleed out on the floor. He then turned towards another marine just as he was turning towards him with a gun. Leon used a powerful downwards slash to inflict a cut from the man's face all the way down his stomach and simultaneously cutting off his left forearm straight through the bone. Even though his sword was old and jagged, due to Leon's immense strength it could cut through bone with relative ease just like its former wielder was capable of.

Leon then looked towards the remaining three: two with guns, and one with a sword. He rushed the one holding a gun in the middle and hit him with a shoulder thrust setting himself up perfectly in the middle of them and used one full 360 degree slash with all of his weight and strength behind it to cut all three of them down.

Once all of his opponents were down, Leon simply went from body to body delivering the killing blow to each of them separately since all he'd done before was severely wound them to take them out of the fight. He cut the head off the first one, but then stabbed the rest in the heart when he realized he would have to clean this up and if he cut all their heads off, it'd just be more work for him. Once he was done, he picked them all up, holding them so that too much blood wouldn't get on him (he didn't feel like cleaning their weak blood off of himself right now, and went to throw their bodies into the ocean.

Bo was actually somewhat surprised. He'd just finished going through another floor and the only marines that he had come across aside from the ones he let Leon handle were a few gathered together in a room. They weren't as prepared as the previous ones, so he just burst in through the door, but as he entered, his heart dropped at what he saw and he knew he'd have to be careful how he proceeded- in front of Bo was the ship's kitchen. He knew Ray would kill him if the kitchen got damaged too much. To Ray, the kitchen was sacred and if Bo caused too much of a mess, Ray wouldn't hesitate to end him.

Bo paused in the doorway where he'd just busted down the door and spoke in a hesitant voice, "I don't suppose you all would consider moving this to the next room." as he pointed his index fingers to the side with a nervous chuckle. The marines' only response was to draw their weapons; even the chefs picked up knives, pots, or pans as weapons. Bo just dropped his hands and donned a serious expression. "Figures." He then rushed forth in the blink of an eye using a sudden burst of speed while leaving his bow on his back since he didn't want a lot of bloodshed.

He suddenly appeared on a table in front of four of the marines and used his legs to rocket his fist into the face of one, instantly knocking him out. He then rammed his elbow into the face of the man to the right of the one he'd just knocked out, probably breaking his nose, and brought his fist forward again into the face of another. Dodging a sword slash from the fourth, Bo grabbed his arm and used the momentum to toss him over a few tables and into the other three in the room. At this point, the two he'd hit in the face but didn't knock out were starting to recover. Bo turned around and smashed their heads into each other to knock them out.

Turning his attention to the remaining four, he jumped into the air over them and twisted his body midair in order to avoid a series of errant swipes from the weapons they were holding and landed right behind them. He then delivered a devastating roundhouse kick directly to the chin of one with enough force to snap his neck, killing him, and propelling his body into the other three, knocking one to the ground. Bo immediately jumped and drove his foot into the throat of the downed marine, crushing it. He then jumped back avoiding two incoming swings from the two marines left standing and grabbed their wrists. He twisted and delivered a powerful spinning heel kick while holding their wrists to keep them up, if just barely. He then used an axe kick to finish the two of them off.

As he let their bodies drop and started to turn around, Bo was caught off guard by a sword thrust. It barely missed him as he jumped back so that he could size up his new opponent. It was a rather bulky man wearing the standard marine uniform except the sleeves had been torn off exposing his large, muscular arms wielding a cutlass. Bo stepped back to avoid another thrust and couldn't help but think that this man must be stupid to constantly thrust with a cutlass (but hey, easy win right, and Bo wasn't above using this to his advantage). As the marine stepped forward with another thrust, Bo picked up a chair and used it to block, knowing full well the sword would go right through it. When the sword pierced the seat of the chair like he expected, Bo twisted the chair to strain the marine's arm and move it out of the way. Bo then grabbed the man's arm and kicked him in the ribs and pulled down his arm. Using his own grappling skills and the sturdiness of his opponent, Bo kicked his leg over his opponent's arm and in front of his neck and swung around the man's back wrapping his other leg around the back of the man's neck and used his momentum to twist around and swing the larger man into a table causing a broken neck.

After it was all over, Bo looked around slightly irritated by the fact that he'd caused more damage than he'd intended but content with the fact it wouldn't be too difficult to clean up. His thought process, however, was interrupted by one of the marines he thought he'd knocked out struggling to stand back up. Equally irritated by his own mistake and the marine spreading the blood coming from his head wound around, Bo rushed over and mercilessly slammed the marine's head into a window. Letting the body drop again, he walked out of the room; he'd clean up this mess later.

Stopping at one last door, Bo wondered where Leon could be. He could handle whatever was on the other side by himself, but he knew Leon enjoyed fighting more than he did, that's why he got him to help with clearing the ship in the first place.

Putting that aside for the moment, Bo walked right into the room and was immediately frozen. It was the medical ward, but that's not what got him- in front of him was a young girl, probably about 14, with long ebony hair. He was soon brought out of his daze by a sword coming from behind him and embedding itself in the wall beside him. He didn't bother to turn around though; he instantly recognized the blade; Leon was back.

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