The End

Trouble on Board

The next day after everyone had had a chance to sleep, Bo sat atop the front cannon of the huge battleship meditating while Rose went around checking everyone's wounds, though none were serious, and patched them up so they could heal quicker. At the same time, she asked everyone if they knew what had happened to the other marines that were on the ship with her before they arrived to which none of the passengers knew the answer- in fact, none of them even knew there had been marines on the ship. Rose decided not to ask Bo since he looked somewhat distant, not even responding to the falcon that stood perched on his shoulder, and she was still a bit frightened by the air Leon had about him, leaving only Ray. After she finished with her brief check-ups of the people accompanying Bo, Leon, and Ray, Rose went up to the helm of the ship, where Ray had resumed guiding the ship, and asked him.

Ray looked down at her and saw her bright and curious expression and decided to answer. He let out a sigh before speaking: "Regrettably, we are pirates and they were marines. Bo couldn't allow them to stay on this ship, so he was forced to put them overboard." Seeing the somewhat despondent expression on Rose's face, Ray continued with a small smile, "They should have been headed towards Todai Island where we left." He wasn't lying. There corpses were more than likely headed that way, though the chances of them reaching Todai Island even if they were alive was slim.

With everyone else occupied and nothing to do since the ocean was calm at the moment and Ray had taken over the helm once again, Leon was bored and decided to wander around the ship. Eventually, he came across a stairway that descended into the deepest recesses of the ship and, intrigued, decided to venture down them. Once at the bottom, he was enveloped in darkness and struggled to find a light source. Once he had, he got a good look at his surroundings for the first time. What he saw surprised him: rows of cells, many with prisoners. He'd come across the ship's jail.

Walking down the rows, Leon clicked his sword against all of the cages to get every prisoner's attention. As he moved, many of the prisoners began whispering and conversing about the new face on the ship. What's more, he wasn't dressed like a marine of any rank.

Leon took this time to look at all the prisoners. None of them looked to be in too bad of shape meaning the Marines either took adequate care of their prisoners or, more likely, they hadn't actually been down here for that long- a month or two at the most. The prisoners varied in size- some were slender and looked rather weak, while others were rippling with muscles- as well as age, ranging from late teens to a couple of old men as old as Old Man Ming if not older. One thing that caught Leon's eye was that some prisoners had just been thrown in a cell while most, presumably the stronger ones, were restrained further with cuffs or even chains restraining them to the wall. This excited Leon greatly as it meant that he just might be able to have some real fun.

Once he had walked past every cell, ignoring the mumblings and grumblings, Leon raised his voice and commanded all of the prisoners to quiet the chatter. Eventually it quieted down and Leon spoke again, this time with a question: "Who wants out of here?" He shouted loud enough that everyone in this part of the ship could hear him. The resulting roar shook the ship as the holding area was filled with the eager shouts of the many prisoners awaiting their eventual release.

Leon could only laugh at the unbridled clamoring of these people at the mere possibility of release. He then motioned for them to quiet down enjoying the control he had over all of these helpless prisoners, before declaring, "I guess I should get the keys."

He smiled as he turned around and exited the room to the hoots and hollers of various prisoners to get the keys from the other side of the doorway. Once he had the key- the Marines conveniently used only one lock for all of the cells on the ship- he returned to the holding area and took a moment to savor the thankful and begging pleas.

As he approached the first cell, his attention was caught by one cell at the end of the row. There was no noise coming from within; no shouts or pleas, nothing. Leon wouldn't have cared except for the fact that he knew there was a prisoner in that cell from his earlier walkthrough. The concept of someone who wouldn't want to be free puzzled him. So, just as the key was already halfway in the lock, Leon withdrew it and proceeded to the quiet cell, much to the audible frustration and anger of the inhabitant of the cell he was already at.

Leon ignored the surrounding protests as he approached the cell. He leaned on the bars and looked at the prisoner, though because he was sitting back in the shadows Leon could only see the whites of the prisoner's eyes hauntingly looking back at him from the darkness, before speaking: "Hey, don't you want out of there?" he shouted to the cell's inhabitant.

The person in the cell simply shrugged, which only served to frustrate Leon.

Leon responded, though, in a surprisingly calm manner, simply growling, "Oh, so ya wanna spend the rest of your miserable life trapped in a cage?"

This time the person responded and Leon could tell by the voice, it was a man in the cell: "No, I simply have nothing left to live for out there."

This comment upset Leon. He had struggled to live almost every day since he was very young: stealing, hunting, and fighting to survive. It got to the point where he anticipated, almost enjoyed the daily grind, only smiling when he was fighting someone or had killed an animal or opponent. After all those years struggling, it angered him greatly to hear someone just give up. Leon put the key into the cell door and flung it open, almost ripping it off the hinges. "If that's how ya feel, stand up and get out here so I can end yer misery." he commanded.

The man complied and walked into the light outside of the cage allowing Leon to see what he looked like for the first time. The man was shorter than Leon, a bit under 6'0, with an athletic physique. He was wearing all black: a vest that seemed to have extra padding, presumably to stop bullets, a regular pair of pants, and combat boots. The most distinguishing features, however, were three fresh scars that ran down the left side of his face stopping at the edge of his mouth and his cold, black eyes that made the whites of his eyes so prevalent to the point that they appeared to be almost glowing.

Leon then mockingly asked, "Oh, so ya do wanna die?"

The man responded in a flat tone, "Today is not the day of my death."

Leon growled once again, this time at the man's arrogance, as he pulled his sword back and muttered, "We'll see about that." before swinging his sword at full force with every intention of cutting the man in half at the waist, leaving him to die on the cold floor, then returning to his games with the other prisoners.

"Stop!" came a commanding shout from the doorway where the stairs were. Leon had already begun his swing, though, and was unable to completely stop the momentum of his swing. His sword had hit the man, but thanks to Leon attempting to halt his swing and the thick mass of muscle, bone, and flesh of the prisoner, the sword only dug into the man's hip, and possibly chipped his pelvis or hip bone, but didn't do any further damage aside from drawing some blood, though not enough to warrant serious concern.

Leon turned to the doorway and saw Bo slowly approaching him and the man his sword was in. "Why'd ya stop me? I was trying to help out this lil' punk." Leon complained to Bo as he motioned towards the man in black.

Bo looked Leon in the eyes and asked, "Would you really be happy killing a man while he's handcuffed?"

Leon responded in an off-handed manner: "I've settled for weaklings all day today, what's one more?

Bo was now looking at the prisoner as he spoke to Leon. "This man interests me. Where we're going they'll be plenty of strong opponents for you to fight; let this one slide, will ya?" Leon grunted and reached for his sword until Bo stopped him. "That sword is all that's stopping him from bleeding heavily onto the floor of our ship, and I have some questions I want to ask before I let that wound be treated." Bo then looked directly into the eyes of the man and whispered, "I suggest you answer quickly; that sword is old and the wound might get infected."

The rest of the prisoners grew rowdy at hearing these two were now in charge of this marine ship and the two, themselves, were clearly not marines. They shouted and pleaded for freedom with renewed vigor.

All of the noise annoyed Bo, so he looked around him and glared at each prisoner in sight while speaking in a commanding tone: "Shut up. None of you weaklings are going free".

The murmurs settled from raucous screams to disgruntled protests, essentially silencing all but one voice. That one person spoke in a deep, resounding voice: "I am no weakling. I'm stronger than all of you."

Though Bo was easygoing, he didn't like being openly challenged. He walked over to the cell the man was in and saw a massive figure with stringy, brown hair with a full beard and numerous scars all over his body, as well as one over his right eye resulting in that eye just being milky white and unusable, sitting in the back of the cell with his beefy arms behind his back and numerous chains wrapped around his muscular form. "You know that's funny seeing as you're in there and we're out here." Bo mocked as he leaned on the bars of the cell.

"You dare mock ME!? I am 'The Human Warship' Tank Calderall worth 90 million beli. Let me out of here and I'll crush you." yelled the prisoner, Tank.

Bo pretended to be cleaning out his ear with his pinky before responding, "Oh, I'm sorry. All I heard was 'let' you out. You see, I'm in control." He then turned towards Leon and the stranger in black. "You're lucky. Leon, get your sword. You, get out of our way; I'll deal with you later." He turned back to Tank in the cell and smiled before finishing his commands to the other two. "You better not bleed all over my ship. And Leon... bring the key." He grinned slyly as he said those last words, as did Tank figuring he knew what Bo was planning.

Leon then went to pick up the key and pulled his sword out of the other man who then moved towards the doorway seemingly ignoring the blood he was losing as his hands were still cuffed behind his back. Bo noticed that through all of this, the mystery man didn't budge or wince, which piqued Bo's interest even more, but that would have to wait till later.

As Leon handed the key to Bo, he asked, "What are you planning?"

Bo took the key and casually responded, "You wanted to have some fun, didn't you?" as he unlocked the cell door.

Leon recognized the state of mind Bo was in. He wasn't like this often, but when he was… He would have let the Devil himself out of that cell if it meant he'd have a chance at him, but Leon didn't care about all that at the moment. He was finally going to have some real fun with a worthy opponent for the first time in far too long- at least he hoped to- so, he just smirked and shrugged off any further questions in anticipation of what was to come.

Bo moved into the cell while Leon stood off to the side. Leon could hear locks being undone and heavy chains falling to the floor. He focused on those sounds until he felt the air blow by him and he looked in that direction only to see Bo crash into the cells on the opposite side and fall to the floor as he heard another mass of chains crash onto the floor.

Bo lifted his head and wiped some blood from the side of his mouth as he spoke. "Impressive. That punch almost hurt. But, I hope that's not the best you can do; or has your time behind bars affected you that much." He mocked from his seated position on the floor much to the annoyance of his opponent who was stepping out of the cell prompting Leon to jump back a little.

As Tank pulled himself out of the confining cell, Bo and Leon got a good look at just how massive he was. Tank's figure was nothing short of imposing at around 10' of solid muscle with large, powerful arms and legs wearing only a pair of red pants and stained brown combat boots with plain metal bands around his wrist leaving his wide, muscled chest exposed. As soon as he was out, Tank lumbered forward and drove his closed left fist down upon Bo: "War Hammer."

Leon swung his sword up with as much force as he could muster to counter the strike and managed to cut Tank's massive, tree-trunk sized arm clean off just above the elbow, but the monster of a man spun around and backhanded Leon with his remaining arm into the cells, before he could even bring up a defense, as if nothing had happened and caused Leon to spit up blood.

Bo jumped to the side as Tank brought his boot down where Bo was. The earlier cheap shot from Tank did more damage than Bo was letting on, but he wasn't about to admit that to himself or his opponent. "You annoying little ant! If I had my bazookas you'd be dust at the bottom of my shoe." yelled Tank as he glared at Bo.

"The fight's barely started and you're already making excuses?" Bo retorted in the same mocking tone he'd been speaking to Tank in.

At the same time, Leon pushed himself off of the bars he'd been smashed into and stood up, but his left arm just hung by his side unresponsive. Still, though, he smirked as he looked at the large man standing between him and Bo and said, "Oh, this just might be more fun than I can handle."

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