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Justin Bieber Imagines. Feel free to ask whatever you want.

Fantasy / Romance
jariana ❤️
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Ex Girlfriend (cute)

You were at home frustrated and mad at Justin because you saw him talking with his ex. Not that he couldn’t talk to her, but they were too close and laughing and you know that if she wants she can steal him from you and you couldn’t take that. You were in the kitchen making some cupcakes just to distract yourself when the door opened, revealing Justin. "Babe, I’m home!" He shouted thinking you were upstairs in the room, but he noticed that you were in the kitchen and went to you. "Oh, you’re here." Still no answer. He grabbed your waist and kissed your cheek. "What are you doing?" You didn’t want to answer, but you just gave a quick reply. "Cupcakes." "Let me help." "No." You said and pulled his hands away, walking away as well. He looked confused, following you to the couch. "Babe, what’s wrong?" "Nothing." "Why are you being so...cold to me? What did I do?" "What did you do? Just think." "I can’t remember anything." "Should I refresh your mind?" He looked still confused and you got up from the couch and looked at him. "Selena. Does this name say something to you?" "Oh my gosh Y/N...are you serious right now? This conversation again?" He said sighing. "Yes again! I’m sick of it! It’s not that you can’t talk to her or something, but lately, you’re around her like all the time." "What’s the problem with that?" "You ask what’s the problem! It’s like I don’t even exist. Plus, you know as well as I do that if she wants she can take you away from me!" "And you know as well as I do that I’ll never let you go, much less for her." He said grabbing your legs and sitting you in his lap, one leg on each side. "Y/N I love you, alright? And nothing and nobody will come between us, I promise." You smile, a weak smile, and leaned your head towards him. "I love you too." "What do you say if we go eat those cupcakes?" "Probably they are already burnt. Let’s just stay here and cuddle." "Good idea." You two smiled and he laid on the couch with you still in his arms.

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