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At about 5 in the morning after (the night) Yoongi showed up, he got a call. We hadn't realised the time because we stayed up and spoke about everything we possibly could've, he even helped me set the shelves in the kitchen.

It was his friend, Namjoon.

"Yeoboseyo" "You left me" he shouted feeling betrayed, I laughed at his tone - he sounded like an angry 7 year old. "Yes I'm safe" "A neighbour, mhm" "Okay Joon, shut up and just get home" "Joon" he pinches the bridge of his nose, oh Lordt. "How am I supposed to get into my damn apartment if i don't have my key?!"

I couldn't handle it - I burst into laughter at his priceless facial expression. "Bye JOON" he shouted.

"It's not funny Y/N" "You're right Yoongi, it's not. It's hilarious" you continued laughing. He looked at me with a scowl but he soon softened and laughed too.

After an hour which felt like 3, Namjoon finally showed up. "Thank you Y/N by the way, for taking care of Yoongi. He can be such a pain" he said as he practically pushed his friend out the door. "It's no problem Namjoon, Little Meow Meow is sweet" I said with a smile.

"Little Meow Meow?" He asked confused. Yoongi butted in and said to Joon, "Shut up and let's go." I laughed and watched them cross the little road to get to their apartment.

Wait- cross the road to get to their- HELLLSSS YASSSS! I'm not alone anymore. I gradually became closer to Yoongi and Namjoon as time progressed. They made me feel like I was more at home and less far from home (hehe, lol, see what I did? Okay, imma just go and sit in the corner).

We always did everything together. Thanks to them, I met 4 other amazing people who are also important to me.

There's just this one person that I just can't understand though. My annoying neighbour - Jeon Jungkook.

That tall bunny looking, thicc thighed, coconut headed boy that always stayed indoors and probably never ever saw daylight. I didn't even know that I had a neighbour that lived on the left side of my apartment.....

Until one day, when I was washing dishes "Baby me like yuhhhhh~ I'll make you feel so gooooood~ Do you just like I shouull-" "Shut up" As shook as I was, I turned the music volume lower and sung to myself instead.

Days later, I encountered the Jeon in the parking lot. I tried to introduce myself and all he responded with was "Yeah, whatever. Jeon Jungkook" and drove off. Whatever stupid fxcker - I wasn't going to share my Fanda (😂) Express with you anyways.

Every other occasion was exactly the same. I was aquainted, even associated with majority of the people living in the student apartment complex except for him.

I don't know what were are, but we are sure as hell not friends..


The semester at university started roughly 2 weeks ago - let me tell you, if you thought high school was hard, ha, think again . But nevertheless, university life is ridiculous, in the nicest way possible.

Everyone is in their own buzz, too busy in their own bubble to bother about the next person - well, most of them. And yes, you still have the hierarchy of popularity.

You get the Queenkas who think they own everything - prancing around with their little Louis Vuittons, red bottom heels and Givenchy shades. They're not half bad until you're within a 10 meter radius or with the guys that they're drooling over, stupid oppas.

The Kingkas are total shit heads who think that making fun of people is totally normal 'these are the oppas' - slamming people against lockers, kicking people till they can't walk, punching the proportion off others faces - that's just an everyday thing.

But what Kingkas enjoy most, is teasing girls that fall in the middle. Sure they've nerds but, they don't ever fight back - it gets a little monotonous after some time and hardly any joy comes out of it.

Girls in the middle, girls like me. Yeah, I may look like a little kid and I may appear like I'm in a state of constant denial and anxiety or even in a state of 'honestly betch, I don't give a fook', but if you get me on my worst mood - baby, bless your soul - because I'm worse than Satan on steroids.


We're about 2 and a half weeks into the semester and let's just say, they know who Y/N is. She's a bad bxtch. So, I got into a leedle teeny tiny fight with one of the Queenkas minions, apparently I was gawking at her oppa. But first, let me explain- The aura of the garden was unexplainable, so I drifted deep into thought. I didn't even know I was looking at anyone because I was CLEARLY in a daze and staring off into space, probably questioning life itself.

She grabbed my ash grey hoodie by the neck area and said to me in a squeaky voice that made the walls of my inner ear bleed "Stay away from my oppa, or else!"

I just stared back at her like 'dafuq you just say'. Her hands were a bit shaky, I realized she was put up to it. I turned my head slightly to the right only to find the posse of snobby girls glaring at us. I looked back at the girl who was clearly sweating and asked with a smirk, "Or else what?"

She tighted her grip on my hoodie, using her false height to her advantage, she roughly pulled me off the bench I was sitting on and slapped me right across my face.

She let go of my hoodie looking at me with a sense of victory as I held my cheek. I removed my hand and looked at it for 0.05 seconds, then looked back at her, smiled and said, "Big mistake princess" She stared at me in total horror.

"I'll give you a 3 second head start", the girl sprinted as fast as she could. I didn't know where she was running, but she wasn't going to leave unharmed.



Her group of Queenkas finally found their little minion in the most unsightly way possible. Let's just say that if they didn't find her fast enough, her teeth would've been part of the pearls on her chain and her smokey eye wouldn't be able to cover up her blue eye.

*Clap, clap, clap.*

Weird, I heard clapping. I turned around to see the 5 girls looking at me quite impressed. "Not bad, I'm impressed. Haerin" she extended her hand. "If you weren't here any sooner, I would've had to call an ambulance. (I chuckled) Y/N". I reached out to return the handshake.

"Well, Y/N, pleasure to meet you" she looks back at the girl on the floor, making me turn back to look at her too. "She was a useless asset to us anyway, say would you want to be part of us? There's tons of perks".

Why is she being so nice? Does she want me to be their personal bouncer or something. Nah uh betch, not today. Or ever-

"Mmm, nah I'm good. Thanks though" I said in a non-chalant tone. She looked a bit surprised and responded in a slightly disappointed tone "Very well then, see you around Y/N"

'And this is why Princesses are always protected by high walls'. I laughed at the thought as I walked away from the scene of the so called crime.

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