Heart beat

Chapter one

It was the start of Autumn leaves flying in the wind the smell of pumpkin pie filled the air there were children playing at the park dogs being walked and laughter ringing through out the little town of Cherry Wood. Cherry Wood was a town in Busan South Korea. It was surly a tourist attraction with all the small streets and little shops the playgrounds and the lake it was also a good place to live as there were lots of nice houses and nice people there was both a elementary school and a high school there was also a hospital which is convenient for families but the most exciting thing was the Cheery Blossoms gardens which always had a event going on and for October there was the annual Fall festival filled with rides and good food every family would go to the fair it was a tradition for families in the town to go to the festival to celebrate life and the newfound coldness that the new season brought. Although the town kids would always go to the festival there was one kid who wished to go but couldn't because of his heart. That kid was Park Jimin a seven year old boy who lived his life in the hospital.

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