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Chapter 1


-chapter 1-

rated for language / adult themes

This story is a sequel to my story 'Surrogacy' so some of the main factors of this story will most likely not make sense. I wont force you to read Surrogacy but it will benefit your experience! Check out my page if you are interested!

A month after the famous Konoha Fall Festival, Sasuke found himself quite annoyed.

He was doing the usual, changing sweet little Makoto's diaper, when he suddenly became not so sweet. As he pulled back the diaper to clean him up, a steady stream of baby pee suddenly came out from behind the diaper and hit him square in the chest, which thankfully was clothed. He was so startled this early in the morning that he jumped back in pure surprise, his eyes wide with shock then immediately filled the the uttermost dread he could ever compile.

When the stream of pee ceased he threateningly stepped forward to find his son looking back at him with a curiously content face, looking upon his father to see what it was that was wrong, as if peeing on him did not effect him in any way. With an inquisitive gurgle, Mako stuck a few of his fingers into his mouth, seemingly acting as innocent as he could in front of his fuming father.

Pressing his lips into a thin line, Sasuke hurriedly cleaned his son up and changed his diaper before marching over to the master bedroom where Sakura laid in the bed, awake but begging sleep to take over her again. When he entered the room she cracked an eye open to him with a small smile. "How come you're bringing him in here? He usually sleeps after he gets changed in the mornings."

"Your son peed on me." He growled as he stomped over to the bed and laid Mako down beside his mothers figure, all the while shrill chills ran down his spine. He began to carefully peel his t-shirt off his body and threw it into the hamper beside the en suite bathroom door.

"Oh, so he's my son now?" She chuckled and kissed Mako on his forehead. "I told you that would happen one day but you refused to listen to me."

Sasuke still refused to believe his son had the audacity to pee on him, so he stomped into the bathroom and started the shower quite angrily.

She merely shook her head with a slight chuckle, giving Mako another kiss. "Your daddy is ridiculous, you know that? Well you must know, since you peed on him. You're a good boy." She smiled and reached over her son to the bedside table on Sasuke's side of the bed and swiped the few items off it's surface. She sat up so she faced her son and showed him the items she grabbed and she could see the immediate light in his eyes. In her hand she held a cotton ball, a grey fake feather, tissue, a soft hair brush, and a small piece of torn cloth.

To promote his body awareness and tactile stimulation, she would play the 'Tickle Me Game' with Mako every other day, something he enjoyed to the fullest. She started with the hairbrush and as gently as she could, brushed its plastic bristles against his super sensitive skin and raised a curious brow to him. He cracked the tiniest smile at the sensation and yanked his small chubby leg away from the brush with a gurgle. Laughing lightly, she swapped the brush for a tissue and gently slid it across the skin of his feet, earning wide green eyes that looked startled but his confusion turned into joy as he let out another joyful coo to his mother.

"Isn't this soft, Mako?" She continued to rub the soft tissue against his feet and hands until his excitement for that feeling died out and he anxiously awaited the next one. She picked up the cotton ball and held it in front of his eyes, looking bewildered as he gazed at it's fuzzy surface. "This one is even softer..." She started as she gleefully rubbed its surface against the palm of his hand and led it up toward his cheek. To this one he let out a long surprised coo and waved his little hands up in the air near his mothers face.

When Sasuke finished up in the bathroom, he eyes his son carefully from the crack in the doorway. As he toweled off his sopping wet hair, his son glanced over at him with his not so innocent green eyes and Sasuke knew that this was only the start.

So the next time it was his turn to change Mako was when they arrived at Sakura's parents house later that day, and Sasuke was sure that his son could not do such a heinous act twice in a day, and especially since Sasuke was all alone against her parents.

He took Mako into the bathroom, narrowly avoiding Kizashi and his hateful glare, and placed some blankets down on the counter top where he would lay Mako. Once that was done, he lifted the diaper bag onto the counter, weary of keeping an eye on Mako, and began to cautiously undo the tabs on the dirty diaper. He held his fingers on the boys chest to keep his secure and as he averted his eyes to the diaper bag to grab a fresh diaper is when it happened and he swore to the Gods it was on purpose.

This time it skyrocketed upwards like a powerful fountain then when it's force began to die down it landed on his shoulder until the boys bladder was emptied.

Sasuke stood there in absolute shock. He wondered if this child was really his because an Uchiha would never do such a disgusting act but upon remembering that his son was not conceived the natural way he knew it be true. Mako lay there with his middle and index fingers shoved in his mouth while his big green eyes sparkled underneath the hanging bathroom lights. He concluded that it must have come from Sakura's side of the family. "You are to never do that to me again." He told him strictly as he quickly finished the job and fastened the tabs on the fresh diaper. "Why don't you do this to your mom?"

Scowling once more, he clicked the small buttons on Mako's white onesie and contemplated one what to do next. He set the diaper bag on one side of Mako while on Mako's other side he set the wicker basket of toiletries in case he felt like rolling around. He stripped himself of his dark colored shirt and smirked as he rifled through the diaper bag. He'd brought an extra shirt just for this type of situation.

When he found Sakura thankfully alone in the kitchen grabbing a snack, he plopped Mako into her arms. "Why is your shirt different?"

"The little monster peed on me."

She only smiled and stared down at her little boy. "Good boy, Mako!"

Later on that day he refused to change Mako's diaper again unless Sakura undid the tabs first so he could see if Mako peed on her or not. So as he leaned against the door frame of Mako's nursery, he eyeballed the two of them, Sakura beginning to undo the tabs on his diaper. It was like slow motion for him, watching as he expected the pee to come jolting out from behind the front of the diaper but with Sakura's smiling face in front of him, he knew his son would do no such thing as pee on her.

"He's probably run out of pee by now, Sasuke. I think you're fine." Sakura mocked him playfully, walking passed him in the door frame and playfully smacking his chest. She paced down the hallway and disappeared into their bedroom.

Sasuke puckered out his lips like a stubborn little fish and stalked over to the changing table where his sons dirty diaper was still half on him. "Only because your mother's around, isn't it.." Sasuke began to peel the front of the diaper back, only looking down at pulled open drawer to grab a fresh diaper when he heard his son let out a small grunt and the sound of liquid echoed through his head like a nightmare.

He thanked his lucky stars the diaper wasn't fully pulled back or he would have been doused in the pee once more from his devilish little son that he couldn't stay mad at. He knew that although his son was still just a newborn he had it out for the older Uchiha and he warned himself to brace for the worst with this kid. He was to be quite a handful.

Hi guys! To all of the old readers from Surrogacy and to the new readers, I welcome you to the second part! If it sounded short it's because it was meant to be short, it was introducing Sasuke's relationship with his son before I have the actual time skip going on. Like in Surrogacy, I had a lot of reviews want Mako to take a pee on Sasuke so here it is! Sorry you had to wait for a sequel!

So this isn't going to turn out to be a fanfic where I just write cute little moments. It's going to have structure. A plot, character development, the return of Karin and what she brings (Ooooohhh, cue scary music), more kids? More drama?! Oh my goodness!

You'll have to review to find out, though! Even just a simple small review tells me there are readers, so leave one if you like it!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

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