Chapter 10


-chapter 10-

rated for language / adult themes

Almost a day later, Sakura was still in complete agony. It got so bad she had to force Ino out of her room because just the sound of her voice made her want to kick the bucket. Ino thankfully took no offence, and took it upon herself to guard her best friends room to make sure they wouldn't walk in on that deathtrap. There she was, laying in her bed curled up into a perfect ball with her eyes clenched shut, with her little one moving about like crazy. "Why do you hate me?" She groaned to the little one as the contraction felt like the worst thing she had ever felt, even though with every passing contraction she thought that.


Hours later to her surprise, Kakashi and Naruto made their way past Ino and her protective nature, both men staring at Sakura sympathetically. "See! I told you! Look how bad our poor Sakura looks!" Naruto bounded to one side of her hospital bed while their old teacher made his way to the other side.

"Yes, you were right Naruto. How are you holding up Sakura? I hear you've been in here for a little over a day. And are you on medications?"

She shook her head as she pulled the blankets up to her nose. "No, I didn't want them."

"But if you're in pain, Sakura..." Naruto interjected.

"No! I don't want the medications because it can possibly do damage to her, and she's already in a vulnerable state!"

"O-okay okay Sakura, I get it!"

She sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "When is Sasuke going to be back?"

"Hmm, maybe a day or two, at most."



More excruciatingly painfully long hours later, she finally told herself that it was pointless to harbor hope that Sasuke would return early from his mission and decided to call it quits. There was no more trying to slightly delay the birth because it was coming quicker than his immanent arrival. So when her doctor paced through the door to come and check on her and the baby, she gave him a slight nod and he knew it was time. He left the room and as he did, her trusty friends Ino and Haru scattered to her sides and took her hands, telling her that they were going to be there for her. Naruto entered the room with a small caring smile and told her he had to be there for her, since Sasuke was absent. He perched himself up on the counter, far from the view of 'everything' out of respect, and waited patiently for the doctor to return. She thought it was cute how fatherly he already acted.

When her doctor returned with a nurse and a midwife trainee, she knew it was really time. The stirrups were set in place, greatly intimidating the three in the room who had no idea what they were, the monitors were checked, and lastly, Sakura was checked.

She closed her eyes and gave herself a mental pep talk. Just pretend these hands I'm holding are Sasuke's...! Even though they're incredibly small and moisturized.. Nevermind. I can do this! Little maybe Asami is smaller than Mako, and if I could deliver him then I can certainly do this! When she reopened her eyes, she found all eyes looking intently at her. "Let's do this."

When it all began the three newbies in the room were immediately caught off guard, with Naruto being the worst. Perched up on the counter, he wrapped his arms around his knees and buried his face into the clothing on his knees and every time he heard a noise of pain come from his old teammate, he told himself that it would be all over soon. Ino was a little bit stronger than Naruto, she had to be when she was on the sidelines and her poor hand was encased within Sakura's own. She'd never say anything but it was the realest physical pain she could remember and when she looked over at Haru, she could see they were in the same boat. Yet they nodded in silent unison and shut their traps because they knew it was nothing compared to what Sakura was going through.

For a split second she almost felt sorry for Ino and Haru because after Mako she could see how red and pained Sasuke's own hand looked, but once she gave the first real push, she immediately forgot about their predicament. Mako was a slow start but with this one, a hell of a lot of pressure already came forth as if her body was just trying to get this little one out as quick as could be. It was only a few small pushes and a few large pushes later that she was out.

She was out in a whirlwind of raspy little cries. Sakura let her head hit the incredibly comfortable pillow and a long awaited sigh of relief followed. Naruto uncurled himself from his ball position and pounced off the counter, watching with widened awe-struck eyes, eyeing the nurse that carefully brought the newborn over to the counter to clean her up. "That was amazing Sakura!"

"Yeah Sakura, you just pushed that tiny little baby out! That was fantastic!" Ino cooed happily as she pat Sakura's brow gently with a small folded cloth, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

"What's her name?"

"I don't want to decide on a name without Sasuke 'seeing' her first.." She smiled lovingly as the nurse finished swaddling the little girl and paced over, carefully placing the tiny bundle in her anxiously awaiting arms. She was a lot smaller than Mako was and looked little immensely fragile, as if a sudden movement would break her whole body. "She's so tiny.."

"Aweh~! Sakura I wanna hold her after!" Surprisingly that high pitch voice came from Naruto, who was kneeling beside her bed, looking upon the innocent little face with an ooey-gooey expression filled with uncle-y love.

"Then me!" Ino piped up just as Haru opened her mouth and grimaced when Sakura nodded with a slight chuckle.

"She's so precious, look at that cute lil' round face! And those tiny little fingers poking out!"

"Hehe yeah!" Naruto's grin widened as he gently pet the little girls tiny fingers that were curled around the blanket. "They're so cute!"

When Sakura carefully placed the little bundle of joy into Naruto's nervous arms, she watched his movements like a hawk, but as he held her close as if he'd been holding babies for a century, she nestled back into the bed. He even went as far as speaking baby to her with puffed out lips and a high pitched voice that sent shivers down their spines. "You're so cute... Yes you are! So cute! Sooo cuuuuteee~!"

This continued on for a few hours until Sakura fell into a deep slumber and her friends were ushered out. A nurse rolled a crib into the room and beside Sakura's bed and made sure the little one was tended to before being laid down into the crib for a nice nap.


Both mentally and physically exhausted, Sasuke drug his feet through the empty streets of the Uchiha district, the only thing he could see was his cozy home and warm bed. He hadn't slept in his bed in a little over two weeks and it was seemingly the best object that had ever been invented. When he saw his abode in plain view he gathered up enough strength to make it through the next block. He passed underneath the archway that welcomed you to the house, continued along the gravel pathway and up to the front door, where a white shred of white paper was taped to match his eye level. A part of him wanted to crumple it up and just get to bed but shredded paper taped on doors could have a significant message, so he held it between his fingers and peeled it off the wall.

He squinted at the hastily written note and tried to make sense of it all but his blurred vision prevented him from reading it's contents, so he slid it into his pocket and unlocked the door to his house. He knew above all he needed to have some fresh, cold, water in his system rather than the warm stale water he'd been living off of for the week. It wasn't late when he managed to read the clocks hands, so he was slightly curious as to where Sakura and Mako were when he didn't see them right away in the den. He was equally surprised when he entered the kitchen and she wasn't in there with Mako on her hip as she was cooking something up. He then thought they were most likely up in the nursery or the master bedroom.

So he took a glass cup out of the overhead cabinet and ran the tap until only the coldest water poured into the sink, holding the glass underneath it and catching the amount he desired, then switching the tap off. He pressed the cold glass to his lips and took a sip of the exhilarating water, jolting sparks through his body. He was no less tired or sore, but the feeling of having fresh water in his system made him feel a whole lot better. Feeling as if he had enough energy to get up the stairs, he made way toward the staircase when he remembered the scrap of paper hastily shoved into his pocket.

Taking a sip of his water and slowly making his way up, he began to read the note. Sasuke, Sakura has gone into premature labor, no need to worry though, everything's fine! When you get back, get to the hospital asap! - Mebuki. At first with his sleep daze shrouding his judgement he didn't understand the note, so when he finished the last step of the staircase he stopped to squint at the paper skeptically.

He took another sip of energy inducing water and read the note with new eyes. Premature labor. As quick as could be, he set the water down on the nearest surface and was out of the door much faster than when he entered. He pushed his way through the crowds of the streets. Initially he was somewhat being careful with his movements but when he saw that large hospital before him he could care less if he bumped people, so that's what he did until the path was cleared to get to her.

He pushed his way through the swing doors of the hospital and saw that friend of Sakura's, who knew right away what he was there for. She hurriedly lead him down a plethora of unimaginably long hallways until he saw a crowd of people. He saw Naruto with his arms crossed, speaking to the others with a large friendly smile on his face, nodding to the words of his old Sensei, who was leaning against the wall outside of her room. Ino was was interjecting Kakashi's sentence with her own thoughts on whatever topic they were speaking of. When he approached them they all quieted down and smiled, moving out of the way so he could get to her closed door. He took it as a good sign that non of them were crying. He wrapped his hand around the doorknob of the room and got in as quick as he could but as silently as humanly possible.

After he slowly shut the door, he scanned the room. Sakura was laying without sound in the hospital bed, her eyelids closed, telling him she was tired enough to not be spending time with their newborn. Beside her bed was a intimidating incubator holding non other than the newest addition to their family. He carefully approached as if he were not welcome there, but this contraption was rubbing him the wrong way. It looked as if it were for a baby that needed specific health care, yet upon further inspection, his daughter was hooked up to no machine's tubes or wires.

With this information he reached into the incubator and carefully picked up the small child, a tad more scared than he was with Mako when he was first born solely for the fact that she was a lot smaller than he was. She was so small, so frail and breakable, it terrified him. He hated knowing she was denied the few extra months of developing, and not knowing too much about the process, he wasn't sure if she would turn out okay because of this. However, despite the difference in her size than an average newborn, she looked completely fine. She sported the big blubbery flustered rosey pink cheeks Mako had for a while, the healthy pink tinted skin, chubby little arms, puckered lips, fine hair that was without color. She looked perfect.

Sasuke took a seat beside Sakura's bed and cradled the little girl close, not at all close to being finished gazing upon her. The anger of not being there when she entered this world was washed away and replaced with love, immense love for this squirmy little thing. She fidgeted in his arms at the sensation of not being in her peaceful incubator, her mouth twisting and pursing into a thin line as her brows and eyelids pressed together as her sleep came to an end. He didn't feel at all guilty because he wanted to properly meet her.

When her eyelids opened slowly, her eyes watered at the burning fluorescent lights above their heads, so quickly, he held his hand to shelter her poor eyesight form the bright lights. He smirked when her eyelids fully opened. She had eyes that sparkled like the emeralds her mothers own eyes were known for, much like her brothers light colored green eyes at birth. Big and beautiful.

"You.. are Asami Uchiha."

Happy Fathers Day! Look, lil' Asami was born! Hooray! Next chappy will be happy family times!I watched The Fault In Our Stars last night and I hate everyone that told me to watch it. If you like crying this movie is perf for you. So I wrote this Sasuke part listening to depressing music and I'm not sure if it shows. If it is a tad depressing, I'm sorry. That movie made me feel things I've never felt before! With TFIOS being centered around sickness and hospitals, it kind of influenced my writing a bit with the Sasuke scene. WATCH THE MOVIE OR READ THE BOOK!

Again, thanks for the reviews! If this story makes you happy, review! Because reviews make me happy!

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