Chapter 11


-chapter 11-

rated for language / adult themes

When she awoke she awoke with a sense of giddy excitement. She hadn't gotten the time to fully embrace her newly renewed motherhood since she'd been inwardly and outwardly exhausted, but now with her body rested to the point where she only felt slightly tired, she could dot upon her newborn daughter. She rubbed her eyes slowly and when finished, glances over to the incubator beside her bed. She squinted at it nervously. Where is she?

Sakura was about to throw the bedding off of her body when she caught a glance of the body on the other side of her bed. It was as still as stone sitting upon the plastic hospital chair, slightly hunched over what appeared to be her newborn daughter. They didn't take immediate notice of her movement, so she sat as motionless as possible, surveying the two. It didn't take long for her to notice it was non other than her husband, who's late arrival was causing her a lot of stress. As she expected, his attention was completely being sucked in by the little one, who was blindly moving her fingers about in the brisk air that surrounded them. She let out a dreamy sigh as she laid back into the bed and that's when they locked eyes.

"Sakura, I'm sorry-"

"Technically it's Naruto's fault." She chuckled lightly as she adjusted the pillow behind her head. "He's already apologized profusely."

He gave her a slight nod, still thinking to himself that he didn't have to accept the mission yet he did anyways. But he wasn't going to start an argument. "So.. Is she okay?"

"Yes, she's fine. Just smaller than she should have been. She took almost two days to show up." He smirked.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine as well. So, what's her name going to be?"

He knew Sakura was a trooper. "We're going to keep your name choice."

"Asami.." She smiled as she glanced downward to look at her little one. "She's adorable isn't she? Naruto fell in love with her-"

"Naruto got to see her already?" The tone of his voice changed drastically and his eyes sharpened. "Before me?"

"Well Sasuke she was born a little under a day ago, of course he came to see her.." She knew he'd be angry if he found out she left out another tidbit of information.. "In fact he was in the room was she was born!"

"What?!" His brows knitted together and his jaw clenched like stone. She could see now that their petty rivalry even extended into family business. "Why did you let him in?"

"You think I'd want to be in here alone? He asked me, he didn't just barge in and demand to be there for me." Sasuke pursed his lips together. "He was too cowardly to even be by my side, he was on the counter curled up in a ball. He didn't see 'anything' if that's what you're worried about. Plus it wasn't just him that got to see her before you did, more like the whole village had to pay a visit. Besides, you meeting her a little late isn't going to make her love you any less."

He shrugged but he was glad she always knew what to say to him.

A little later Sakura's parents had arrived to visit. Usually Sasuke steered clear of any room that had both her mother and her father in it, so when he did not fidget when they showed their faces, she was surprised. In Mebuki's arms was Mako who looked absolutely grumpy with his furrowed brows, pacifier in his mouth, blotchy red tear stained cheeks, and clenched little fists, but when he saw his father he brightened up completely. His blue pacifier dropped to the floor as he opened his mouth and screeched the word "daddy" as he threw his arms up into the air. He made little grabby hands until his grandmother noticed and placed him into his father's arms.

Kizashi, having worked overtime the past few days, did not get the chance to visit his daughter as often as his wife, so once he laid eyes on her, he rushed to the opposite side of Sakura, eyeballing Sasuke dangerously. "Oh Sakura, how are you feeling? I''m so sorry you had to go through that... alone." He purposely emphasized the word alone and shot Sasuke a sideways glance, full of hatred.

"Oh, but I wasn't alone. I had Ino, and Haru, and Naruto with me!"

"Yes, well, it's tradition to have the father by the side so he can cut the umbilical cord!"

"Kizashi, be quiet You weren't there when I gave birth to Sakura! Too busy working, was it?"

Sakura heartily laughed. "Too chicken I think."

Sasuke smirked when the man looked defeated by the two women. At least I was there for one. He looked back down to the squirmy little Mako who insisted on telling him something although there was an obvious barrier between the language they spoke. Sakura told him about the first time they had introduced Mako to Asami. He didn't take it quite well. It wasn't Asami who angered him, it wasn't the competition, it was the fact that the attention shifted from him to this wrinkled thing in his mothers arms. Apparently he cried the entire time.

So sitting on his fathers lap, he was more than thrilled to have his attention, especially after Sasuke had 'disappeared' for a while. Out of the corner of his eye he watched as his grandfather swooned over the pink wrinkled thing everybody loved so much. He didn't understand what exactly the big deal was, or why his mother had been in this bed for what seemed like ages. He wasn't going to give it the time of day so he held his toy up proudly and presented it to his father, whose attention was thankfully on him.

"Look at you!" Kizashi cooed loudly, presenting Asami for all to see, twirling around dramatically. "This one better have pink hair!"

If any child of his came out with pink hair he hoped it would be a daughter and not a son. It was now or never with Asami.

"You know dad, I've accepted the fact that I'm going to have a brood of dark haired children."

"Just one, Sakura, that's all I'm asking for."

When Naruto came through the door, the entire atmosphere changed. Everyone except Sasuke welcomed him in with open arms and when they finally looked each other in the eyes, both squinted angrily. As the others glanced at each other nervously, Naruto broke his glare and swooped in beside Kizashi, stealing Asami right from his arms. "Isn't she just amazing?! I still can't believe I got to be there when she was born!"

"Heh, yeah that's pretty amazing." Kizashi commented smugly, making sure to shoot Sasuke a glance as he said so. "What an honor that is."

Sasuke stood up tall to look Naruto straight in the eyes. "Either you shut up or you leave."

"Yeah, you gonna make me?!" Months of unresolved issues from their individual weddings left a growing tension between the two, and that never ended well.

Sasuke pursed his lips together. "Yes I will."

"Okay boys settle down. You're getting Asami all worked up!" Mebuki interjected with a reprimanding tone, pointing down to the little bundle who's face was scrunching up in her sleep. "So shut it."

"Eheh, sorry~" Naruto chuckled and tiptoed away from the angered Uchiha, cooing to her sleeping face like a madman. He sat in the corner of a room and coddled the newborn happily while Sasuke merely shook his head and returned to listening to Mako's rants with very few words he could understand. He did not fret because he knew he'd get Naruto one way or another, without his in-law's getting in the way.


A few days later Sakura was signed out of the hospital and was back in her cozy home to welcome their little princess into her new nursery, which to Sakura's amusement, was painted pink by her demands. "Look Asami, your own room~!" Gently kissing her daughters forehead as she slept away, she approached the brand new crib, rocking her in the process. "And I think it looks great."

Sasuke could do without the highly festooned room. He didn't mind the pink, or the girly little sheets that fitted the mattress in the crib, but Ino and Haru had gone severely overboard on this nursery. It had painted butterflies and lady bugs everywhere with flowers dotting the walls, yellow trimming on the windowsills, stuffed animals in every damn crevice, he couldn't handle it! It was a pure eyesore! It was far too bright for her sensitive little eyes. He was going to have to figure something out before she goes blind.

For now he stood in the archway with Mako in his arms, who was watching his mother walk around with the tiny pink thing in her arms, still wondering why there was so much fuss about that bundle of blankets.

Once Sakura laid Asami down into her crib, she twirled around and stared at Sasuke happily. "We better get to bed now before she wakes up. Which will be soon. Time to go to bed Mako sweetie!" She stole Mako away from Sasuke's arms and showered him with long awaited kisses that she'd been saving for the many days of not getting one on one time with her baby boy. "I love you so so so sooo much Mako baby!" She bounded into his room, changed him into his pajamas, and tucked him into his crib, making sure he had his stuffed cat in his arms before giving him a goodbye kiss.

When she slowly closed his bedroom door, she dramatically fainted into Sasuke's arms, wrapping her own around his neck as she planted a kiss on his lips. "I'm soo tired, but I just want to stay up all night and watch them sleep~!"

"You need as much sleep as you can get." He smirked against her lips and carefully picked her up, knowing she just wanted to stay outside their bedroom doors and wait for them to wake up. She had bags under her eyes that he wanted eradicated, and the only way that was going to happen is if she got her much needed sleep after bringing Asami into this world. He paced into their bedroom and placed her onto the edge of her side of the bed.

"I can't wait until they get to the age where they come into our bed when they're scared or want to snuggle their parents~"

His brow twitched. That wouldn't bode well with him. He wasn't worried about himself but Sakura on the other hand, hogged up a ton of the beds space and moved around constantly in her sleep. If the children were to sneak into their bed they'd be in for an accidental kick in the face. "The bed isn't big enough." He told her as he changed into his nightwear, pulling his shirt over his head in a flash.

"Yes it is." She cooed as she too got changed into her nightie, to be specific, a specially made nightie for nursing mothers that looked ridiculous. "It would be so cute. I'll be here, on my side of the bed, you'll be on your side of the bed, and they'll be right here, in the middle, looking all cute and innocent."

He rolled his eyes as he turned around and climbed into their bed, Sakura immediately attaching herself to his side. "Mhm."

"Sasuke, they are the best things that ever happened to me." As she adjusted herself in the bed, she kissed his cheek as light as a feather. "Thank you."

His brows met in the middle. "Why thank you? I didn't do anything.." He only then realized she had fallen asleep in that split second.

Asami's home! There will be a time skip next chapter!

I just wanted to sort a few things out. I'm a 17 year old girl that just graduated high school. I'm not a medical professional. I get all of my information from various google searches. If you take what I write into serious consideration for when you have a child you may need to rethink if that's a good decision. Lol. As for the pain medication, I'll clarify what I googled, found from various websites. I'd link but unfortunately FF doesn't allow links in documents. I was basing the "no pain medications" off of an epidural, since that's the most common anesthetic for labor and birth.

A) Epidurals lengthen labor. B) They tripe the risk of perineal tear, RIIIIP. C) Quadruple's the chance that the baby will be face up. D) Can dramatically lower your blood pressure, which can lead to a lack of oxygen getting to your baby. E) The drugs that are administered do enter the blood stream of the baby. F) Can activate a stress response and effect a newborn immune system. G) They have been shown to cause fetal bradycardia, a decrease in fetal heart rate. H) Women are more than two times as likely to stop breastfeeding. I) "Epidural analgesia is a highly effective form of pain relief and a useful intervention in certain , epidurals and spinals also cause unintended side effects in both the mother and baby, and interfere with the natural birth process and bonding between mother & some cases epidurals may be beneficial, but the evidence suggests that they should not be used as routinely as they currently are in the U.S. and other industrialized countries."

Based on the risks I wrote above, yes I think Sakura wouldn't want to take the risk. She delivered Mako naturally, but he was a baby that was born on his due date. Asami; however, was months early, 36 weeks along, so she was already smaller and still needed the development she would have gotten with those few months. Based on that I would think Sakura would stick with her natural plan, as have a few of my family friends, no matter how long the labor. My friend was in labor for almost three days without medications.

I highly doubt if any of you are going to get pregnant you're going to tell your doctor/midwife that you do/don't want an epidural because an author of a Naruto fanfiction told you otherwise. That'd be ridiculous. And just fyi, I've read some fanfics with severely wrong information. And mpreg. (Nothing against it, I just don't get it.)

Love you guys and the reviews!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto!

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