Chapter 12


-chapter 12-

rated for language / adult themes

Sasuke went about with his daily routine in the morning. Wake up, take a shower, and make himself a cup of tea. He was just passing the hallway to go and wake Sakura up when he heard a sneeze from the crack of Mako's room. With his free hand he slowly pushed open the door to reveal the two year old standing in his crib, staring at his father with a screwed up expression. "No good."

He raised a brow and took a cautious step in. What Mako had he didn't quite want. "You don't feel good?" Mako shook his head profusely. "Why?" Mako forced a dramatic cough which led on the real coughs afterward. Sasuke rolled his eyes and stepped out of the room to get to his bedroom, leaving Mako in a fuss. Usually he'd let Sakura sleep in but she told him that she was trying to get Asami to begin eating baby cereal, so he was under strict instructions not to listen to Asami's cries for a bottle or her mother, and to get Sakura. Plus he didn't know what to do with Mako, so he stood in front of her side of the bed, sipping at his tea as he nudged the side of the bed with his leg in hopes she'd wake up. "Sakura." She groaned and buried her face into her pillow. He nudged her back with his foot. "Wake up. Asami's whining in her room and Mako is sick."

With another groaned, she pushed herself up from the depths of the bed into a sitting position, rubbing her eyes slowly. "Ugh, it's so early... I bet you woke her up when you woke up. And Mako's sick? How bad?"

"I don't know, I'm not the doctor. He was coughing, sneezing, and sniffling."

"Sounds like a cold." She climbed out of bed and steered clear of Sasuke. "Mako saw you first, so you're going to have to take care of him. I need to get Asami to stop breast feeding."

He pursed his lips together. "I don't want to take care of a sick kid."

"Well you sure as hell aren't going to make Asami stop breast feeding, so yes you're taking care of Mako today." She stated clearly as she changed out of her pajamas and into some warm clothes. "And I don't want Asami getting sick, so.."

"So, what? Mako and I are getting quarantined?" He pressed, squinting at her as she finished changing and began to tie her hair back. "What got you in such a bad mood."

"You know why." She grumbled and left the room presumably to go coddle Asami like she always did. He liked her better when she was pregnant. He scoffed as she left the room, following suite, watching as she opened Asami's bedroom door, cooing as she disappeared. He turned to look into Mako's bedroom. He was still standing in his crib, giving his father the stink eye for leaving him.

He closed the door behind him, taking a sip of his tea. "Looks like it's just you and me." He set his tea down on the nearest surface and reached inside Mako's crib, heaving his heavy body up then right back down on the floor. He wailed dramatically as he pointed into his crib toward the stuffed cat until Sasuke reached through the bars and handed it to him. He sat on the floor beside his son, leaning against the crib, reaching over and swiping his tea off the surface and taking another sip.


He looked down at Mako then to where he pointed, his blue pacifier in the crib. "You want your pacifier?" Mako nodded. Again he reached over and handed Mako the small plastic thing that was immediately shoved into his mouth.

He was already bored. Couldn't he just take Mako outside, sit him on a blanket, and train all day? No, because Mako was an attention hog. So he was forced to stay in the house until Mako got better, which for all he knew could be multiple days. All of his paperwork was downstairs and doing that would give him some piece of mind, so he looked down at Mako for a brief moment. "Get all of the toys you want." The little one nodded promptly, got to his feet, and began to scavenge around for his favorites. When his short arms were filled to the brim with that he enjoyed the most, Sasuke scooped him up and snuck out of the room to be face to face with Sakura and Asami.

Although she was born about a month prematurely, Asami was perfectly healthy at the age of one, no longer smaller than the rest. When she finally sprouted hair that wasn't just baby fuzz, both Sakura and Sasuke let out a sigh of relief. Just like her brother and father, she had the famous dark Uchiha hair, though unlike the boys, hers had a red tint rather than the blue. The only thing he could do without would be the ridiculous outfits her women friends bought for her. They were frilly, adorned with ribbons, lacy trim, and horrible vibrant colors. Currently she was in her fluffy yellow onesie pajamas that took the resemblance of a duck and her hair was tied into two separate small pigtails with matching yellow ribbons. Her expression was blank, her eyelids weighing down as she chomped down on her orange pacifier.

"Sammy!" Mako reached out to his little sister happy after he removed his pacifier from his mouth, making it clear he wanted to greet her but Sasuke took a step back.

"Your mother doesn't want you hanging out with you sister today, Mako." Mako opened his mouth wide, appalled by this revelation.

Sakura pursed her lips and eyed Sasuke dangerously, and once she looked back to Mako her eyes returned to their ooey gooey pile of love for her son. "That's not it at all sweetie, you're not feeling good today, right? You wouldn't want your little sister to not feel good, right?" He shrugged, not understanding what exactly he did wrong. "We've just gotta wait till you feel better!"

"Hn." Sasuke took a step to the side, having had enough of this conversation, and walked passed her and Asami, who was now looking over her mothers shoulder to her father and brother. Asami was up almost all night because her baby teeth were still poking out, which was the main factor of her bad mood this morning, but usually it was Sasuke who woke the children up at their appropriated times. He never fed Asami when he woke her up due to obvious reasons but most of the time when waiting for Sakura's alarm to go off, he'd hang out with her every single morning unless he was sent out of the village. It seemed like Asami didn't appreciate the change in routine when she started bawling her eyes out once Sasuke and Mako disappeared around the corner and down the stairs. He would have loved to say good morning to her this morning but since Sakura was such a worry wart about either of them being sick, he would leave the morning greetings all up to her, for the better.

He paced down the stairs and into the living room where the kids had their own play area set up, setting Mako in there before he paced over to the large desk where he kept most of his work related items. The desk looked a bit wonky since Sakura child-proofed it, profusely making sure the corners were outfitted with soft things to prevent eye-loss and head dents. He nudged the chair out from it's tucked in position and took a seat, sighing as he realized just how much shit he had to sort through, which a good portion of it could have been handed to Naruto, but he was feeling generous.

As he began scribbling down whatever he had to write down, Mako began the usual groaning for attention as he played with his toys, eyeing his father with a cranky looking face. He shuffled to his feet and waddled over to the fence that kept him from running about the house, wrapping his fingers around it as he pursed his lips. He still was not paying attention to him! "Waugh!"

He watched as Sasuke lifted his gaze off his paperwork, set his pen down and turn to look at him. "Excuse me?" He raised a singular brow. He knew his father didn't appreciate it when he yelled at him. "Use your words."

"Please!" Mako made innocent little grabby hands at his father in hopes he'd understand.

"What is it you want?"

He pointed to him. "Yes?"

Sasuke sighed and stood up, making his way over, picking Mako up, sitting back at his desk with Mako on his lap. "Don't touch my stuff." He warned Mako as he flipped his pen between his fingers, waiting for his sons response but all he got was a 'wow' as Mako grabbed the pen from his fingers, attempting to do that himself. He failed horrible and the pen dropped to the floor, leaving him in hysterics. "What did I say.." He carefully leaned down and picked the pen up. "You can play with it but don't put it in your mouth."

He grabbed a different pen and began writing, and groaned when he realized it didn't match the other pens color. He looked back down to Mako to exchange pens and watched as he stuffed the pen into his mouth. "Mako!" He snatched the pen out of his mouth and placed it down on the desk. He did the same with Mako, putting him back down on the floor. "Do whatever you want."

He cried dramatically and laid down, looking up at the ceiling with a quivering lip. He didn't move. He was too upset. Maybe his daddy would notice how heartbroken he was.

Sasuke returned to his paperwork.

"Oh baby, please stop crying." Sakura cooed gently as she wrestled Asami's pajamas off her body, throwing them into the hamper once they were off. She narrowly dodged the orange pacifier. "And I told you not to throw things.. I don't understand why you're so upset." She pried Asami's diaper off her body and hurriedly sat her in the luke warm water of the tub. "Look, your rubber ducky that you love so much."

As Asami's interest perked as she glanced at the floating pink rubber duck with flowers printed on it's sides, Sakura carefully undid her small pigtails and set the ribbon aside. Asami sniffled in the tub as her mother began to pour water all over her, petting the ducky slowly, looking into it's eyes with her own. "Mama?"

"Yes sweetie?" Sakura carefully poured water over Asami's head, making sure non of it poured over her face or else she would throw a huge fit. She pointed to the eyes of the ducky, which were just little black beady eyes. "What about them? They look like daddy's?" Asami smiled and nodded sweetly, looking at the ducky happily.

When Sakura finished washing her, she toweled her hair and body dry, fit her with a fresh diaper, helped her into white leggings, shimmied a light pink dress over her head, then put little white socks on her cute little feet. "Do you waaanntt... One ribbon or two ribbons?" She watched as Asami contemplated and pointed to both of the ribbons in her moms hands. "Both, okay!" Carefully, she brought up one side of Asami's hair and tied it up, then the same with the other side, being cautious. If she pulled just one strand of hair too hard Asami would scream at the top of her lungs and not trust Sakura for almost up to a week.

"Daddy!" She put on her sweetheart smile as her big darling emerald green eyes sparkled brightly, her face lighting up. "Pwease?"

"Baby, Mako isn't feeling good, do you want to not feel good too?"

She thought for a second. "Yes?"

Sakura groaned and wiped her face. "First I have to feed you."


"Yes sweetie, you need to eat." Scooping her up, she paced into the kitchen and sat her down into Mako's high chair, adjusting it so she could fit in there. She looked thoroughly confused. This was not usually how she ate. "Baby cereal! Mako started eating baby cereal before you, don't you want to do the same?"

Asami stared at the box in her moms hand and cocked her head. Sakura took that as a 'I guess I'll try it.' She watched suspiciously as Sakura prepared a small bowl of the throw-up looking stuff, and presented it in front of her throne. She raised a small black brow, inspecting it. She opened her mouth and waited for the silver spoon, but as it drew closer she changed her mind and smacked it away from her face. "No!"

"You don't know until you try it.. And no more smacking it away!" She dipped the spoon back into the bowl and carefully led it into her mouth, watching her expression.

Asami's brows furrowed intensely. She switched the cereal from one side of her mouth to the other and then forced herself to swallow it. Once it was swallowed she puckered and looked at her mom with a sassy look in her eyes, screaming 'I don't appreciate that taste.'

"Well this is what you're eating from now on so please keep trying it."

When Asami finished three quarters of the bowl, she shook her head at her mother. "No." I'm done. Her face was completely serious, much like her father. "Daddy." Her face was threatening. Or I will cry.

"Ugh, Asami, you don't want to get sick or you'll be grumpy for a week!"

She still looked threatening. So Sakura sighed, defeated, and picked Asami up out of the high chair and brought her downstairs to the living room, where she watched Mako lay down as if he were dead at his dads feet.

"I think you killed him." She mentioned as she placed Asami down on the floor. Sasuke looked over his shoulder to comment but was cut off when Asami screeched happily and darted into the room, almost tripping over her big brother on the way there, but she then threw herself onto Sasuke's shin, happily hugging it.

"He's being dramatic." He commented as he gently brought Asami up onto his lap. He knew Asami wouldn't stuff pens into her mouth so he was happy to keep her with him whilst he worked. Asami cuddled up to his chest happily, watching him with high interest as that black stick thing in his fingers made lines on the white page. "But he's been quiet for a while."

"Poor baby~" Sakura cooed as she strode up behind Sasuke, wrapping her arms around his neck and nestling her face into the warmth of the nape of his neck.

"Your mood swings are annoying." He smirked as he continued writing, leaning his head against hers.

"At least mine are temporary, you're always just a big jerk~!"

Didn't know how to end that chappy, so I just did it..! Hope you like fluffy cute lil babies. And I hope Sasuke isn't too OOC. Tell me if he is please!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

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