Chapter 13


-chapter 13-

rated for language / adult themes

The next day Sasuke was shoved into Mako's room. Mako's cold had escalated to the point where he was excessively coughing and it posed a threat to the rest of them. Yet Sakura still made Sasuke the caretaker of this sick child. "Can you at least make me some tea?" He called out as she left down the hallway with Asami in her arms, watching angrily as she shook her head at him.

"I'm going to go get Mako some cough suppressants. I'll be back soon." She called out sweetly as she disappeared around the corner. Grumbling to himself, he turned around to face Mako, who was standing in his crib holding the bar like he did every morning. He pulled the pacifier from his mouth and raised his eyebrows at his daddy.

"Mama?" He questioned as he swapped his eyes from looking at his father and to the still empty doorway. "Where's she?"

He felt bad for Mako. Cough suppressants did not taste well, so with this information, he knew Mako would hate them for at least a week. "She went to the store." Not only did he not get to take his morning shower, but he was thirsty, so he gave Mako a look. "If you stay here and be quiet for a few minutes I'll give you one piece of candy later, but you can't tell your mother. Okay?"

He furiously nodded with a big toothy grin, his face lighting up. Candy was a rarity in this house and whenever he had the chance to get him a piece, he'd take it. He couldn't tell that the candy Sasuke was offering with sugarless. "Yes!" He sat down in his crib like a little angel.

"Good. So, stay here." He held his hand up to Mako to show him to stay put, and left out of the boys room. Quickly, he paced down the stairs and into the kitchen, finding the ingredients he desired for his morning tea, beginning to prepare it. He tapped his fingers against the counter as he waited for his water to reach the appropriate heating level.

He decided against standing idly around so he paced into the den and gathered his unfinished paperwork. He returned to the kitchen, swiped his tea off the counter, and made his way into the foyer when he saw him. "Mako!" He yelled when he spotted the boy standing at the top of the stairs. He wasn't worried he was going to try and walk down them, because secretly he let Mako use the stairs when Sakura wasn't around... "How did you get out of your crib?"

Mako smiled deviously. "It's a secret!" He watched how confused Sasuke grew as he suspiciously sipped his tea, eyeballing him. As he opened his mouth to talk again, both of their heads snapped forward to look at the front door, which was being unlocked. "Mama!" Sasuke's eyes widened as the door's lock fully turned and the door opened, revealing Sakura and Asami.

"What are you doing down here?" She questioned him as she turned to close the door behind her, and Sasuke took his chance, he looked at Mako who looked at him and he made the motion of 'get the hell out of here,' but Mako didn't understand. When she swirled around again, she saw Sasuke giving the top of the stairwell a death glare, so immediately she thought there was something bad up there but whens he turned to look, she only saw Mako, looking completely innocent. "Mako! Get away from those stairs!"

Sasuke groaned. "He knows how to use the stairs." He paced passed Sakura, up the stairs, and scooped Mako up. He needed answers. He continued down the hallway and right into the green colored bedroom, inspecting it. The crib was in the same place with the front gate still locked in place. "How the hell did you do it?" He set Mako down who bounded to the corner where he kept all of his toys and played with them happily, ignoring his fathers question. Sasuke set his things down on the floor before he paced over to the crib, eyeing it over and pushing on the front gate.

He shook it off and took his seat on the floor, gathering up his scrolls and papers. "How do you know he can use the stairs?" Sakura appeared before him with a raised eyebrow, and in her hand he spied the small bottle for Mako.

"Because I taught him."

She tapped her foot before shrugging it off and kneeling beside Mako on his blanket, introducing him to the bottle. In between his little coughs, she spoke. "This is going to make your throat feel better sweetie." He watched curiously as she popped the top off and poured a small bit into a silver spoon. He already felt bad for his son, Mako doesn't know how horrid these liquids are, even if they're advertised as delicious and fruit flavored. "Okay, open up~" He opened wide and Sasuke watched with squinted, interested eyes.

He closed his mouth around the silver spoon and swished it around his mouth and swallowed it whole. He stared off into nothing for a moment before his big green eyes widened largely and his mouth puckered, tears brimming. "Mommy, no!" He whimpered like a little puppy and already Sakura was a mess. She hated making either one of their children upset by her own hand, and knowingly at that.

"Sweetheart, it's going to make you feel better!" She pulled him into a crushing hug and placed many kisses on the top of his head before leaving the room.

Mako wiped away his tears with the backs of his hands and stared at his father. "Grooooosssssssss...!"

Sasuke sighed at the sight of his son crying at just a taste of bad medicine. He fished the small wrapped candy from his pocket and plopped it in front of him. "Just take it."


Later on in the day Mako's condition grew worse. His nose was constantly running, his coughs were suppressed but that didn't stop Mako from pretending to cough, his sneezes were quite frequent, and he had a sever loss of energy. Now he just lay on his side beside his toys, watching his father work. Occasionally Sasuke would feel the need to look over to make sure Mako wasn't dead but then he would hear a few pained sniffles coming from his direction and he knew he was fine.

Off in the distance he could hear the voice of Naruto in his home, asking Sakura of his whereabouts, then giving her his thanks. A whirlwind of footsteps echoed through the hall and the blonde appeared before him with a curious face. "What're you doing in here?" He shifted his glance to the tot who only then smiled at his 'uncles' appearance. "Mako!"

"Careful, he's sick." Sasuke warned as he finished up his last sentence on one of the pages and watched as Naruto ignored him and dove onto the floor, dangling a toy in front of Mako's face. "Why are you here?"

"I need to go to Suna tomorrow evening, and I need you to come with me." He begged with big blue eyes. "I know you told me no more big missions, and Sakura told me that too, but I don't trust anybody on the team as much as you! Someone could be going after me and I need my two best guards!"

"I don't care - it's Sakura you're going to have to convince, and she hasn't been in the best mood for the passed few days."

"O-oh... Can you help me try and convince her?"

"No." Sasuke gathered up his papers, tapped their bottoms against the floor to organize them, and held them out for him. "These are yours to file."

Naruto swiped them and stood up, crossing his arms over his chest. "But then it's going to be virtually impossible to get her to say yes and you know that!"

"Then find somebody else for your team."

"What team? What are you two bickering about?" She appeared in the doorway with a smiley little Asami, grimacing at the sight of the blonde man that always tickled her. She raised a brow as the two men stayed quiet, Sasuke suddenly interested in the wiggly little Mako.

"Well, you see Sakura, I need Sasuke for about five days. Eep!" He took a few steps back when she pursed her lips into a threatening thin line, her eyes turning dark with anger.

"So.. You're saying you want him for five days.. Five days of me having to take care of two toddlers?"

"Eh, can't you get your mom or Ino or someone to come here for a five day sleepover or something?! There's a lot of day cares too!"

"I'm not putting my children into day cares, Naruto!"

Naruto dropped to his knees and began to beg at her feet, whining and whimpering in the process. "Pleaaasseee Sakura! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaassseeee-"

"Fine, take him." Sakura withdrew her foot from under Naruto's palms and paraded down the hallway with her nose high in the air.

Naruto looked over his shoulder with a devilish grin. "Hey, it wasn't that hard! Hehe!"

For Naruto her mood didn't seem that bad, but Sasuke knew her better, and knew he was the one that was going to have to deal with the aftermath of their agreement when Naruto left.

When night time rolled around, Mako passed out on the floor beside Sasuke as he was reading beside the crib. With a sigh, he folded his book and heaved Mako up and right into the crib. He tucked him in and made sure his old raggedy cat was beside him for if he woke up in the night, he wouldn't start hollering like a banshee. He felt a tad intimidated. Everything but Mako's bedroom was Sakura's territory, and he knew she was lurking about with that mad aura surrounding her. He manned up and picked up his mornings tea mug from the table and silently left the bedroom, making sure the area was clear before proceeding down the hall to get to the kitchen.

It was eerily silent in the house. In the distance he could hear Asami's mobile music droning and the sounds of the wind hitting the panels of the house, but as for her footsteps, nothing. He continued to the kitchen where her presence was absent. In the sink he could see her dinner plate was waiting to be washed. Since she was in a bad mood and he was feeling like a shitty person, he quickly finished up the dishes before slowly making his way toward his bedroom, hoping she had already gone to bed. He opened the bedroom door and to his surprise, was as empty as the rest of the rooms. He shook it off and made his way to the en suite where he could finally have his shower.

He cautiously stepped out of the shower when he was finished, toweled himself dry, then changed into his night wear. Opening up the bathroom door, he peered back into the bedroom right as she paced into the room from the hallway. He took a step in, closing the door behind him, and stood in the middle of their room, just waiting for it with crossed arms, as if they'd protect him from her wrath. He waited until she changed into her pajamas, and that's when she finally acknowledged him. She stood in front of him with a blank expression that turned bad.

Her mouth twisted from a thin line to an upset expression, her brows furrowed, and little tears appeared in the corners of her eyes. "I'm.. Exhausted... Every bone, and every muscle in my body.. Aches." All of her words came in between her sniffles and little draws for air. "I w-was literally on my feet all day running a-after Asami... A-and I'm just so tired! We barely even get t-to have this alone t-time And I w-want you to g-go tomorrow, I really d-do!"

"I don't have to go, Sakura."

"Y-yeah..." She sniffled and wiped away her tears "But I want you t-to go..."

He swallowed thickly, not knowing what to do with her in this fragile state but anything could set her off, and that's opposite of what he wanted. "Do you want to go to bed? Go to sleep?"

"Y-yes.." She let out a puff of air as she smoothed out the fabric of her tank top and watched as Sasuke got into bed first. She seemed to lighten up a little because she knew Sasuke absolutely hated 'spooning' but it was one of her favorite way to cuddle, so when she saw him get in bed first, she smiled and dove in.

Why did he hate spooning? The minute she got all snuggled in the list of reasons was already present. It was an inevitable face full of hair and every time he breathed in he felt like sneezing. He'd always wake up with a completely dead arm that he was convinced would never wake up, and when it did it felt like pins and needles poking him everywhere. On top of that, it would take him at least two hours to fall asleep! He was scared that any move or flinch he made would wake her up so he stayed as still as a board until he passed out.

He closed his eyes as he listened to her sigh contently as she sniffled and that's when he felt it. He slowly opened his eyes and squinted. "Sakura.." He whispered. "Did you only shave one of your legs?" What an odd feeling, one smooth leg and one not so smooth leg...

She burst out into a mess of tears again. "I k-know...! I-I'm s-sorry..!"

Trying to be comforting, he gently rubbed her side with his hand as he hushed her quietly. "Shh. I was just wondering."

Despite absolutely hating spooning, if it made her happily fall asleep, he'd do it ten times over.

So I got a message near the end of Surrogacy asking me to put this scene in and I haven' found a place for it, so here it is! If it sounds familiar, it's because it's from Grey's Anatomy! Season 4x06. It's an amazing show! Spooning is a funny thing. A lot of girls love spooning but I had to share a bed with a few friends , one of them a guy, and he naturally falls asleep spooning, so I had to fall asleep like that. It was terrible. So I feel with Sasuke on this one.


Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

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