Chapter 14


-chapter 14-

rated for language / adult themes

Before accepting Naruto's proposal, Sasuke made sure Sakura was one hundred percent fine with him leaving for at least five days. She reassured him multiple times that her mother would be taking one of the guest bedrooms down the hall to help her keep Mako and Asami in check, and that no, she was not angry with him.

Feeling not so assured, he shook it off and bid his farewell to his family before leaving out the door to meet up with Naruto. When they met up, Naruto finalized with two other anbu members of their departure, and they began to make their way toward the gate. "So's, Sakura gonna be alright? She always is but yenno, two kids and all."

"She has her mother with her." Could Naruto somehow see his expression underneath his anbu mask? Truth be told he wished he hadn't accepted the mission. When it was just Mako he hadn't felt much remorse for leaving for days on end to protect the village, but now that Asami was here and Sakura was stressing out, he wasn't sure how long she'd last. Ever since Asami came he was only sent for interrogation, recon, and torture missions that only lasted about a day.. But a multiple day mission? He never thought he'd be this worried about their safety in his life.

"That's cool." Naruto confided in Sakura that he and Hinata had chosen to wait before finally choosing to have their first child, much to Naruto's protests. Sasuke noticed that whenever he felt shitty about having to leave his family behind, Naruto could see it and instantly feel like crap. Naruto's lips puckered out. "As much as I'd like to see Gaara, I wish I didn't have to go...!"

Sasuke shrugged. Since he returned to Konoha he'd acted like a recluse and saw nobody outside of the village - meaning he hadn't been in the same vicinity as Gaara since the Five Kage Summit, which did not end well. He could handle Gaara, but he was just waiting for Naruto to tell him that he needed him to be his body guard for the next whenever-the-hell Kage meeting because he knew that was just going to turn out so well. Despite the fact that the Kage's that he had attacked on that day either died or took their leave, he was not reputed to be a good guest to such an occasion and wondered if he would be aloud back at all.

As Naruto began talking to both the Anbu captain that was also assigned to his side and to him as well, Sasuke knew this was to be a long trip.


About a day later, the sandy hidden village known as Suna was in view, almost invisible against the vast desert surrounding it. Naruto pointed it out with a grimace on his face and tears pouring down his face. He'd neglected the use of a mask even though with winds this strong it was highly recommended, so once he walked out into the barren wasteland, his eyes clogged with sand. Sasuke and the captain were fine; however, because their anbu masks designs had little slits as openings for their eyes and as much as the captain told Naruto to get something to shield his eyes, Sasuke still found it funny.

They paced through the sand quickly as the sun beat down on their backs, the heat burning them down to their cores. Once they reached the front opening to the village, a welcoming party had greeted them with open arms and led them inside the village that was thankfully shielded from the intense winds. "Eh, I'm kind of hungry..." Naruto gripped his stomach with both of his hands and looked at the two anbu guiltily. "Do you think I could get away with getting lunch before the meeting?"

"We're already late Lord Hokage, we shouldn't keep them waiting any further." The captain began, his words fading away when a woman from the welcoming party shuffled over.

"Yes - Lord Gaara is waiting for you at the manse, he's anxiously awaiting your arrival..!"

"Aw, dammit!"

And so, they began to make their way to the Kazekage's manse located at the very end of the village, much to Naruto's frustration. As they paced along the main street, Naruto would stop for a moment or so to take a big whiff of the wafting smells from the local cuisine and proceeded to complain about Konoha lacking in these specific foods.

A little ways down the street, Naruto stopped immediately, causing Sasuke to crash right into his back. "What's your problem? We're not even near a restaurant!"

"No no, not the food!" Naruto waved him off and darted up a few steps, his cloak covering what exactly he was running to but when his legs stopped and his white cloak settled into it's resting position, both men could see what it was he had stopped for, but only Sasuke understood why.

He would have stayed with his feet planted in the street but as Naruto's sworn body guard, and as his Captain immediately followed after, he knew he too had to follow suit and walk up those steps. He stopped behind Naruto as he greeted her and crossed his arms over his chest. He thanked his lucky stars he had his mask over his face but as she glanced at him, he knew she knew who he was. He cursed Naruto over and over again in his head for stopping because Naruto knew this would end badly.

"I haven't seen you in so long!" Naruto gushed with a broad grin as he too crossed his arms over his chest. "You said you'd keep contact but you didn't."

When she tore her eyes away from Sasuke, she looked back at Naruto. "I know, I've just been really busy." She said as she surprisingly heaved up a child into her arms, leaving a very very surprised Sasuke. He normally wouldn't have cared that she moved on and what not because in the end that's what he wanted and expected of her, but that child was almost the same age as Mako.. His brows furrowed behind his mask, thoroughly confused. She smirked and coddled the little child that blinked its big hazel eyes at the blonde man before him who ruffled his vibrant red hair.

"Yeah, I can see that. Uzumaki haaaaiiiiir, even though it didn't actually come from an Uzumaki. Hey! I've never even met your husband!"

As they finished catching up and making plans for the next day, they began walking back down the street again, Naruto casually looking over at Sasuke over his shoulder. "I would have told you earlier but I didn't think you'd care."

"I don't, I'm just surprised.." And fully confused.

"Want me to give you the scoop, or no?"

"Well I'd like to know why she has a kid that's half the age of Mako."

"Okay, well she went off to Suna with that friend once her friend was relieved from duty, came back here, and she said it wasn't out of revenge, but she met this guy... He's lowborn so his last name is, ehhh, so they immediately married and got a surrogate, had a kid which took the Uzumaki name! Katsu Uzuuumakii!" He cheered loudly to himself. "It means victory."

Sasuke only rolled his eyes and stayed quiet until they reached the manse where Gaara came out to greet the trio with open arms.

Gaara and Naruto stared at each other almost sternly before breaking out the smiles and giving the other a friendly hug. Gaara looked at the Captain in his white cloak clad first, giving him a curt nod before turning his attention toward Sasuke, sharing an awkward eye contact. "Sasuke." He greeted with another curt nod before stepping aside to walk with Naruto into the manse.

They made their way upstairs into a boardroom and left their friendly selves at the door, beginning to talk strategy and plans to the other as the guards stood on the outskirts. Sasuke couldn't stop thinking about it. It was just too weird that their children were so close to being the same age. Knowing Karin and her sneaky ways he could only guess she did it to bide her time or as a big old fuck you. Either way it gave him some comfort knowing she settled down in a village that was not his own. Now does he tell Sakura what he saw, or no? It wasn't like it was endangering their lives or anything but it was an interesting tidbit of information that would make a good opener to a conversation.

When the meetings were finished and plans were set in stone, the three man squad returned back home to the land of fire. He slipped in through the front door, unsure of if Sakura had put the kids down to go to bed yet or if they all were awake - but better safe than sorry. He removed his mask and quietly laid his bag down in front of the door, looking around curiously before pacing up the stairs. The doors were closed, which meant that they were either out of the house (unlikely) or they were already in bed.

He silently wrapped his hand around the doorknob to Asami's room and peeked inside. A blanket was drawn over the front gate so he walked over quietly and smiled when he saw her little chest rising and falling with each breath she took in her deep slumber. He hadn't been away from his little girl for more than a day so it was safe to say he missed her dearly. Carefully, he leaned over and placed a kiss atop her head and reset the motionless mobile, knowing how upset she could get over that thing not spinning when she woke up in the night.

He silently opened the door to Mako's room and rolled his eyes when his son was standing in his crib like usual with his pacifier stuck in his mouth. He looked like he had been sleep-walking but he noticed Mako smiled a tiny bit behind the plastic toy, so he held up a finger to his mouth to let him know to stay quiet. He shut the door to Mako's room and walked a few steps over to his and Sakura's shared bedroom. Just as silently as he opened the others' rooms, he peeked inside to see Sakura sleeping away soundly, all cuddled up in the blankets. After her spiel almost a week ago about how tired she was, he decided against going further into the room, and carefully closed the door.

Since Mebuki had been staying with Sakura and most likely took the only guest bedroom that was equip with sheets, his only option was to sleep on the dreaded couch. He slowly made his way down, got himself some water, and climbed onto the couch, finding it hard to find any comfortable spots on this damned thing, and began to regret his decision to not sleep in his big luxurious seeming bed. Still, he laid there in bed with angrily pursed lips, wishing he hadn't forgotten to get at least a blanket from the spare closet but even then, without a blanket he still passed out only minutes after laying down.

"Sasuke!" A hushed whisper filled his ears and immediately his eyes were spinning red, sitting up faster than he even woke up. The sense of danger had been heightened since he wasn't sharing the room with Sakura and wouldn't know if somebody had broken through the bedroom window, but that sense of fright leaked away when he noticed it was only Sakura who had awoken him. His spinning red eyes had dissolved back into blackness when his heart rate began to slow down, rubbing his blood-drained face. Her calming, reassuring guilty chuckle filled the air as she leaned in and kissed him on the forehead. "Sorry - I know I shouldn't do that... But why are you sleeping on the couch?"

He looked toward the window and noticed that the sky was still pitch black. "Why are you awa-" It was only then he noticed Asami in her arms, staring at him with a half curious look on her face. He reached over and stole Asami from her arms and sat her on his own lap, looking back at Sakura. "You were sleeping, I didn't want to wake you." He looked back down to Asami. "Why are you awake?"

"Daddy, water!" She touched her mouth and pouted. "Pwease!"

"Well you're obviously tired too, you should have just came in." She wrapped her arms around his neck and gazed down at Asami. "They were going insane without you." He smirked. "I'm serious, no more leaving for multiple days until they can handle it."

"I can't imagine what they'll be like when you leave to get back to work."

She laughed heartily, gave him a kiss, and stole Asami back into her arms. "I'm going to go get her some water, go to bed."

Following her instructions, he went back up to their bedroom and finally got changed out of his anbu attire. He tossed it all to the side and got into his much more comfy night wear, and happily crawled into his large, welcoming bed. It got better when she finally returned back to the room and crawled into bed alongside him, cuddling right up to his side with a smile on her face. "So, how was the mission? Have to protect Naruto from someone?" She laughed at the mental image of Naruto needing protection from his greatest rival as snuggled her husband some more before finally laying still. "And what about Gaara? How is he?"

He shrugged. "Nobody attacked Naruto, and I didn't care to ask Gaara."

"Well you don't need to ask somebody, you can just see if they're doing good."

"I heard he'd gotten married, if that's what you wanted to know."

"Oh wow!" She sighed dreamily. "I wonder what kind of girl she is!"

Again, he shrugged.

"What else? There must have been more that happened than just that!"

"I saw Karin."

She gasped and sat up, her mouth wide open with shock. "What happened!?" She dove back in and laid on his chest, her big green eyes staring intently into his own.

"Nothing happened. She got married, hired a surrogate, and had a kid."

"Um." She started with a droning tone. "That is something. Did she say anything to you? What about her new husband?"

"I didn't see him. Naruto told me he was born to a woman that was not with his father and didn't carry a big name, so Karin married him and their child is an Uzumaki. I never thought anybody else existed with hair that red." As if the world needed more of those. "And she didn't say anything to me."

"Wow! What about the kid, what did it look like?"

"It looked about a year old."

"What? That's weird!"

Sasuke nodded and continued. "It had his red hair and brownish eyes. That's all there is to it."

"Hmmm, that's really weird. If it's around a year old that must have been quite quick after she left the village. Do you think she married a guy without a big name and had red hair on purpose?" He nodded. "This is good then, she's moved on and officially out of our hair then."

"Hn. I still find it weird."

"Pff, she had a kid, who cares what she's up to. And you call me the worry wart." She laughed heartily as she leaned in and gave him a big kiss. He would have told her to take this idle threat seriously but he supposed what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

Omg you guys took the Karin thing way too seriously, hehe! I'm not fully introducing her yet because of reasons.

So the other day I went shopping with my mom and we had to get my friend a birthday present. It was a thirty dollar hat my brother really wanted to get for him so we went and bought it along with some clothes I wanted. We went to the food court, ate, and went outside so my mom could smoke a cig. I then realize... "I forgot the bags!" So I race back inside and begin running up the escalator then my foot misses the edge of the step and I trip down, effectively scraping my knee against the hard metal of the escalator edge, which had the jaggedy teeth (just fyi since some escalators don't have the teeth.) I totally shred my knee apart, ruining my jeans, bleeding everywhere like crazy, but thankfully I got the bags back then off to the hospital. Like it was literally a chunk out of my knee.

I'm totally stupid, right? The old ladies on the escalator bitched me out as well.

As always, thanks so much for the reviews! I hope I didn't disappoint with much Karin drama, but this'll just introduce some things coming up!

EDIT: it's not Gaara! I love him too much to do that to him lol!

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