Chapter 15


-chapter 15-

rated for language / adult themes

possible manga / anime spoilers

Around six months later, an attack was planned for Konoha.

That morning, Sakura won a really heated argument with Sasuke over the fact that she wanted to go back to the hospital to work part time shifts. He argued old, non-valid points. His old argument was that Asami was pretty much dependent on her for food, yet six months later was the six month anniversary of Asami going on to baby mush and cereal. His usual other point was that she was pregnant and there was no way in hell he was letting her work in that condition. Seeing as how she wasn't pregnant and the kids weren't dependent on her for their basic needs, she made the better argument. She stared at him sweetly as she pulled her sandals onto her feet. "If you need me, you know where I'll be. I have my hospital office and front desk number in the kitchen~!" She giggled cutely and blew him a kiss before leaving through the front door.

"Where's she go?" Mako twisted his head around to stare at his father with a quizzical expression. At three years old, he was a dead ringer for his father. From about when his hair began to grow in when he was around half a year old, Sakura and Sasuke could already tell it was growing into the famous 'duck butt' as Sakura called it. Even looking at Sasuke's old family photo, she said that by the time Mako was around eight he was going to look exactly like him. "And when's she coming back?"

"She's going back to work." He told him with a sigh. Mako was never going to stop with the questions. "She'll be back in maybe eight hours."

"Eight..." Mako began as he held out his hands in front of his face, raising and lowering different fingers to get try and get eight. Mako could correctly count to three, and remembered the numbers from one to nine, but had not remembered their correct order.

"Two less than all of your fingers."

"Okay.." Mako nodded to himself, holding up every finger of his. "Two.." He put down on finger, nodded, then put down another finger. "Eight!?" He looked up at his father for a reaffirming nod and once he got it, he smiled quite gingerly. "Yes!" He threw his hands up into the air and cheered happily.

Asami screeched happily along with her brother, not really understanding their conversation, but at least she could screech. She waddled over beside her brother and sat her rump down, looking at both her dad and brother.

"She works?" Mako questioned after he quit his celebrating, his face returning to it's popular quizzical expression. "What kind of work?"

"She's a doctor." Oh how he hated the waves of questions he always got. Asami, not understanding what they were talking about, shook it off, got up, pounced over to the couch and crawled up on it to sit beside her father.

"What does a doctor do?"

"She gives people medicine."

Both of the children's face screwed up in pretend agony. Both have fallen sick at one point or another and despised the taste of the cough medicine Sakura tricked them into trying. "So she's a bad doctor?"

"No, she's a good doctor."

"Evil doctor!" He joked with a string of giggles that followed, looking over at his baby sister who laughed maniacally, thrashing about dramatically. Mako gathered up his toys and jumped up on the couch to sit on the other side of his daddy. "Mommy's an evil doctor!"

"She's not an evil doctor." Sasuke buried his face in his hands for a moment before sighing. He just knew they were going to yell at Sakura when she got home, saying she was an evil doctor, then blame it on him. He just knew it. "So stop saying it."

"Daddy, she is." Asami finally piped up innocently, curling her tiny arms around her stuffed animal and cuddled into the couch cushion, batting her big emerald eyes at him. "She give bad medicine."

"But it made you feel better, didn't it?"

"NO! It tastes so bad! It made me feel badder!" Mako twisted his mouth up the exact way he did when he got the bad medicine.



"Are you two hungry?" Sasuke droned, standing up suddenly from the couch and looking down at the two on the couch. "What do you want to eat?"

Mako pressed a little finger to his mouth in thought. "I think maybe sandwiches." Asami vigorously nodded.

"Alright. Keep playing." He told them sternly as he left the living room and toward the kitchen to make them what they wanted so they could shut up for just a little while. He hated making them lunch, especially sandwiches, because it was tedious having to make sure every single little bit of crust was off their bread, and it was even more tedious having to mix formula with whole cow milk to get Asami used to the milk of a cow. He had to make their sandwiches specific to what they liked and made sure there wasn't anything they didn't like, and once the crusts were cut off, their lunch was done.

He called them over and waited until both were at his feet before helping Mako up onto the dining room chair and placing Asami in her high chair, setting their plastic plates in front of them. He smirked when Asami went straight for her sippy-cup of milk because it had the lowest possible dosage of formula, and she'd never notice it. So much for 'hating cow milk.' Mako devoured his sandwich almost immediately, ate his veggies quickly and thankfully without choking, chugged down his milk, and demanded to be put out so he could go play outside.

"Wait for your sister to finish." He told him as he helped him back down to the floor, where he immediately darted off somewhere.

Asami took her sweet time to eat. She carefully ate her sandwich, blissfully and silently enjoyed her veggies, and drank her milk slowly. "All done!" She announced proudly as she showed him her clean plate and cup, happily clapping when Sasuke removed them from in front of her and stuck them into the sink. "Outside?" She asked once she was let out of her high chair, to which Sasuke nodded. "Yay! Mako!"

When Sasuke finally found Mako in the corner of the living room, he ushered them out through the back door and into the fenced off yard, both immediately darting off into different directions. Sasuke remained sitting on the steps that led from the porch to the yard, watching them carefully, making sure they weren't to go and get themselves stuck in a bush somewhere when he heard it.

Off in the distance he heard an explosion, not from any produced explosive, but perhaps a heavy impact? His ears perked and his eyes darted to the sound way off the distance. He didn't see any commotion in the air, no smoke, no dust rising, but a second later, what looked to be a swarm of bugs came from the south and toward the north. Upon further inspection; however, he realized that these were not bugs, but rather a swarm of people. Intel had said there were plans to attack Konoha but not in these drastic numbers! Quickly, he darted to his feet and scooped up both of his children. I have to find Sakura. He didn't want to bring them any further into the city but he knew the hospital would be a safe haven, and seeing as how Sakura was currently there, he'd have to leave these two there.

Soaring quickly through the scared city, he was stopped by a fellow anbu member. "Specific orders from Lord Hokage that Sakura be free to heal the injuries!" He pursed his lips and nodded. He'd just have to find Sakura's mother, he knew she'd take care of them. Again, he darted off through the streets only to run into Sakura on his way to his in-laws.

"What are you doing here?" He asked her with a puzzled expression as she gathered the children from his arms. She was still clad in her white lab coat and her short pink hair was still tied back. "Naruto wanted you to be on the field healing."

"I can't. Where were you taking them? To my parents house?" She kissed both of the tops of their heads as they were too scared to greet their mother, Asami burying his face into her coat as she did so.

He nodded hurriedly, his eyes panning over to a commotion down the street. He wanted them out of here and quick. "Why can't you? They probably need you there, or else Naruto wouldn't have asked."

"I just can't!" She groaned as he looked at her with a serious yet stoic expression. She shook her head with a long sigh. He wouldn't let her leave until she came clean with him. "I've got a bun in the oven. I've got to go!"

He looked at her with a puzzled expression as she was gone in a flash. He didn't remember the oven being on at all while he was in the kitchen but then again he didn't even check.. He didn't understand what she just said but the commotion grew louder and closer, so he too was off in an instant to help aid the battle.

"Hey, Sasuke!" A familiar blonde voice pierced his ear drum as he finished off a few rogue sound members, looking over his shoulder to face the Hokage who was in the midst of a heated battle. "Where's Sakura!?"

When one of the nin wasn't looking, Sasuke drew his sword and ended his battle short as Naruto finished off the other, only to be bombarded by a few more. "She said she can't be here."

"Why?" Came his voice through the thicket of bodies, only his white cloak could be seen darting every which way, the sound of kunai's and swords clashing filling their ears. "Gotta watch the kids?"

"Well, no. She said she has a bun in the oven." He replied coolly as he precisely dodged a few attacks from three nins, cutting through them like butter when they weren't expecting it.

"WHAT?! Really?! That's awesome!" Naruto cheered happily as he blew two more off the rooftops and sent them to the earth five stories beneath them, turning around just in time to block a kunai attack from behind.

Still, he didn't understand. He continued to fight, darting everywhere around the city until most were defeated or taken hostage. "Uchiha, we'll need your interrogation skills later. We need these ones talking, since this wasn't predicated in the intel. We're thinking these were rogue rogue's from the main group, but we'll only find that out later."

He nodded, sheathing his sword back into its scabbard. When Naruto coolly approached the group of Konoha nin, he made sure everybody was alright before approaching Sasuke. "Can you believe they attacked in a number like this?! This was the worst in a long time. Remember that one time, when Sakura was first pregnant, the explosions? Thank GOD that didn't happen today!"

"Mm..." Sasuke trailed off as he soon remembered the bun in the oven. He was too prideful to ask Naruto what the hell it meant, so he hauled ass and got over to the interrogation department. It was a long process he hated going through. Not that he hated the interrogation itself, but the booking process. They were to be named and cataloged, healed and checked up on by a psychologist, then it was his job to escort him to an empty cell, sit him down, and begin asking him simple questions. Bring up the intel that was either faked or changed, scare him into talking and if that didn't work, seriously scare him. Naruto said he didn't want to allow brutal torture like tradition called for, but if it meant safety for his village, then they were allowed to resort to physical scaring.

They had eleven captured rogue nins to interrogate, so his shift carried on through to the wee hours of the morning until one of them finally piped up in the midst of their crying. He told them they scattered from the original rogue team, hungry or a fight, disobeying their higher ranking officers and leaving in the night. He stated that the group would continue to attack until the village was eradicated for the wronging of Orochimaru. Most of them were subordinates that had fallen under the Stockholm syndrome and refused to think otherwise. Sasuke tried to inform them that during the Fourth War Orochimaru had substantially helped Konoha but they refused to believe it, ending the night there by walking out of the cell and heaving the heavy metal door closed.

"This last one isn't talking. Keep him in that chair until tomorrow morning and we'll see how much he wants to stay silent then." He announced to the team waiting outside as he briskly walked passed them, knowing his job here was done. He signed out at the log station before stepping outside into the nippy night time air, squinting around to take a glance at the damage. There wasn't any apparent damage. Some roofs to buildings were roughed up a bit, some neon signs that normally hung on the side of businesses were crooked or knocked off, but no crumbed buildings or deaths on their side. As far as an attack from a rogue group went, this was pretty pathetic.

When he opened the door back to his home, he was already greeted by the sound of a wailing little girl. He locked the door behind him as he began to half-worriedly make his way up the stairs. In the back of his mind he was always worried for his children's lives. After he had betrayed Orochimaru by killing him for the first time, he was made Sounds number one enemy and if there was a large number of Orochimaru loyalists still out there for Konoha's head, that meant him and his family was in danger.

He burst through Asami's door in fear that one sound nin had strayed away from the main group and found his house, but all he found was Sakura shushing Asami as she sat on the wooden rocking chair in the corner of the room, rubbing circles into her back. "Oh, finally you're here. She's been crying non stop!" Sakura got up to her feet slowly and placed Asami into her fathers arms, her wails immediately ceasing.

"Why?" He cuddled Asami close as she tried to stop her incessant sniffling. "Why were you crying."

"B-b-becus.." She whimpered painfully then found it useless to try and talk, so she just buried her face away and continued to sniffle.

"I think she was worried about you. All the commotion got her riled up." As she explained, she wrapped her arms around Sasuke and her little girl and laid her head against his chest. "She hasn't gotten a wink of sleep."

"What about Mako?"

She laughed against his chest, listening to the rhythmic beat of his heart. "He passed out once I put him to bed."

He smirked. That was indeed Mako's style. He knew his daddy could take care of himself. Carefully, he pried Asami away and walked over to her crib. "Are you going to go to bed now?" He hated a cranky Asami attitude in the mornings. "I'm home now, so you can sleep."

When placed in her crib, she began to flail her limbs around and cry loudly. "No daddy, no! Plees!" She reached up and made grabby hands at him, and just the sight of those tiny tears gathering in the corners of her big green eyes, he knew he couldn't leave her in such a state. He placed his hands beneath her arms and hauled her up back against his chest, where she immediately buried her face into the crook of his neck.

Sakura stared at him with a smile. "I told you she was going to have you wrapped around her little pinky~"

"I'm not - she'll cry through the night!"

"Whenever Mako would cry for hours straight you insisted we leave him alone so he could get over it by himself." She informed him as she paced toward the door. "Is she going to be sleeping in our bed then?"

He didn't think she had him wrapped around her little pinky finger, but he supposed he was a tiny bit more lenient with her than with Mako. He nodded to Sakura who merely laughed at the predicament and paced into their bedroom with Sasuke and Asami in tow. He carefully placed Asami down in the middle of their bed and got changed into his PJ's, turning just in time to see Sakura crawl into bed and wrap her arm around the drowsy Asami, who still had big wet eyes.

As he climbed in, Asami let out a whimpery, hurt sigh as she cuddled in between both of her parents, her eyelids slowly falling shut. "I'm surprised her voice didn't go out sooner." Sakura confessed tiredly as she found her perfection position, gluing her eyes onto Sasuke's profile, studying him. "So... What do you think?"

"Think of what?" He turned his head slightly and squinted at her, unsure of what she meant. Then it hit him. "I don't know what a bun in the oven is, even Naruto knew what it meant!"

"Sasuke, you don't know what that means?" He shook his head, slightly embarrassed looking, having to admit Naruto knew something he didn't. She laughed heartily and reached over to lovingly stroke his arm. "It's an idiom. It means that I've got a baby cookin', you know?"

He lay there, turning from confused to fully shocked. He wished it was a real, bread bun, in the real appliance oven. "You're pregnant..? Again?" She nodded and cuddled into the bed, waiting for a response. She blinked as he blinked, his expression was blank, white as a piece of paper, his lips pressed into a thin line.

"Aren't you happy?"

Silence ensued for a little while until Sasuke groaned slightly."They're so much work." He wiped his face with a sigh. It was a time like this where he was jealous of other couples that used protection, but he ultimately knew that any child was a great blessing. "...But I am happy." Although he said it, any other person would say he looked quite angry about this revelation. But Sakura knew him better.

With a giggle, she leaned forward and gave him a great big kiss on the cheek sweetly, before returning back into her cocoon of blankets. "They are a lot of work but some people can raise children all on their own, I know we can do this! And I was speaking to this old woman, and she gave me a friendly reminder that Uchiha families were oftentimes large, a lot with five kids or more!"

He scoffed. "Because some families liked to show off their wealth by having as many kids as they could." It made him more thankful that his mother and father stopped after two. "I hope you're not taking notes from what that old bat told you."

"Hey, I'm not the conservative one here." She replied, carefully kissing Asami's cheek as she wrapped her left arm around the girls figure. "Plus, you shouldn't have a big gap between the kids' ages or they'll start the big kids versus the little ones."

Sasuke huffed silently. To think that Naruto knew this before he did!


The next morning Sasuke had left to resume his interrogation with the prisoner that refused to talk, leaving Sakura with the children at home. She was currently curled up in bed joking around with Asami when Mako showed his face with his arm holding onto his stuffed cat. "Mama!" He cheered happily and bounced over to the large bed and hoped up, taking a seat on his fathers empty side of the bed. "You're an evil doctor!"

She fake gasped, shaking her head at her son playfully. "Who told you that?!"

Mako put his finger to his mouth to bring up an answer. "Uhh... Daddy did!" He looked to the sleepy Asami for back up, to which she lazily nodded and doe underneath the blankets. "You give bad medicine."

"It tastes bad but it makes you feel better." She told him sternly as she pulled the blanket off her body, stretching her limbs out lazily before pacing into the bathroom. "I'll be right back." She closed the door behind her and bit her lips nervously. Earlier on in the morning, right after Sasuke had left, she felt a little bit of a trickle down below. Normally during a pregnancy a little bit of blood spotting was normal, so she shook it off and said that was it, but now she could feel the flow getting a tad heavier and her back began to ache. Nervously, she pulled her panties down just a tad to see that it was indeed not light spotting but almost like a menstrual flow.

She changed her underwear quickly and paced back into the bedroom, beginning to get changed. "Do you two want to hang out with grandma today?" She questioned, peering over her shoulder. "I'm going to work today."

"Working as an evil doctor!" Mako continued to cutely wrestle his stuffed animal as Asami snoozed underneath the duvet. "Evil evil eviilllll..."

When she was finished changing, she scooped Asami up and ushered Mako into his room. First she paced into Asami's room to get her changed, apologizing as she sat her down on the floor so she could rummage through the drawers. "What do you want to wear today? A dress?" Asami lazily nodded as she flumped onto her belly and threw some toys around. "Okay..." Sakura picked a few things and begun to change Asami, making her look all cute in her frilly, obviously Ino bought, dress. She carefully pulled her long silky black hair into two pigtails, kissed the top of her head, and made her way over to Mako's bedroom. "Okay!" She clapped her hands together, standing in front of the boy. "What do you want to wear today?"

He peered out the window for a brief moment before looking back at her. "It's cold out!"

"Okay, I'll dress you in something warm.." She had him dressed in a few minutes and heaved the two over to the shared bathroom. "Now it's time to brush your teeth!" They began to wail and kick their limbs around. "No arguing! Your teeth have to be healthy, and this toothpaste tastes good!" It took her eleven minutes to get their teeth brushed properly, despite having her hair pulled and a few accidental punches to the face. "Breakfast time!" Again, she ushered them to the kitchen, strapped them into their proper seats, and made them what they desired for breakfast.

As they inhaled their food, she turned her back to them for a few moments to pick up the home phone and dial up her mom. "Hey mom, how are you? Yes, we're all fine. Nothing happened to us or the house from yesterday. Oh really? That's a shame. The clean up crew will have that fixed. Mmhm. Well Sasuke's needed for interrogation today and I'm scheduled to work today so I was wondering if... Yes, okay. I'll see you soon. Buh-bye!"

Mebuki arrived happily in a rush, gathering up her two grandchildren in her arms and smothering them in kisses. "How are my grandbabies today? Wasn't yesterday so scary?!"

Asami wailed dramatically, burying her face into her hands. "So scary!" She chimed, and just the memory of it all made her queasy and nervous.

"Big explosions everywhere!" Mako interjected with a big grin on his face, holding one toy in each hand and smashing them into each other. "Daddy went to fight."

"Oh did he now? How exhilarating!"

"Asami wouldn't stop crying until he returned halfway through the night." Sakura commented as she bit into a juicy red apple she grabbed from the crisper, leaning against the counter. "It was cute how worried she was about him. She ended up having to sleep in our bed." She glanced up at the clock over the archway and quickly finished the rest of her apple. "Anyways, I've gotta be on my way."

"Okay sweetie, we'll see you later~!" Mebuki called as Sakura placed a kiss on each of her children's heads before scurrying out of the door. She was to take the uttermost caution getting to work. She didn't know when Sasuke would be finished the interrogation and if he knew she was going to work whilst pregnant he'd have a fit. She hurriedly rushed through the streets, eyes darting every which way, on high alert for any glimpses of Sasuke. She was almost in the clear with the hospital in sight, when a hand latched onto her upper arm.

"S-Sasuke, it's not what it looks like - oh, h-hey Naruto!" Her furiously beating hear began to calm down once she realized it was only the blonde who had noticed her presence in the streets, grimacing at her innocently. "What's up? I've got to go to work." Still, just because it was Naruto who had caught her doesn't mean that Sasuke wasn't lurking around.

"Working? While pregnant? Sasuke would be soo angry!" He burst out into a fit of laughter and engulfed her into a hug. "Another niece or nephew! Yesss!"

"Yeah.." She trailed off nervously and peered back at the hospital. "Naruto, I've really got to go, I'll catch up with you later, okay?"

After she finally got away from his ecstatic congratulations and another hug, she hurriedly skid through the front doors to the hospital, making eye contact with Haru. "Haru, can you see if my favorite obstetrician is busy right now?"

"Whaaa?" She was thoroughly confused but seeing how serious Sakura was scared her into not asking questions and getting that phone into her hand immediately. Quickly, she dialed the number of the specific department and greeted their secretary, asking when the doctor was going to be free and if he had any spare time at the moment. Nodding, she clicked the phone into its socket and peered over her desk nervously at the obviously stressed out woman. "He's finishing up with a patient right now, so maybe ten-ish minutes.."

"Alright." She paced right passed the desk and whirled to the side when she approached her office doors. Pushing her way through she charged to the back where her lab coat was hanging neatly, pulling it on, straightening it out, and tying her hair back. She tapped her fingers against her desk and when the clocks ticking became too much to bear, she darted out of the room and toward the obstetricians department. She stood outside of his room until a woman left with tears of joy pouring from her eyes and an enthralled husband by her side, kissing her cheek happily.

She hoped she'd be that lucky.

When he exited his room, his eyes laid upon Sakura and he raised a brow. "Hey Sakura, why're you here?" He questioned her as he looked from his clipboard and to her briefly.

"I was wondering if I could have a few minutes with you. I know how busy you are, I just need a check up."

"A check up, hmm? Does that mean you're pregnant again?" He smiled heartily when she nodded to his words, placing his clipboard beneath his arm. "Congratulations Sakura!"

"Well, I.. I think there's something wrong.. With my two other pregnancies I got the usual normal light spotting but.. This isn't normal.."

His brows twitched and furrowed for a moment, quickly ushering her into the room. "We'll get you started on an ultrasound. How much bleeding is there exactly? A little more than spotting or?"

"Like menstrual flow." She shakily sighed as she laid down on the grey pleather chair in the middle of the room as he rolled over the machine to her left side, immediately hooking up all the wires and pressing the large red button to turn it on. "A-and my back is aching.." As he picked up the small bottle of ooey blue gel, Sakura pulled her shirt up just below her bra, allowing him to drop a blob of the stuff onto her flat stomach.

He placed the small, cold transducer against her skin and began to gently roll the thing around to smear the jelly everywhere, reading mixed pictures on the screen before them. She refused to look at the screen. She wanted to be told what was going on in her uterus, rather than seeing an image and thinking the worse, even though her doctorly instincts could differentiate one problem from another. She stared at the poster clad wall before her, reading about pregnancy health and newborn baby care.

"Now, was your pregnancy confirmed by a doctor or was it confirmed by a home pregnancy test?"

"Both." She stated, gripping the sides of the chair, her nails digging into the cheap fabric. "First the HPT then I was scheduled with the other obstetrician because your day was filled."

"Ah." He licked his lips as he studied the monitor, reading every single little bit of detail it screamed at him. "And with your previous appointment, did you see the embryo or fetus? How far along were you?"

"Y-yes I did see it... I t-think maybe reaching the end of the second month."

"Well from what I see here, Sakura.. Your uterus is completely empty." He continued to roll the transducer around and still found nothing to look at.

Shocked, she twisted her head around to look at the screen. Completely opposite as before, nothing. "But it was there... Just the other day..." She shocked out, her eyes widening as she stared at him for an answer. "How could this h-happen..?"

"It could be a number of reasons. What about yesterday, during the attack, where were you when it happened. Were you here or at home with your family?"

"I w-was here, at w-work."

"Were you stressed out? Adding the fact that you were away from your children, not knowing if they were safe or not."

"Y-yes, I was incredibly stressed out.. They came from the direction of the h-house, I didn't know if they were under attack or n-not!"

He nodded silently, jotting a few things down on a fresh sheet of paper on his clipboard. "Well I can't verify for sure what caused this spontaneous abortion, but it seems your body simply reabsorbed the fetus and your uterus is expelling the excess tissue that was leftover."

"Oh God..." She shook her head gently and buried her face into her hands, partly because of the embarrassment she felt at the moment, and partly because she didn't want anybody to see her with this agonized look on her face. She wept. She wept silently on the outside but on the inside it was full of noise. Her body produced two healthy babies, but it had failed her.. For some unknown reason it had decided that this child shouldn't stick around. She thought maybe it was for the better - a lot of spontaneous abortions were oftentimes because there was something wrong with the fetus and had to get it out of the system. But why, she asked herself, why did it have to be my baby? She furiously wiped her tears away awkwardly as he handed her a washcloth to wipe away the jelly from her abdomen, turning back to the machine to flick the switch off. "S-sorry.."

"It's fine, take your time." He said softly as he pushed the machine against the back wall. "If you'd like I can give you some privacy."

She gave him a half-nod and continued to wipe her tears on her sleeve, waiting until he left the room to let them flow freely. She never thought she'd be part of the statistics. Hell, she never imagined herself losing a child after perfectly having two babies, especially if the cause was thought to be of stress. She always thought she was great at handling stress, and the stress she felt yesterday during the attack was nothing compared to some of the past events she'd been through. Her baby died today.

She shook her head in disbelief. What are they going to say? The only two that knew about this early pregnancy were Naruto and Sasuke.. She felt a horrified jolt tremor through her body. What is Sasuke going to say? She rubbed her arms as the room got chillier than it originally was. She inhaled a deep breath of cold hair and stood up, smoothing out her clothing articles out of habit, wiped the last few stray tears away from her face, and briskly left the room.


That evening, after she put the children to sleep, she crawled into an empty bed with her sullenly empty uterus. She wrapped herself in all of the sheets and thick blankets and lay there, as still as she could, staring out of the window and into the pitch black darkness that covered the sky. She was emotionally unstable at this point, not sure whether she should be completely and uncontrollably angry like part of her felt, or still craving isolation so she could just go cry in a corner by herself. Whatever it was, she was feeling both. So she locked herself in this bed to stare at the unchanging sky to sulk on her own.

Well, she would have liked to be alone, until the bedroom door opened, sending a crack of the hallway light beaming down onto the empty bed space beside her. She didn't turn to greet him because eventually, he would come over. She licked her lips as she watched him change out of his uniform and into more comfortable clothing, turning around and glancing at her with an unsure expression. "I didn't know you were awake." He whispered in a hushed tone as if if his was any higher it would wake the kids. He crawled into bed beside her and stared at her, cocking his head slightly. "What's wrong with you? Are you tired."

She gently shook her head, cuddling into the bed as Sasuke lifted the blanket to get inside its warmth. He turned to his side in order to face her, staring at her intently, waiting for her to tell him what was wrong. He hated being left in the dark, and when she was this upset he only wanted to make her feel better. Unfortunately for him, nothing he could say or do would cheer her up.

"Are you going to tell me?" He questioned her with a serious tone, his onyx eyes burning into her expressionless green ones. "You're going to tell me."

She drew in a breath and sighed slowly, her eyes half-lidded now. "..Do you remember that.. Bun in the oven..?" He slowly nodded, something changing in his expression. She knew he knew what was coming. "..Well.. That bun burned and shriveled away.."

His brows slightly furrowed. He tore his eyes away from her own, depressing eyes and stared into the fabric of the blanket. "The.. Baby is gone?" His left brow arched slightly and when she gave him an affirming nod, he closed his eyes. "But it was only yesterday you told me."

"And it was only today I learned that the baby no longer exists." She rubbed her face when it began to tingle - her signal for tears wanting to approach. "Sasuke.. I'm so sorry." Sakura knew their marriage wasn't based off of how many heirs and heiress' she could produce for the nearly extinct clan, but their children and the family centered ethics was the most important things in their lives. Even though this child didn't get a fair chance at life it didn't mean that they loved it any less than their other children. She wouldn't have apologized if it weren't for the inner feeling that it was all her fault her body evacuated this child.

"It's not like you did it on purpose." He stated dryly as he stared up at the ceiling, and for once, she couldn't read his expression. Maybe because she wasn't in a very good state to determine her own state of mind let alone someone else's.

"Maybe if I didn't go to work yesterday I wouldn't have-"

"Sakura." He said calmly, turning his gaze back to his face, squinting at her for a moment, watching her every move and every breath she took. "There's nothing we can do about it now. What are the causes of a miscarriage?"

"U-um.. Infection.. Radiation or toxic agents, hormonal problems, uterine problems, incompetent cervix.. Immune system disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, smoking, drugs, alcohol, malnutrition, certain prescription drugs, a problem with the chromosomes.."

"Most of those you can't help. So don't blame it on yourself, there was no way of knowing." She could tell that was the end of that, yet somehow his few words always managed to make her feel better. "If there was something wrong with the baby and your body knew it then it was meant to be this way."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm just scared it will happen again. What if my uterus becomes hostile? What if that was the reason this baby died? Ugh!" She stuffed her face into the warm skin of his upper arm, gripping his forearm tightly, her nails poking at his skin. "I wanted this baby so bad."

"You still have two babies to take care of, and it's not like this will be your last pregnancy."

She batted her eyelashes through her tears, smiling daintily at him. "That's good to hear, then.." She continued batting her eyelashes until he looked at her again with a stoic expression. "Can we.. Cuddle? It'll make me feel better." Spooning to her meant being incredibly comfortable and gave her a feeling of being safe in his large arms. In a time like this, she could really use that feeling. She knew she was going to get her way this time, how could he say no to her right now? That's right. He couldn't. She turned around to assume her favorite cuddling position and felt complete when he wrapped his arms around her.

Though nothing could compare to a loss of a child, she knew having Sasuke by her side would help her get through it.

Cliche ending, amiright? That was one big heap of a chapter, I'm really sorry if it was agonizing to read it because I know for shizzle it was dragging on and on. But I had to put this in because what SasuSaku fanfic doesn't have a miscarriage, right? Plus it thickens plot lines so whatever. Hope you're happy with it. PS. KARIN ISN'T MARRIED TO GAARA. Oh my God when I saw the first review I was like oh wow, I think that's a pretty spiffy way of viewing that! Then the second review I was like oh man I must have written something wrong. I apologize, I didn't even notice I basically set up the KarinxGaara thing, I DIDN'T MEAN TO. I love Gaara and setting him up with Karin would be the ultimate betrayal.

Again, sorry for any OOC.

So I scraped up my knee pretty bad right? It's fine, no stitches, no big deal. But I've had my wisdom teeth hurting for about a year now and my dentist told me to wait until they were close to actually becoming a problem. Now I have to get three wisdom teeth surgically removed. ACK!

I love reading reviews with predictions, analysis', downright love, and I love you guys! With the whole Gaara / Karin thing it made me really appreciate how you guys pieced that together when I couldn't even do that... And it's my own story!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto!

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