Chapter 16


-chapter 16-

rated for language / adult themes

"Mako is almost four." Sasuke began subtly. He could already see the dramatic roll of Sakura's eyes when he said is opening sentence. "He starts the academy at age five, and I don't want him going in knowing nothing."

She sighed as she continued folding her clothes, not even glancing over in his direction. "Actually, he's three and a half, and I still think that's too young for him to start. He's still a baby! Plus, most academy students enter the academy without previous training."

They'd been having this exact argument every single day. It only started when Sasuke began to train Mako in the backyard and Sakura caught him and dragged both of them inside, lecturing the two. Sasuke insisted that nothing bad was going to happen and Sakura insisted it could wait until his first day at the academy. Sasuke then retorted with he was also Mako's parent, so he didn't need to have permission from her to train her son, she then replied with a nasty, scary glare in his direction. He stepped down. But ever since then, he'd been badgering her about it every possible second. He never thought he could be this annoying but when it was something he was passionate about he found it relatively easy.

"Yet when Asami is the same age as Mako you're most likely going to be teaching her the exact same things I'm going to teach him."

She let out another sigh. "Now I know how my parents felt sending me off. I just don't want them getting hurt."

"Sakura I'm not teaching him anything dangerous. Plus, he's bound to get hurt one day, worse than the regular scrapes and cuts he gets."

She continued to hurriedly fold her clothes and lay them in their appropriate piles. "I suppose you can start Mako off with something easy. Nothing above easy, please! I don't want him stressing out about it at this age."

"Stop worrying." He told her with a small smirk as he turned on his heel and disappeared to go and find their son. When she was still in the academy she would always bicker to friends about how much her mother nagged and worried about her being in the academy, but know she could connect with her mom and her past worries. Although both her and her mother are strong kunoichi's and know the academy is nothing dangerous, it was still unnerving knowing that their children were going to be put straight in the face of danger. Sasuke; however, was just counting down the days until Mako's first day of the academy without a worry, after all, he argued, he'll only be five.

She sorted through the drawers in her armoire and padded out of the room, loosely tying her short hair back as the Konoha heat continued to rise. She peeked into Asami's room and noticed it was empty, so she hummed to herself with a small smile and skipped down the stairs. She took some of the fabric of her shirt between her fingers and fanned her chest as she made her way into the kitchen. She noticed a few dishes in the sink waiting it be washed so she made her way over, and as she did, she could see the three outside in the sweltering heat.

Both Asami and Mako did not take well to the heat, Asami especially. She burst out into a fit of giggles when she laid her eyes on Asami, who had crawled underneath a large bush and collapsed, looking dead in the heat. She only watched her father and brother through a slight crack in her eyelid, then slowly, not giving a crap and closing her eyes completely.

As Sakura scrubbed the dishes, she'd occasionally glance upwards to make sure Mako was okay, which every time she'd look up he was fine. When the dishes were finished and were stuck into the drying rack, she subconsciously tapped her fingers against the counter top, carefully eyeing her son. One day they are going to send him off on his very first mission on his four man squad. One day he'll return from a mission and rushed to the hospital where one of the rules was that family cannot operate on family, so she and Sasuke would be stuck in the waiting room. Then there was the ever present possibility that one day he may not return from a mission, and she and Sasuke would be clad in black looking down at only an etched name in stone. She never thought she'd be this plagued by these thoughts but ever since Sasuke kept pestering her about preparing him for the real world, they were festering in her mind.

She made herself a cup of tea and sat at the bar stool in the kitchen, waiting until the three came in through the back door, Mako already hugging her legs. "Mommy it's sooooo hot out!" He announced as he groaned dramatically, gripping his shirt and peeling it off his chest. "Sooo hooootttttt!"

Sasuke appeared next with a floppy Asami in his arms, whining lazily. Her arms and legs were flailing about, her head drooping down so her eyes were on the opposite wall, her hair messily sticking everywhere. "Ehhhh ehh, I'm deeeaaaadd..." She whispered almost inaudibly, waiting for her parents to dot upon her but Sasuke merely set her down onto her feet on the thankfully cold tile, to which she threw herself down upon it's heavenly chillyness. "Daddy can I have some water please."

As he turned to grab her pink sippy cup, Sakura piped up. "Is he catching on?"

He shrugged as he twisted the cap on and knelt beside Asami to hand her the small cup of cold water, to which she outstretched her tiny arms and closed her mouth around the small opening, immediately chugging to down. "He wasn't paying attention half of the time, so no. I didn't expect much more though."

She chuckled lightly after she took a dainty little sip of her tea. "Yeah, he doesn't have a particularly long attention span. Maybe on a not-so-hot day he'll be a little more attentive."

"I doubt it. Next time I'll threaten that he'll be the worst in his year if he doesn't listen to me."

"Because Uchiha's can't stand not being the best." She rolled her eyes playfully as she took a slow sip from her cup. She remembered back to the 'good-old-days' when Sasuke would grow absolutely furious and crazed when there was the slightest chance that Naruto was stronger than him. It wasn't exactly a trait she wanted Mako to have but with Sasuke as his father it may just be a genetic thing. "And now you're going to reply with a, 'it's not that we can't stand not being the best, because we are,' right?"

He smirked as he leaned against the doorway. "You know me so well."

She knew usually Sasuke would have come back with a witty response, but he'd been walking on eggshells around her since the miscarriage, not because he felt like it was his fault because it certainly wasn't, but because she'd been a little on the still emotional side. It'd been really hard for her to get over her immediate post-miscarriage depression so he tended to be a bit more lenient with his words around her. Sasuke didn't like to show his emotions around her, especially because he knew if she saw him acting in such a way she'd grow more upset. Despite this, it was incredibly easy to read his emotions and she could tell it impacted him almost as much as it did her. As a doctor Sakura dealt with her fair share of patients miscarriages, some people dealt with it in many different ways, ranging from religion to science. She could tell just how choked Sasuke was when she told him the news, but as always, he was just a teensy bit better at concealing his emotions, though doing that wasn't really her thing.

The one who reacted outwardly the most would be Naruto. She had to sit him down in their house, look him in the eyes with her soft, hurt eyes, and he already knew something bad had happened in her life. She informed him of her miscarriage and already he melted into a puddle of tears and depression. It seemed like he didn't understand the concept of a miscarriage because it was an absolutely terrifying thing that only seemed to happen in the tv shows that played on the tiny television in his office. She gave him a thorough explanation of the causes, and he seemed even more flabbergasted at the fact that the main cause of her miscarriage was probably the stress she underwent the day before. She reassured him and later on, he drug his feet out of the door.

She smirked right back at him with a shake of her head. "You know it."


Around a week later, Sakura began to wash the dishes and just so happened to look out the window to spot Sasuke outside with the children, trying to train Mako. By the looks of it, Sasuke had scared him enough to pay attention to every word he said and was tentatively looking up at with with big curious eyes. She chuckled heartily as looked back down to the porcelain plate she was cautiously holding as she scrubbed it down. She finished off the few more plates that were hidden underneath the soapy bubbles, began on the utensils, and laid them all to dry before she peeked out of the window once more to see a different story.

There those two were, Naruto and Sasuke, bickering about something with both Asami and Mako watching this argument intently. As she dried off her hands and furrowed her brows, she opened up the back door to the yard and looked at them inquisitively. "Hey, what are you guys up to...?"

When the two grown men stopped huffing and puffing at each other, they glanced over in Sakura's direction. "H-hey Sakura!" Naruto waved happily with his famous spirit lifting grin. "We were just talking about how to train Mako!"

"He's not your son, so you don't have a say in it." Sasuke retorted with a blank face, not even looking at Naruto. "If you want to train a kid then get a genin team or have your own kids."

"That's what I came here for...!"

Sakura's eyes widened. "Naruto... What does that mean..?"

"Welllll..." He grimaced sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. Sakura immediately jumped up happily with a loud squeal, clapping her hands together as a sparkle glistened brightly in her eyes. He chuckled lightly, slightly embarrassed, showing off in his now pink tinted cheeks. "Yeah, it's what you think. We're gonna have a baby!"

"NARUTO!" Sakura threw herself at the blonde, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him to his almost death. "I can't believe it! It's been long enough! Heck, three-ish years?!"

"Yeah, hehe. I listened to your advice about getting more comfortable with my position as Hokage, so now I'm feeling totally ready! And she's feeling ready, so yeah!"

"Oh my goodness! Congratulationssss Narutttooooooo!" As she screamed as loudly as humanly possible, her hug just grew tighter and tighter, Naruto's face grew a deeper and deeper shade of purple, his blue eyes popping out dramatically.

"A-ack, S-Sakura, I c-can't breath!"

"Eh?! Ah, I'm sorry..!" She forced herself to take a step back, smiling at him with tinted red cheeks. "Anyways, how far along is she?"

"Hmm, I think like, a month or so." He stood proudly between Sasuke and Sakura, hands on his hip, Hokage cloak swaying in the wind. She already noted how amazingly fatherly he looked already, with his chest high and proud.

"Really, that's great news Naruto! I just can't believe it!"

"Eheh, yeah I know! Hinata said she wanted to talk to you about all of that stuff, too, since you're super smart."

"Of course!" Smiling sweetly and gently rubbed his arm reassuringly as his smile began to fade. "What is it?"

"Well, I didn't actually want to bring it up.. I don't want you to be upset with me."

Taken aback, she raised a singular eyebrow. "Why would I be upset? I'm ecstatic!"

"I was scared that you'd be upset. I learned last week and I waned to tell you right away!"

She smiled. Despite the trouble with her last pregnancy that did not end well, it would never dampen her spirits for somebody else, especially Naruto, who had a frail soul when it came to things like this. "Never, Naruto. I'm as happy as ever for you!"

After a moment of silence, his eyes turned big and scared, like a child during a large thunderstorm. "As much as I'm excited... I'm so scared! I don't know anything about pregnancies and babies!"

"Oh!" A pretend yellow light bulb flashed above her head and her face brightened up, immediately turning around and dashing into the house, leaving Sasuke, Naruto, and the two toddlers in complete confusion. Around thirty seconds later she dashed back out with a wide grin and something clutched in her fingers. "Sasuke doesn't really need it anymore, so here. It pretty much tells you everything you need to know, from the size of the baby, to how Hinata's body will begin to change. It's a good read for a first time father."

"What? You can't give away my things!" Sasuke protested but was shut up by a daring sideways glance from Sakura.

"HAH! It's mine now, Sasuke!" Naruto cheered happily, teasing the Uchiha by dangling it in front of his face and sticking his tongue out. "Don't worry, if you're still too scared to be a dad without this book I'll return it when I'm done!" Naruto barked with a loud thundering laugh, leaving a menacing looking Sasuke. "Bahaha!"

Even though Naruto's maturity most of the time leveled to about the same as a twelve year old boy, Sakura was sure that he was going to make an absolute fantastic father.

FINALLY RIGHT?! I know you guys wanted Hinata to get pregnant soon, so here it is! Plus, I just kind of wanted to say that of COURSE Sasuke was affected by the news of Sakura's miscarriage, but I think his reactions range from his surroundings. I imagined him as the one that made himself stay strong for her sake, blah blah blah, so I'm super sorry if it wasn't portrayed the way I wanted!

Okay, this chapter was super late but I have explanations! I was going job-hunting, one reason. That took up an entire day, running all over the city to give my resume everywhere. I had a dental consultation with a surgeon which left me super anxious for a day, then I had a family friends birthday party AND party for Canada day! Happy belated Canada day to all of my fellow Canadians and happy Independence day to all of my USA buddies! I have some goodish/baddish news. Next friday I'm having my surgery, getting all 4 teeth hacked out of there so that entire day I'm going to be out of commission. BUT. The next few days I have to stay inside, so I will have loads of time to lounge around and write! I'm just so full of bad health, right? Hehe. Prayers and good thoughts are welcome, because I'm absolutely terrified for this surgery!

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