Chapter 18


-chapter 18-

rated for language / adult themes

"There's something I need to tell you." She announced to Sasuke with a sheepish smile on her face, twiddling her fingers anxiously. The slight worry left his eyes and was replaced with pure suspicion. "Yeah, I know that a lot of bad stuff comes from when somebody says that they need to tell you something, but this isn't nearly as bad as you may think." Oh how she knew he'd be angry with her.

"You don't look like you meant that." He told her with rising suspicion levels, slightly furrowing his brow as he looked her over a few times, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. She'd been acting so aloof for a while, tittering about and out of the house a lot more than usual. He was concerned, yes, but he loathed when people would pry into his business so he took his own advice and left her alone, though his concern never dwindled. A few more moments later, she remained silent and his anxiety levels raised. "Well are you going to tell me?"

"Y-yeah." She drew in a deep breath and he could already tell it was going to be something big, usually she never faltered with her words when it was big news. "Well here goes nothing." He raised a singular brow. "I'm just going to be blunt about it - so I'm actually pregnant, not like last time, I made sure of that because I waited almost four months to finally accept that I wasn't going to have a miscarriage again.. So, um, surprise!"

She smiled innocently as if she hadn't done something wrong, he guessed that's where Mako got it when he'd steal a sweet from the kitchen and pretended he didn't know where the wrapper came from. "So say you did end up having a miscarriage, when were you planning on telling me?"

"I knew I had to tell you about it eventually, but I didn't want to do it immediately."

He pressed his lips together and crossed his arms, contemplating what to say next. "You know we aren't children any more, where you'd keep everything to yourself." He had to admit, he was a tad upset she'd keep something this overly large all to herself. "Why weren't you going to tell me?"

"Because I thought maybe if I didn't tell you I'd save your feelings." At this moment he could read her like a book. She looked as if she knew how stupid that sounded, and began to try and rephrase it. "I thought it'd be better if I just kept it to myself this time, so I'd feel less at fault for causing all of these emotions.."

"So you were just going to deal with this all on your own?" He leaned back in his chair. He knew it certainly wasn't healthy to harbor strong feelings without somebody by your side to help you, in fact it was the only piece of advice he'd choose to tell people. She looked thoroughly guilty. "I recall something in our vows that said we wouldn't do just that."

She chuckled lightly as she rubbed her cheeks, still quite guilty looking. "I know, I know. I wasn't really thinking straight the entire time, even though my prior knowledge told me I shouldn't have been stressing that much. I thought you would have noticed the small bump I've got now."

"I wasn't going to say anything." He grimaced as she smiled with a roll of her eyes and crawled up onto his lap.

"Hehe, you know what's good for you then." She gave him a small timid kiss. "I'm sorry - but I made an appointment for us to see our little baby. I've been saving the moment for us."


When she lead Sasuke into the obstetricians room, she looked upon her doctor with this seemingly famous sheepish look on her face. "I'm here yet again, but for all the good reasons."

"Well that's refreshing." She joked heartily as she took her seat on the stool beside the bed. "We'll get you started." This time Sakura paid full attention to the monitor as the woman rolled the transducer around gently, and happily at that. "Sakura refused to look at the monitor after six weeks."

"Well I didn't want to look at it without him if it were to live."

The woman hummed a tiny bit as she fetus was in full view for her, as Sakura's head was tilted to look over at Sasuke on the opposite side. "Well, here it is!" She announced happily as she focused the transducer on a specific spot on Sakura's abdomen emphasizing the view for the couple.

Sakura looked over her shoulder to glance at the monitor, her doctorly instincts taking over, making her squint at the monitor to analyze the situation. "Um." She pursed her lips together and her brows furrowed, immediately looking at her doctor. "Um?" She stuttered, heart fluttering about, hand gripping Sasuke's tightly.

He didn't know what the hell was going on, immediately worry filling his entire being. Nothing on the monitor looked out of the ordinary. He could clearly see a little baby in there! It took him a few moments more to finally realize just what Sakura had seen that put her in such a state. "Oh."

"Sakura you would have known if you looked at the monitor during your other appointments."

"I-I..! I didn't think..!" After gawking at the doctor, she returned to gawking at the monitor, tears already brimming at her cloudy green eyes.

"Plus, you're a lot larger at four months than a regular one baby pregnancy."

"I thought it was just the after the first pregnancy you balloon out kind of thing!"

"Hehe, nope!" She pointed to the monitor to give attention to specific things. "Baby A and Baby B! You can also clearly see their heartbeats, which are both normal."

He suppressed a groan. Not that he wasn't happy, but one baby was enough.. But now two? PLUS his other two rascals who's favorite hobbies were anything that annoyed him in the slightest? He honestly didn't know how he was going to do it! He thought he had it slightly better now that the two brats were old enough that he didn't have to constantly baby them every second...

"So we are at seventeen weeks, which means the genders should be visible. Surprise or no surprise?"

"Hmm.." Sakura hummed to herself and returned her view to Sasuke, smiling up at him sweetly with a gentle squeeze of his hand, her eyes sparkling. "Sasuke? Any input?"

Two babies.. Twins. "Might as well."

She chuckled and looked back at her doctor, giving her a slight nod. "Learning the gender it is!"


About a week after the appointment, Sakura had run into Naruto while grocery shopping. During the months where she was unsure about whether her pregnancy would result in a miscarriage, she had preferred to wear baggy-ish clothing to help hide the baby bump, so no one knew what was going on. Learning that both of her little babies were alive and well, she had decided to accentuate her beautiful baby bump, pridefully parading around the village.

He saw her, and was going to run right over to her, but noticed the.. larger proportions she had gained. He felt embarrassed because it looked as if she was pregnant but then he thought there was no way she wouldn't have told him by now, so he gulped and walked up to her as if he hadn't noticed. "H-hey Sakura!"

"Naruto! It's been a while!" She pulled him into a hug, weary of her overly large pregnant belly. When she withdrew she noticed the plain and obvious curiosity in his face. "Oh, you're looking at this?"

"A-ah! I'm sorry Sakura, I didn't mean to look!" He fumbled, completely embarrassed, stumbling back a few feet with a face as red as a radish. "Y-you have to believe me!"

"What?" She raised a brow and cocked her head, confused as ever. She took a moment more to try and understand what he meant before bursting out into a fit of giggles. "No Naruto! I didn't gain weight, I'm pregnant!"

"S-sorry - wait what?" He dead-panned, looking between her eyes and the prominent bulge. "You're WHAT!?"

"Pregnant, Naruto!"

"Like... Actually pregnant?"

"Yes, this pregnancy will last."



"AAAH! WE'RE GOING TO HAVE BABIES TOGETHER?!" A shriek louder than a newborn child rung through the house, Mako, Asami, and even Sakura wincing as they craned their necks to look up at Ino. The blonde dove onto the couch carefully and curled her arms around Asami, giving her a kiss on the top of her head. "I can't believe it!"

"Well that's not all, Ino.." Sakura smiled and began to pray that Ino's voice couldn't reach higher notes. "You're probably wondering why I'm so large right now, for this point in my pregnancy, that is.."

"No, I wasn't wondering, but tell me!" Her big blue eyes grew wider with growing curiosity, pulling Asami just a little closer.

"Turns out it's not just one baby, but two!"

"Oh, my, GOD!" She cheered loudly yet again with a tortured looking Asami in her arms, flailing her arms around to get out of that death trap but Ino's intense grip only strengthened around the small child. "TWINS!"

"Yes, Ino!"

"You're too strooong!" Asami continued to wrestle against Ino's overbearing arms, playfully trying to kick and squirm her way out of her auntie's arms, but her attempts were fruitless, as Ino only cuddled the young girl closer. "Waah!"

"Oh my God, that's soo amazing Sakura! They'll be in the same year, same with Naruto's kid! Who knows, they might even manage to be on the same teams!"

Upon seeing his little sister being (in his eyes) wrestled to death by this loud blonde monster, Mako hurriedly scrambled over onto the couch and playfully tried to pry her arms away from Asami, letting out a way cry as he did so.

"That would be pretty amazing if they did end up in the same team." Sakura smiled fondly as she could imagine all three couples children being in a team together. As long as one the twins were put into a team with Naruto's child, they would be reliving team seven all over again. Though as she imagined her past with team seven, she wasn't sure if that was a good idea.


Hinata was the first to go into labor. From Sakura's previous natural labors, Hinata decided she wanted to go down that route, at least with this first child, and if it turned out to be too much, then she'd ask for the help the hospital would provide her. All of Konoha eleven were present for the joyous occasion, happily chattering away in the waiting room, their favorite topic of discussion was the gender of the baby, still unknown to everyone.

"Where's Sasuke at today? I would think he would be here." Kakashi idly commented as he looked over at Sakura, who was currently standing between Rock Lee and her old Sensei.

"Naruto had actually requested he be on watch today. As much as he wanted Sasuke to be here, he knew it was the wiser decision to have him make sure the village was safe since he wasn't on duty."

"That sounds like Naruto."

"He's been awfully crazed the past month with Hinata being in such a vulnerable state. I fear for his future daughter."

"Mm, you know he hired an anbu to watch over both you and Hinata?"

She let out a sigh. "I noticed."

When the doctor took a step into the waiting room almost everybody flocked around her, throwing a plethora of questions about Hinata's current state and how the baby was, getting all up in her face. She cleared her throat and commanded that their voices be lowered in respect for the resting patients doors down.

She took in a small group, one after the other to pay their visits to Naruto and Hinata, and when they returned to the waiting room they returned with large sparkly grins and so much to say to each other. Sakura waited until she could go in and visit by herself, as she found that she would want this moment to be a bit more personal.

She took a small timid step into the delivery room, catching the attention of Naruto, who's still overly excited eyes bore into her own. "Hey." She whispered gently as she entered the room as quietly as she could, not wanting to bother Hinata who looked exhausted. Though as exhausted as she was, she slowly turned her head on her pillow, giving Sakura a sweet smile. "Hinata, you look amazing for a seventeen hour labor." Sakura took a seat beside Hinata's bed and comfortingly rubbed her friends arm.

"Thank you Sakura."

From the opposite side of the bed Naruto smiled fondly, proudly, joyously, as he switched his eyes from Hinata to the little bundle he held protectively in his arms. "Sakura, we had a boy." He whispered, much to her surprise, as she half-expected him to be running around with the little baby in his hands, showing him around the village. She was glad he calmed down for this occasion. "We decided to name him Neji."

The corners of her lips turned up into a large smile as Naruto stood up, rounded across the end of the bed and gently presented the small child to one of his bestest friends. "Oh wow.." She gently held the little boy in her arms and through her happy and proud tears, analyzed his tiny chubby face which was framed by the blankets he was swaddled in. "Look at his teeny little face."

"I know..! It's so weird, I know the feeling of love, but this is completely different.." He seemed thoroughly confused by this as he put his right hand over his heart, brows furrowing in the process."I don't know what it is."

"The love for your child is completely different than love for somebody else. It's so amazing."

"Yeah, it really is!"


Ino was the next to go into labor. She had personally requested that both Sakura and Haru be present in the delivery room to alleviate the mood, or to at least try. Ino, unlike Hinata and Sakura, insisted on taking every damned medicine the doctors recommended. So currently Ino was laying in her bed, a little drugged up as her obstetrician was assessing the situation.

"We're ready to go!"

"W-wait! I made Shikamaru go and get me some food, I can't start!"

"We'll give a few minutes, but no more, this baby wants to come out."

"Sakura?! Isn't there a way to keep the baby in for a little bit longer!?"

"Ten minutes ago you were whining about wanting the baby out sooner!" Haru barked playfully, smacking the cover of her pregnancy magazine that she was reviewing for 'future reference.'

"There's no way to delay the baby, so he's got to be back in a few minutes."

When those few minutes came and went, the doctor returned to the room. "B-but he's still not here! Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have told him to find me a specific ice cream!" She daintily whined as she put the back of her hand to her forehead that was coated in a sheer sheet of sweat. "Fine, fine! I guess we'll have to do it!"

Sakura and Haru positioned themselves on opposite sides of Ino's delivery bed, their hand enclosing her own as the doctor brought in a few assistant nurses. "This all looks so intimidating!" Ino whined again as she looked up at Sakura with quivering lower lips and big scared blue eyes. "Why do they need so many people?"

"Well because the doctor needs some help, and there needs to be a nurse that will take the baby once it's born and clean it up! It's perfectly normal Ino, trust me!" She smiled sweetly at her friend and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "Wouldn't you want as many people here to help you as you could get?"

"Y-yeah... You're right Sakura!" She beamed somewhat brightly as she looked back at the doctor. "I think I'm ready..!"

As the doctor repeatedly informed Ino to push at the correct times she would do exactly as they said because she informed them that the epidural was an amazing creation and she couldn't feel a thing except a little bit of pressure on her abdomen. However it did not lessen the pressure both Haru and Sakura received from Ino's immaculate grip they both weren't expecting.

"A-ah, Ino, I thought you couldn't feel anything?" Haru's lip quivered a teensy bit.

"That's right!"

"Then why are you gripping our hands so hard?"

"Oh, hehe, sorry guys! I'm just in the moment, though I wish Shikamaru wouldn't just hurry his ass up!" The doctor instructed her to give the next few pushes her all, saying that they just needed to pass the baby's shoulder in order to have this baby in her arms sooner. Ino gasped, eyes widening in the process. "I didn't even know the baby's head was out!"

"They told you earlier."

"Ah.. Like I said, it's hard to focus on more than one thing.." This time she knowingly gripped her best friends hands, drew in a long breath and let his eyelids flutter shut, imagining a different atmosphere before putting immense pressure down below in order to birth her baby. With her friends comments of support and her doctor smiling and nodding, she knew it was going right so she continued to push with all of her might, roughly gritting her teeth together. "I-is the baby out yet?" She had stuttered, cracking an eye open to get a glance of what was going on.

"Yep!" The doctor quickly raised her arms arms and in her arms was a crying little thing with red tinted skin and chubby little arms flailing about. "Congratulations, it's a boy!"

At that very moment the door swung open to reveal a very exhausted Shikamaru with a few paper bags clutched in his arms. He caught an eyefull of Ino's exposed private parts, partially covered by the doctor, who in her arms, held a wiggly newborn baby with a powerful set of lungs. His mouth fell slightly apart, brow twitching as he assessed the situation. "Ino!" He quickly and carefully set the bags down onto the tiled floor, kicked it away from where people would trip on it, and made his way to the doctor's side.

"You're just in time to cut his cord!"

He still seemed pretty dumbfounded that he had missed his first child's birth because someone had forced him out of the room to buy her some idiotic flavored ice cream, and it made Sakura laugh off in the distance. They gave him a small pair of shining silver scissors and he proudly cut the cord, still looking amazingly distraught for someone that was known to not care about too many things.

"Sorry Shikamaru, I know you wanted a girl first." Ino giggled with her raspy breath as she lovingly stared at both her son and husband, who let out a sigh and told Haru to 'scoot' so he could take a seat beside his wife. "And I knoow you wanted to be here.."

"If you hadn't made me go looking for that ice cream I would have been here."

"I really wanted it, though."

"Well apparently that specific flavor has been out of season for three months."

"Oh! Ahah, that's right!" She giggled as she wrapped her hand around his own. Their constant and routine bickering was a normal thing to the couple's friends, as Haru and Sakura did not try and get between their words; however, the doctor seemed a little bit irked. "Can I see my son now?"

The nurse that was busily preparing the little one turned from the counter with him in her arms, swaddled up in a fuzzy green blanket, only his tiny round face peeking out, letting out small frustrated puffs of air. "Here he is, as healthy as can be!" She smiled sweetly as she carefully placed the little on into his mothers awaiting arms, immediately being cuddled close to her chest.

"Ah! Look at that tiny face! He's so precious!" She cooed gently, as if all of these motherly instincts washed over her, her normally loud voice was now drained away into the peaceful voice they were all shocked to hear. She daintily touched his soft, petal pink cheeks with her index finger, earning a reaction that consisted of his little mouth twisting up and his eyes cracking open with another cute puff of air, fingers curling around the blankets as he glanced around with his blind eyes. "Look at that Shikamaru, he's got your eyes!" Indeed he did, though they differentiated in size. Shikamaru's were smaller, and somewhat beady; however with Ino's genetics in play, their little one large beautiful brown eyes. "And lookit! He's got my hair!" She gently pulled back the small baby beanie on her sons head to reveal his thick tufts of platinum blonde hair.

As the couple dotted over their newly born addition to their small family, Sakura wondered how long until she was going to pop.


Sakura was the last of their group of pregnant friends to go into labor. Even though on countless occasions she told Sasuke it was normal to go into early labor, he still looked at her with worry in his eyes. "Sasuke I'm fine, the contractions aren't even that bad. Plus it's two weeks away from their due date, that's amazing for twins!" She tried to reassure him but being forced out of the house told her he wasn't too keen on listening to her words.

She was ushered into the hospital and Haru, being the slight pregnancy worry wart she was, furthered the ushering until Sakura was into a delivery room. "Why are we in here?" Mako questioned as he climbed up on his mothers hospital bed, peering up at her with inquisitive eyes. "What's going on?"

"Sweetheart, I'm going to have the babies!" She rubbed her overly large pregnant belly to emphasize her point. "You've been waiting for them to come out, haven't you?"

"Y-yes!" His eyes widened. "I've been waiting and waiting and waiting!" He encircled his arms around his mothers protruding abdomen happily.

All the while, Asami was lulling her head from side to side tiredly, eyes half-lidded, bottom lip quivering for attention as she was sitting on her fathers lap. "H-how l-longg?" She whined dryly, not bothering to tilt her head up for an answer, just expecting one. "I-I-I'm tiired."

"Then go to sleep." Sasuke told her sternly. "Because this wont be short."

"Waah." She cried out with a tired voice before she immediately passed out.

The obstetrician walked in, wriggling her fingers into her plastic gloves as she shut the door behind her with her butt. "Hey Sakura!" She greeted with a big glimmering smile, pacing up towards Sakura's bed. "You know I expected you in here a lot sooner than this, but hey, this is amazing!"

"I know! They just wanted more time to develop, I suppose."

"Heh, that's what it seems like! Hello there Mako! Are you happy you're going to have some new siblings?"

"Yes!" He cheered loudly from his fathers other knee, careful not to accidentally smack Asami's sleeping face. "I want them here now!"

"Well, we'll see right now how they're doing okay little guy?" Mako profusely nodded happily, looking up to the blonde woman as if she was a God. As Sakura prepared herself for the examination, the doc continued to make idle chit chat. "Do you know where babies come from, Mako?"

"Magical stork." He replied simply. He still wasn't really catching up on the fact that they were inside of her mother and were going to come from his mother, because from what she had told him previously told him, she had to make a wish for the babies to come to them.

"Ah! I see they've already told you." She smiled cheerily as she retracted her hand and removed her gloves as Sakura covered herself back up. "Well, this is a surprise. You're almost ten centimeters dilated! Now, were you planning on cesarean or vaginal birth?'

"Ah! Good thing you rushed me to the hospital Sasuke, or you would have been delivering these babies!" She joked happily as joyous tears already brimmed at her eyes. "I'm going to try natural and if it can't be done we'll go down the c-section route."

"Okay! I'll go get the machines and hook you up to see what exactly is happening in there!"

When she left the room, Sakura carefully laid on her side to look upon her sons face. "Mako, do you want two baby brothers, two baby sisters, or one of both?!"

"Uhhmmm! I already have a baby sister, so I want at least one baby brother!"

"Hm.." She pressed her index finger to her lips and smiled. "Me and daddy know what we're going to have." She teased her son playfully as she turned in her bed once more to lay on her back.

"I can't WAIT!" He curled his hands into little fists and stared off into the distance, obviously off in a detailed daydream about his future new siblings. He was also under the impression that if his parents told him and Asami the gender of the babies then the stork wouldn't let them have them anymore. He only learned that after he and his sister wouldn't stop asking about what they would be.

Later on, Mebuki had swooped in and stole her grandchildren in order to give Sakura peace of mind without having the two little one's running around playing tag.

Much later on, as in seventeen hours, the first baby's head began to crown. She'd been offered multiple times medicine to help alleviate the pressure that was weighing down upon her abdomen, but every time she profusely shook her head. It even got to the point where Sasuke tried to convince her that it would be for the better, yet nothing wavered her opinion.

She gripped his hand as hard as she possibly could, nails digging into his skin, once again being crushed by her sheer power. She didn't mean to cause anybody any pain, but she needed something to ground her as she pushed harder than she ever thought was possible. It took a while before her doctor stood tall with a little baby in her arms. "It's a boy!" She cheered happily and carefully motioned for Sasuke to do the ceremonial cord cutting. When he snipped it the cord, his eyes flashed down to his newborn son was was crying like nothing he'd ever heard before, chest rising and falling with exasperated breaths. He smirked proudly at the sight.

"S-Sasuke, don't look down there!" Sakura''s face reddened more than before as she quickly covered her parts, shielding herself from his eyes.

At first he was started from the sudden and quick outburst, then took a brief moment to process what she had just said, and rolled his eyes. "I wasn't looking there."

"O-okay.." She smiled sheepishly, which then turned into a frown, her hands finding their ways to her still large abdomen. "The pressure's coming back.. Really fast.."

"Twins are oftentimes born only minutes apart!" Her doctor returned from the counter where the nurse was cleaning off the first born of the twins, and got back into position to catch the next baby. Sasuke retook Sakura's hand knowing fully well that this may be the time where it gets full on broken. At first she gripped his hand as carefully as she could but as the intense pain and pressure were back, she let out a fierce sigh and clutched his hand like it was her life-line.

It was so quick she barely even noticed, but out came the next baby, eager to be with their twin, causing a ruckus with their incessant wailing for air into their newly working lungs. The doctor yet again held the little one up for all to see with a flashy smile. "And here's the little girl! What a good set of lungs she has!" She yet again had Sasuke snip the cord, briefly allowing him to gaze down upon the wailing little baby before handing her off to the nurse to be cleaned up.

The other nurse wrapped her arms around the first twin and made her way over to Sakura's free side, gently handing him over into her anxiously awaiting arms. Sakura cradled him close with tears already streaking down her face with adrenaline and pure love rushing through her veins. "Oh Gods, look at you." The little one in her arms was fully awake, a little intimidated looking, but awake. He stared up unknowingly at his mother with his big, onyx eyes, still twitching from the bright lights above his face. "You are just so perfect..!" She gave Sasuke a side glance. "Do you want to hold him?"

"I'll let you hold him a bit more." He was always so apprehensive about holding newborns right after they were born, especially since Naruto jokingly brought up the point that if you accidentally dropped them you'd 'make a huge dent and probably kill the baby.' Since he trusted Sakura more than any one else in this world, he'd rather just let her do all of the handling.

"N-no, Sasuke, take him, please." She outstretched her arms to an immediately nervous Sasuke with baffled eyes, cautiously removing the newborn from her arms, glancing between her and his newborn son, who was idly staring into nothing. She returned to placing her hands back onto her abdomen, the doctor taking quick notice to this action and cocking her head.

"Is something the matter?" She questioned as she took a step closer to Sakura.

"It's just the placenta, the contractions are really bad!"

"Hm. Alright." She repositioned herself for the third time in front of Sakura to asses what was going on. "If this is the placenta then it would be an astronomical time for it's delivery, usually they take ten to twenty minutes to come along!"

"Y-yeah.. It just wants to come out.."

As her doctor quietly assessed what was going on down there, Sasuke stared at the two women with slightly wide eyes. He wished he studied more about medical know-how while under chakra arrest so he could understand what was wrong with Sakura when she was in pain or scared about something, because frankly he got a little bit jealous when she relied on others for help, though he then realized it was for the better, knowing he'd end up stalling and being of no assistance to her whatsoever.

The doctor looked back up to face Sakura and Sasuke with slightly startled eyes. "Uh.. It's not a placenta!"

"Well then what the hell is it?!" Sakura groaned as she gripped the metal handrails of her bed, hissing in pain and throwing her head back, fearing the absolute worst.

Sasuke face went as white as a sheet at the sight.

"Well, it's baby number three!" Sakura snapped her head back up just in time for her doctor to stand up with number three wriggling in her arms.

"No no no, there were only t-two!" She stuttered in amazement, looking from her son in Sasuke's arms, the little girl in the nurses arms, and the current one that was still attached to her. "How can this happen?"

"It's possible that the first two were just covering this one, this little boy number two.. The first ultrasounds we had only one, with a few cyst-like things around there, which we had ruled out to be small bubbles of blood, normal. As the pregnancy developed, I notice the twin, which we waited until your 'first' ultrasound to learn.. Both twins had separate placenta's, normal normal.."

Now Sakura's face was as white as a sheet.

"Baby number three must have been hidden form the transducer the entire time!" The doctor laughed nervously as Sasuke was much too shell-shocked to cut the cord of his other newborn son, so she carefully snipped it herself and handed him off to the awaiting nurse. "And he looks to be the identical twin of the first boy!"

"Oh my Goodness..." Sakura wiped her face with her sweaty palms, her bottom lip quivering as she just wanted to cry. Not because she didn't want this baby, or because she didn't like it, but because the pure shock was choking her to death! "I.. I don't know what to say! I was wondering why I was a bit larger than a regular twin pregnancy but.." She glanced over to Sasuke who merely looked straight at the wall with a blank face. She knew that he wanted only one child, two, he bit his tongue and pretended like it wasn't going to be too much work, but three? She could only imagine what he was thinking right about now. "S-Sasuke?"

"Three." He noted with the same, blank voice.

"Yes three, but all three are precious gifts!" She welcomed her newborn daughter with open arms, smiling down as she scanned her little face, big watery black eyes stared back up at her, and Sakura knew she was almost blind, but she could tell her daughter was looking up at her with love. "Asami's little sister she wanted.." Only minutes later Sakura had cautiously taken the third into her arms, glancing down upon his face just as happily, his sleeping little face, which she could clearly see was the identical twin of her first born triplet. "Sasuke look at them!"

He tore his eyes off the white wall across from him and stared down at the two Sakura held carefully in her tired, weak arms, glancing between all three, then between the two boys. She stayed silent, watching his every move, smiling as even though he didn't notice it, his cold eyes were as tender as ever. However much he argued against having three babies, there was no way he'd love them any less than the rest.

When everything calmed and the babies were put to bed, Sasuke finally piped up. "I have names."


Later that day Naruto had paid a visit with his own son cradled in his arms. He walked into her delivery room where she and the babies were still being heavily monitored due to fear of any complications, with Sasuke no where in sight. Naruto swaggered in proudly, eyes softening when he saw her in her bed, then his brows furrowed when he noticed Sasuke's absence. "Hey, where's the jerk?" As he drew in closer he had to re-count the number incubator's by her bedside before his jaw fell to the floor. "Um."

"I didn't know either until the last one decided to show up literally out of no where, Naruto!" She grimaced happily as she sat up in her bed, staring fondly at the three little babies that were sleeping, their small chests rising and falling with each small breath they took. "Turns out I accidentally broke Sasuke's hand during the birth.. So I made him go and get that checked out before he could get me a bottle of water from the cafeteria. Here, let me see Neji." She made the famous grabby hands Asami was famous for until Naruto placed Neji into her arms.

"Look at you little guy!" She gushed with a tired smile as she ran her index finger along the little one's small pudgy cheek. "You've got the Uzumaki hair, don't ya?" It was true. Naruto awoke one morning and paced into Neji's nursery to find the first fine hair, not deep purple, not blonde, striking red just like his mothers! "Bright red hair and blue eyes, there's no way you're ever going to get lost!"

Naruto sat on the edge of her bed to face the three incubators, eying the small pieces of paper that identified the three young ones. "Let me guess, Sasuke picked these names."

"Heh, yep, he did."

He stared at the first incubator that contained a little boy with a tiny blue onsie. His sheet of paper identified him as the first born of the three, with his time, weight and height all there, and of course the name his friend had chosen. Uchiha, Shisui. He glanced to the middle incubator, which was obviously housing a tiny little girl, as she was wearing a cute pink little onsie that looked suspiciously like Ino had bought it for the two. She was labelled as the second born of the three. Uchiha, Mikoto. Then was the last incubator, the mysterious little baby that had evaded the scary transducer, coming into this world with a bang and a pure shock to his parents. He was the third born. He was named, Uchiha, Itachi.

THREE. Clich, right? There's always that one fanfic out of five that has a surprise twin or triplet. Why not both I say. Sorry to the people that didn't particularly want the babies to be named after Sasuke's dead family, but in my head I don't see it as a problem, and Sasuke is an honorary dude, so I think that he'd honor those he loved by naming his own precious wee ones after them.PS. It was originally going to be twins but so many people wanted twin boys. I was going to make it a boy and a girl because I love boy and girl twins, then I realized some more.. I really want twin boys, but I really want little Mikoto in there, so in the middle of the fic I just went with what I felt like I had to do. I totally BS'ed the hidden baby part, there's no way you'd get away with not seeing another baby but for the stories sake, it had to happen!

As always, I'm constantly loving your reviews! Thoughts on today's chapter? There was a total of five babies that were born! Opinions? Anything that will make me smile?

So I had the surgery yesterday and turns out it's not all that bad. No pain if your doctor isn't a jerk and prescribes you good pain medications, and you don't remember a thing! Honestly my extraction sites only bled for about seven hours before stopping, which compared to other people's stories about how they bled for a few days before it completely stopped, was pretty good. The only thing I'd advise you to do is EAT WHAT YOU LOVE BEFOREHAND. I'm starving and I wished I had a burger before the procedure... (sadface)

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto!

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