Chapter 19


-chapter 19-

rated for language / adult themes

Sasuke looked as if he wanted to kill himself. On the outside that's what he unknowingly portrayed but on the inside, they didn't know that he truly did want to kill himself. Two children were enough for him, currently. Mako is energetic, and on some days he could handle that because he could put it to good use when he wanted to train the boy. Asami was sociable and liked to go on walks. Walks he could handle, and with Mako towing right behind it got both of them tuckered out before their midday nap. Already it was a lot of work to keep his eyes on those two, especially when it grew eerily quiet in the house and he feared they found a hole in the old cobble fence, so he'd spend a good few minutes of his work paper devoted time to go and gather them up. The two of them gave him something to do, not too much, not too less where he grew bored of constantly being the stay-at-home dad he was labeling himself as.

Now when Sakura had confided in him that she had hidden her fourth pregnancy from him to wait and see if this would would prove fruitless, he was a tad irked. At first it was only because he felt slightly offended that she hadn't told her own husband this kind of information earlier, regardless of whatever feelings it would provoke within him. When he could see how distraught she was over keeping it a secret from him, he finally told himself to just forget about it. The next thing he remembered? Oh right - she was pregnant. That night after she had fallen asleep in his arms he stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning, planning his next course of action. If two was enough to him, what would a third be? A lot of hard work, that's what that baby would be. It's not that he didn't love this baby because he absolutely did love it - but he was only one person and when Sakura would want to return to the hospital he knew he was going to be stuck with three babies. Three was an odd number to him. He only had two arms to pick up two kids when they would run around the house, and only two legs when they would whine about wanting to sit on his lap. He was going to have to find out a new way of pleasing the little rascals without one feeling left out. He deemed that planning for another day.

The day they arrived at the medical office of the obstetrician in the hospital he wasn't expecting too much. Now that wasn't saying that seeing his unborn child wasn't amazing, but he didn't have his hopes up for seeing something incredibly out of the ordinary. That's when it became four. Four at least was an even number, though it was still one more crying little baby that had it's hopes set out to ruin his sleeping schedule and puke and pee all over him, so of course he was dreading the extra work x2. Still, it was another child that he thanked the Gods for.

When his second born son was born he couldn't feel happier, he wasn't sure if there was a point happier than what he felt. From the woman he loved came (so far) his three absolutely beautiful and healthy children. As the little boy cried in the doctors arms as he snipped the cord that connected him to his mother, he could see between his cries those big black eyes that finally surfaced, unlike his first two children. He took his seat beside Sakura and although his hand throbbed like never before, he retook her hand as she went right back to pushing that last baby out of her.

When his second daughter was born, it was a totally surreal and completely different feeling than with his sons. It was something he just couldn't put his finger on. He used to think girls were these fragile things that had to be taken care of, and clearly he knew many women that were indeed strong and only one that could actually kick his ass, so he tried to fit that image into his first born daughter and she was fragile and helpless and obviously needed his help to protect her. So out came his second daughter, still tiny and cute, and he already got these future glimpses of her life and how he hated future boys, so he already got this fatherly urge to watch over both of them.

He found something amazing in holding his newborn child for the first time despite his anxiousness. It was weird to think that Mako used to be this small and delicate, a huge difference, seeing as how now he crashed into things on a minute basis, flew down the stairs, was catching onto his training. It was a delight to see that what he and Sakura were doing was actually working, and that miraculously haven't gotten gravely injured under his watch.

Then something went wrong when Sakura looked immensely distressed although she had already popped both of the children out. He pursed his lips together as she tried hi best to analyze the screens and flashing buttons everywhere and he immediately reprimanded himself for not studying pregnancy further. So he watched helplessly (usually he was not helpless so he was at a total loss) as something was wrong with Sakura and even the doctor had no idea what was going on, which was a bad sign. He held his son closer as he squinted at Sakura nervously, and when he swapped his glance from her to the doctor is when he saw it.

A fifth.

A fifth that Sakura had not seen yet, only just being pulled from her loins in the doctors gloved hands, it's limbs flailing about as it's cries filled the stale, quiet air. He wasn't sure that was right. He looked down in his arms where the first of the (twins?) lay, looking around quietly. Then he glanced to the counter, where his new daughter was being swaddled in a pink and white polka dot blanket. His brows furrowed. Triplets. Triplets plus two? Five. Five? Was his math just going numb? No. He knew how to count. Five.

From her body she produced three babies, all at the same time. He thought that just being able to have two healthy kids from different pregnancies was utterly amazing, but harboring three heavily little babies inside of her then pushing them out? Was she superwoman or what. So when she looked up at him and uttered his name, all he could say was his blank expression was, "Three."

"Yes three, but all three are precious gifts! Asami's little sister she wanted... Sasuke look at them!" Sakura gushed as she cuddled the two younglings close to her chest, beaming brightly with pride and love for the children she had just produced. She looked amazing.

He studied his first born son, who had evident Uchiha traits. The dark hair matched up with the dark eyes. He smirked to himself because this was the first child born to him that had his own eyes. He had a perfect name for him, but only if it matched up with the other twin boy. The next closest triplet was his daughter in Sakura's arms who's eyelids were fighting to stay open in this big new world she couldn't quite see, her tiny fingers curling around the fuzzy blankets, a new feeling to her. Clearly she had distinctive traits, just like her older triplet, dark eyes and dark hair. Now her name wasn't dependent on her triplets, so her name was set in stone. The last one was just like the others. Small tufts of black hair and glimmering black eyes that stared up at his mother with this oddly adorable affectionate look on his face, looking as if he was apologizing for staying hidden all this time.

"I have names." He told Sakura after a few minutes they spent in the peace and quiet of the room, glancing back down at her as she curiously looked over her shoulder to him.

"Go ahead."

He knew he wasn't going to take a no for an answer because she got to name the first two and he knew he'd beat himself up if he didn't get to use these names at all because let's face it, after that third baby slipped passed the radar both him and Sakura greed in silence that these would be the last babies they'd be having. He'd start on a name he knew she wouldn't mind. "I want her name to be Mikoto."

Sakura smiled at him sweetly, her tired lips curling into that smile he resisted to kiss. "Mmhm~?"

"Him.." He lifted his arms slightly to show her he meant the oldest of the identical twin boys. "I want him to be named Shisui.. Itachi's best friend." He had many reasons for naming his son after the famous Uchiha. "So that leaves him." He looked at the little boy in Sakura's arms. "Itachi." It was simple. Itachi and Shisui were the bestest of friends, considering each other brothers. He knew he couldn't one son named after one and leave one out because that wouldn't work.

A few brief moments passed and instantly he thought she didn't like those names but she continued to smile up at him. He found it hard to read her at times but now it was easy - she didn't not like the names he had decided on, so he smiled and gazed back down at their children.

A little while later Sakura noticed something he did not, the tips of her fingers just barely ghosting against the skin of his hand, her face etched with worry. "What's wrong with your hand?" She whispered, as she sat up. He thought this entire time she was sleeping, as the nurse had helped her breastfeed (all three, yes) of the triplets and get them into their respective incubators. At least he though if he was in her position he'd be sleeping.

"I don't know." His brows furrowed when he studied his right hand. The throbbing died down when he got to hold the elder son of the triplets and since then it had been shoved to the back of his mind, but now as he looked down upon it he did notice something that was not correct. It was red and swollen.

"S-Sasuke, I think I broke your hand!" She gasped as she took it between her hands and surveyed it closely. "I did! You need this checked out before it gets worse!"

"How can it get worse? It's already broken." He wasn't too keen on leaving the room just yet.

"The blood could pool in your hand, you need it checked out." She kissed it with a somewhat guilty expression. "Plus I would love a bottle of water."

He smirked. He wouldn't have gone just to get his hand checked out but if she was thirsty then he knew he had to go and get her the beverage she desired. "Fine."

"Thank you." She whispered dryly and gave him a small kiss on the cheek before curling back up in her bed, watching him leave the room.

When he had gone and had a nurse take a look at his hand, she healed it to the best of her abilities before wrapping it up. Next he went to the cafeteria to find a vending machine so he could get her some water that wasn't stale tap water she was served from a nurse. When he returned back to the room the corners of his mouth turned downwards. "What are you doing here."

"I came here to see the twins, but turns out it was triplets! Good luck with that!" Naruto grimaced as he sat up from his seated position on the edge of Sakura's bed, obviously he was just reading the name cards stuck onto the three incubators. "Seriously, congrats on the three. I heard it's hard for multiples and the mom to survive without at least a tid bit of medication!"

"In some cases, yes." Sakura told him as she smiled lovingly at Sasuke, taking the bottle of fresh water from his extended hand and unscrewing the cap. "Thanks."

He took a seat beside her bed and noticed the child she held in her crooked arm that did not belong to either of them, and instantly Sakura showed him off. "Isn't Neji just adorable?"

"Hn." He took a sip of his own bottled water. "Still not as 'adorable' as ours."

"Watch it." He heard Naruto threaten from the end of her bed, surprisingly keeping his voice low enough that he didn't wake the triplets. "Hinata sends her congrats too but she's been so busy taking care of Neji that I would have rather her stay at home and get some rest."

"Oh of course. I understand that completely, I don't think I'll be seeing anybody for a long time once I get home!" She laughed heartily as she placed the water beside her on the bed and continued to gush over little Neji, who was trying to grasp at her fingers through his tired eyes.

A few knocks sounded at her door and Naruto was the first up, immediately darting to his feet and wrapped his hands around the knob, gently pulling it open before having it slammed open in his face, only a fury of platinum blonde was seen until the guest stopped in front of Sakura's bed. It was the infamous Ino, with her little baby boy in a front loaded baby backpack. "Sakura!" She whispered furiously, eyes scanning the (three?) incubators beside her bed. She gasped, jaw dropping as she looked back at the pinkette.

Great, Ino was the last person he wanted here while Naruto was present. They were both so incredibly loud he was surprised Sakura didn't forewarn them about the sleeping babies in the room. "Ino~!" Sakura hadn't gotten out of the house since she was present for Ino's delivery, so it had been at least two weeks since the two best friends were together, and a lot has changed.

"Why are there three incubators..." She proceeded to count them until she shook her head. "I didn't count them wrong."

"Heh, turns out they weren't just twins, but triplets!" Sakura explained proudly as she crawled over to the edge of the bed that was closer to the incubators, placing her hands against the glass that separated her from them. "Identical twin boys and a fraternal sister. They're just so perfect..."

"Oh my God.. Three? It's so hard tending to just one!" Ino declared as she too took a seat on the edge of the bed to stare that the new additions, all the while gently petting her own son's tresses of light blonde hair that peeked out from underneath his cap. "Itachi... Mikoto.. Aaand Shisui." Ino smiled fondly as she then looked at her best friend who was just spilling over with pride and love.

"Me and Shikamaru finally decided on a name."

"Oh yeah? What's this little guy's name?" She beamed as she gently touched the little boy's nose with her index finger.

"Well, both mine and Shikamaru's names are sort-of passed down.. We tried so hard to find a name that would go with both, and we decided that if we can't have both than we wont have either." Her voice turned to a whisper. "Remember that stupid future book we made? Hehe, I chose the first name on my old baby name list."

"I remember the book, I don't remember the name though."

"I named him Kane.. There was that one actor I really loved and that's why I wrote it down.. Of course I'll never tell Shikamaru that, hehe."

"Aweh, little Kane~" Sakura cooed gently as she kissed the top of the little boys head lovingly. "I don't know why, but I think it suits him!"

"Me too!"

After ten minutes had passed there was another knock at the door, now Sasuke was confused as to who it could be. When Naruto carefully opened up the knob with his free hand, he opened it just in time for two little children to run in and immediately ambush their father with questions and hugs. That's when they officially became five, as he had his two first born children already making noise. If their serene ruining questions didn't do it, the appearance of Sakura's father with Mebuki by his side wasn't all that great. So he was somewhat glad his children flocked to him so he could pretend the man didn't exist.

He held his finger up to his lips, his signal to the two rascals that it was time to hush down. The nodded furiously, clasping their tiny hands over their mouths, looking up at their father with pure anticipation, Mako already breaking the rule. "I heard it happened, the stork brought the babies!"

"Yes, the stork brought the babies. But they're sleeping, so you have to keep your voices down." It was purely Sakura's idea to introduce the stork.

Asami clambered up onto his lap and craned her neck to the side so she could wave at her mother and auntie and uncle who were crowded around the incubators. With her best whispering voice (which was still partially loud), she communicated. "Are those the babies?" He nodded. "Can we see them?" He shook his head.

"Wait until they're not sleeping." He told her. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Kizashi's hateful glare as Sakura announced the appearance of the triplet.

"Wuh?! But everyone is there seeing them and I want to see them too!"

"Asami, what did I say-"

"Asami is right, I wanna see them too!" Mako whined grumpily as he crossed his arms over his chest with a puff of air and stared angrily up at his father. "I wanna see them right now!" His voice was on the threatening verge of becoming unbearably loud.

Grumbling, he picked the two up and set them on the bed, where the clambered off to get in between their auntie Ino and their mother so they could look upon the babies before them. Sakura scooped the two up and showered them in kisses before officially introducing them to their younger siblings. "The stork brought us three babies!"

"Ah, the good ol' stork story." Kizashi chuckled to himself as he proudly looked down upon Sakura. Sasuke found it odd because he looked at Sakura the same way he looked at Asami, or Mikoto.

"The first one the stork brought was the first triplet, Shisui." She pointed to the first incubator, earning an 'oooh' and an 'aaah' from the children. "Shisui has a twin brother, Itachi.." She then pointed to the last incubator, where Itachi lay fast asleep.

"Oh!" Asami clapped, looking up at her mother. "Like Uncle Itachi!?"

"Yes!" Sakura smiled and then pointed to the middle incubator. "Here's their sister, little Mikoto! She was born in between the two!"

"Named after daddy's mommy, right?" Mako then piped up. Sasuke knew he was doing something right since his children could clearly make the connection between the family members.


"I wanted a baby sister!" Asami cheered quietly as she shimmied closer to the incubators yet closer to Ino and her own baby in her arms, curious as to what this baby was doing here. "What's their name?" Asami smiled sweetly as she gently pet the boys fluffy blonde hair.

"His name is Kane, sweet little Asami!" Ino positioned Kane in her arms to give the toddler a better glance at his round face, his big brown hazely eyes looking between his mother and Asami.

"I like his hair because it looks like yours!"

"He does have cute hair, doesn't he? Hehe!"

Sasuke was just waiting for Kizashi to make another 'brood mare' comment, or even just the slightest glance in his direction with a foul look upon his face. Even when Sakura announced her pregnancy with Asami, Kizashi wasn't terribly excited for his daughter, feeling as if Sasuke was just using her to repopulate the clan and whatnot, but three new babies seemed like it would push the mans buttons. Yet he only shared a glance with Sasuke once when he entered the room, and not since.

"Oi, Sasuke. You don't look too happy." Naruto gently nudged Sasuke's shin with his right foot as he carefully rocked the baby in his own arms, slightly looking scared that the sleeping little boy was on the verge of waking and crying as loud as he could.

"There's too many people in here." He stated simply. He hated crowded spaces and this tiny delivery room was not large enough for his liking. There were his ... FIVE children in the room already, Ino and her kid, Naruto and his damned child, Sakura's parents who hated him, and an over-elated Sakura who seemed like she wanted the entire damn village in this room, regardless of it's capacity. Just once cry or loud word could set off all of those babies, and as if one baby crying wasn't enough, five babies plus two toddlers. He could just imagine it now, all three of those triplets crying uncontrollably and Kizashi commenting on how awful of a parent he was for not getting them to stop easily.

"You should see the people in the waiting room, eheh."

He pressed his lips together into a line. "Well they're not coming in." He glanced over at Sakura. He could clearly see bags under her eyes despite how tough she acted, and how weak her body looked, he didn't like it one bit. He'll be damned if he let her force herself to be composed just for these people. He put his hands on his knees and stood up straight and tall, towering over almost everyone except Kizashi and maybe Naruto was around the same height. He clapped his hands together for a split second to grab everyone's attention and when most eyes were on him, he spoke. "Time to leave."

Everyone was silent for a moment, processing the fact that they were just kicked out. "A-ah, yeah, Sakura you look like you need rest!" Ino stuttered as she stood up. "Plus we wouldn't want to accidentally wake those lil' angels."

"Why are you taking it upon yourself to kick me out of my daughters delivery room." Kizashi crossed his arms over his chest and raised a brow at his son in law, now both men were facing each other from opposite sides of the bed with Sakura sitting between them with a horrified look plastered on her face. "Or are you that possessive?"

"Your daughter just gave birth to three kids earlier and you're insisting on keeping her awake?" He supposed that if his own daughter had a husband like him then he'd probably hate him like Kizashi hated him. "And you're calling me possessive."

The two men glared at each other while the bystanders watched with wide eyes. "Y-you know dad, I am terribly tired." Sakura intervened innocently enough, slowly tugging on Sasuke's sleeve in hopes that he'd understand that she wanted him to calm down. He understood what she wanted, but these people were really getting on his nerves and he wanted Sakura to feel better so this was his only way of helping her. "It'd be better if every one came back when I'm in better shape to actually spend time with you guys." When everyone else had nodded in an understanding manner, Kizashi was the last to finally give in. Everyone left, leaving Sasuke to bear the weight of Sakura's obvious embarrassment.

Mako curled up on his mothers lap as she let out a sigh, rubbing her face in her hands slowly. "Thank you. I'm so tired."

He knew it. "Hn."

"Though, I can sense that you're going to be on his ultimate bad side now." She laughed heartily as she curled up, weary of Mako's tired little body, wrapping her left arm around his frame. "Are you happy you got two baby brothers and another baby sister?"

Tiredly, he nodded as he kicked his feet around to get comfortable. "Yeah! I'm really really happy. But I'm really really tired too. Can I fall asleep with you mommy?"

"Aweh, of course you can." She gave her first born son a kiss on the cheek before cuddling him close until his little eyelids were finally closed. Asami crawled over her mothers legs until she could just barely reach Sasuke's legs, hopping up on those instead of staying on the bed.

Just like her brother she cured up into a perfect little ball and was fast asleep in just a few seconds. With everyone sleeping but him, he wondered when those newborns were finally going to crack open their eyes and roar with unimaginably loud screeches that could and will wake the entire hospital.

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