Chapter 2


-chapter 2-

rated for language / adult themes

"Tummy time~!" Sakura cooed gently as she held Mako underneath his chubby arms and rubbed her nose just up against his cutely. At three months old Mako was now able to fully support his own head and could crack the most heart warming smile she'd ever seen. She snuggled him close before kneeling down and carefully placing him down on the large blue blanket she laid out on the floor where a number of his toys were placed.

"Here you go sweetie." She herself laid down onto her stomach, propping her elbows onto the plush blanket and her chin on her hands, she fondly watched as her son puckered his lips and reached for a stuffed cat. Lately Mako had been mimicking the faces his parents and family friends would make, entertaining anyone in his cute presence. When she could see Mako's eyes drift over to her face as he stuffed half of the cats head into his mouth, Sakura pulled a silly face with her tongue out.

Mako took a moment to analyze that face before he cracked a beautiful smile with a slight gurgle. He tried his very best to try and stick his tongue out but it only managed to reach his bottom lip, but he was still thoroughly entertained. He thrashed the cat around in his hand happily with breathy giggles, staring up at his mother lovingly with sparkling green eyes.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" She pushed herself up off the floor and crawled over to the white dress propped up against the wall, beginning to throw open drawers and rifle through their contents. "Your Uncle Naruto is visiting today! Here it is..." She pulled out a little onesie from the drawers and crawled back to the curious baby. "He bought you a onesie I bet he wants you to wear.."

Sakura burst out laughing when Mako pulled a face that resembled that of his fathers own face, raising a single brow at the piece of clothing in her hands, looking unsure about it. "You're going to have to wear it." She turned Mako so he was on his back and undid the buttons on his green onesie, pulling it off before she carefully shimmied the new onesie onto him, looking quite triumphant.

It was an orange onesie. Like his face suggested it was quite the eyesore but to please an old friend she would have to force her precious baby to wear the thing. It wasn't just the color that she wasn't too fond with, it was how it resembled Naruto's first orange jumpsuit completely down to the blue accents and the white collar. Sasuke would kill her if he knew she was allowing the Uchiha heir to wear such a thing but she snickered at the sight anyways.

In the distance she could hear the rapid sound of footsteps approaching and the door to the nursery was slammed wide open. There stood Naruto for some odd reason wearing amazingly pristine Hokage cloak and orange and black jumpsuit. "Mako!" He grimaced and greedily took a seat right in front of Mako so he could start playing with the baby's little hands. "Hey Sakura! I see you dressed him... In my baby onesie!"

She rolled her eyes as she stood up and rubbed her hands together. "Only for you, Naruto, but I'm warning you if Sasuke sees that he will flip out."

"What kind of shinobi wears orange?" Naruto mocked the Uchiha playfully with a pouted angry face and moved his fingers in a motion that looked like a mouth. He scoffed to himself and looked back down at the curious child who watched these two adults with the cat's ear stuck in his mouth. Leaning in, he whispered. "The best kind of shinobi!"

"You're busy nowadays, aren't you Naruto?" He nodded to her words as he stuck his tongue out at Mako. "So why are you here? I mean you rarely have time to get out of the office so I doubt you'd waste your time paying a visit here."

"Aaah, yeah. There was something I needed to talk to you about, Sakura." Naruto pulled Mako up carefully underneath his arms and held him so his bare feet touched the blanket. "It's not something stupid either."

Sakura tapped her lips with her index finger curiously. She didn't want to say that when he said it wasn't something stupid it narrowed down the topics of discussion by a lot... And it could only mean a few things. "Is it something about Karin?"

"What? No! Nothing about her! It's something good."

"Then I know what it is!"

"Yeah?! What is it?!" Naruto grimaced, carefully lay Mako back on his belly to stand up excitedly, facing Sakura's who's eyes were big and sparkly and anxiously awaiting to reply.

"It's about Hinata...!?"


"Are you going to propose, Naruto?!"


"Yes! Tell me what you're thinking!" Sakura promptly sat down beside her son and grabbed Naruto's hand, roughly pulling him down to their level. "Tell me all about it!"

"Ah!" He vigorously ran his fingers through his hair. "I just don't know what to do! I'm so confused about all of this!"

"So you came to me for advice...?"

"Well, yeah, you're smart and a girl so I need some girl advice!"

"Well do you have any ideas?"

Naruto groaned and smacked his face, earning a laugh from Mako who was being entertained by these two's excitement. "I have no freakin' clue! She's so shy it'd have to be in private!"

"Well that's a start!" Sakura started happily, clapping her hands together with a sly grin. "In private, like where? Do you know any beautiful secluded spots that you could take her to?"

"There's a few... But I'm scared she's going to know what I'm gonna do if I do that and she'll back out!"

Sakura snorted at that comment, pleasing her son to no ends as he burst out into a fit of baby giggles and coos. "Naruto she's been waiting for this moment her entire life, trust me. If she thinks something fishy is up she'd let it happen. If you think she'd back out then you are blind!"


"Naruto.." She sighed as her little tidbit of hope for Naruto vanished into thin air. "From the beginning of our academy days Hinata's had the biggest crush on you. She dotted on your every request without even batting an eyelash, even if it was a lot of work for herself, she did it for you! Then when she declared her love for you on the battlefield - oh God, she's so head over heels for you."

"You girls in love, I swear, that sounds exactly like you were!"

Come to think of it, that description did ring a bell.. She shook off the embarrassing memories and looked back at Naruto sternly. "Look, what I'm saying is there's nothing to worry about. You can be the biggest idiot version of yourself and she wouldn't even notice, I mean, I guess that's what she loves. You can screw up during your little spiel and she'll still take it and love it and remember it for years." She sighed dreamily. "And you have to make sure the ring is just perfect-"

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura... That asshole still hasn't proposed, hmmm...~? Looks like I'm the better man!"

"Sasuke gave me the greatest gift he could ever give me and I'm not expecting anything more."

"But I know you want to get married, Sakura. You and Ino had that scrapbook when we were just academy kids with tons of pictures of dresses and themes and cakes!" Naruto snickered loudly and pulled a dramatic goofy face for Mako who was listening in on their conversation, who then gurgled in response and tried to do the same face. "I know you want a big grand expensive ceremony that'll make your dad take every shift at the hospital just to pay it off!"

"I was going to say what girl doesn't want that, but I'd imagine Hinata wouldn't want the whole world taking part in her wedding. And I know Sasuke wouldn't want an overly large wedding, short temper and general dislike for most of the people in our year and all... Mako, no no." Sakura gently pulled the majority of his small cat plush from his mouth so he wouldn't end up choking to death. "Play with your little rattle instead..." She handed Mako a small white and yellow rattle that made a horrible noise when moved and since Mako recently learned how to thrash his toys around she regretted the decision.

Naruto smiled fondly at the little boy, his heart warming. "I can't wait to have kids!"

"You're going to wait a little bit for that, don't you think? You have so much work on your shoulders already and babies aren't as easy as you think. It's remarkable Mako has kept his temper this long, I think he only does it when people are around."

"You gotta start while you're still young! I don't want to be an old wrinkled man when my kid needs me to teach them how to run up a tree and teach them jutsu's! It's gotta be soon, if Hinata's alright with it."

"You're so naive Naruto." She smiled and picked Mako up off the floor and cradled him close to her chest. "You barely get any sleep right now plus the hours awake from tending to a child, you wont make it."

"But it's not like I'm gonna be a single parent! Hinata would obviously help!"

"She's going to need her rest after the baby is born though, you're going to have to step up."

"Did Sasuke step up after you had Mako?"

She chuckled lightly at the fond memories of him changing a real diaper for the first time. "Yes he did, partly because he knew if he made me do everything he wouldn't be living to see his sons second day on this Earth."

"Well! Urgh, I still want a little baby, I already have a list of names..."

Both Sakura's and Naruto's heads snapped up when they heard a snort from the hallway and they turned to see Sasuke leaning against the archway with a mocking look on his face.

"Don't be mean, Sasuke." She warned with a smile as she tried to gently pry Mako's curious fingers from her long pink locks. "And you - no more hair pulling!"

Sasuke took a few strides forward and pulled Mako into his arms, looking down at him sternly. It was a daring look that said 'I dare you to pull my hair.' Mako indeed had a tendency to make parenting easier for his mother who dotted on his every need. He'd still cry in the night for attention or to be fed or rocked back to sleep, but when it was his mother who tiredly drug her feet into his nursery he always seemed to shut up almost instantly. This was the opposite for Sasuke. Whenever he regretfully climbed out of bed and looked down into the crib Mako continued crying loudly. Sakura liked to think it was because he found amusement in Sasuke's angry face.

"Okay okay, Sasuke go away! I'm talking to Sakura, alone!"


"Because you're an asshole and you'll judge everything I say so go away!"

Again, Sasuke scoffed at the words that came out of Naruto's mouth. "It's my house."

"It's Sakura's house too!"

"Alright, shut up, both of you. I'll walk Naruto out and you can stay here and continue tummy time with Mako." She looked between the two boys, waiting for a response that she knew she wouldn't get because whenever the two feuded she was always left out.

"Hn." Was the only thing Sasuke gave as he promptly sat down on the blanket and carefully set Mako down onto his tummy. Mako pushed his little arms against the ground so he could look up at his father curiously, who had presumably just returned from an anbu mission, seeing as how he wore the outfit minus the heavy grey flak jacket.

Sakura and Naruto stood up and padded out of the room, and as Mako watched his mother leave, he looked back at his father who continued to stare down at him sternly. Mako blinked a few times before he reached over to curl his fingers over the fuzzy little cat that he loved to chew, swapping his large green eyes between the man and the cat, not sure which one was more important to play with. He decided that he liked getting a reaction when he played so he dropped the cat back down and stared back up to his papa.

When his father continued to be boring and just stare at him he let out a long whine for attention but yet there he was, still on his stomach doing nothing! Mako gurgled a tiny bit before grasping the cat and focusing all of his attention on the toy.

As Sakura and Naruto slowly walked through the large hallway and eventually found themselves in front of the front door to the manse, Sakura gave the blonde an earnest, sincere look. "You didn't need to come here for an opinion specifically, anybody would have told you that anything you choose to do for the proposal will work out in the end. As long as it's not in public where'd she'd be too shy to answer." Both old team mates laughed heartily. "Seriously, Hinata loves you and knows that what you pick will be the best. She's always thought that way."

Smiling nervously but brightly as usual, Naruto smacked a hand down on Sakura's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "Yeah, you're right Sakura, you always are. Hehe, I'll make sure to get that jerk to hurry up and make you a married woman soon."

She shook her head playfully. "I'll be counting on it, then."

When they said their goodbye's Sakura hopped up the stairs and slipped into the nursery, watching as both father and son stared at each other. Sliding her hands underneath Mako's arms, she heaved him up against her chest and looked down at Sasuke. "I'm going to go feed him downstairs."

"Why, there's a chair right there."

"It's been sitting in the sun all day, it's probably hot." She stated and as she took a step forward, Mako purposely and with heft, tossed the small stuffed cat so it hit Sasuke square in the face. Sakura stopped and stared at Sasuke as he pursed his lips together in a thin line and breathed in noisily through his nose. "You have to admit our son has impeccable aim."

All Sasuke could do as she left the room giggling was roll his eyes angrily and toss the stupid cat to the other side of the nursery. Then it hit him.. "Get my son out of that ridiculous outfit!" He could still hear her continuously laughing at his anger.

Oh my gosh Naruto's going to propose to Hinata! Sorry if that pairing offends any of my viewers here, but throughout Surrogacy I've been hinting NaruHina so yeah!

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