Chapter 20


-chapter 20-

rated for language / adult themes

"Well you two sure have your hands full." Was exactly what Sakura had expected to hear from her old Sensei's mouth as he recounted the incubators for a third and final time, idly shoving his hands into his pant pockets.

"We sure do." Was all she could come up with at the moment, she was both tired and completely out of it because for the past three days she'd been trying to get into the routine of having not one, not too, but three babies that needed caring. She insisted that she was well enough to go home because because of the staff's persistence and Sasuke's refusal, she was still locked down in the hospital. "It's nothing we can't handle.."

"It sounds like you're trying to convince yourself that." He dryly chuckled as he meandered over to the incubators and wiggled a few fingers at the first baby he laid his eyes on, without a doubt Sakura knew he was smiling behind that mask.

"Yeah.. I'm still just absolutely shocked that there was a third!" She took to his side, pride filling her entire being. She just wished she could go outside and show all of them off, despite how hard that would be with three of them.

Kakashi had reached into the incubator and gently picked up Itachi. "I've seen plenty more shocking things than a hidden triplet." He continued to wiggle his finger in front of the newborns face in order to provide amusement, although she didn't have the heart to say newborns were almost blind.

She giggled and crossed her arms over her chest, cocking her head to the side a little bit. "Care to tell me what those are?"

"Well.. For one, I never once foresaw your childhood dreams actually coming true, Naruto's as well actually."

"I thought if I kept my hair long enough he'd finally have some interest." She laughed as she took a seat on the edge of her bed and crossed one leg over the other, seemingly a tiny bit embarrassed by this revelation. She knew it wasn't something that was commonly known.. She was very blunt back in the day. "Then I convinced myself that being alone forever wouldn't be so bad." Sure she had 'dated' way back when but it was mostly because she was either forced into a blind date or was too polite to decline an invitation. She was still stuck to Sasuke.

Kakashi chuckled as he remembered those days, the days where most of the young female population chattered aimlessly about how they wanted their hair long to please Sasuke, since that was the trending topic of discussion. He used to wonder if that rumor was ever dispelled but seeing as how the two were happily married and Sakura continued to cut her hair off just above her shoulders, that ended the years of his wondering. He was proud when she kept her hair short despite the possibility of Sasuke not liking it. "My odd team of three will never cease to amaze me."


The next teacher to visit was non other than Lady Tsunade. First it was a few brash knocks on the door, and at first Sakura thought it may have been a distraught Ino, but as the door was opened to reveal her old teacher, who was already donning a huge, proud grin on her face. "Sakura!" She cheered as she laid down a few gifts onto the counter, opening her arms up and enveloping her into a large, almost crushing hug. "I can't believe this!"

"Tell me about it."

"Well?! Introduce us!" She paced over to the three incubators with prideful eyes and a loving smile. "Which one was the hidden one?"

"That'd be our youngest, Itachi..." She lightly tapped the glass of Itachi's incubator, smiling down at his little face, big black eyes peering around curiously.

"Somehow I knew that name would be chosen." Tsunade deeply chuckled as she leaned over to get a better look, smiling fondly at the young boy.

"It seems everybody did." Sakura moved onto the next incubator. "Middle triplet is Mikoto." She shuffled over to the last. "Then the first born triplet, Shisui."

"Oh Sakura.." Sakura was thoroughly surprised to see the older woman almost in tears with a motherly smile on her face, full of pride. "They're so beautiful! I'm so proud of you!" She pulled her into another tightly wound hug and when she let go of Sakura, she immediately and carefully slid her hands underneath Itachi and held him as cautiously as she could. "I used to absolutely despise children, you know. But then Mako was born, then Asami.. Then Naruto had one! Jeez I never saw that one coming!"

"What's more surprising is that he hasn't come crying yet." Sakura laughed lightly as she then slowly sipped at her water bottle. Whenever somebody else was rocking one of the triplets she'd take time to just sit down and relax. "I didn't have enough time to visit him in the almost two months since Neji was born, have you?"

"Yes, I went over about a week and a half ago. Their household is hectic." She laughed as she gently stroked the fine hairs atop the newborns head. "Naruto was running around everywhere, Hinata was trying to calm him and little Neji down, it was overall a lot of stuff going on that shouldn't have with a two month old. Not that I imagined it any different, though. Anyways how's Sasuke? And his fathering techniques?"

She rolled her eyes playfully. Tsunade would never let it go, would she? "He's doing fine. When are you finally going to let up on that?"

"It'll be hard but maybe one day." She returned back to cradling the small child in her arms.


It was the first day back home with the new babies and already there was a ruckus in the household. Surprisingly enough it wasn't from the three newborns. Nor was it Mako who was causing a fuss. It was Asami, who when told by her mother that she needed to move from her crib to her big girl bed so her baby sister could have the crib, wailed in agony and curled up in her bed sheets, angry green eyes glaring at anybody who passed by.

Mako came by once to tell her that it was better to sleep in a bed because you can jump on a bed unlike her crib. He left shortly after she huffed and buried her face in her blankets. From the crack in her doorway she could see her parents walking about in the hallway, moving the new babies into their nursery. Shortly after they were finished she could then hear her parents beginning to bicker in the hallway, her name being brought up occasionally. She pressed her lips into a thin, grumpy line and when her father entered her room, she grew mighty suspicious.

Sasuke was firm on not babying his children so they didn't grow up to be total brats but Sakura insisted that she didn't want Asami to have the middle child syndrome so he had to go and make her feel better. He felt like he had to oblige to her every wish for the time being so in he went to face his darling little angel. She already shot him the stink eye when he stepped into her room, tension high, not sure what to expect with her foul mood.

"Why are you here?" She spat out sourly, peeking her face from out out of the blankets to stare him down.

"Why are you in such a bad mood?" He gently closed the door behind him just in case her voice were to rise. It was hell getting those triplets to fall asleep at the same time and he wasn't about to let them be awoken.

"B-because!" She returned to her ball like state within her blankets. When he took a seat on the edge of her bed, she placed her little feet on his thigh and kicked off of him to get just an inch further from him. "Because I don't like them!"

He raised an eyebrow. "Don't like who? The babies?" He had enough of talking to a blanket so he pried it away from her face and tossed it to the side. Her face twisted up, little fingers reaching out for her blanket but when he pulled it fully away from her she gave up and buried her face into her pillow instead.

"Yeah them."



He sighed. He knew he already knew the reason why. She loved the attention her and Mako always got so with these new additions their attention was not on them all the time. Which is why Sakura wanted him to make her feel better. He gave her a few minutes before having to take drastic measures. He gently grabbed her tiny socked feet and pulled her out of her curled position. If making her feel better then he'd have to do the thing. "Do you remember when you wanted to have that.. tea party..."

Almost immediately she sat up with wide, happy green eyes that sparkled intensely, big flashy smile donning her once tear streaked face. "B-but you said no last time!"

He sighed in defeat. She cheered victoriously as she leaped right off her big girl bed and directly to her plastic set of furniture on the other side of the room, motioning for him to take a seat on the tiny green chair around the tiny yellow table. There was no way he'd fit on that chair but as she insisted that he must be seated he drug his feet over and just barely managed to fit on it. He watched as she sat a few of her favorite stuffed animals on the other free seats, donning them in her fake jewelry and that's when he concluded that he was screwed.

"You're next." She smiled maniacally, throwing a few necklaces over his head until they were perfectly draped around his neck. In her free hand he noticed hair ties and ribbons that were always cluttering her own hair and that's when he truly felt defeated. Defeated as a man, not as a father, because he knew doing this was the ultimate fathering for a little girl.

She began to pull his hair into different little ties with different colored scrunchies and ribbons, looking mighty proud of herself. "Ow." She also didn't care to not yank on hair, even though whenever he had to do her hair she'd bawl her eyes out if he pulled too hard.

She giggled innocently. "Sorry!" When her hands were empty, and he felt like a tard, she commenced with the tea party. She took her rightful seat at the head of the table and daintily picked up her empty plastic tea pot and began to pour fake tea into each of the cups stationed before her guests. "How much would you like, daddy?"

"A full cup." She happily obliged, carefully pouring the fake 'hot tea' into his cup. "Thank you." She stared him down until he took his cup into his hands and took a fake sip.

"It's good!" She exclaimed happily as she daintily placed the cup back onto it's saucer. "Do you like it?"

"Yes I do." He placed his back onto it's saucer as well. She joyfully smiled and tended to her stuffed animals needs. "So why don't you like your younger siblings?"

"Well." She began as she sat back down after getting up to pour her bear some more tea, regally placing her hands on the table. "There's too many of them."

He smirked, as that was not what he was expecting. He too thought that there were too many. "Did you only want one?"

She shrugged and took another fake sip, face growing sad. "I guess.. Now everyone's paying attention to them and loving them more..."

He'd never been in this predicament, so he had no idea as to how he was going to make her feel better. He licked his lips. "Well, at least now Mako can't call you the baby anymore." He started, noticing the slight pang of hope in her suddenly saddened eyes. "And they need more attention because they can't do anything for themselves like you and Mako can. Lastly, they aren't loved any more or less than you or Mako."

Her mouth made a little 'o' shape. "Really daddy..?"

"Of course."

Asami grimaced merrily and hopped up onto her fathers lap, wrapping her short arms around his neck. "I guess I like them then!"

With that, Sasuke smirked as he felt like he had accomplished a great feat when in actuality he looked like a complete goofball sitting at his daughters fake tea party, but he supposed if it made her feel even remotely better then he wouldn't mind sitting through it again. So he kissed the top of her head before she returned back to her seat to keep playing her role as hostess.

So I was feeling amazing after my surgery, then I removed myself off the pain medications and I just grew suuuper tired, and lost my inspiration for a while, which is why this chapter may not be up to par with your expectations, so if that's the case, I'm eternally sorry! I'm all healed up now and in the mood to write! A lot of you enjoy time with Sasuke and Asami so I felt this was needed! Plus, Kakashi and Tsunade haven't appeared in a while, so I had to have them come when the babies were still in the hospital.

Regarding the last manga chapter (I will not post spoilers!) but wowiiieeeeee! It made me reread a lot of the Naruto manga and gave me tons of inspiration for sasusaku! I started dabbling in another idea I had, and like a lot of other people (sigh) it kind of dabbles in Sasuke's mental health and recovery, with Sakura obviously aiding him. So yeah, I'm full of sasusaku love right now.

Sorry again for late chapter!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto!

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