Chapter 3


-chapter 3-

rated for language / adult themes

It wasn't long after Naruto visited Sakura that he did the deed.

But before that, he forced Sasuke to take a 'walk' with him to chat about upcoming missions he needed Sasuke to attend.

As they walked through the semi crowded streets, Sasuke's patience slowly dwindled as Naruto just looked forward with a slightly embarrassed look on his face. "Hurry up and tell me what you need me to do." He didn't quite understand why Naruto couldn't have just sent a messenger bird to his house, but knowing Naruto, he liked to tick him off.

"Well the funny thing is - that's not why I asked you to come with me... Ehehh.." The blonde stopped abruptly in the street with a guilty sheepish grin on his face. "I know you're pretty busy with a baby and having to take on anbu tasks, but..." Naruto pointed upwards to a large sign above the doorway with a flick of his pleading blue eyes.

Sasuke looked up and read the sign. Hoshi Family Run Jeweler's. He blinked a few times before it struck him, slightly shocked was the least he could say, but he wasn't in the least bit interested in taking part of this. He had better things to do. "So, you're going to buy a ring."

Naruto furiously nodded. "Yep! You're coming in with me!" Just as Sasuke opened his mouth to protest, Naruto gripped the fabric of his shirt and forced him through the door. The small bell above the doorway jingled lightly, signaling their entrance to the store and alerting the elderly woman she had potential costumers.

Her mouth formed an 'o' shape and she quickly shuffled out from behind the counter and made her way in front of the two men, giving them a slight bow when she arrived before them. "The Hokage! What a pleasure! Is there something in particular we can assist you with?"

Naruto cracked a grin like he did every other time someone addressed him as Hokage. "Yeah, actually, we're looking for engagement rings! Can you show us where those are?" Again, Sasuke wanted to protest that he had no intention of staying with him through this, Naruto dragged him along to follow the old woman to a glass counter.

She unlocked it with a gold key around her neck and grabbed a large purple velvet case where she plopped it onto the counter. "These rings are the best we have in the store!" She pulled the velvet blanket off the rings, showing off the most spectacular glittery rings. "Do you have any idea as to what cut you want?"

"What's a cut?" He deadpanned with a guilty scratch to the back of the head while Sasuke rolled his eyes out of boredom, leaning against the counter as he looked somewhat over his shoulder to the rings.

"Alright, well this here is a Princess cut... Cushion cut, heart, pear, marquise, radiant, asscher, emerald, and oval. There's also just a plain old round diamond cut."

"Hmmm." Naruto tapped his chin and eyeballed the different styled rings he could choose from. "It's so hard, they're all nice! Which one suits her, though.. Sasuke?"

"I can barely remember her name so I'm not suited to choose what she'd want."


"Are you speaking of Hinata?" The woman piped up curiously. "She's so shy I doubt she would want anything too extravagant."

"Yeah, you're right!" Naruto tore his angered gaze away from Sasuke and peered back down into the horde of rings. "I like this one shaped like a heart!"

"Yes, it's very beautiful. White gold, pure amethyst, all of these tiny little diamonds.."

"Could you see her wearing this Sasuke?!" Naruto held up the ring into the light, proudly beaming as he imagined his future wife having this huge stone on her finger.


"Hey you weren't even looking!"

"Many men like to sleep on deciding the ring. It's a very big decision.." She started but Naruto interrupted her.

"No no, I'm positive this is the ring for Hinata. I can feel it in my bones!"

This entire time Sasuke just wanted to go back home and eat something.

"Now you can choose a ring box! What color do you think you'd want?"

"Probably a plain old white one, so it doesn't freak her out. Show me what you got." Naruto tapped his fingers against the glass beneath his hands until she brought over their selection of white boxes, and he saw the perfect one. "That one! The white wooden one!" He grabbed the box and held it in his hands, flipping it around, and opened it up and stuck the ring in there, examining it further. "It looks perfect!"

"It does! I never thought the White lacquered wooden box would go so well with this ring..!"

"I'll take these both!" The woman nodded and shuffled off, leaving Naruto to turn back to Sasuke with a grimace.

"Now, we're going to look for something for Sakura." He wiggled his eyebrows with a sly grin, rapping his knuckles on the glass. "Come on, we're here now so it wouldn't hurt to look!" When Sasuke didn't reply to Naruto's advances he let out a sigh. "I know she wants to get married, so just hurry up and do it already! She gave you a freakin' kid!"

"I'm not heeding your advice." He scowled and crossed his arms over his chest.

"You know I think you're wrong. You love each other, and your son was born out of wedlock. You don't want your future kids being born out of wedlock, do you? Isn't there something about 'bastard' kids in a prestigious clan like your own? Plus it'll make her so happy!"

"Are you ready to leave yet?" The Uchiha drawled. Naruto certainly wasn't the first person to prod him about popping the question. Tsunade, for instance, caught him while he was handing in a report at the manse and tried to scare him into buying her the best ring he could find, and the one with the highest price tag. He didn't see proposing that way, though, because to him the ring didn't matter. He was going to do in when he felt was the right time. Perhaps Naruto found his right time but Sasuke would figure that out on his own.

But whilst Naruto was gushing about the heart cut ring he spied, Sasuke found the perfect ring from the corner of his eye.


After Naruto had proposed to Hinata, he swaggered into the Uchiha house looking unusually smug. Sakura was the first to notice his presence from her spot beside Sasuke on the couch, giving the blonde a gentle smile and she rubbed Mako's back slowly.

"Hey Naruto, what are you doing here?"

Naruto gave her the look that consisted of a raised brow and an even more smug smirk. "Do you reallllly have to ask that Sakura?"

She gasped loudly. "Are you serious Naruto!?"


"Oh my God!" She quickly and gently placed Mako into his fathers arms and darted across the room until she stopped in front of Naruto with a grin plastered on her face. "Tell me everything that happened! In detail!" She happily grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the couch. She sat down in a delighted manner, pulling her knees up to her chin and looking at him with glistening eyes. Sasuke could see now that she was a sucker for this kind of thing.

"Well like we talked about we went for a walk where there was no people, and I swear she didn't see it coming because when I whipped out that box with the ring she was sooo shocked and tears were pouring from her eyes."


"Yeah! She loved the ring too!"

"Tell me what it looks like! Nono, I'll just see it next time I see Hinata!"

While the two gushed, Mako accepted defeat that his mothers attention wasn't on him, so he in turn, looked up at his father who seemed irritated at the moment. He looked as if he didn't care about anything his mother and the loud one were blabbering on about, his face completely plain except for slight twitch in his brown whenever the blonde man's voice raised loudly. He cracked a smile because he found this face entertaining - seeing as how he was lacking a toy in his hand and his mother was tickling his feet, he found whatever else there was to be a source of entertaining. So he lightly cackled before breathing out a breath of air and straightening his face to try and mimic the face his father had. He didn't quite have full control of doing that eyebrow twitch but when he made that face he certainly did look like his fathers son.

When he noticed his father look down at him somewhat curiously he burst out into a fit of breathy giggles, attracting the attention of the other two in the room. His dearest mommy scooped him up into her arms and planted many kisses allllll over his face.

As Sakura was doing so, Naruto popped up off the couch and eyed Sasuke, squinting his blue eyes in the other mans directions and mouthed the word soon. As he did so, he held up his left hand and pointed to the ring finger, giving the Uchiha a sharp stare before making his way toward the door. "Anyway Sakura I've gotta go sign some stuff and meet some people, make sure to go see Hinata soon!"

"Yes I will! I'll see you later Naruto." She smiled as she snuggled Mako and waved goodbye as he left the room, turning her attention to Sasuke. "Isn't that amazing? I always thought he wouldn't have the guts to do it back in the day.." She sighed dreamily, looking off into the distance.

As she did so, Sasuke sighed to himself because he knew he had to absolutely propose soon or she was going to go insane.

Augh Naruto and Hinata are engaged! I also have two pictures of the ring Naruto picked out for Hinata, and the one Sasuke has for Sakura, I'll post those on my profile since I tried my best to sneakily get a link into the doc haha. Also, for Sasuke's 'proposal' I have an idea but I'd love to hear what you guys would like! My idea is super plain so if you guys are great at thinking these kind of situations up, tell me!

Also, I'm graduating high school ! Woot woot! But that also means I'm gonna be slightly busy for the next two weeks. I have my ceremony coming up, prom, rehersals, it's a whole bunch of crap I dislike but I'm gonna try my super best to get chapters out, just bear with me when they arrive late sometimes!

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