Chapter 4


-chapter 4-

rated for language / adult themes

"Now are you sure you're going to be okay?" The woman had asked rather nervously as she paced in front of the front door of their house, unknowingly gnawing on her fingernails as he eyes darted between the two faces she saw. "Because I can really just tell them to find a new doctor.."

"We're going to be fine." Sasuke had stated simply without a waver in his voice, watching her nervous habits with slight amusement. "You're the one we should be worried about, you haven't been on the field in a little over a year." Ever since Mako had been born she'd been tending to his every need without even thinking about the numerous other people that needed her assistance on the field but the messenger bird that perched itself outside their house shed some light on a large battle. Sasuke would never say it out loud in fear that she'd be upset, but he was slightly worried. She'd heal him when he returned from missions but the bigger things that needed healing..

"Yeah I know.." Murmuring inaudibly, she pulled her green flak jacket over her shoulders, adjusted it, then began to tie her red headband the usual way she wore it on missions. "I'm hoping I wont be too long.. And you remember everything I told you, right? The specific way he has to be put to sleep-"

"I remember."

She let out a sigh with a slight guilty smile on her face. "Okay. Don't burn the house down while I'm gone." She took a step forward and they shared a kiss before he watched her hesitantly leave the house.

Sasuke closed his eyes for a moment, silently breathing in through his nose before he left the foyer and walked into the living room where Mako already had a little blanket set up for him on the floor with numerous amounts of toys Sakura spoiled him with. He carefully laid the child down on his stomach and took a seat on the couch, watching and waiting for Mako to do something. Sakura had informed him that Mako should be starting to try and roll over and will even begin to amuse himself with his own toys without needing someone to introduce them to him. If Mako could play on his own then he couldn't see what could go wrong with Sakura being gone for a few days.

So that mean he had time to finish up a report that was due soon, waiting for him to pick it up off the couches side table. Just as he put the tip of his pen to the fine textured paper, he heard the beginning of a cry that consisted of slight whimpers. He peered over the top of the paper to see two big wobbly tears on the verge of pouring down Mako's face which was screwed up in a way he hadn't seen before.

"What's wrong with you." He questioned the kid, not expecting an answer but hoped that it may make him be quiet. He watched with eyes like a hawk as Mako's little lip quivered a tiny bit before the tears suddenly disappeared back into his large green eyes and he sullenly looked back to the toy in his hand. He sighed before reopening the scroll before his eyes and beginning to scrawl down words. He gripped the paper when he heard the soft cries of his son from behind the paper once again. He set his scroll down, leaned in so he rested his elbows on his knees and squinted at the boy. "Why."

Mako 'tried' to look as if he was restraining his cries but he actually was just putting on a show for attention. His lip quivered more than Sasuke had ever seen before his cheeks sported tiny tears spilling from his unhappy looking eyes.

Sasuke knew this child was only upset because he already missed his dearest mommy. He was a fussy baby indeed. So he picked Mako up from under his armpits and sat him beside himself, leaning against the back of the couch and prayed he could get some work done.

Mako was silent for a full eleven minutes before he started making a fuss and yanking on Sasuke's clothing.

Sasuke accepted defeat.

Later on in the day he looked at the clock on the wall and noticed it was time to feed Mako his formula. He did all of the steps he watched Sakura do. He made the formula in the little bottle, stuck it into the bottle warmer, and tested it on his wrist to make sure it wasn't too hot or too cold. It deemed it worthy enough to feed his son and he found himself on the couch with Mako and the bottle. He fed Mako a few times in the past but from his reactions he deduced he wasn't good at it so he hoped his son would drink the formula so he wouldn't starve.

"You're going to drink this." He informed Mako sternly as he introduced the bottle in front of him, to which Mako held out his hands and wrapped his tiny fingers around it's plastic surface. He smirked when Mako began to drink the formula without a problem. It was an amazing moment for this father to actually have his son not throw the bottle at his face in disgust.

When that was done Sasuke dreaded what came next: the struggle to get this little guy down for a nap. He made sure his crib had his favorite stuffed cat in it, the comfiest blankets in his arsenal, the mobile was spinning at the correct speed, and after all of this preparation he was still mildly nervous that Mako wasn't going to give in. Usually it was Sakura who had the talent for getting Mako to sleep, for he had no clue how to make little babies happy enough to fall asleep. Usually after eating Mako was tired so Sasuke prayed that was enough for him to sleep without a fight.

He gently laid Mako down into the crib, placed the cat into his arms, and pulled the fleece blanket up to his waist. "You have to nap now." He told him, lacking the stern voice, because he did not want to upset Mako enough that he stayed awake. Slowly he backed away from the crib once he spotted Mako's eyelids begin to twitch tiredly, so that was his warning to leave.

After Mako awoke after a nice long nap, after Sasuke changed his diaper, after another small bottle of formula, and after Sasuke trying to get Mako to bed, the evening came and Sasuke could call it a day.

But he knew that Mako's almost angelic behavior today could only mean the next few days were going to be absolute hell.

Like how right when the clock struck three, the devils hour, he heard Mako wail at the top of his lungs. Sasuke rubbed his face and pried himself away from the bed, dragged his feet into the nursery and stared down into crib with a scowl. Mako's tears stopped leaking from his eyes but he still clenched his tiny fists and twisted his face up, letting out an exasperated sigh.

Sasuke rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Your mother isn't here to make you go back to sleep, so if it's her that you want you're out of luck." Mako still looked at him angrily and he groaned. He wrapped his hand around the wooden bar of the crib and dragged it all the way from his nursery and all the way into his bedroom so he didn't have to walk continuously from one room to the next. "What do you want?"

He gently lifted Mako up and that's when his animosity completed disappeared. He looked as if he was extremely tired and he smirked when Mako's eyes slowly began to droop down. Carefully, he tried to lay him back down but once he left his fathers arms he noticed and began to wail once more.

"Why do you do this to me?" Once again he picked up the little handful and cradled him close.

He ended up having to fall asleep with Mako in his arms for the rest of the night. When he awoke he didn't realize he'd miss Sakura this much - especially when she was the one who knew how to properly take care of babies. As he reminisced in the fond memories of Sakura taking care of Mako, Mako awoke in his fathers arms, twisted his face, and began to wail.

He wondered what it was he did to make his son hate him so much.

Five days of pure hell later, Sasuke heard the front door swing open and he couldn't be more grateful to hear that sound again. When she appeared in the doorway with that beautiful face a genuine grin spread across his face.

"I'm so tired..." She lazily dragged her feet across the hardwood floor, rubbing her eyes with one hand while she slowly untied her headband and threw it on the couch. Just as slowly as crawled onto the couch and curled up on his lap. "More tired than taking care of Mako.. And I thought that was tiring." She wrapped her arms around her tiny baby and placed a kiss on his forehead, turning back to Sasuke, she gave him a kiss as well. "I missed you two so bad. How was Mako's behavior?"

"He was still the little monster he always is with me." He shrugged like it was no big deal but in reality the past six days of Sakura's absence, he had the hardest time in his adult life.

"Awww." She cooed gently with a small smile gracing her lips, giving Mako another kiss on his forehead. "He's just being a baby, they always act like that."

"Not him. He does it on purpose." She grimaced. "And because he missed you."

"Mhm, he's a little mamas boy, but he loves you too so don't get discouraged." Her voice was barely a whisper and a tired little smile fought to stay on her face, she snuggled right into Sasuke's chest. Just as she was on the brink of falling asleep in his arms, she felt a cold feelings against her skin. She wanted to fight the feeling but her curiosity got the better of her, so she cracked an eye open.

"I never knew how much I needed you until now." Of course she listened to his words but when her eye cracked open a sparkle had blinded her vision, confusing her greatly, but she squinted and got the first glimpse of it ever. She could feel the blood leaving her face in a rush and the tingles beginning to massage her face, her eyes widening and her breath hitching in her throat. She always wanted him to propose the 'Sasuke' way, and just putting a ring on her finger was just the way she knew it would happen. "It's probably not the way you want it-"


"-but within these six days I did a lot of thinking and I knew I had to do this when you got back or I'd hate myself for keeping you waiting."

The biggest grin she could have ever mustered in this state of mind surfaced when she swapped her gaze from the beautiful stone on her finger to the man she loved. It was the most magical moment she'd ever experienced. It was a moment she'd actually been waiting for since she was just a young girl. She then laughed because the proposals usually worked was the man proposed and the woman had to give him an answer. The Sasuke way; however, was him sticking a beautiful ring onto her finger with an explanation. Along with that chuckle, she shook her head playfully. "I love you." She leaned in, carefully laying Mako against his fathers chest, so she could wrap her arms around his neck and plant a kiss on his lips. "I love you so much." She wouldn't have asked for a better proposal - she just couldn't see Sasuke getting down on one knee which he thankfully did not do or she'd burst out in giggles.

He smirked against her lips. "I'm glad."

"This was how I always imagined it. Not popping a question, just announcing it. It's so... You!" After she finished squishing his cheeks and looked back down at the sparkly stone residing on her ring finger. The ring itself was rose gold and the diamond was marquise cut. She wanted something that didn't scream attention yet something that spoke of her own personality and she found he got that quite well. "And this ring.. Sasuke, I love it so much. It really screams me!"

He just sat there in utter pride. He knew he wasn't going to do it the traditional way because even though he loved her with everything he had, he was not getting down on one knee for anyone. Too prideful. Yet he knew this wasn't the worst that was going to happen. If he could have the proposal his way that meant...

"Oh I can't wait to plan the wedding!"

It meant Sakura got to have the wedding her way. He knew this would only lead to embarrassment.

Um no I'm not good at writing awkward things. For me Sasuke proposing is totally awkward because let's face it, the Sasuke we all know isn't the ooey gooey propose-y type, so I was seriously out of my element. I'm so sorry to the people that were expecting something extravagant but if I had to make it better it would take me months to get out of my embarrassment. JUST FORGET THAT LAST SCENE!

Thanks for all of the reviews so far! 28 with only three chapters?! Wowzers! Not to mention the large amount of followers and faves this story got!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

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