Chapter 5


-chapter 5-

rated for language / adult themes

With Mako being so young and needing constant attention, Sakura announced that they didn't need to wed immediately, much to Sasuke's pleasure. But the pushing back of a date didn't mean that Sakura wasn't planning something that would attract every single citizen. He'd hear tidbits of what Sakura spoke about with Ino and Hinata and from what he heard, he really didn't like it. When Hinata had visited, they were chattering about weddings and that's when Naruto and Sasuke locked eyes.

"I swear I will be married before you!" The blonde shoved an accusing finger into Sasuke's face as he twisted his face so it displayed determination only. "If it's the last thing I do!"

"We'll see about that." Sasuke casually stuck his hands into his pockets as he spoke. Whenever he seemed like he didn't care it really riled Naruto off. In reality, though, he was equally as determined to get married before that jackass - even if it was a second marriage. "Sakura seems adamant to get married whereas yours would be too shy to even leave her dressing room."

"You've already been married, let me get married now! You can't steal this away from me!"

"So you want me to tell Sakura that you want her to wait?" He raised an eyebrow. Would Naruto dare do that?

He rubbed his chin and nodded to himself. "Yeah you're right. I wouldn't live long enough to get married.. Hmph!"

Although his childish rivalry made him want to hurry up and have his wedding already so beat Naruto to it, he was still petrified to do it. Naruto had told him not too long ago about how excited he was about the ceremony and to get his suit and blah blah blah - these were all the things Sasuke absolutely had no interest in doing. In the list of things he was not excited about, those were probably the last on the lit. The number one was he knew that Sakura was going to invite everybody in this village plus their extended families, and seeing as how he was no 'people person,' he didn't think this was going to end well, especially since most people in the village were just waiting to see him executed. Why would he want those people around him at his wedding? Hell, he didn't even want to attend Naruto's wedding because of course he was going to make it some big deal, and he as appointed Best Man, was going to have a lot of eyes on him. And a speech? No. He didn't want to do it in the least bit. He could possibly opt out from a fake medical condition but that idea was cancelled out when he remembered that Sakura was the best medical nin in the village.. Or he could sign up for an almost suicide mission a few days before the wedding so there was a chance he wouldn't make it back in time..

If he was stuck to being present for the wedding; however, he didn't have the foggiest idea as to what he was going to do. He didn't have any nice things at the top of his head to say about Naruto, though he knew many, he didn't want to admit it in front of a large crowd, hell, he hated saying nice things in front of just one person. Not only his Best Man speech.. He had vows to ready. Why was this so hard? He shook his head at the thought. He wished he could just sign a form like he had done with Karin. But Karin wasn't special, and Sakura was. So if she wanted a special wedding than he'd do just that.


Sasuke was amazed at which the rate little Makoto was growing. At seven months he was able to do a lot more things for himself than just a few months ago. Mako loved it when either he or Sakura helped him stand on his feet so he could bounce up and down, it made him feel like he was walking around just like his parents did. Not only that, but he could finally sit up by himself without his parents aid, so that was less attention Sasuke had to give him and that was always great. What wasn't great, Sasuke thought to himself as Mako's face grew red, was teething.

Teething was the worst thing he had ever experienced, at least he thought so. Mako was always somewhat fussy so when he had begun teething he was almost like the embodiment of the devil. He already had trouble sleeping through the night but with the pains of teeth beginning to bud, he'd wake up at unimaginable hours with the loudest wails that could wake the city. This was a good time for the Uchiha district to be abandoned or they'd all be at their front door with complaints. Not only that but Mako was constantly crying, smacking hands away, drooling all over the damn place, and refusing his newly introduced baby cereal. He was being a real pain in the ass.

So the rare moments when Mako was doing none of the above, Sasuke was content. Mako liked to test Sasuke authority, now that he was becoming self aware, so he liked to do the little things like not listening to his fathers stern voice when he did something he shouldn't have. Usually he burst out into tears when Sasuke raised his voice to get him to finally listen but he found amusement in making him frustrated. So when he stuffed a large portion of his stuffed cat into his mouth, more than he knew he should have, he looked up to his father who squinted at him angrily.

"Mako, don't put that in your mouth." He told him as he crossed his arms, a sign to Mako that this man meant business. But his gums were sore and he was in a daring mood, so he engulfed more of the cat into his mouth. "Mako." He warned again, taking a step forward toward the blanket on the floor of the living room. Since Sakura's attention was too focused on the book she was reading, curled up on the couch, he pledged he would do this himself.

Mako twisted his face up and placed the palms of his hands down upon the blanket and began to slowly crawl the opposite direction of Sasuke with the cat dangling from his mouth. With only two steps Sasuke was completely caught up. He sat cross legged on the blanket and picked Mako up off the floor, holding him in front of his face, keeping his face stern. "Get that cat out of your mouth."

Mako let out a long whine because he wanted to be put back on the floor so he could continue crawling but Sasuke showed no signs of giving up so he opened his mouth wide and the cat fell out onto the floor. As he placed Mako back down on the floor, he carefully picked up the cat by its not wet tail. "Now you can't play with him anymore." He stood up and dangled the cat in front of him as a sign of victory, and walked away to throw the cat in the wash.

"Aw, Sasuke look how sad he is." Sakura's eyes peered over the top of her thick anatomy textbook, pursing her lips as her motherly instincts were kicking in and she just wanted to cuddle the poor thing. "Mako sweetheart, it's okay!"

She folded the page she was currently on, set the book down beside her, then crawled onto the floor beside her upset son, pinching his cheek gently with a light laugh. "Baby boy, you need to learn you can't stuff things in your mouth like that!" She showered him with many kisses before she handed him another toy before planting herself back down on the couch and stuffing her nose into her textbook.

Sasuke sighed. Sakura was great at making Mako shut it. So he turned around to throw this stupid cat into the washer.


The next morning he awoke and it was an unusual day. Usually he woke up before Sakura but this morning she was already out of be with her alarm turned off, signaling she had used it to wake up before him. He never liked to make a big deal about this day but Sakura was on a completely different page than him. He pulled the duvet off his body and took a quick shower then changed into his clothes. Not really wanting to leave the bedroom, he did so anyways because he knew she was out there waiting for him. He padded down the hallway, down the stairs, turned right, and found himself standing in the kitchen where Sakura was smiling innocently like he had expected her to

"Happy birthday, Sasuke!" She clapped happily with a large smile, the smell of freshly prepared breakfast wafting through the kitchen. "You're a quarter of a century!" She bounced over and attached herself on his torso, planting kisses all over his face.

When she finally stopped with the barrage of kisses, he got the chance to speak. "It's not that big of a deal."

"I know you made me promise not to do anything, but I had to make you breakfast that wasn't rice and a tomato like you eat every morning before I wake up. Breakfast is hardly anything, I'm already feeling guilty." She whined playfully as she detached herself from him and flounced over to the counter where she had his breakfast plate already prepared. She set the plate down on the island in front of a bar stool, placed down a napkin, fork, and knife and stared lovingly at him.

If it wasn't his birthday he'd be a bit suspicious of her intentions, but he shook it off and took a seat at the island. As he took the fork in his hand, he glanced around. "Where's your plate? Did you already eat?"

She shook her head with a faint smile. "I didn't want any."

Now he eyed her suspiciously. "I can't just sit here and eat in front of you."

With a roll of her eyes, she leaned against the counter. "Just eat, I'm not hungry anyways."

As he was eating, he watched her carefully. She was acting normally but something wasn't sitting right with him. She forced him to eat when he had made her a birthday breakfast on her twenty-fifth.. She was rhythmically tapping her fingers against the wooden cabinets idly, her eyes wandering around, looking as if she had many things on her mind. When he had finished off everything on his plate, he placed his fork and knife down onto the porcelain and stared at her. "Why are you acting strange?"

"I'm not acting strange, Sasuke." She smiled and knelt down and when she came back up, she presented him with a gift, which was something he made her promise not to do. She looked mildly guilty but that was overrun by excitement. "I had to get you a present as well." She sat on the bar stool next to him and stared at him eagerly. "Open it!"

With a sigh, he took the box into his hands and studied it for a moment before pulling the small blue ribbon out of it's knot. Out of the corner of his eye he could see her grimace and lean in closer, as if she didn't know what she had wrapped up for him. He carefully undid the wrapping paper to ensure there was no mess left after this, and was left with brown box. He tried to think of what she had gotten him but he failed to think of anything that would fit into this box or would even need a box. Curiously, he took the lid off the box and without looking at the contents picked it up and held it before his eyes, Sakura completely out of sight.

It was a plain white baby onesie meant for newborns that read 'I love my daddy.' His brows furrowed and he held it down a tad to look at Sakura. "Mako wont fit this.. And he doesn't love me."

"Sasuke!" She smacked the counter playfully with a wide grin. "Come on.." She raised a brow and stared at him, still eagerly watching him like a hawk.

When he looked back at the onesie his mouth formed an 'o' shape as he finally realized what the meaning of this onesie was. He looked right back at her quickly. "You're...?"

"Yes!" She screeched happily and threw herself on him again, squeezing him tightly. "Can you believe it!? Gah! I'm so happy, aren't you?!"

"You're... Pregnant."

She sighed dreamily and planted a kiss on his lips. "Yes!" She puckered her lips and her excitement faded away. "Are you not happy?"

He slowly nodded, shock taking over his entire body. "Of course I am.." He blinked a few times. Was this really happening? "I just wasn't expecting it.."

She smiled and took his face between her palms. "I know it's a bit soon to have another baby but, you know, we aren't getting any younger, right? Plus I don't want Mako to be alone, he needs a sibling to play with! I grew up without a sibling so I know how lonely it gets." He nodded along to her words, still taking in the fact that once again she was going to be dragged down by the pains of pregnancy. Indeed he didn't want just one child but he never thought of what came after Mako. He suspected another baby would just appear in a crib somewhere in the house.

When Mako's gentle little cries sounded through the house Sakura dragged him upstairs to the nursery. She scooped Mako up into her arms and kissed his cheek. "You're going to have a baby brother or sister, Mako!" She cooed gently and continued to kiss him some more. "Oh, Sasuke, I know you probably want us married before this baby comes, so we can schedule the wedding for sooner~!"

He licked his dry lips as he watched Sakura cuddle their son happily. "...Before Naruto's wedding?"

She laughed heartily and rocked Mako around playfully. "Of course, Sasuke."

When he stared down at his little son in Sakura's arms, he was filled with love with just the mere thought of another baby in his life, but then he remembered what a little shit Mako was and he knew it was just going to get harder from here.

Dun dun DUNNNN! She's pregnant again, and the natural way! Some may say this was too soon, and I completely agree. Originally I was going to have her get pregnant after their wedding but then I watched this video where this woman bought her husband a onesie that said the same thing and i knew it had to happen, plus the months almost added up from Mako's birthday to Sasuke's birthday, so yeah! Sorry if it's too soon, but it had to be done.

Thanks a ton for the constant lovely reviews/faves/follows! You guys are simply amazing!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

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